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  1. I didn't say it never happens, just that it is rare.
  2. The fix is simple. The big boys break off from the NCAA and form a league. Hell, even using the Leach plan would fix most of the issues.
  3. A Diamond in the rough is being found. It's hard to be a quality player and not be known in today's age.
  4. A 3* with a year or 2 of decent college film will almost always be taken over the 3* out of highschool.
  5. IDT this does anything for the QB race. Not unless they are literally even, no difference at all. If he is the best chance to win, Harsin isn't going to not play him in a year when his neck is on the line.
  6. It is no better or worse than those discussing the right if wrong of TJ running. That being said, I said what I said, and I have nothing more to add or to say about that.
  7. Don't threaten me with a good time.
  8. Ahh of course, we can only talk about TJ being dumb, not the more important and instigating dumb from the cop.
  9. The only dumb thing is that a cop used threats of state violence solely to elicit money for victimless crimes.
  10. I honestly haven't watched much on ZC. But as a rule of thumb, never put any faith in a QB throwing against air. Hopefully this is a moot point come September and they tear it up on the field.
  11. Disagree. We lose to UGA, UTN is trending up, UK is trending up, UF would be about our equal as of now. That's 3 possibly 4 teams with better future prospect than we currently have. In the east you may have an easier prospect of getting close/50 50 games, but sadly we aren't in a position to look down on anyone.
  12. Damn that sucks. I loved his hard nosed headhunter style. Even if he was a coverage liability lmao.
  13. I never said he had a drop issue. This also works off the assumption that he was mainly used to throw deep yet many if the passes in your own video are not beyond 20 Yards from the LOS. with his small completion numbers, it takes away the assumption that his states are strictly from low percentage passes. I never blamed JJ for his huge target v catch rate discrepancy, only said that if he is to be a part of the O, the stat must improve.
  14. Most his targets were post bo. Hence why it was stated in my original comment. Saying bo was his issue, then ignoring that bo was a good amount of his impacts yet not a majority of his targets is insane.
  15. I don't remember that either, but it still is a problem. Even if not a drop it could be from not able to create separation or just as easily bad throws. I do remember him making some good deep ball catches in tight coverage though. Its a joke that koy could be our #1 guy. Dude transfered because of lack of PT and getting pushed down the depth chart. Why does it seem our 'best' receivers are other team leftovers?
  16. Bo doesn't matter here. Most his targets were after bo, yet many if his impact plays were from Bo.
  17. The issue is that he only caught 50% of his targets. Was this from throwing error, drops, etc? it's obviously some combination, but that's an atrocious stat that takes a lot more impact to overcome if continued.
  18. This entire thread is just salt.
  19. To be fair, it stopped him from more than likely claiming another natty.
  20. Your example is players making plays. Meanwhile arky 2 years ago is 100% a loss without ref incompetence and last year is a toss up we probably lose without ref incompetence. Are you are so dense and unable to understand? Being pro or anti Harsin doesn't matter here. Liking him or not is irrelevant when we're talking about refs directly changing outcomes of games. Especially since one example here predates Harsin.
  21. That's fine for the big programs, but is an ass idea for half the schools. Some conferences even with undefeated records wouldn't make it into a playoff. Much less a 1 loss team. Most schools look forward to and set their goal as a bowl game. The mega conference stuff is just going to lead to the creation of a new league outside the NCAA. The mega conferences will break away and form a semi pro league on their own. The smaller schools can stay and get bowls. The bigger schools get to pay players and compete for a Natty.
  22. Coaches do a lot less of the recruiting than you think. They may be the home visit guys and who the recruit talks to on campus, but a lot of communications between coaches and recruits are actually recruiting staff/ student assistants on coaches social media. Exceptions for your prized jewel recruits.
  23. Go back and watch that game. The officials 100% influenced the outcome. It was a 2 score game at the end, but it was much closer than that with the 2nd score coming very very late with 2 mins left. Nix played an amazing game minus the int. The D played great. A couple of huge dropped passes by Auburn. We couldn't run the ball, tank averaged less than 4 a carry, hunter less than 3. Our rushing stats are inflated from a 25 year late game nix scamper. , The Hunter fumble that should have been would have taken points from us and out arky inside the 10. Congrats Harsin. With ref help, you beat a team facing a worse rebuild/culture change than us.
  24. Everyone jokes on Bennett, but he had very very good QBR, efficiency, yards per attempt. Arguably one of the best and most successful/efficient seasons any Georgia QB has ever had. He didn't have to be Superman. But when his number was called, he always made the play. UGA doesnt win without him starting. UGA doesn't win with most other QBs either. He would have also fit perfectly into the old Saban teams early in his tenure at Bama.
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