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  1. I hope he is right. I think we’ve seen TJs ceiling. If Calzada…. or Ashford can take it a bit higher than the qb play that we’ve seen then I think we will sneak out an added win or two.
  2. Calzada starts the season. He gets 3 warm up games to look good in. After that he looks average against better teams. Defense helps us stay in some games. Maybe he makes less mistakes than the other QBs and squeaks out some wins for us.
  3. Dang! At what point are we going to start seeing… “I have committed” instead of “I visited”????? I’m starting to get nervous 😬
  4. I’ve wondered the same. Most thought he was a dead man walking with Bobo being let go.
  5. I would expect TJ to look better against the 2s. Hopefully ZC can get dialed in because it ain’t TJ.
  6. Touchdown!!!! Let’s go!!!! Special teams looking great!
  7. Per Cole Cublic on Jox this morning- “having spoken with CBH he wants and plans to run the QB more in this year’s game planning” CBH must be reading the OP and his assessment of QB play. 😂
  8. Damn I thought the team had really turned a corner after that game. 😢
  9. Bo made the best decision for Bo and his own future. Simple as that. He was not the worst AU qb nor was he the best. Maybe we saw his ceiling last year???? Maybe not??? Hoping the best for Bo and for the future of our current team. War Eagle!
  10. DC really grew as a player at AU. I think all of us were hoping that his 3 point shot would get figured out this year but it never did. Wishing him the best!
  11. @W.E.D So you don’t think the investigation isn’t being used against Harsin on the recruiting trail?
  12. At AU Gus did have the luxury of being the coordinator for one of CFB greatest players setting himself up for success. Harsin received the luxury of an AU administration hit and run setting up for a longer rebuild.
  13. I think we all are smart enough to understand that the head coach is just one of several pieces for a program to be successful. Gus vs. Harsin is a fun topic but does not and will not fully identify AU success’ and failures.
  14. If we win do we know what time our game will be on Sunday????
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