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  1. Was traveling for the last 10 days...what was the game format and is there a good article with Stats you guys would recommend? Did ESPN carry it?
  2. IronMan posted this some time ago...not sure exactly how it stands now. But being this far below the limit; and that's counting folks who haven't reported for fall yet; seems like a pretty big issue to me. I am stumped on the strategy from this staff. Do we see just a massive haul coming in for the '23 class? Are we about to get a portal windfall? Do we have a large group of Walkons about to get scholarships? This staff (as far as I can tell) still has not recruited a single Olineman. I need some help trying to be optimistic. Posted February 3 We have 76 current scholarship players for '22. Offense (37) QB-5, RB-4, WR-8, TE-6, OL-14 Defense (36) DL-9, Edge-3, LB-9, CB-9, S-6 Spec Tm (3) Punt-1, Kick-2 Tracking Auburns roster movement for 2022 season (Feb. 2) (247sports.com)
  3. Well, this is a pretty uninspiring read (not your fault Fifty; it's the content).
  4. I don't see the NCAA surviving very long. Not sure why the major conferences are letting them get in the way of further liberalization of the compensation rules, set the terms of playoffs, etc., any longer. The NCAA doesn't really work in anyone's interest but the NCAA's. As I have said before, some of this will be ridiculous for a while until folks figure out what kind of spending actually makes sense. Just like with most sports endorsements, a few will hit it big...most won't. But, many will get some $$ that will make a big change to their financial circumstances...hope they can manage it and it helps propel them to a better life.
  5. I'm not surprised a guy would need to alter his approach and focus as much on the people aspects of their jobs as the X's and Os. We get our priorities done thru people....not at the expense of them. I think that happens to every hard charger at some point in their career. It usually starts to happen naturally when you get married and start having your own kids. What person doesn't want to talk about what little Mary or Johnny did over the weekend at TBall. This opens up the conversation from the others side and invites folks to talk about what's important...ups, downs, highs, lows; is what makes us all human. What I'm surprised about is it took him having to be hit over the head with a hammer at age 45 to figure that out.
  6. Texas A&M currently has 3, 2023 commits... Alabama 2. Auburn 1; UGA 7. Not sure what to take away from this.
  7. If Calzeda is healthy, he wins the job. More upside with him.
  8. This team really came out of nowhere. Congratulations on a great run. Hated they went out that way; but that's what happens sometimes playing with the big boys. Well done coach and to all those guys. As for Bruce, the season is over and now the really hard work begins...funny how tough it is to keep any continuity now in a basketball program. Of course football is headed the same direction.
  9. I was at the Auburn vs TN game at Legion Field on Sept 30, 1967. I attended the Wake Forest game in 1966 but I really don't have a vivid memory of the game. The '68 TN game I remember well. We lost...we rode the stadium bus from the old Tutwiller Hotel to the game and back. The TN fans ln the bus after the game were absoluate drunken a**holes. I was a little kid and had never seen anything like that. The best part was the 1968 game, also in Bham. We beat a very highly rated TN team that day....it was awesome.
  10. I don't see Craig leaving A&M with what is happening with recruiting their now. If a QB steps up this year, they will be hard to handle for the next several years. There is no ambiguity on NIL, facilities spending, coaching, recruiting, boosters....all the pieces are in place.
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