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  1. You seem, overwrought...perhaps you should read some declassified FISA briefing documents and call me in the morning....
  2. Oh man...this is just too good...he apologizes for wearing blackface and being in the photo...then he can't remember...and now; he's innocent...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ... and you guys actually think there are some humans this ******* stupid....I wish I were a democrat.
  3. I thought US imperialism was the source of extremism...I wish you guys would make up your mind...
  4. And now, releasing formerly classified info is a cover up....good guys need some serious therapy.
  5. Well, at least you've regained some sanity....I am still trying to hire these folks....if anything any of you Truthers believes is true; these guys are ******* genius marketers...whatever Putin is paying them; it ain't enough. They would supplant David Ogilvy as the worlds best the history of human kind....ever....
  6. I'm just going by what everyone involved that has looked at is says; including in Congressional testimony. Why would folks like Jeh Johnson lie? Wait a's all clear now...Jeh Johson was in it with Trump...yeah, that's the ticket...Jeh was on the inside working with the Russians and Trump to compromise the did I not see that ...
  7. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that some of you aren't taking this election loss too well....
  8. The guy who devised this is the same guy that gave us Common Core....David Coleman...what could go wrong... Anything above 50 proves "hardship" while anything below 50 is considered "privilege."
  9. You guys read all this like you read the Mueller report.... “It did not affect any voting or anything like that.” I know this is tough for you guys to take...but seriously; 3 years later....grow got beat by a better candidate. You ran the worst candidate in the history of US elections (OK, 2nd worse; Dukakis is unrivaled). The fact that you expected to win is the surprising thing.
  10. Let's do some math; 10-25% tariffs on $ 17.5% on $250b = ~$44b...divided by US households...= $366 max potential per US HH.....and then; how much of the tariff is mitigated thru the same methods that have been used to date...Commerce data says over 80% of the current tariffs have been absorbed by the Chinese..the rest by US personal experience as someone that runs a business that imports (used to import) this gear from China is that you can mitigate 100% of it...but; let's just use what commerce that means the most impact that would likely hit any household is $73. I think Ken needs to get an actual job instead or working in Gov't and academia; it kind of explains how we wound up with the current tariff regime....and maybe he should learn to do some "head math" before publishing an article like this.