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  1. IMO 4-1 would be playing above our level. We new our offense was going to be a work in progress. Thought our defense would be more ready though. Penn State could end up being a top 10 team.
  2. Bringing on Finley’s dad was just lame all around. Dad sounded like a dad upset. Blackerby was lame for giving him air time. Disappointed in that decision.
  3. Nope he is near now interviewing. We should know something by lunch tomorrow
  4. This article is trash. Selective quotes to paint a negative narrative about a person. It was a team loss. All around really bad. It’s frustrating for everyone. Goodmans zeal to create this crap is sad and speaks of his character. Onward and Upward friends
  5. I will keep saying it. We have bigger issues than Harsin in the football program. Maybe parting ways with Greene is the beginning of Roberts getting our house in order. That’s a big maybe.
  6. I’m a little surprised Dameyune Craig’s named hasn’t been mentioned. Is that bridge fully burned??
  7. The recent level of immaturity for the Harsin haters is pretty pathetic.
  8. I’m not sure his “don’t give a sheet” attitude would fly at Auburn like it does at ole piss.
  9. Calzada seems to be a mystery situation. I wonder if him not playing at this point is more of a personality conflict rather than a play book issue??? Either way does Harsin give him some game time this week? I mean what does he have to loose?
  10. I agree with this viewpoint. I thought Harsin maybe could be that Alpha. I wonder if AD Greene thought similarly as well???
  11. Folks don’t worry! McGlynn will find us the perfect fit for a new HC.
  12. Yup! I was hoping for Crystobol but no. I explained this earlier. The Harsin hire reflects the caliber of a program we are right now. I hate it and I was really hoping Harsin could make it happen but just doesn’t seem like he is. I guess we’ll just have to go get Bob Stoops 😂😂😂
  13. That could be true which would signal a lack of self awareness on the administrations part. I just think that a Harsin level coach is where we are right now. A risky hire who is looking to move up and try to succeed in a very challenging division with a dysfunctional administration. Hopefully the next go around we get our administration in order who will not balk at a top tier coach and their demands
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