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  1. South Carolina LSU Florida UCF BYU Air Force Texas A&M Georgia Washington Oklahoma Kansas State Michigan Ole Miss Alabama Baylor Florida State Clemson 55
  2. In the Pat Dye days, players would have to run the stadium steps for bonehead plays... I think Hunter would be running some steps for running out of bounds. Who else would be joining him?
  3. LOL, almost every Mercer pic had the player button up all three buttons on the shirt.
  4. What an epic deal this was to pull off; a time everyone on the team will remember for their entire lives.
  5. Hope they win; a shame they didn't make the NCAA cut with their performance in the SEC tournament. The SEC could use the win.
  6. The plan is change(s). We didn't just loose the game; it was our worse loss of the year. The team and coaching staff looked loss in the back half of the 2nd half when they probably realized they are not going to close the gap - nothing was working to get them back in the game. Changes will probably be hard for some of the returning members of the team. It will be dependent on who is coming in. If we get some transfer portal guards with experience, they may get the starting nod by beginning of next season. I should say all positions will have to be looked at. Then with all the new faces in place and some time to see how different combinations look on the floor, the Coach will finalize the plan for the team. Before he does all of that, I hope he rewatches all of our losses including the last one. There were too many similarities to our losses late in the season to just be ignored going into next season. I love the heart of all the players, but even they need to face the reality of their strengths and weaknesses - put the best players on the starting line (not the ones you have a soft spot for).
  7. The only thing that could make the Jabari possibility even remotely interesting is if Kessler stayed for what ever reason. Jabari will get selected in the NBA draft, I still believe he will be a top 3 pick. How do you turn that down and stay in college? If he was a late 1st round selection... just stop, he has to go if called. But it would be interesting if our previous 1 and done players could talk to Jabari - what would they tell him?
  8. He was seen leaving the stadium at halftime without a shirt!
  9. There is much to work on in the off season. New faces, etc. The coaching staff has to re-evaluate what they expect of the team next year. I hope offensive play is one of them; not just defensive play. There is a lot to pic on, but these new faces for one year made history in many ways to include a regular season SEC championship. One wonders if everyone came back what could we accomplish with a year under everyone's belt. Its going to be tough, the season is over.
  10. My bracket damage so far: Final 4: still good Elite 8: 7 of 8 still in play, UT was the only miss Sweet 16: 11 of 16 still in play; 5 misses (UT, UK, Baylor, Iowa, Illinois) so far... 32: did it matter? How are you brackets doing?
  11. All the remaining teams have shown they can be dangerous. If you don't bring your A game, you are likely to get bounced. And, given the chance to play Arizona or Providence, who would you pick?
  12. Whatever is said, the conference started with 6 in and we are down to 2. Ark just got by but will have to raise their game to challenge Zaga. I like our chances to get to the Elite 8 game... and I will be pulling for Providence to improve our odds in getting to the final 4 again.
  13. Lunardi: I am all over the Miami guards against Auburn. We've seen this movie all the way back to Jim Larranaga and George Mason. Coach L's veteran guards will control the ball, control the game and take advantage of every Auburn turnover. Throw in some timely shot-making and this will be one of those big seed-line upsets that really isn't.
  14. I hope LSU can pull off the win. I would hate to see the conference go down to 3 teams for the 2nd round
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