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  1. I’ve often said, it’s easy to be an Alabama fan… You gotta suffer like Christians in Rome to be an Auburn fan. And I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.
  2. What are the thoughts on Stoops? Seems like he’d be a solid choice. Not splashy I guess but solid.
  3. Well Harsin and his staff’s strength has been halftime adjustments so we’re good….
  4. Fumble is bad. But honestly I never expected to be up 17-7 at any point in this game so I’ll still take this start.
  5. Insiders at every other SEC school are in complete agreement… Auburn should keep Harsin for a long time. Bama, UGA and LSU have said they’ll even pony up to help with his salary.
  6. “Yeah, this is Bobby Joe from over cheer in Eclectic, AL…y’all think we Kuhn beat Jawja? I’ll hang up and lissen”
  7. Yeah, and I guess my .500 against those three was more in a general sense not necessarily right now. I don’t see UA and UGA being this good forever. AND I wii say that Gus’s 3-5 against Bama was actually a pro in his favor.
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