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  1. Hard to disagree, though I have a feeling that Bruce may start the season with Zep starting at the 2 over Westry. I also hope that Green forgets his Steph Curry tendencies. I have concerns about KD. Love his energy and hustle, and this isn't a personal attack. Everyone says take the good with the bad, but his bad loses games. To me it doesn't seem to even out. He can have amazing stretches, UCONN comes to mind, but they seem to happen less and bad games where he has 5 turnovers and constantly jacks up terrible shots or drives to contact and not to score seem to be increasing. He needs a short leash (not really Bruce's style) until he learns more control, because he can single handedly lose us games. I still think Berman needs more time. If we aren't going to address our guards' tendencies to jack up 3's when the offense gets stagnant or opponent's defenses adjust, then we need better 3 point shooters on the floor.
  2. There are lots of ways to look at this game, and positives and areas for improvement on all sides. This was a great game for our guys to learn and grow from, and I'm really impressed with our newcomers. Broome is going to be a force this season. But I still worry that we are going to face a similar ceiling that we saw last year. When our backs are against the wall, our guards have a tendency to either jack up 3's or drive inside with no hope of a basket. It looked like the same thing in the second half of last year. And we simply aren't a good enough 3 pt shooting team to win that way. This team will only go as far as its' guards will take it. If you ask me, more Westry and Donaldson, and less Green and KD.
  3. If im reading the SEC Network guide right, 1 eastern, 12 central
  4. Not yet. I look for the same thing. As far as I can tell, only Panini products carry the right to use the branding. But their Prizm Basketball release appeared to feature last year's rookies, so we may be waiting a bit before we get what we are looking for.
  5. We've been surviving all game. Giving them runners nearly every inning. Its hard to win when you have to keep relying on clutch putouts with RISP. But hopefully not impossible...lets go Tigers
  6. Larue is in his own head. You can see it in how he swings. No confidence in his swing. Completely different when he's behind the plate.
  7. Gah...we are having trouble making.contact against Hjerpe. And how about that no warning mid at bat cut off by ESPN News...
  8. I was curious if we would match their ace or save Gonzalez for more of an advantage in game 3 if needed.
  9. Im certainly more optimistic now, but not shocked. This team is playing it's best ball right now. We always had the ability to beat OSU. But if Hjerpe is healthy and starts, it will be tougher sledding. Certainly cant afford our starter last 2/3 inning and dropping 4 in the 1st.
  10. When do we play again? ESPN app doesn't list anything past today's elimination game at 1:00
  11. Im not going to pretend to be some expert, but there were times I questioned if the team would have been better off playing Berman over Flan or Cambridge. Berman might not have been as good on defense and wasnt as athletic (off. Rebounds come to mind), but he could provide that much needed consistent outside threat and didnt turn the ball over as often.
  12. I can't find a better place to ask this, and I don't know if I have enough points to create my own topic yet, but I saw a cool auburn hat some of our football coaches were wearing last season, with the state in the middle taking the place of the 'D' in WDE. So it was like W 'state of alabama' E or something like that. I can't seem to find the hat ANYWHERE. Did I imagine it???
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