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  1. Animals taken in South Africa are back in Houston. US Fish and Wildlife sent me the import permit for the leopard; so in a couple of months most of the Zambia animals will be head this way. Waiting for the Elephant and Lion permits to work their way thru the bureaucracy.
  2. That was a great day. After the game was over, a group of us old farts that didn't want to leave the stadium congregated in front of the ESPN broadcast desk and just sat there until they made us leave. We all looked at each other with that knowing look that it had been all our lives waiting for for that day.
  3. Mostly other males either outright kill or weaken another male to the extent it is vulnerable to other pray animals. The young are the most vulnerable to predators. But the reality of Africa is every animals death is the result of predation and violence. It's not a Disney movie.
  4. Short answer is yes...on being an attacking/aggressive species. They move out of the lakes or rivers foraging for food; mostly at night. The old huge males love getting into a big pond left by receding water during the dry season to be away from rival males and the cows/calves. They will just set out in the middle of the pond defending it from all comers. Most of the males have huge scares on their bodies from all the fighting they do when in the bigger bodies of water. I think you can probably see them on the one I shot in the photo's on this thread. I watched a hippo fight in the Luangwa in Zambia. They approached each other from a couple hundred yards apart; and then the water just boiled...with their big bodies flying up out of the water; which is remarkable considering they can launch those big bodies into the air. It lasted a full 2 minutes before one retreated. I couldn't tell how wounded either was at the distance we were. They will come back to the bigger body of water usually on the same trail during the night or before the sun gets up too high. They attack when surprised while foraging; or when you get between them and their water on their return. They go from 0 to pissed off in an instant. I think I told the story of the 3 people attacked on the Okavango while I was in Namibia on this trip. In each case, a hippo was returning to the river and attacked.
  5. Hippo outside my cabin early AM in Zambia...
  6. You get animals in the camp most nights. In Zambia had a hippo, hyena and leopards that came thru most nights...the hippo would be quite noisy grazing in the middle of the night. Hyena can either "whoop" as they move around or just walk thru; but they're not usually too silent as they walk thru. The leopards didn't make noise; but you saw the tracks when you came to breakfast. On previous trips (in Namibia and Tanzania) have had leopard, lion and hyena come thru. The elephants come thru and snap off and strip trees during the dry season looking for water. It sounds like a gun going off when the trees snap...that's usually what wakes you up.
  7. Everything is eaten....and I mean everything. I didn't realize until I saw it that you could skin an elephant ear, dry it and eat it. I can't remember if I talked about Hippo; but I shot one for the big fall festival in Zambia...the locals love the mountain-oysters (deep fried) and hippo tail soup; in addition to the parts you would expect folks to like. The cook made hippo mountain oysters, hippo tail soup and backstrap....we called it "sack, crack and back"..... Buffalo is fantastic and all the various plains game is pretty good eating...some better than other, but everyone's tastes are a little different.
  8. Range Card for .375 H&H with Barnes ammunition
  9. Chinsembwe, Zambia...representative of all the villages in rural Africa...this one actually in a little better shape than most.
  10. Did the Range Card photos work? they are showing on my feed.
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