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  1. Undisciplined, unfocused. Horrendous shot selection. I noticed how sloppy we played the second half of Bradley, and when we didn't shoot 60%, that would come back to bite us.
  2. You can't edit your post until you get to 50 posts and become a verified member. Same for creating topics/threads.
  3. Whats wrong with being a Hoover boy? I'll have you know that I'm a Hoover boy!...
  4. I think everything should fall under qualified support. Nothing deserves my blind unwavering and unthinking allegiance.
  5. With people ready to renounce their fandom over Hugh and now Dabo...we better get this hire right, or we might lose 10 fans! (I say this a tongue in cheek...I have stated myself that I would have a long think about supporting Auburn football if they hired Freeze...)
  6. I understand what you're trying to say, but I don't know if you're using the words in the right way. Your argument is about fairness, not subjectivity. I don't care what your argument is, overriding on field results to put a team that lost into a playoff over a team that beat them is by definition subjective. Now it might not always be FAIR, and that might be a different argument.
  7. No autobids do the opposite. They let on field results determine who plays, and then on field results determine who gets the playoff bid. If a team didn't win enough to get there or to win it, they weren't the best team, and to say otherwise is subjective.
  8. I'd like to take the human selection committee out of it as much as possible. So if that means send the regular season SEC champ and abolish the championship, I'm for it, I just want more auto bids and less subjectiveness. As long as we have a human selection committee and things like the 'eye test', Teams like Bama/OSU/UGA will have to have 3 losses to get eliminated from playoff contention every year, when the rest of us get eliminated off 1 or 2 losses.
  9. I wasn't necessarily advocating for us not to play Bama. I was advocating for us not to have the single hardest schedule in the SEC every year. I probably just worded it badly.
  10. They should just make it so that the conference championship means more to getting into the playoffs (which I think is coming in the form of an auto bid). I actually heard on ESPN last Tuesday, where Kirk and Joey Galloway said that LSU could win out and win the SEC championship and miss out on the playoff to Tennessee and Georgia. That's ridiculous and makes the championship meaningless, especially when the team that benefits the most is the 1-loss Tennessee that doesn't have to play in it. (So in that way, I guess I'm agreeing with you). I just think instead of abolishing it, we make it matter. The fact we have a conference championship that doesn't help the winner and actively punishes the loser is broken. Make it an auto bid.
  11. Thats a good point. I needed to flesh out that point better. I just want a system that makes the schedules even. They currently are not. Tennessee might play them both but they also get to play Vandy and a softer east schedule to offset.
  12. How do they determine who plays who? I'm afraid this just turn into them continuing to force us to play UGA and Bama every year. And will we be the ONLY ones that have to keep doing that?
  13. Making 'I'm judging the coaches based off what they did yesterday' into a euphemism doesn't make it less dumb
  14. At first I was convinced everyone was joking with this 'judging our candidates by how they preformed THIS week'. But now I'm not sure. If anyone disqualified Lanning for a bad 4th down call, I have a copy of the 2021 Ole Miss vs. Auburn game for you to watch.
  15. This is an amazing troll...and you can't convince me otherwise.
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