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  1. He has ZERO offensive game unless it's a lob dunk
  2. Won't be for next yrs team . Only got 1 player coming in. Unless it's portal
  3. We play basketball like Whisky plays football
  4. Folks, we really dodged a bullet on not hiring Lane. Yall notice how he drools all over Saban... Case in point his last tweet. Paraphrasing.... THE GOAT JUST SIGNED THE #1 CLASS.. RELAX ALABAMA... He's referring to the dust up over Sabans coordinator hires. Can't imagine the backlash if he did that if he was HC here.
  5. Steele is like most other coaches. Give him good players he will produce results. His productivity tailed off when Brown and Davidson left
  6. Doesn't Steele run a 4-2-5?. Not sure how that meshes with Sabans defenses
  7. So there was no friction between Gustav an Steele?
  8. Tell us how u really feel about the Wrambling Wreck
  9. This feels different than the Gus years. Maybe because we been stuck in the abyss so long.
  10. Good point. Just imagine when Danny Hugh starts getting some W's this fall. 24 class could be special
  11. Danny Hugh has proven now he can go head to head with blue bloods on the trail. Now gotta keep momentum going and show positive steps on the field this fall.
  12. Your On to Victory donation last nite put us over the top. We now lead for White
  13. It's usually us who loses the top recruit at the last minute( Rashaun Evans). Be nice to be on the other side for once. Has any AU mods put in a prediction for this cat? To Clemson or AU
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