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  1. I think you and Cole both said things that were correct..he Cole, does have a much better arm; but yes Hank he only netted 56% on his passes, etc.....while I think Finley should get the nod this next week; frankly I don't think it will matter if we keep scheming this way and trying to throw as much as we are. We threw 43 damn times...and all backs combined only ran 35 times...are you friggin kidding me? Niether QB is a high %age passer. They have not been (in high school) and will not suddenly become one next week; or next month or in November. They are below avg accurate passers. 56
  2. Young players are out of position frequently...that's what they do...talent but lack the reps to instinctively be in the right place. He was the 4th leading tackler yesterday. I remember watching Neiko Thorpe his Freshman and Sophomore years (08/09 I think)...he did some great things but he also led the SEC in the infamous tackles-after-touchdown stat those years 🙂 ... when you play freshman; it's a wild ride. That is the way of the future (and present) however. Great ones don't stick around...so teams are/will be playing more and more freshman and living with the talent vs experienc
  3. So if you are a good OC, you adjust to the talent you have and focus on what you can do; and not try to continually do what you can't. Lot of talk about ARky...prime example of a staff not being cute and doing what they can do. They have a good QB; very good runner; decent passer; one good RB and one good WR. Look at their performance today....they controlled the tempo of the game against A&M. They played to their script; played hard inspired ball and won. They didn't try to do what they can't do. We keep trying to do what we cannot do. It is criminal for this team to throw mor
  4. I would like to go on record and say that my 6 - 6 record prediction for the year was wildly optimistic. Also, I was looking for toughness and improvement...we have not gotten better week over week. We act like the loss to Penn State completely demoralized us.
  5. Everyone has a QB that can make plays...but Auburn.
  6. I'm shocked...shocked I tell you...same s***, different day.
  7. The White Buffalo Bar....Marathon TX. One small main street. Marathon is the gateway to West TX hunting country and just outside Big Bend Nat and State Parks. Close to Marfa or Valentine if you've heard of those wide spots in the road....good Whiskey menu, food and interesting people
  8. Sorry Bud...they do bore all the way down into your heart.
  9. If I were doing this job; I would take all my pictures at night...that way the brown stain on my pants wouldn't show up... Praying that you and your team-mates are protected in that hellish environment.
  10. This times 1,000,000 Both these backs should get a minimum of 20 carries a game. We should throw no more than 20 passes a game and run the damn ball.
  11. Bo has never completed more than 59% of his passes in a season...that puts him below average for an NCAA QB; well below average. In 2020, he ranked 95th in comp % @57.6%. In 2019 he ranked 84th @59%. This game he was at 57%; which puts him outside the top 90 passers. For the season; two cupcakes and Penn State; his comp % ranks him 47th in the NCAA so far this season. Hard to see him finishing in the top 60 or 70 considering the talent level we face for the rest of the season. We need to ramp DD and be recruiting like hell. With just an average QB we beat Penn State 2 TD's.
  12. The only reason to have a fade there should have been to clear a DB out so you can dump it under to our RB
  13. For their to be options, the QB would have had to have looked for options. He didn't look anywhere. Any play in that situation that did not involve putting the ball in either Tank or Hunter's hands was just a stupid call. Run it with them...dump it out to them...but "them" is the answer 100% of the time in that situation. Penn State could not stop either of them in space only needing a couple of yards.
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