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  1. I suffered thru Bart Dofield...imagine Jordan Haire only 2/3 full for an SEC game...before we expanded the stadium. Barfields daughter was one of our little sisters...I can't believe she would sit in our section with the things being said out loud about her Dad. Good recruiter...especially skilled positions...we fumbled a lot...lots of penalties...lose games we should have won; occasionaly when one we shouldn't...creater of the infamous Orange Jersey defense. Just like now; sucked all the joy out of football.
  2. What you said. He had a couple of really strong drives and I love the kids effort. He seems like a fierce competitor on the field and, like any kid out there in this situation, wants to win badly. But, yes, in the 4th qtr with the game on the line, he also put the ball on the ground (poor ball security; carrying it down and away from his body instead of high and tight in traffic) and he missed a throw the he probably makes most of the time; and has to be able to make to compete in the league he has chosen to compete in. You feel for any kid when they give it their best and they come up short. It's easy to be the football hero when you win (like Oregon). But that's not how life works much of the time. I would hope his parents, coaches and friends are helping him learn to bounce back after coming up short. That is the skill that carries you thru life. I'm not sure I understand the logic that says a kid that is starting for a Power 5 program (and is the annointed one); would transfer because he made mistakes when it counted. If he does, then, what would they say about his resilience, stick-to-it-iveness, grit? But, hey, I can't say I understand the logic of a lot of today's 18 year olds.
  3. I would think talking to a coach who's IQ is lower than Brick Tamland's would scare them away....but....
  4. This sounds like Gus's post game presser... big pitty party
  5. Gus is not a work in progress ..he is a work in regress
  6. 21-0 at home...Gus is the football Grinch...he stole the joy of football season
  7. Any chance Gus is fired before Bama game?
  8. Gus's next genius move will be to hire Morris to fix the offense while he focuses on replinishing our D for next year.
  9. It makes me sick to have to like this post...but it is 100% true. Pretty damn sad to think we are being outcoached by friggin Orgeron. Hire good assistants and let them do their thing...
  10. I'm sure they'll do that...right after someone calls their Oline for holding.
  11. Sadly, I think you called it. Best case we get 13...
  12. Man, it's a good thing we play in a PPR fantasy league....oh wait...