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  1. Hard to see a strength on this team...but we are still tied in an SEC game in the 4th qtr. Is Tank hurt?
  2. Thanks '50....when is the first full scrimmage?
  3. Not taking anything away from Davis, but on some of those runs, the only people not knocked down was the offside DB that shows up late in the film trying to tackle him in the end zone. Everyone blocked...I think they were knocking people down on the sidelines and 3 or 4 rows up in the stands...
  4. The really exceptional thing about some of those per carry and per game stats that year was that everyone knew all we were going to do was run it every play...we couldn't pass for crap. So everyone was loaded for the run; and they still put up amazing numbers.
  5. That was some storm...I remember watching it roll in...no one near us budged. I had forgotten the Agee fumble to give them another chance...remember those two long runs by Bo like it was yesterday. No one reversed field like that back in those days. Good memories...
  6. College World Series....Top 6 team....outstanding year. War Eagle...should be an all SEC final
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