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  1. I really don't think these guys know what the word "facist" mean....
  2. japantiger

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    You could probably pull up the video of when Obama did just that....how did you guys react?
  3. japantiger

    Going to be back on campus

    Yes...my wife was looking for this the entire time and we sadly concluded it was gone...the supper club was about the only place to get a Sunday beer.
  4. japantiger

    Kavanaugh Accuser Referred to DOJ

    Yeah boy...didn't see that coming at all....I mean, they were all so credible... “Given her relatively unique name, Committee investigators were able to use open-source research to locate Ms. Munro-Leighton and determine that she: (1) is a left-wing activist; (2) is decades older than Judge Kavanaugh; and (3) lives in neither the Washington DC area nor California, but in Kentucky,” Grassley’s office wrote.
  5. japantiger

    Going to be back on campus

    Yep, drove around town when we got here....a fair amount is different. The build up out College Street is considerable toward 85. In general, the whole area seems to have built up quite a bit in 20 years. Going to get in town early; have breakfast and walk around before kickoff. Looking forward to a good game...
  6. japantiger

    Going to be back on campus

    Does Acre have a bar? Hard to tell...no reservations available this weekend (not surprising)...place does look great.
  7. japantiger

    Going to be back on campus

    High rises in Auburn...that's crazy talk...
  8. japantiger

    Going to be back on campus

    One very nice place for a dinner on Friday night...walking from CAmpus would be great...but driving is OK too...have time with the wife; so want to enjoy it...
  9. japantiger

    Going to be back on campus

    Thanks...yep, said University. (been going to College Station for too long; 2 kids are Aggies)...meant to say College street...that was the place...my wife will be very disappointed...
  10. Headed to Auburn this weekend...1st time I've been able to get to Auburn for a game since 1998 season. In Friday; out Sunday. What's new or different and are there a couple restaurants I should hit? There used to be a BBQ place on University that sold Brunswick Stew; can't remember the name of it now....used to get that tailgating.
  11. japantiger

    We are all thinking of you, Salty!

    What's your thoughts on the best way to support some of the biggest needs?
  12. So what you are saying is; her % NA; as measured by a test with South American DNA samples as a surrogate for NA DNA; that contains less of this non-European DNA than the average American of European decent; "proves" she has NA ancestry....that is what you're asking us to believe? If that is anywhere even in the same state as what your are trying to get everyone to believe; it means that we are all NA...actually, more NA than Fauxahontas. So I guess, we can just do away with any affirmative action...by this logic, we are all white, black, hispanic, asian, indian, et al...I can get on board with this Elle... that's called equal protection...that's called without regard to race, creed or color...that's called "not the Democrat platform"... You seem to have a problem with basic math....you don't teach math do you? or Boolean logic; or even philosophy? If you do, that may explain the decline of US math competitiveness globally.
  13. More Homey the Witless Tool....Homey, she said her mother was a Cherokee and her fathers family wouldn't allow them to be married because of it and they had to elope. She called herself a Cherokee in the Law School directory; she published a plagerized recipe in Pow Wow Chow and signed it Elizabeth Warren - Cherokee; and was proudly paraded as the "1st woman of color" (I guess technically, white is a color) by her employer. And you, like her, claim she has Indian ancestry? Really? Seriously? Please, I really need to hear this tortured logic..How does this DNA test veryifythat she has Cherokee (or any Indian) ancestry; since her % DNA was less than the average American of European decent....so does his mean I'm more "Indian" than Chief s*** her Bed?