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  1. Hunter is a very close friend to my sister. He grew up an Alabama fan but said his best relationship is with Dabo & Eason. He enjoyed his trips to Auburn but said coaching instability worked against us. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on Bama as it has been a childhood dream but I also get the feeling that he’s just enough of a priority to stroke the ego of a 17 year old but also likely one of the first to be processed should they land bigger fish. This is a Clemson-UA race. He’s a very polite guy so he’s not going to cut anyone off unless he gets annoyed but the fact of the matter is if UA doesn’t land other guys, he’s theirs. Unless he gets a sense of disrespect from UA, then he’s Clempsun’s.
  2. Game plan: Take care of business on the field in the first half of the season (going into ESD), throw all of the NIL money at Smith & Russaw and the rest will take care of itself.
  3. Last chance boys! Let’s go! Cardiac Cat Comeback!
  4. Glad he caught it. Definitely need to do fly ball practice or get the jug machine out.
  5. Tip of the cap to Delucia. Strong performance from a pitcher that had a shaky start to the season. He’s had our number all night.
  6. That was a terrible read by Bellow. His defense is a liability. I know the wind could’ve carried the ball but his initial jumps are atrocious. How is our backup LF?
  7. What a gritty performance by Burky! His team needed him and he went after the teeth of the lineup. Great job boys. Onto Omaha…. And the batting cages!
  8. Outside of Dichara, nobody appears to want it. We look like we’re playing not to lose more than we’re playing to win. Come on Burky!
  9. I really don’t understand our plate approach. We are far too selective and taking way too many pitches, falling behind in the account in nearly every at bat. It’s ridiculous. You can only play from behind so many times. Also, our two strike approach is not shortened at all. We’re late on obvious pitches. You can watch a third strike fastball go by right down the middle. Not if you’re playing for championships…
  10. Is there any interest in Emoni Bates? I know he just hit the portal and information will take a little bit to disseminate but would you want him? What if we get Phillips, would we want Bates too?
  11. Been an onlooker since 2012 (pre-merger) but never created an account. Had an account at AuburnEagle but decided just to follow along. I visit the site multiple times a day and appreciate the inputs & breaking news. Best site ever for genuine Auburn fans. Proud new Gold Member! Keep up the great work.
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