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  1. Somehow the FCA and Salvation Army are the bad guys? Really? ThinkProgress....good lord....
  2. CNN, plumbing new depths....they even ran wild with the "Polish 1st lady snubbs Trump" faked video and had to retract that one too...these guys will go to no end to try to defame Trump. They've ceased to be news; they're an advocacy group for the worst elements of the liberal left...they are getting what they deserve.
  3. You don't really mean the last bastion of democracy....you mean the last bastion for the progressive movement. You've lost 1000 legislative seats nationally and now the white house....your love for judges only goes as far as you think they can turn this tide unilaterally ....youve lost the ability to get your way legislatively and now thru XOs; and now the only way to get there is thru judicial fiat that you hope won't be overturned by a higher court...and oops...looks like you're lost ground on that front too. How about this....come up with an idea that people will actually vote for....but stop spending my children's future away, pretending the gov't is the solution to everything, especially deeply individual concerns like healthcare and stop tying to tell me there's 3 genders....when you ground your ideas in reality, you wont need judges to bail your sorry ass ideas out...eventually you are going to run into judges with actual fealty to the constitution.... .
  4. What fortune cookie did you get that from?
  5. Sounds like a response from Pee Wee Herman.... you trying to take up for Homey's witless fortune cookie phrases now?
  6. Yeah, un-elected, unaccountable, individuals are the last bastion of democracy...good lord...do you even think before you post?
  7. Probably the most effective single message in the history of social media....instant classic. And the network that 93% of it stories are negative and outright ludicrous toward Trump still can't figure it out....keep it up!!!
  8. Your evidentiary standard is "no evidence required"...
  9. 1st, jackass, Semper Fi doesn't apply to *****'s like you...don't use a term you don't rate. Second, I have no illusions regarding Putin's motives...they were to hurt the political system; duh. Been happening since 1917....your party actively abetted it from the 1940's thru Reagan. In the process, he did us a favor. It doesn't bother me that he tried; I expect that; a snake is going to do what a snake does. What disgusts me is you are more concerned with chasing a fantasy in the aftermath than trying to determine why did the entire apparatus on the administration set on it's ass while it was happening and let it continue.
  10. you really need to buy a dictionary...disagreeing with your lack of evidentiary standard is not lying; it's called having a brain. For most people, having no evidence after dozens of attempts to make up evidence and look for the flimsiest connection would actually lead them to the conclusion that the reason they can't find it is because it isn't there. And, your assessment of the "real" story is not supported by any evidence either...so, apparently you don't understand the meaning of the word "real" either. And lastly, how did the Russian attempt to hurt Hillary? Let me see, I believe all they did was expose the truth wasn't it? I mean, how could that ever be construed as "trying to hurt" a candidate? Isn't that what we all strive for...the truth? If you mean that investigating the Dem party for racketeering and election fraud, then yes, that should be investigated...and would be if Bernie was anything other than a paid shill for the party....if you mean, finding out where the other 33k emails are that Hillary willfully hid; then yes...that should be investigated...if you mean your recurring wet dream of Trump's fantasy ties to Russia (I bet you had the "dossier" framed didn't you?); then quit wasting my time...
  11. yeah, what am I thinking....I mean, "we don't need no stinkin' evidence", right? I mean let's just run the whole damn legal system on how Tex and Homey feel....lose an election, don't like it...feeling bad....overturn it...I now know how OJ was acquitted.
  12. So let me see if I've got this straight...you claim there has never been any direct evidence; but it's there anyway? and someones testimony "might" be the 1st...and you just know Trump is hiding something...but again, without any evidence of said hiding (like his not paying taxes, right Rachel?)....Do you see dead people?
  13. Wow, another hard hitting Vox piece...that's some major fact filled journalism for you...how about this: We are diminished when a grown men and women can't accept the results of an election. We are diminished when because of their constant derangement, they endlessly look for grand conspiracies and deflections that allow them to ignore that their own pathology is to explain for their circumstances We are diminished when grown men and women called the Press use terms like cyber-bullying as if they are 13 year old school girls to describe what is happening to them in response to their childish haranguing... We are diminished when the press makes a mockery of the amendment that was put in place to protect them and thinks only they have a right to the protections of that amendment We are diminished when the bystander class thinks their opinions matter more than the people actually doing the living and dying and suffering from the governments failed policies and the press's complicity in them We are diminished when a party runs the worst candidate in the history of presidential candidates (well, since Mondale and Dukakis anyway) and spends over $1b trying to promise my children's future away in exchange for votes to elect said pathetic candidate We are diminished when grown men and women see the world thru rose colored glasses and think citizens of other nations deserve our tax dollars more than our own children We are diminished when an entire political party will slander and defame honorable men and women in pursuit of their agenda to ignore our constitution We are diminished when our own citizens think our foreign policy should place the interests of other nations above those of our own And lastly, we are diminished when an entire political establishment cares so little about the citizens that it is supposed to server that it calls them names, tries to cast them as the problem and blames them for said establishments moral bankruptcy and complete abandonment of principles
  14. Ah yes...they've finally got "direct evidence"; again...for the 100th time....good Lord...apparently they don't really read for comprehension very well...what they have is an unsourced report of a dead man who reportedly tried to get access to the 33k missing emails from the Clinton server....I thought every journalist in America was trying to do that? Keep the faith Homey, I'm sure you'll eventually uncover another scandal to rival the great "two scoops" caper; you really had Trump dead-to-rights on that one.....
  15. Oh, I read the article Homey....maybe you should read it for comprehension...there is nothing in the events that either implies or provides direct evidence of Trump doing anything other than, we'll, nothing...note that they claim Joe calls Trump and he does nothing..then there are no other discussions connecting Trump to anything....all claims from that point relate to the "WH" and are unsourced. There is an attempt to connect the son in law, but again, nothing attributed to a real human being or anything other than Kushner saying in april "hey Joe, youve been a dick and if you want to talk to the president, you should probably apologize for being a dick". Oh the horror!!!!!....some advice Homey, if you want to have any credibility going after the president, get a credible source and some facts...at least you didn't claim "the Russians" this time.