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  1. We put practically all our eggs in one basket for official visits for the Penn State game. Mostly any recruits that are visiting now are on unofficial visits and paying their own dime for travel.
  2. The treatment a top recruit gets from Auburn is as good as it gets. Sure the product we're putting out on the field is not good, but the before, during, and after game experience for these recruits can't be matched. Kids love Auburn. And this week there's not much else being offered as an altrnative since bama is away.
  3. It's also amazing that the folks in charge of getting the $$$ to the recruits apparently don't know either cuase whatever they're doing ain't working.
  4. Knowing Auburn we'll pass on Deion and hire the goat. (Don't think we can afford the duck).
  5. Just listened to a radio interview (about illegal immigration) with Tuberville, but the last question was about Auburn football and Harsin. His opinion is this. Harsin "inherited a huge mess with very few good players" whose talent does not match the teams they are playing. He wishes him the best but it will take a long time to turn things around. Listen. We all can debate until the cows come home about Gus, Harsin, etc. Gus had his moments, but the rest of the league had passed him by. As Kirby said, "once you get past the 1st few series against Gus you have him figured out". It was time for him to go. As far as Harsin, it is apparent he is in over his head and needs to go also. Just a question of when. It will take everyone in power at Auburn to get this ship upright, and it's going to take years. I hope the right decision are made so we don't continue the downfall.
  6. And that's what scares the hell out of me going forward should he get the job. I understand being cautious, but model our program after the bamas and georgias of the world and get as agressive as possible.
  7. It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than "just get the money right". We're trying to swim upstream and the current in our face is just about to drown us. Also there is nothing to grab hold of to save ourselves.
  8. Our defense is not, but we are #1 in finger waving after breaking up a pass.
  9. I won't consider Will my Friend until he brings in some quality OL recruits. At present he's dead to me.
  10. But it was with Chizik's recruits so it doesn't count.😀
  11. Yes we are. But not in the eyes of the 17, 18 and 19 year olds we are recruiting. They are looking at modern history, which to them, is the past 2 or 3 years. Most can't even tell you Cam Newton played for us.
  12. And are willing to spend it like the bamas, georgias and ta&m;s of the world. Auburn alums have the moo-lah but not ponying up to the degree the other schools are at this point in time. It's coming, but will take a while unfortunately.
  13. I think we've got about 12 on the current roster. Not a position of need this cycle.
  14. Bird. Can you elaborate with some specifics? I personally like Allen but am not at all close to the situation to know anything.
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