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  1. 100% serious. The kids play hard for him and which parents wouldn't want their kids playing for someone like Cadillac? Perhaps Freeze's players play hard, but I could see some recruits and parents being suspect. IMO
  2. It looks like Lane's going to get paid either way.
  3. I'd rather make Cadillac permanent than to grab Freeze.
  4. I also can't remember hiring someone that has a personality like or that jumps ship like Lane though either. I wouldn't be shocked if he left for a job at Alabama or the NFL again like he left Tennessee for USC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lane_Kiffin But I get your point, that AU is a much better and higher paid position than Ole Miss, but it also comes with more expectations. And even though I'd prefer Deion over Lane, Lane is obviously a heck of a Offensive Coach and recruiter, so I wouldn't be surprised if he succeeded at AU. But I think it would require a great D coordinator and I hope that he'd retain Cadillac and a couple of other key alumni on staff that are great recruiters/coaches.
  5. Tennessee was just a matter of time. It was a mess and he left before he was fired or controversy impeded him if I remember correctly.
  6. "culture" and "recruiting"? I know someone that fits both. I know it won't be him, but he fits and supports the culture so well. I really hope whoever is next keeps him in the fold.
  7. But Harsin will be gone next season and I bet the next coach will wish he had a weapon like that. Why sabotage a school and team that you say you're committed to.
  8. What? Allen Greene did good things at Auburn and I still think it took balls to hire Harsin over Freeze and other retreads after none of our top choices (Venebles, etc.) wanted the job. We'll never know how things would have played out if the PTB hadn't tried and failed to fire Harsin last summer, but it's just been getting worse ever since. I'm finally jumping on the ship that we need to fire Harsin ASAP. Although it would be great if we could retain Cadillac and Etheridge (I feel mixed about Brumbaugh but it may be more of the scheme than his coaching). If only CBP coached football. 😎
  9. I haven't been fully in the "Harsin has to be out" camp until today, seeing all of the kids from his 1st recruiting class transferring out. If it's true that he is telling players that they cannot redshirt as reported on some sites, then that feels like sabotage. You should want decent and good players to stay at this point, since it's not like we have tons of talent waiting on the bench or jumping into this recruiting class. It's almost like he wants to be fired. As soon as reports say that it's not a big priority to get him out ASAP (until an AD is in place or whatever), he does something to get tons of transfers back in the news cycle.
  10. What do yall think of Mike Elko? He's the current HC at Duke and former DC at Texas A&M and Notre Dame. He doesn't have much of a track record as HC and I don't know much about him, but have heard his name come up a few times on podcasts as an up& coming HC & good defensive recruiter. https://247sports.com/Coach/Mike-Elko-1055/AllTimeRecruits/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Elko https://theathletic.com/3442219/2022/07/22/duke-football-recruiting-mike-elko/
  11. My pick was other and am still looking for the football equivalent of CBP. Kiffen seems to be the leader atm and while I'm not a big fan, he is a great O mind. With the right D coordinator and assistants, I think he could have lots of success here. And we have a decent track record with ex Tennessee coaches, so who knows.
  12. Perhaps with the right assistants and other coaching staff.
  13. Good luck with that, especially given what just happened to Harsin last year.
  14. If Deion is your HC, you'd need an amazing OC & DC to get to the top. But I definitely think you could bring in some top recruits.
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