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  1. japantiger

    March for life coverage

    Easy to do....been there... Pretty clear this was edited with what can only be assumed to be malicious intent to mislead and tell a too good to be true liberal MAGA-hate piece...
  2. japantiger

    March for life coverage

    Great video of March for Life yesterday....I searched "CNN Coverage for March for Life"...funny, nothing for the 2019 March came up....I can't even find evidence that CNN had anyone there doing coverage....can you imagine if this many people turned out for any liberal cause-celeb? The coverage would be like; well, it would probably be like CNN devoted coverage yesterday to Buzzfeed....
  3. His numbers are identical to last Sept; last July and last March. I think Rasmussen polls us mere mortals and not the Lord.
  4. Rasmussen is 44....since Jan 18; Trump and Obama comparable tenure ratings move back in forth a total of 4 points...with no trend from either of them...the numbers are moving around a mean.
  5. japantiger

    A Stupid Shutdown

    Because when he asked Pelosi face to face in the WH if he did that; would she negotiate funding for the wall?....she said no point in reopening the gov't. It's not hard....
  6. japantiger

    A Stupid Shutdown

    Oops...apparently left pictures in that post I didn't intend to....the picture(s) with the car mirror in them were headed West; the hills in the distance rise on this side of the Rio drive right by the installation where they fly the blimps. The sunset picture with the blimp in the distance was taken just this side of those highlands on a lower ridgeline by my oldest son just after he killed his mulie. Yes, both sides need to give something....but it's 30 years past time to do something.
  7. japantiger

    A Stupid Shutdown build the wall where natural barriers aren't available...that's kind of the point. That has always been the proposal. I really don't understand your argument. This gem hit the wire a few minutes ago...Spent the nite in Alpine 10 days ago on the way to hunting mule deer down on the border. Pretty the way, no walls out can just walk across the river south of Alpine at Lajitas...and all across that area to Juarez...border checkpoints are 15 to 20 miles inside the US...not at the border....the picture below the article is a beautiful sunset down there....if you look closely and zoom on the white object in the top/middle of the photo; you can see some of the aerial surveillance manned there (a blimp; this is just outside Valentine; about 1.5 hours further West; ~12 miles off the border where I was standing). Very good hunt by the way..... ALPINE, TX-- Six illegal immigrants were taken into custody on Sunday morning in Brewster County. The Brewster County Sheriff's department received a tip that there were illegals living in a house in Alpine. When they got there they found the six Guatemalan immigrants and arrested them. The suspects were in the country illegally and were turned over to immigration officials for prosecution and deportation. .
  8. japantiger

    A Stupid Shutdown

    Your points 2 and 3 are contradictory. The last detail I read was for ~600 additional miles of if your point is "we don't need a wall everywhere; and what we need is a wall where it makes sense"...then that is what the Trump admin already has on the well as for ground (seismic), aerial and additional personnel. So you are really saying you are for what Trump admin has proposed. What am i missing?....everything on the table today is a Google away. "Do we need more funds for border security? In my opinion, yes. Do we need a physical barrier spanning the entirety of the border? In my opinion, no. Are there places where placing physical barriers is strategically reasonable? Absolutely. Are there more effective strategies and technologies that make strategic sense in places, as opposed to a physical barrier? In my opinion, yes."
  9. japantiger

    Little Doubt There is Media Bias

    I guess CNN figured after Acosta's video showing how effectively walls work at keeping illegals out; they didn't need another story that supported walls....
  10. japantiger

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    Gus sucks ... fire him and get a real coach....
  11. japantiger

    A Stupid Shutdown

    Some pretty ******* stupid arguments in this whole thing .... so because some will tunnel under it; let's not do the obvious thing that will keep 95% of those coming illegally out...yeah; really strong argument....and saying walls don't work is equally stupid. Having spent 6 months as a young Force Reconnaissance Marine during the cold war trying to figure out how to breach walled systems, fortifications and layers of defenses (walls, layers of walls, seismic sensors, guards, etc.); I can tell you they work. And they will keep out all but the very best funded and most determined.... And even for them they make it a risky effort that will likely result in failure and ultimate detection. And for those few, you use other means and layers of defense....but for the 95 - 99% the wall keeps them out. The plan as presented; builds ~600 more miles of wall (to go with the existing ~600 miles of wall) where it make sense to build a wall; adds people, surveillance (ground and aerial) and beefs up the courts/enforcement portion of current security measures; aimed at all points of entry; above and below the ground. I wonder when some of you are going to start calling for tearing down the existing 600 miles of effective wall? Current policies result in the deaths of innocent Americans...thousands of innocent Americans...23% of every Federal prison inmate (higher % in state and local) is an illegal immigrant that walked across the border; that alone makes this worth it. Those that enforce the laws understand...that is why they recommend the wall and other memes. We spend ~$130b annual supporting illegals. I could care less if a border mayor wants the wall or not. Ronil Singh was killed just East of San Francisco (500 miles from the border). Mollie Tibbets was killed in Iowa City, Iowa (1400 miles from the nearest Mexican city). 15 Americans are murdered every day by illegals. But I guess some of you think it makes more sense to spend $50b annually to stay in Syria and protect Syrians; instead of spending a pittance in America to save Americans....some of you with acute TDS will argue anything....
  12. japantiger

    A Stupid Shutdown

    So if we had non-lethal means to subdue intruders; with a wall; you would be ok?
  13. japantiger

    The Wisdom of Mad Magazine Circa 1992...

    "So Spaniard, we shall go to Rome together and have bloody adventures. And the great whore will suckle us until we are fat and happy and can suckle no more." DKW is right....
  14. japantiger


    So memes are all supposed to be 100% factual now? I think that sort of defeats the purpose of memes doesn't it? I thought the purpose of memes and satire were to, you know, satirize ...
  15. japantiger

    Good for gus

    Auburn is 2-4 against LSU; 2-5 against Georgia; and 2-4 against Alabama under his leadership (6-13)...(oh, and .500 against Miss St....Miss St for crying out loud)...that's what matters. Oh, yeah, 2-4 in bowl games...He has replaced his O-coordinator 3 times in 6 years....his choices. The recruiting story has been good the whole time; Auburn's name attracts great talent...he fails to develop players and simply pick kids that aren't around 2 years later. This win matters like beating Liberty matters....he's a world beater against bad teams from bad conferences.