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  1. You did not provide an age for the possible victim at hand, nor do we have the context of whether this is an actual predatory situation. I'm not going to play whataboutism. The only thing to be said is sexting between peers should not be punished by the state.
  2. My reply was specifically directed to someone claiming peer to peer should be punished. Moving it beyond that scope is pointless and outside the bounds of my reply.
  3. That doesn't mean it isn't a peer. A freshman and a senior in HS are still peers.
  4. Instead of inference, give the actual ages then.
  5. This is a s*** take. Pics sent from and to peers shouldn't be criminalized. What happened to the Brambletts sucks but if this is peer to peer pics, using their death to support prosecution is naught but retribution.
  6. The AUMB uses it like 2 times a year durring band camp.
  7. With him being a teen, this very well could be pics of his peers being used as a way exact revenge for the Brambletts. Or it could be actual kids.
  8. Your analogy doesn't work because the people paying aren't the ones reaping the benefits. Green Bay and KC pay players because they get more than they spend. If the next $1mil star at Auburn was playing for the Yella Wood Cowpokes you'd have an argument to make. I don't understand why you aren't making the connection.
  9. A lot of people are down on dilly, bit i think he is underrated. A hell of a recruit and being hired at Oregon by Lanning is really his 1st big test away from Norvell. Even if Kiesau is a slight edge in coaching/coordinator, I'll take recruit wiz Dilly over him.
  10. I've been hurt by Auburn and supporting and hiring subpar coaches for the last decade leading us from the maintain top to a perennial joke.
  11. If Kiesau was such a stud QB guy, finder of talent, etc, his history would be a lot better than Rodgers 15 years ago. I'm done with this coach found a good player once a decade ago being used as a selling point. It hides the fact that since that singular player, the coach hasn't done anything worthwhile. Let's stop pretending Kiesau is anything other than an o s*** last second hire to save face.
  12. We're lucky if he's 1/2 the QB.
  13. I don't think Mikey ever said 10 wins would be the number, just that it was a realistic possibility. Without nix going down, he would have been close to the maximum. The 5 game total seems more like an actual prediction than a possible ceiling. Thats how I've infered it anyways.
  14. Except pro players are being paid a market value by their organization with nil also being a market value driven marketing approach. There is no return on investment with the current model of college ball. No college NIL is functioning as a legit marketing format. It's all pay for play in the open. Allstate didn't pay Rodgers/Maholms to play but because they are known marketable people. If you're unable or unwilling to see/understand the difference I cannot help you.
  15. Only if this stays as a wild west NCAA bound system. With a true semi pro league, whether college based or not, there is an actual profit to be made from the expenditures. Meaning these levels of pay, as a form of salary, can be economically viable.
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