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  1. Looks to be a solid hire! I’m feeling very optimistic about the staff he’s putting together. WDE!
  2. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought he aced that press conference. My initial feelings after watching it were that this particular job seems to be his dream job. He has family here and it appears he is going to work 24/7 to do everything possible to be successful and bring Auburn back to prominence. I thought he came across as sincere and remorseful in admitting he was flawed and had made mistakes but had been diligently working to be a better person. If Cadillac believes he has changed and will do what's in Auburn's interest then I am absolutely willing to give him a chance. I'm actually starting to feel a bit excited about this hire. War Eagle everyone! and.....(I respect everyone's views on this whether or not they are the same as mine fwiw.)
  3. I want our team to succeed. I’m going to put my support behind our new head coach and give him the benefit of the doubt until he proves me wrong. Welcome to the loveliest village Coach Freeze! War Eagle!
  4. My guess would be Lanning. I would be on board if that is the hire.
  5. Ole Miss 31 Auburn 13 and I hate making a score prediction against Auburn. I wish I felt even the slightest bit of optimism because I hate it for the players.
  6. If Auburn loses to Missouri at home I do not think he coaches another game. Just my opinion, (maybe wishful thinking).
  7. Kiffin would be my first choice. McGee Stoops Sanders seems a bit risky but I'd be ok with it. Wouldn't be entirely opposed to Freeze but think he might be a tough sell for too many folks here to get on board and having a Coach that the entire fan base can get behind would be a nice change of pace. Please not Kevin Steele. Lastly, I do not want a coach that I have to Google to know who he is.
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