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  1. Case Commerative Knife

    haha that's awesome Farmer! Always been a fan of Case knives, and I've been debating on getting one of these. I've been on a hunt for years for an Auburn pocket knife to no avail, until I stumbled across a lady on ebay and got her to custom scrimshaw me a couple not too shabby either at around $80 a piece. But I'm definitely leaning towards snagging one of these. If you're curious what they look like go here : http://www.auburneagle.com/WEAForum/index.php?topic=2678.msg172772#msg172772
  2. Senior Bowl Official Thread

    Thanks for the link!
  3. UA NC banner

    How much are you asking?
  4. New Banner

    Should of double checked it before sending it out haha, Vegas is still hanging over my head but thank ya sir
  5. Delta Flight 8900

    This is suppose to be the link to watch them arrive live, but right now it says not found should be up soon http://floodstream.com/fiestabowl/fiestabowl.php?id=ncg01032011b
  6. Reverse Tiger Walk

    BUMP for our boys heading out! Hopefully I'll be able to make it up there if not, hope there will be a big crowd to cheer them on!! WDE
  7. Parking Pass in Glendale...

    I'm in the gray lot too, not sure about tailgating yet just going to play it by ear till the Biggest College Football Party
  8. Trying to get a little extra spending money while out in Arizona I have played this only one time and for literally no more than 15 minutes, it's in pristine condition not my cup of tea, hopefully it's yours haha Shoot me a message if interested unless you want to donate to the " keep WaReAgLe57 partying in AZ" fund. *****SOLD******
  9. Head Count of who is going to College Football's Biggest Party?

    I'll be there not sure about the All in party yet though
  10. Custom Auburn Football Jersey

    I have the ability to put names and images on shirts and jerseys using vinyl, I've made several shirts so far but haven't tried a jersey but it's easily done. I've been planning on buying a jersey and testing it out myself
  11. black ops!

    I agree with you AUFightingSoldiers, everyone is different but that's what I've picked up from talking to several different people. Mainly the physics of the game to me seem a lot faster on halo, and from that it seems whenever I pick up a shooter game I'm pretty good at it from the get go, not including knowing map locations etc.. And yeah WDEvan I'll part with it if you want to buy it for $50
  12. black ops!

    Thanks Fisherman, and I'd take Halo over COD any day I've had some guys I use to play competitions with and they started playing COD along with halo, and I know there is a big "which is better" mentality to it, but I honestly think Halo is the tougher game. I've talked to several fanboys of each game and I always ask, what game they started out on, and how they fair on the other competitively. A majority of the people I've talked to started on halo and were just as good on COD, versus people that started out on COD aren't as good at Halo, just my 2 cents..
  13. black ops!

    I'm debating on selling my copy I've played it one time for about 15 minutes and just haven't played my 360 in awhile, need all the extra cash I can get to take to Arizona! Plus I'm a Halo fanboy
  14. Love the NEW Banner... SIAP

    Thanks guys glad ya like it! WDE!