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  1. Ah, the" if it saves one life argument"... I assume you were never in debate club with overpowering logic like this...how about we just outlaw banana's...that would save more than one life a year....or hammers....or dogs....or cars....or how about food so people don't choke or how about matches since people die in fires .... or steps...lots of people fall down steps....pools...yep, pools have to go....good lord. I disagree with homey on just about everything (well, except owning that BAR...that we agree on)...but at least he tries....
  2. Hey Homey, how much fun is that BAR?
  3. Homey, Did you read the article you posted? the longitudinal studies show that up to ~20% of the weapons used in mass shootings are long guns......even Mother Jones shows that only 20% used a rifle of any kind. Your articled stated only 10% of mass shootings are made using an AR.... "Overall, AR-15 model rifles have been used in 17 active-shooter attacks since 2000, less than 10%, according to researchers at Texas State University." https://www.statista.com/statistics/476409/mass-shootings-in-the-us-by-weapon-types-used/ https://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/rpt/2013-R-0057.htm https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/02/assault-weapons-high-capacity-magazines-mass-shootings-feinstein/
  4. Damn, good thing that venison in my freezer didn't know the AR I shot him with wasn't a hunting rifle....please don't tell the Aoudad I plan to shoot over spring break...I'd hate for them to go to the ACLU or some nonsense like that. And my response to the author, paraphrasing him of course "yeah, **** you, I like guns, period".... http://www.guns.com/2013/03/28/12-reasons-i-hunt-with-an-ar-15-and-you-should-too/
  5. So, responding to the proposals just too much for you, huh? I would like to understand one other thing though...why does this one particular category of guns that account for .007% of all homicides drive you to such distraction....According to that conservative rag Mother Jones, 27% of mass shootings are conducted with some sort of long gun. Why not go after shotguns or handguns or even knives or even hammers (they kill more than long guns)....wouldn't that save more lives? or do you just dislike all guns? or only scary looking guns? or are all guns, scary looking?
  6. All very common sense .... requires parents engagement.
  7. Good article. I wonder how much of this is either they are actually suffering from more or it's just focused on and diagnosed more. I also put the blame for their lack of family engagement on the head of the household....not the kids. Don't give them phones and keep them off social media...that is called parenting....we did it....no biggie. they got phones when they demonstrated sufficient responsibility and accountability Now, there is one part of this article that is laughable..."Teens also have reason to feel enormous anxiety about the future of the planet. While political unrest, to one degree or another, has always existed, the kind of hopelessness that young people experience nowadays is unprecedented." this kind of horse***t is part of the problem...their parents are letting this horsemanure seep into their heads instead of the kids worrying about pleasing their parents and being productive God-fearing members of society.
  8. Posts like this are why we can't have nice things...why didn't you just call him and everyone else who disagrees with you a deplorable for shorthand. The title of this thread is "Is it time for a serious conversation...."....seems like you think "it's not time...." A solution needs to address 3 things: Safety at the point of attack - fortifying schools such that even the most determined evil-doer will be discouraged from trying or exposed and eliminated outside the school Mental health - address mental health issues in the same manner we do any other chronic health issue like diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumetoid arthritis, etc. Gun safety - how to strike the balance between the 2nd amendment protections and the belief that banning assault weapons will solve the problem In all of the above, the question is what is Washington's role if any vs the role of Governors, mayors, etc. who ultimately are the ones that have to take action. As for #1, in the interest of speed and ultimate effectiveness, this should be something that the President discusses in a governors conference in the next 30 days...the governors need to make their asks of the Fed; but the decisions on what/how/how much should be left to the local administrators as the needs of Travis County, TX are pretty different from those of a school in NYC....I would propose a very simple initial strategy...armed guards....patrols of the grounds just like those methods used in the schools my kids went to overseas in some of those countries we won't refer to as shitholes. Also, train willing teachers....I would look for a minimum of 10% armed teachers to provide inner security if the outer perimeter is breached. I would also initiate a formal sea-something/say-something process in each location that the guards/admin work with law enforcement on....someone from the school needs to hold local law enforcement and the FBI accountable. It should be easy to construct an ACLU approved process that allows for investigation and still protect someone's rights...and who knows, maybe someone is disturbed and by findout out early, they actually get help. #2 - I would recommend a national "moon-shot" program on this with school's the main focus. I think the current effort on opioids is spot on; this is long overdue. Bipolar, depression, various incarnations of schizophrenia, etc., can all be diagnosed and treated....most sufferers can lead productive lives being treated just like someone with another chronic illness. We need to de-stigmatize all this and get it out in the open and require health plans to cover like anything else (though this is getting better). Kids need to be encouraged to get help and parents need to engage and ensure treatment happens. With the right meds and support, a lot of this can be dealt with thru the healthcare system and those that are likely to cause mayhem, can be identified sooner and dealt with....most do not turn into schools shooters....the needle in the haystack actually does this....in the mean time, we would be helping 15 % of our population live healthy and productive lives. #3 - three phases - 1st, enforce the gun laws we have...send people to jail for using a gun in a crime....2nd, a simple licensing process for youth is needed...but at the state level....in NY something more stringent may be required; in Montana, or other rural areas, less stringent (like drivers licenses in rural America where you can drive younger than 16), can't own a hunting rifle until 18, etc...and can hunt with a rifle only after passing a background check, health check and gun safety training and licensing....this will be costly as it will require a new local bureaucracy to conduct licensing...is it worth it? probably....3rd....not sure I know what #3 is that would be effective....requests to ban AR's are about as serious as treating the plague with an enema....it will neither help nor hurt. But given that the AR platform is now one of the most popular hunting rifles used (I use a .223 and a .338 depending on size of game), it seem unlikely anything here will prevail. I'd also note my AR hasn't assaulted anyone nor have 9.9m of the other estimated 10m out there. Here's my POV....shoot at it (so to speak).
  9. Military parade

    That was the sequester pay raise...in the new Defense Authorization act the pay raise is 2.4%....faster than the inflation rate.
  10. Military parade

    Hhhmmm, I marched in 3 different parades...all on veterans day. I remember calling cadence for our unit as we marched in one of them.. bands, tanks, vehicles, rocket launchers, flyovers....the whole enchilada. As we marched thru one of the more quiet areas of one of the parades (1982 I think it was), families were pressed up against the parade route. We were marking time waiting on the route as the parade was making a turn at an intersection. One Dad was there in the front row with 2 boys behind the barracade...the boys were trying to get my attention by shouting at me since I was no more than 6 feet from them...the Dad told his sons that I was wouldn't talk to them....and then he told them "those guys are the Marines...they're the best"... it was a great feeling. Gee, who knew that I was participating in a totalitarian exercise. You guys need serious help.
  11. Yep, completely out of touch....and even more out of touch because you actually asked that question out loud...
  12. World markets are tanking

    And now the Atlanta Fed is predicting over 5% GDP growth in Q1....
  13. #ReleaseTheMemo

    Oh Homey....this is the way politics works...it's funny, Dem's suddenly don't like the political process? Anytime there is an investigation, there is a majority opinion and then the minority opinion is always released... Dem's just don't like it this time because they're losing the PR battle on this.... And, did you get these articles from the Onion? You can't posit for serious consideration that the Russians would rather have a Republican in the WH.....oh my goodness....that is rich....let's see, what was it that Obama said when he thought the cameras weren't still rolling.... “This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama said, expressing confidence that he would win a second term. “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” said Medvedev, Putin’s protégé and long considered number two in Moscow’s power structure. And then there was this....
  14. State of the Union

    Tax Cuts Domestic oil production finally eclipsing 1970 levels...especially the good old Permian basin Regulation cuts GDP growth 300 companies have now given tax cut bonuses and wage increases Stock markets up over 40% 4% Unemployment...black and hispanic unemployment at record lows...female unemployment lower than male unemployment Foreign policy moves in general and especially regarding China, Israel and NK ISIS - Trump made Obama's words a reality...it finally really is the JV team now Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Record Number of year 1 Federal court appointees Democrat ongoing dementia .........more?
  15. Is this a rhetorical question? of course, they're never going to learn...