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  1. Rodgers was a bigtime hs athlete. He was heavily recruited to Syracuse as a lacrosse player but wanted to pursue football instead. Big kid, multi sport athlete, moves well…..and apparently a first class individual. Would defin want for depth.
  2. What is the AU process for new hires? Do we go off the network of CBH and current coaches? Do we employ a search firm?
  3. Obviously a big hire given the negative PR the program just endured. Spend whatever it takes. Don’t take “no” for answer. So be it if we have to overpay on this one.
  4. This… coupled with his inability to recruit before and after all this. I hate it for the program but this marriage is broken.
  5. Can somebody handicap this for me….what are the odds this is real vs a hit job on a coach who people are frustrated with after 14 months? I saw Bird mention post 50/50 yesterday with regards to CBH being coach at some point - has information changed? Note: first time post for me. Not an AU grad but I was brought into your family via my sister who married into it. I love AU. I follow this program with the same passion as most of you and I hope this is all a bad dream. WDE
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