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  1. Hillary Still Whining

    Hillary must be a Bammer....
  2. It's a pretty sad state of affairs that you actually have to explain this to folks. It's even sadder that some, supposedly educated people, could actually propose such a twisted's always amazed me how the progressives can read so many of the writings and outcomes of the 20th century (Orwell, Marxism, etc) and come away with precisely the wrong lesson....
  3. The Leftist Revolution Begins?

    Imagine my shock this morning when Antifa (a group of Facists who apparently don't understand the use of the modifier "anti") didn't really overthrow the gov't .... I was just sure this morning that I'd be living in an anarcho-syndicalyst utopia ....damn....oh well, back to the today's regular programming....
  4. Growth

    And consumer confidence index at a 17 year high....and yet some still wonder why no one believes the press or the self anointed elites..
  5. 93, in a wheelchair, "he sexually assaulted me".... I'm no lawyer....looking for a legal opinion,,,,,, if it's physically impossible for the offender to have sex, is it sexual assault? or assault at all? maybe it's really just simple battery (defined as "the least touching" if I remember my classes properly)....
  6. This Guy is Head of the DNC?

    apparently Jethro did find a woman and bread.
  7. Growth

    Best wishes on the surgery PT...we will be praying it goes well...
  8. Math Perpetuates White Privilege

    "They number girl spies different uncle Jed. She's what you call a 36-23-36."
  9. Growth

    This game is tough on the family....two of our kids are a graduate and a sophomore and a 3rd likely to go next year...we have my brothers family coming we'll have folks in the family section wearing Maroon, Blue/Orange and half and's great to have family out here.
  10. Growth

    And got to play with my new bird dog this morning....8 weeks old.... Reb....can't wait to start working with him on crisp fall days like this.....hope some of you guys can get out this way for the Aggie game this weekend....
  11. Ok, post of the week...nice job.
  12. The Hillary Uranium Deal

    Yes, we know what role she played....she lead the department that approved the deal. It's not more complicated than that......she is accountable for the actions of the dept in a criminal, administrative and civil sense. She accepted that responsibility when she signed on and took the oath. The only thing left to determine is was her approval from incompetence or an overt act to extort $$.
  13. Math Perpetuates White Privilege

    So your considered judgement on the math capabilities of 2.7b people is based on a conversation with a Chinese-American pathologist? Apparently neither he nor you took statistics.
  14. Math Perpetuates White Privilege

    It's those damn "gozinta's" that are the problem...
  15. The Hillary Uranium Deal

    I think Homey is once again making the "not guilty by means of incompetence" argument...that seems to be the Democrat MO...."I didn't know about it until I read about it in the news" is the stock answer to everything. In my company, you still get fired (incompetence not being a defense) and potentially prosecuted if money changed hands...if you are "in charge" you have authority and accountability for the outcome. What a concept....accountability from our gov't officials. If she didn't know, there are a fundamental lack of controls in the dept she headed that something of this magnitude could happen without her knowing about it...if she did know, then I want to know who in the world thought selling 20% of our uranium to a Russian (or any foreign) interest was a good idea....what possible logic would pass the "red faced" test on this. Either way, I want to follow the money from anyone associated with the deal to the Clinton family or Clinton interests. On it's face, it looks pretty clear that 9 people with a stake in the deal funneled money to the Clinton foundation....Apparently only the James Comey FBI can't find a prosecutor that would go after a case this clear.