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  1. Most reporters don't have the cahunas to ask the wee one that. For some reason they are scared or intimidated by him.Google some of his press conferences to see how condescending he can be. He talks like he has the solutions to all college athletics problems. Hence Fisher referred to The wee one as thinking he is the Czar of CFB. I wish someone would ask Fisher to quit beating around the bush. Two times now he insinuates, he knows things on Saban and his past. Time to spill the beans. But Stankey has put a gag order for coaches to zip it... Don't want the wee ones dirty laundry aired
  2. And it was never questioned. U don't question THE GREAT ONE
  3. What's funny is Saban "apologizing" for naming names. He didn't apologize for saying they bought players, just that he mentioned A@M by name. He is losing his strangle hold on recruiting (REC).. Its tearing him up.
  4. "Ain't no program out there Lilly white" Pat Dye
  5. That's how they get access. Used to be P Marshall back in the day
  6. They moved Trent Richardson family all over the Southeast
  7. Golf, what happened with Cristobol... Why didn't it work out with AU?
  8. It's said typically that programs make the biggest jump from year 1 to year 2. A more favorable home schedule early should bode well for AU. I'm intrigued by what Harsin can do with Calzada. Penn St game will be the swing game IMO
  9. You prove it every time u post.
  10. I'm sorry. But u did it to yourself
  11. Prove what. That u don't believe your own "logic" . I used your own words to debunk your own argument against Harsin. How can u debate with someone who doesn't even believe what they post?
  12. Again, the shortcomings u mentioned, if they continue will show up in his record and he will be dismissed... IMO, 1 yr isn't enuf time for him to implement his system, etc... I don't know how else to say it... Look, we just gonna have to agree to disagree and move on. U think Gus should still be coach. I dont.. U think Harsin should have been fired.. I don't. It's ok to disagree. It's what makes the world go round. War Eagle to ya
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