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  1. We have lost 4 of the last 6. Losing to a .500 team at home; not cool. a .500 team that frankly has an awful offense. That was just awful. This is a very different team vs last year.
  2. Then your premise is ranking rules? That is, if you are #1, then you will automatically beat #2? There's no tier like many propose; that is, average ranking per recruiting class member above 90 means you are in the Super Elite class. Recruiting rules all? There's no development involved?
  3. Looking at who they played this past year; they beat us and TAMU from the West. Loss to LSU like everyone else. So I'd say their record would be better than ours if they were in the West. Arky and the Miss's wouldn't beat them.
  4. Since Kirby got there they have won 11 per year; 3 out of 4 bowl games; played in 2 Sugar Bowls, a Rose Bowl College Football playoff game and won their division in the SEC 3 times.; they were second in his first season in their division. I'd take that over what we've got.
  5. For Auburn, we've averaged 4.8 losses per season over the last 5 years...8.4 wins. 4 losses twice, 5 losses twice, 6 losses once.
  6. A few observations from this list: Saban delivers to expectation...wins at recruiting and that translates onto the field Dabo - over achieves....#9 rank competes for #1 consistently on the field. UGA - delivers to expectation...barely behind Saban...playing for championships Oklahoma - over the playoffs at the top of their conference consistently...blah blah blah Big 12 haters come on...facts are they recruit outside top 10 and are consistently in top 4 Texas A&M - under achievers...#11 ranking...way outside top 11 in performance...but that #11 ranking is skewed high by the last two years. #16 if you look at prior 3 years. So the real question is how long does it take to take to replace 2nd 10 recruiting tier talent with 1st tier recruiting talent into on-field success. Auburn, Michigan, Texas - chronic under performers ... all have one thing in common, over paid/over hyped coaches LSU - Ed O delivering on his predecessors talent and his own talent...only one bad recruiting year in last 5 (at #15, not awful); he certainly made the coaching moves he needed to to turn that offense around. He was smart enough to recognize the talent he had in Burrow and do what was needed to bring it out. So far, he gets an A+ in what he has done. I like it when the dumb-old-country-boy outwits all the "experts" and geniuses (meaning not geniuses at all; see Texas, Auburn, Michigan, etc.). He seems to be a good judge of on field and coaching talent. TEAM CONFERENCE FIVE-YEAR AVERAGE 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Alabama SEC 2.4 1 1 7 1 2 Georgia SEC 2.8 7 3 1 2 1 Ohio State Big Ten 5.4 4 2 2 14 5 LSU SEC 6.8 3 7 15 5 4 Clemson ACC 9 10 16 6 10 3 Auburn SEC 9.6 9 9 12 11 7 Texas Big 12 10.4 11 26 3 3 9 Michigan Big Ten 10.6 5 5 21 8 14 Florida SEC 10.8 13 10 14 9 8 Oklahoma Big 12 11 21 8 9 6 11 Texas A&M SEC 11.6 19 12 17 4 6 Florida State ACC 11.6 2 6 11 17 22 Penn State Big Ten 13.6 20 15 5 13 15 Notre Dame Independent 13.6 15 11 10 15 17 Tennessee SEC 14.6 14 17 20 12 10 Oregon Pac-12 16.4 28 19 16 7 12 Miami ACC 16.8 22 13 8 28 13 USC Pac-12 18.2 8 4 4 20 55 Washington Pac-12 19.2 29 22 13 16 16 South Carolina SEC 20.4 26 21 19 18 18 Nebraska Big Ten 21.6 24 23 22 19 20 Stanford Pac-12 22.2 16 14 39 21 21 UCLA Pac-12 25.2 12 20 18 44 32 Ole Miss SEC 25.6 6 30 31 22 39 Mississippi State SEC 26.6 31 24 27 24 27
  7. Wonder what he expects to do to improve the on field officiating. It deteriorates every year. PI calls are completely out of hand and holding is called so seldom vs what you see on the field, it appears completely random and meaningless.
  8. I'm thinking this is art imitating life. I'd recommend getting away from this area as soon as possible and investigating the artist.
  9. Exactly...Langner would rather fight that eat. Can you imagine if this happened today how much pearl clutching would go on at ESPN...
  10. A team of David Langners...of course this got him ejected; but I remember it like yesterday.
  11. At one level, I can see how you could be "encouraged" that the hot seat discussion must have gotten thru. On another level...sort of the $50m level; how is it possible that it has taken this long? Does he really lack self awareness on that cosmically grand scale that it only now has sunk in? And do you really think this guy is worth "teaching" how to be the 5th highest paid coach in the game; basically how to be what we paid him to be in the 1st place...because that is what all this amounts to. He is someone who is 1) breathtakingly overpaid; 2) completely lacking in self awareness and 3) who is a poor judge of coaching talent 4) and in the most basic skills and character traits that make you successful for the job he is being paid for and 5) who has now (after 7 years) finally awakened to his vacuousness and6) it's all gonna magically fall into place now? Sorry Tora, I'm an optimist too...I always look for the pony...but in this case, there is only a pile.
  12. And I thought Trump derangement syndrone was bad. This Hogs Derangement Syndrone is a whole 'nutha level of crazy.
  13. GA just lost their TE coach and Director of Player Personnel to TAMU. The Player Personnel guy had been with Kirby since Alabama.
  14. This may be the most forlorn post by an Auburn fan....ever...there is no hope.
  15. Please tell me you're not resigned to an 8 or 9 win 2020 season in what should be one of the best opportunities since that last time Gus wasted a great opportunity to win the West!?!?!?!?! Please tell me you're not there already ????????? Before Spring training? We only have 3 games next year. LSU looses 15 starters and a once in a generation QB. Alabama either 12 or 13 and the best QB they've had since Stabler. GA, same....if we can't expect to win this year; it ain't gonna happen.