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  1. Just curious why your saying that?
  2. Gotta read between the lines bro, you know the invisible ones
  3. Anti- freeze... Good one , dude
  4. What specifically on the job performance? Was it because he bucked the PTB and hired Harsin or something else?
  5. Good point. I would guess feelers are being sent out. If AU is smart they would be going thru back channels to gage interest
  6. U talking about the one where he shakes his head alot and says " I don't know what else to say"? And looks disgusted?
  7. IMO , Sanders is the man. I realize he doesn't have the experience Bruce had, which is important. But, he is alot like Bruce as far as promoting the program, recruiting, etc. I think his upside far outweighs his lack of experience. I bet he would be driven to succeed. Most competitors like him are.
  8. Also read that even if Harsin takes a other job after being fired, he still gets all his buyout money. No off setting.... Another brilliant move by ADAG..
  9. You guys see our defensive depth chart for GA? We didn't have a DE to replace Eku, so we had to change our base defense to 4-2-5... We playing with One DE. ,(Hall)... Unreal...
  10. Needs to be after Georgia. Name Zac interim, players will rally around Zac
  11. Ha ha not a chance . He will hire who he is told to
  12. All those are physical mistakes and yes they hurt us. But u don't expect a head coach to make a mind numbing mental mistake, especially after he burned a time out to think about it.
  13. Good point. But does his QB development and playing calling make up for it? Hard to say
  14. The Dec signing period should change that now. Alot of coaches getting the axe earlier
  15. Some question Kiffin as a recruiter.. Didn't he recruit well his short time at Tenn? I know he pushed the envelope some.. As someone else posted, gotta include his mgmt of the portal, which he has done great with. He also got Freshman RN that AU didn't want (Judkins) and is turning him into a star Deion is my Numero Uno... but Kiffin has overtook Freeze as my number 2.
  16. Hmmm, don't know about that 1. Won 10 last yr. Prob do the same this yr with different QB..In the SEC West, mind u..
  17. Not only that, but he burned a time out to come up with that decision. I wonder if Kiffin and his analytics would have done the same thing.... With each passing day, it's more apparent to me that Deion is the right choice for AU
  18. Man, Whisky ain't messing around. That cat won at least 10 games 4 years.. Won 9 last yr and won most of his bowl games.. Meanwhile, back at the AU ranch.....
  19. No offense, but how do u know this?
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