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  1. I was so focused on Yates and Collier (to continue our trend of getting the top guy in GA) that I hadn't followed Holloway. It sounds like he is a great shooter, which both fits a need with our current roster and makes him a great fit for Pearl's system. Also it sounded like he was down to 2, but 247's article from today listed AU, Miami, Tennessee & Wake Forest. He said 2 things in the interview that left me feeling confident that he'll be a Tiger. The 1st was his connection to BP. Auburn: “First it is the connection that me and Bruce Pearl have. I just clicked right from the first visit, I felt that connection between us. The place Auburn is an amazing place with amazing people. (Pearl) said to me, he told me what my role is going to be is that he is going to put the ball in my hands and let me be me and just play. He said his plan is that however it goes is up to me. He’s putting the ball in my hands and giving me an opportunity to succeed.” The second is the desire for honesty which would likely eliminate at least Tennessee: Now that he's less than a month from picking a school, what matters most to him has become pretty clear in his mind. “The program that is the most honest with me because I feel like for me I thrive in environments where there are good people and honest people. I feel like that’s going to be a separator for me because all of the programs create a lot of opportunity. A lot of the programs will let me star in my role so it really comes down to the smallest things for me." In terms of Yates, it sounds like he has a family connection at Washington which could upend things a bit, but it sounds like AU still has a good chance. A recent ON3 article had these comments from him: “I’ve taken official visits to Washington, Auburn, and Stanford,” Yates said. “I’m going to visit Gonzaga, but we haven’t set a date yet, and I want to visit Arkansas.” “I’ll probably try to take visits to LSU and Baylor in the fall, which will probably wrap up my recruitment,” Yates said. Auburn: “I liked the atmosphere a lot; it was crazy. And I loved how connected the team was; they didn’t care who scored. In the locker room, someone had a good could, and no one was mad; they were happy for each other. Auburn was a guard school, but they didn’t try to do too much. You can tell the team is not selfish at all.”
  2. So without jumping right into the argument on Harsin, how good our are chances at getting Glenn? All the CBs have him going to us, so it seems like a high probability, right? (although I also thought Jabari was going to the Magic not long ago). In addition to getting a QB with potential, it would be a good commitment to help adjust perception and get the ball rolling. For the record, I also am rooting for Harsin and want him to get a fair chance. He made some mistakes last year not connecting more with parents and HS coaches that I am still a bit perplexed by; everyone knows that those types of relationships are key to recruiting. Anyways, I am hoping he can bring in some decent talent and show off his staff's development chops. I just don't think he'll get that full opportunity unless he has lots of success this year.
  3. And don't sleep on Kuminga. If he can learn some things on D from Draymond, he'll be a powerhouse.
  4. Harsin developed some decent QBs at Boise, Friend has some recruits that have been in the league, Kiseau recruited and coached some amazing players at Cal (not sure how much was due to his development since they were phenomenal already) and there are others. But yeah I get your point; we haven't seen it thus far at AU for sure.
  5. I'm on the same page with Friend. IMO, a better O-line was the difference in us not winning 1 or 2 more games the last 2 years and I just don't see how Harsin thinks he can survive without a better track record on that front. Don't get me wrong, I like our Oline players, but recruiting on that front has been horrid for years. A highly ranked Oline and Dline class this cycle may be enough to get more time assuming the recruiting at the other positions stays decent. But without that I think he's going to need to win more than 6 this year to have a chance. It's unfortunate because he seems like a decent coach, but subpar recruiting wont cut it unless he finds some diamonds in the rough very quickly to somehow garner some wins against all these competing classes stacked with 4 & 5 star recruits.
  6. That was my thought exactly. Plenty of height and more scoring this year, especaially now that Heron is on the team. He and Dunans should be able to get to the hoop, with kick outs to Purifoy and Dunbar. But no PG at all may hurt. They could really use Sharife, Harper or perhaps even Canty. I'm also a bit surprised not to see one out of Samir, Bryce, Horace, and Wiley.
  7. Any intel or news on KJ Evans visit?
  8. That would be a great class if all of your predictions come true. Although I still feel like we need more traction with top recruits @ OL, DL, linebacker & WR. It's crazy to me that we don't have more Oline committed or at least visiting given the enormous amount of playing time that will soon be available. Are we not offering much in terms of NIL? or is it that current recruits do not yet have faith in our Oline coach, system & overall development process? I'm not as worried about LBs, DL or Edge, but perhaps I should be if we don't end up signing the guys in your predictions. And any idea how much of it is NIL vs. our coaches, their lack of SEC track record, & lack of local connections?
  9. Link for article on Emoni & Nance https://www.si.com/college/2022/06/07/ncaa-basketball-transfers-emoni-bates-pete-nance Link on Dior Johnson https://247sports.com/Article/Oregon-basketball-signee-Dior-Johnson-will-back-out-of-commitment-to-Ducks-per-report-188559005/ I favor staying put. The transfer portal pickings are pretty slim, but there are a few decent shooters left. https://www.on3.com/transfer-portal/top/basketball/2022/ Maybe a Kim Aiken or Greg Liddell could potentially get some minutes or provide depth at the wing. Desi Sills doesn't seem like a great shooter, but was a former commit and has other strengths that could benefit the team. Kerwin Walton looks like a decent shooter, but he has multi-years left, so it would really need to be a good fit.
  10. Just saw that Powell ended up at Wa. St. I hope he is the next coming of Klay Thompson for them or if nothing else that he gets healthy and deals with the family micromanaging issues. https://www.si.com/college/2022/06/07/ncaa-basketball-transfers-emoni-bates-pete-nance edit: just saw that 2 of you beat me too it. I thought I looked at the end of the thread 1st, but apparently not.
  11. Just saw this video with some nice passes starting after the 0:49 and 1:20 marks. https://m.facebook.com/TheBrantleyMethod/videos/elite-ep-2-chance-westry-interviewhighlights-with-espn-32-ranked-player-in-the-c/1128627600994213/ Edit: And this one too. He's No. 11.
  12. Agreed. I'm just skeptical that a top "big" recruit would want to share minutes on a roster that includes Jaylin & Traore at the 4 and Broome, Cardwell & Stretch. Obviously, if none of them go pro, it's a great problem to have given it will mean that we have experienced studs at the 4 & 5. Just that it may be hurt from a recruiting POV to miss out on guys like KJ & Fall next year, that's all. And if that happens, I expect Pearl & Co. to be close to the next crop of "bigs" after that.
  13. I don't think Harsin can survive if it's 5 wins or fewer. So he's going to have to deliver on that QB developer rep from his past. I am excited about our new receivers being able to complement our existing receivers & TE's. Demonstrating a real passing threat is huge to opening up things for Tank & Hunter, which will be huge to making things easier for the QB. All that to say, I expect more of a scripted attack than with Bo and a much more tailored attack specifically for Penn State & Missouri. I expect Harsin & Kiesau to script 3-4 quick to mid range passing plays tailored for each opponent that his QBs & pass catchers can execute well in their sleep to use on the 1st 2 drives. So if the O-line & Tank can get some yards to shorten the chains, that'll open up things for the rest of the playbook later.
  14. From a couple places. Mainly Bruce Pearl who said recently that Westry could play the 1, 2 and 3 (see 2nd link below). And also people have been getting excited about Hoke's tweet showing some of Westry's ballhandling skills (link below). But I agree based on this very limited video that he looks more like a score 1st combo guard than a true PG type facilitator. But he also looks like he could run the pick & roll or drive & kick at times when Green is on the bench. At times last year, it felt like we needed a taller ball handler; the Miami & Arkansas games come to mind.
  15. Sweet. Although I'm a little worried about timing with so many PF's and C's on the roster. But if Broome, Traore, Cardwell or Jaylin go pro after next year, then we'll need reinforcements for sure. Anyone know if Broome has 1 or 2 years of eligibility left? And I'd guess there is a 99% chance Diop ends up being called "Lupin" by fans and college announcers during his freshman year. https://netflix.fandom.com/wiki/Assane_Diop#
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