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  1. japantiger

    Strzok hearing

    If you want to make a point about those men and how the pattern of their actions revealed dereliction of their duties in public service and lack of trustworthiness, have at it. That is not relevant to the fact of Strzok's behaviors.
  2. japantiger

    Why American Spies Worry When Trump Meets Putin

    According to the New York Time archives from Nov 21, 1985; Reagan and Gorbachev met privately 3 times during the Geneva Summit...just them .... sort of seams like how world leaders actually get major agreements done....just like Carter, Began and Sadat...long hours of personal meetings. I can't think of substantive agreement negotiated between nations or businesses, that was ever done with a gaggle of onlookers....I know this will come as a shock to most of you...but nations and organizations don't do agreements or make progress....people do business with people. But hey, you guys do you...I guess that's how we got to the place where Putin didn't care what our previous fearless leader did and brazenly attacked our institutions while he sat idly by doing political calculations.
  3. japantiger

    Why American Spies Worry When Trump Meets Putin

    Ah yes, at least the subtitle of the article is half right....the "mind boggling conclusion" part is pretty accurate. As far as "plausible", not so much. I guess if your write an article that takes the 1st 2 pages and says "suspend your disbelief"; then anything is plausible after that.
  4. japantiger

    Strzok hearing

    Ah yes, somebody else had an affair once so it's ok for the leading counter intelligence officer handling the two most significant cases in the last 30 years to have an affair...thanks Captain Queeg for that impeccable geometric logic....And I shouldn't care because, well, what could possibly go wrong with a guy with top secret clearance handling the two most significant cases in the last 30 years having an affair with a staffer while investigating corruption, espionage and election tampering....I mean, he couldn't possibly be open to blackmail, could he? He couldn't possibly have other issues could he? The reason I care is because his infidelity is part of a broader pattern. It's not that he's had one minor indiscretion...or he inadvertently misspoke...the guy is a liar, who falsified investigative information, who's obviously let his personal feelings guide his professional actions, and then lies about it in front of the nation on national TV,; he actually tried to say he wasn't fired for bias on national TV; he violated numerous FBI policies and his oath....and he screwed a staffer (which of course everyone in the agency would have known) and put his family thru hell. He didn't make a mistake....he is dishonest in every aspect of his life....sorry you think recognizing the pattern of his character revealed by actions in every aspect of his life is "holier than thou". Nice try.
  5. japantiger

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    Congrats Proud...sounds like that must have been quite rewarding. Great job as well. You worked on history making and ground breaking stuff!
  6. japantiger

    Strzok hearing

    If you saw any of the interview, it is pretty obvious this guy wouldn't know the truth if it hit him between the eyes...he is also about as self aware as Hillary. His communications reflected great bias; he was fired for bias, the IG said he was obviously biased, failed his polygraph in early 2016; but mysteriously didn't have his clearance revoked until it was done retroactively 18 months later, created a false timeline related to the Weiner laptop and violated numerous other FBI policy and procedures. And, of course, he had an affair and betrayed his family commitments. And, he wants us to believe that in the case of Trump that "not once did he let his feelings for Trump affect any specific actions he took". I guess he told his wife the same thing...that is, not once did screwing an FBI lawyer affect any of the specific actions he took in his marriage.... In regards to the Hillary investigation, he also strikes me as the least curious investigator I have ever seen...and knowing that all the "disappeared" emails were present on the Weiner laptop, simply ignored it. So he was biased; and a bad investigator who let the smoking gun evidence simply go un-investigated. Another poster boy for the Democrats just like Comey (funny how he's been dropped like a hot potato isn't it; since he's been shown to be shyster we all knew he was since his testimony....I wonder which of Strzok's above actions the Democrat ass-clown posse was applauding in the hearing room and the Congressman wanted to recognize via a Purple Heart award....a purple heart for this lying dipshit...nice work Congressman... Two things I know from the FBI Procedures manual...their motto is Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity....and they are admonished to "Tell the truth in all matters"... Homey? Elle? This is the the face of Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity?
  7. japantiger

    Why American Spies Worry When Trump Meets Putin

    In the interest of clarity; the title to thread should really be "Why Homey believes that American Spies Worry When Trump Meets Putin based on mindlessly regurgitating an Atlantic Article". For an article that purports to know so much about the topic, it fails to site a single source related to the intelligence community...they didn't even use the usual fake "unnamed sources" moniker...I guess at least that's a step up in terms of truth in journalism... I wonder if Trump will ask Putin if he's replaced the 300 Russians soldiers he killed in Syria a few months back when they approached our forces and the Syrian forces we were supporting. Or maybe, Trump will ask him if he's having trouble getting good intel with 65 less spies in the US since he expelled them after he poisoned the 2 folks in England? Or maybe, Trump will ask him how he's doing since the March 15 sanctions were imposed? Surely Trump will ask him how he's doing in the Ukraine since we gave them $47m in munitions back in March that included Javeline anti-tank missiles ... you know, those things that Crimea asked for and never got when Russia waltzed in. Nah....I'm sure the Atlantic and Homey are right...I mean Trump's pattern is to just set on around and do nothing....
  8. japantiger

    Trump's inability to not be an a**hole

    Please tell me where I got it wrong....
  9. Homey, you post ridiculously long articles, (VOX, Salon, other ultra liberal rags); with no original thought as to what they say or imply; every time, without exception....not going to alter that position at all because I posted a long list of Trump's successes posted by time. If you consistently posted your interpretations or beliefs with actual facts behind them, I would give you a break....until I see a pattern that implies you've grown a brain; no.
  10. "I'm shocked, shocked I tell you" (not).... People coming here illegally lied about their background and even that the children they brought here with them were their's..... Now DOJ and DHS say 46 of the 103 children in custody who are under 5 years old wouldn't be safe with the adults who brought them across the border Some weren't actually their parents; others are in prison for kidnapping, child abuse or murder; another is wanted for murder in Guatemala Still others gave phony birth certificates or planned to house a child with a known child sex abuser A dozen were deported but declined to take their children with them Of the 103 minors in the youngest age group, the administration has reunited 57 with parents, but the other 46 are 'ineligible,' the Justice and Homeland Security Departments reported. Eleven of the adults have 'serious criminal histor[ies],' the agencies announced, including charges or convictions for child cruelty, kidnapping, murder, human smuggling, domestic violence and narcotics-related crime. One of the men is wanted for murder in Guatemala, Chris Meekins, Chief of Staff, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services told reporters on a conference call. Seven more were 'determined not to be a parent' at all, including three whose deception was discovered through DNA testing. Meekins described one adult who said he was a parent 'right up until the time of a DNA swab,' and then retracted his claim. Authorities determined that one potential child sponsor was alleged to have abused the child he was trying to claim. Another told the government that if his child were returned to him, he planned to house the youngster with an adult who has been charged with sex abuse of a young girl. Eleven are in state or federal custody for other reasons. One of the adults presented a falsified birth certificate, and another has a contagious disease. Twelve have already been deported. 'We don't have the legal authority to bring those individuals back into the country for reunification purposes,' Meekins said Thursday. 'They have no lawful right to be here.' He also said those people had already been offered the opportunity to take the children with them when they were deporter, and declined. The shocking statistics will heap fuel on Trump's fiery argument that his political foes should adopt a more flexible approach
  11. Unlikely, but possible, that the entire democrat party apparatus isn't batshit crazy in regards to Russian collusion.
  12. japantiger

    Trump's inability to not be an a**hole

    I responded to your crack on exceptionalism in the post above...I am sure if you posted an OP, it was 10,000 words devoid of facts, replete with anecdotes, full of feelings, believes we Americans are the root of all evil, assumes our only redemption lies thru a massive government that controls all aspects of our lives (well, except our border), rejects our constitution, must be headed by gender neutral pagan tri racial vegan anarcho-syndicalist commune SJW community organizer and ignores every lesson we've learned from 10,000 years of civilization...did I get that about right?
  13. And how about so far in Europe...calling out NATO freeloaders and the DE for their energy deal with Russia while we protect them from, well, Russia. Nice job.
  14. They get 1/3 of their funding from the fed. If they don't need money to do abortions anymore; they can take there private funding and actually provide family services. But since, in my proposal, we would be spending several orders of magnitude more dollars on family planning for high abortion populations (75% of all abortions are black and hispanic); then funding PP is completely unnecessary.
  15. So what you're saying then is McConnel is justified with Gorsuch and Kavenaugh...since, well, because Democrats were refusing to appoint any Supreme court judges. Pure obstructionism.