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  1. Anyone know if they are going to do the Fan Fest and Tiger Walk? Not sure how they handle those with rain. I assume they would post the info somewhere if they cancelled them?
  2. @TecmoBoJackson I am in the same boat. Haven't been to a game in years and I am taking my family tomorrow (3 kids under 10). We are also coming from GA. I considered paying for parking, but even with that you have to walk 15+ minutes to get to the stadium. I think we are going to park at the mall or some other location and take the shuttle. My only concern about the shuttle is the regularity of it. From what I have read it runs regularly (but I don't know how often) 4 hours prior to the game. The website also says it runs (intermittently) during the game. I wish they had an actual schedule because like you, we are planning on leaving early especially since we are going back to GA after. Hopefully it will be easy to catch it before the game ends. If anyone on here knows more about the shuttle schedule I would love to get the info.
  3. I bought tickets and am bringing my family to this game, haven't been to one in years, but I am wondering about weather also. Doesn't look good. 😟
  4. Thank you for this, I am heading to a game with my family on the 10th, so it is nice to have the info. Just did the demo on my phone.
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