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    Just had to check in and note ol Gussy took L #4 today…so yeah, another year 😂😂
  3. This is where I was at with this hire…I didn’t feel the football resume justified the baggage…hope he proves me wrong.
  4. I haven’t been around that long but I already know not to take that guy seriously
  5. Is Urban back to recruiting for them?
  6. It’s not about second chances for me. I’m going to support Auburn until the day I die. Win, lose or draw no matter the coach. My take, and my concern with this hire, is WHY put the university through all the negative PR and split the fanbase for a guy who has really proven very little overall? No, there were absolutely no sure things when it comes to coaches out there, and maybe the ones who were the closest to a sure thing wouldn’t come to Auburn. But there had to be candidates worth considering who didn’t have all this baggage. The guy beat Saban a couple times…big whoop. Gus did it 3 times. Hugh was 1-3 against Gus who we let go. It’s not that I don’t think he can/will win or that he isn’t a good coach but again WHY go get a guy apparently no one else was pursuing and put your university through all this? In a world of “Metoo” it seems tone deaf. Again, I will support him and the team as I do feel he has been unfairly painted in some ways, but it’s frustrating that we even have to have this discussion when we could’ve hired someone else and possibly get the same results.
  7. What happened to Grimes? Seems he was a big favorite before the search began and I’ve barely heard his name since? Seemed like a solid possibility.🤷‍♂️
  8. Sadly, I’m not sure who we could hire that would have everyone excited. 😩
  9. Nope…can’t hire him…his initials are offensive.
  10. We’re missing the obvious here…Stan White stepped down from the radio team after yesterday…
  11. 1989…man oh man. I remember 12 year old me watching Coach Dye at his peak, beating Bama in JHS in the First time Ever game. My mom bought me my first score shirt later that week….30-20…”Here or there we don’t care we kicked your butts in Jordan -Hare! 4 in a row Bama! “ Ah good times good times.
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