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  1. I'm pretty sure JLee said he was in attendance vs aTm and embraced coach Caddy at midfield pregame. He did not offer any interviews post game.
  2. I know this was posted in another thread, but does anybody know if this video is a parody? If it is serious, the contrast to Deion could not be more stark.
  3. Hopefully he didn’t publish his RVO scheme in a book. Historically, that usually doesn’t work out too well. See Erwin Rommel.
  4. I was following along nicely until this one......... "D Sanders & Jack's State "loses" water facilities suddenly"
  5. I must admit, I can't get that bowl game out of my mind when I think about him as our coach. I can forgive but not forget.
  6. "The record we got didn't come from his coaching it came from the cancers on the team that spread and are still spreading. This is what we dealt with this season. The only word to describe what Coach Harsin doing is chemo." Cancer dies hard and takes time.
  7. Since the QB thread was locked.. https://www.si.com/college/usc/football/caleb-williams-transfer-timeline Thamel says Caleb Williams waiting on NFL coaching changes.
  8. Can anyone confirm if we are pursuing him (Tyler Steen)? Would really calm some nerves if he comes on board He is one of the higher rated available prospects in the portal.
  9. So we lost out because we could come up with enough NIL money or was it was because of the Oline?
  10. MikeGriffith32 ⁦‪@MikeGriffith32⁩ JT Daniels expected to enter the transfer portal: bit.ly/3GFqRul pic.twitter.com/cAJRRcu8Ou 1/17/22, 1:11 PM
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