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  1. You assume many of us don't apply this logic for more than just Auburn coaches. I don't want my coworker to have a lack of morals. I don't want my neighbor to have a lack of morals. And I don't want my University to hire people with a lack of morals. People keep referring to how we arent hiring a youth pastor, but coaches influence young kids nearly as much, but somehow its OK to suddenly not care about their morals cause you really want to win badly? Thats a rough take.
  2. Because Freeze doesn't fit the bill of getting us a sizeable advantage. So you pay the price of lowering your standards for not much. If we subsitute Urban into this argument then at least your point makes sense. Doesn't mean I agree with it.
  3. And if Freeze was head and shoulders above the field that might be a valid argument. But he isnt.
  4. This has to be a joke, right? People comparing what Saban and Pearl have done to what Freeze has done? There are people on here that don't care about the reputation of this school or the development of our players as human beings. Some of us on this board have to come to terms that you wont get these people to suddenly care about flippant things like morals and ethics. They just care about winning. But caring about both doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.
  5. Nothing like being scolded by the media for not acting the way they think you should.
  6. Just not sure it matters. Realistically we MIGHT win one more game this season. So having an interim that can salvage anything for this year is moot. If firing him now helps recover recruiting and future prospects even a LITTLE, then do it.
  7. Everyone is redeemable. That doesn't mean that redemption should be at a top 15 program influencing young men. Especially when his pattern of behavior suggests he may have not even learned a lesson from his past mistakes. Having a standard for behavior isnt self rightousness, simply not abandoning a standard for the sole sake of a chance at winning. There are better candidates out there.
  8. Hiring Freeze kind of cements that message to me that this is just about winning. Any sham that this is about student athletes or bettering future leaders is over. The man has a history that should place him off limits for positions that influence students and young adults. Second chances are for people that lied and felt bad about it (Bruce), not someone that cheated, hired prostitutes then continued poor judgement at his next employment by messaging sexual assauly victims while they were suing his employer.
  9. I respectfully disagree. Them being hurt doesn't mean those 2 QBs were good to begin with, and in fact we have seen evidence the entire QB room was a mess from the start of the year. That is Harsin's fault. Them getting hurt doesn't bail him out of that. He could have made the OL prospects at the very least better for the long run and very easily could have made upgrades from what we currently have in two offseasons. Many of those costly mistakes were coaching mistakes. Going for it on 4th and 10 near the 40, up by 3, and play calling a 30 yd 50/50 ball with a less than accurate QB is quite literally the definition of coaching mistakes. And then he did it again and got bailed out with a questionable holding penalty. So he didnt even learn from the first failure.
  10. So Harsin's inability or unwillingness to deal with glaring team issues like OLine, QB depth, etc. don't count as his fault when it restricts him from playcalling appropiately?
  11. I straight up read this as sarcasm until I saw who posted it. Like player discipline and mental focus is some uncoachable intangible or something...
  12. I don't understand. If the admin was ready to fire him if he lost to Mizzou, then what about that game changed their minds? And if they were that close to firing him, what difference does it truly make to wait for the right loss? Are we THAT concerned with some perceived perception in the media? I don't have alot of confidence in the current decision makers at Auburn...
  13. Well if Didba meant Auburn is more frugal, then I apologize...
  14. And on a follow up comment Didba said Auburn was more conservative. In fairness to AUght2win, when you start using those words together, its hard not to assume its political
  15. Have things sunk so low for us that we really have less pull then the Baylor HC job? I know Grimes is a Texas native, but dang...
  16. To some on this board, there is no such thing as objectivity or calling things as you see them, is there? It's pump sunshine or you don't support Auburn. I can love Auburn and still recognize that we are not a well coached and prepared team that is going to have a ROUGH year...
  17. Thinking we will be 4-1 with the product we have seen on the field isnt just positive thinking... I believe fans can totally affect the future. It was us fans that stopped them from hiring Steele. While Harsin hasnt worked out, I don't think Steele would have either.
  18. Dave Aranda or Jeff Grimes get my vote. Deion feels like an overcorrection from Harsin in my view. Great recruiter but unproven in alot of areas. That could fit the description of Coach O when he was hired, too. I'd also be interested in taking a look at Matt Campbell, who's name isn't as hot as it once was, but the man didn't forget how to turn Iowa State into a team no one wants to play.
  19. Is this assuming we beat WKU? I mean, we could, but I'm not sure I'd chalk it up as a sure win. Especially if we've lost every game leading up to it...
  20. Things I saw on the sim I don't think we will see Satutday: -TJ having a year to throw the ball -TJ running the option in the redzone and not Robby -Tank averaging over 4.5 ypc -TJ hitting dime backshoulder passes Hope I'm wrong
  21. @aubiefifty, @abw0004, @Mikey, @fishepa, @Indy Exploring possibly selling some/all of my collection of Auburn signed cards. I could post them all on ebay, but liked the idea of seeing if anyone is interested, knowing they'd go to a good Auburn home. Added benefit is I can cut out seller fees and offer a lower price. I can send you pictures and we can discuss prices if any of you might be interested. WDE All cards have the players in their Auburn Uniform, no photoshopping out of the AU logo (Except Bruce Pearl) Football: Bo Jackson Upper Deck Sweet Swatches Game Used Jersey (Auburn Uniform, no auto) Jason Campbell Topps Draft Picks Game used Jersey and Auto (Red Senior Bowl jersey) Ronnie Brown UD Exquisite Booklet Game Used Jersey and Auto Cadillac Williams Press Pass Rookie Auto Chris Davis SP Authentic Moments Auto (of his kick six runback) Jarret Stidham/Darius Slayton Immaculate Dual Auto Jarret Stidham National Treasures RPA Carlos Rogers Sage Press Pass Auto Takeo Spikes Press Pass Auto Cameron Artis-Payne National Treasures Auto Tre Mason Immaculate RPA (Rookie Patch Auto) Sammie Coates Immaculate Patch Auto Kamryn Pettway National Treasures RPA Kerryon Johnson National Treasures Jumbo RPA Marlon Davidson Prizm Auto (Silver) Derrick Brown Prizm Auto (Mojo)/49 Ronnie Brown National Treasures Game Used Patch Nick Marshall Contenders Bowl Ticket Rookie Auto Basketball: Bruce Pearl UD World of Sports Auto (No team identified on card) Charles Barkley 2019 Flawless Auto (Gold)/10 SSP Isaac Okoro Prizm Fast Break Auto (Silver Disco) Chuma Okeke National Treasures Auto/99 Mamadou N'Diaye UD SP Top Prospects Auto Jared Harper Prizm Draft Picks Auto (Silver) Baseball: Frank Thomas Contenders Old School Colors Auto Josh Donaldson Elite Collegiate Legacy Auto/5 Casey Mize Elite Extra Baseball Auto/10
  22. Not the narrative the 'start TJ' crowd has been saying.
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