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  1. japantiger

    Top Ten Happiest & Unhappiest States...

    Well, I understand that Ark and MS thing....I completely get that.
  2. japantiger

    Top Ten Happiest & Unhappiest States...

    It is a great country .... our moves have taken us out of the country ... so we've made friends with a lot of American's overseas; but also Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Singaporean, Aussies, NZ, Dutch, Indians, Swedes, Swiss, Brits, Germans, French, Russians, Ukrainians, Saudi's, Israeli's, South African, Lebanese, Jordanians, Emire-atties, Moroccan's, Egyptians, Kazakh's, Slovak's, Czech's,....... people are people ... when you're all away from home, you're all looking for "new" family. It's always made our holiday's and "family" get together's a lot of fun ... nothing quite like the nighttime Easter egg hunt in Horai Park in Tokyo ... the locals never quite figured out what all those crazy foreign kids were doing running around with flashlights in their park . We brought these kind of "traditions" with us around the world ....
  3. japantiger

    Top Ten Happiest & Unhappiest States...

    You can be happy anywhere...if you're determined to just be happy. As you say, family is huge; or in our case; we've had to make new family many times as we've moved....It's a choice.
  4. No trend...doesn't say whether the number is up or down. Pew usually has good trended data and that makes them very valuable...usually. Also, as the footnote calls out; you can't add across. So the households don't add to 40%...
  5. Please post the reference .... I had expected the percent of ownership to be up, frankly. But it is not...unless you show me the data. And McLoofus, sorry, but your stats you reference shows the numbers down both in absolute and %'age terms are down. Not sure you made the point you thought you were making...
  6. japantiger

    The view from China

    Correct...we did not have time to discuss NK...just US/China economic and China domestic. Have been to the DMZ in the distant past as a civilian....such an odd is remarkable that that has survived this long....but not intending to be on the 1st US/NK trade delegation. Having been to Havanah on trade talks (posted about it after that trip); I can only imagine how much more bizarre a NK economic development meeting might be....but based on some of the current rhetoric, they might actually be open to embracing real market reforms...unlike the Cubans who want to hold onto their Communism....I've been in some Russian and Turkish dealings with folks that creep you out...but the Cubans were without a doubt the creepiest group I've been in a room with. It was clear they had only personal theft in mind. At least with the Russians and Turks, you'd sell something...
  7. Yes Homey, I know it was hard to shoot over 3 rounds per minute with that Flintlock you had as a kid ... Seems ownership is actually down over the last 40 years.
  8. Tax Cuts-the administration has lied about the figures related to the tax cuts and deficit projections related to the tax cuts numerous times. There have also been frequent distortions about who is benefiting from the tax cuts. You're lying not Trump...your comments are almost verbatim from the articles the left ran prior to the actual "Act" being sound like the CBS guys that thought they had him until they had an accountant actually do peoples is overwhelming...people are getting cuts.... Deficits - everything I see says deficits will be higher.... North Korea-I'm not claiming there have been lies by the administration in regard to NK. I do see resolution of the Korean conflict as a feather for Trump's cap, but I also see the other factors that led to NK's decision to begin dismantling their program (structural instability of the testing facility, dire economic straits due to years of sanctions, the fact that NK has achieved nuclear capability). Maybe those other factors aren't relevant though and NK decided to disarm because of a high school Twitter spat. Who knows? NK - OK, so no lies on NK... Immigration-the fact that the Trump administration pretends that the ban isn't purely a Muslim Ban. You can argue otherwise, but you'd need to disregard Trump's own words and the evolution of the ban as the administrations added expendable countries to its policy the appease the court while ignoring Trump friendly countries from which terrorists have originated. Immigration - seriously dude...not a muslim ban...just because you don't like it; doesn't make it a lie. I guess your calling Alito a liar too? I'm sure he'll appreciate that. Supreme Court finally heard arguments on the travel ban — and Trump looks likely to win From Supreme Court arguments... Justice Alito said that the travel ban did not do a very good job of excluding Muslims. . Health Care-I don't know if it constitutes a lie or an inability to execute his policy promises due to diplomatic incompetence, but Trump guaranteed positive changes to healthcare that would result in care for all and reduced costs. HealthCare - two points: he has made positive changes...he killed the mandate...again, you don't like it...that doesn't make it a lie...but the program is imploding all on it's own before that...less than 10m signed up this past year and the exchanges are, again, , no lie Second point...been president less than 1.5 to his effectiveness on getting the policy enacted, we'll look at this in a couple years... Economic Goals and Manufacturing-Trump can hang his hat on the positive economic data of the day, but the trend was established under Obama. We've had one full quarter of economic data after the Trump tax bill. So far so good, but I agree with many economists (if you disregard the Voodoo cultists like Laffer) in their critiques of the cuts. no lie...again, you just don't like it...all the American's that are getting tax cuts, bonuses, wage increases and jobs now think it's pretty OK. I'll take real results over your and "some economists" opinions., no lie, again The Campaign-Trump has yet to reveal his financial entanglements. The Mueller investigation has resulted in more than 20 indictments of campaign affiliates. You can argue the witchhunt perspective and disregard all of the crimes revealed thus far. Campaign - not required to disclose his financials...Mueller investigation ....well, let's just see where that lands...we'll see if anyone is actually convicted of anything...other than the FBI and DOJ personnel involved....and based on the IG report, that list is going to get you really didn't point out a lie here either... Summary....I see one "lie"... on deficits...or maybe, he just believes economic growth will be higher based on OMB and others assessments...but you didn't do much of a job supporting your premise of him being a liar...just admit don't like his policies...I get it...but you be honest...because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them a means they have a brain....this is why the liberal left and never trumpers are in the wilderness...the last week has shown the absurdity of the "resistance"...the entire mainstream press is hoping the NK talks stall, are openly supporting Hamas and defending MS13 for crying out ****** up are you guys ? That was a rhetorical question...pretty ****** up... For your Obama question I think it's necessary to look past the components of the current press corp which would be reflective of the press corp under Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. Obama - You could just provide one tangiable example to support your position...just one example of Rachel Maddow calling Obama a liar for "if you want to keep your Dr" Don Lemon? one? I'd concede pretty easily.
  9. japantiger

    The view from China

    Just some thoughts from this last trip behind the Great Firewall... Mr Xi's pronouncement was well received by all...not one desenter that I spoke with...and I've known these guys all a while...the general consensus "China needs an emperor" Mr Xi wants to be one of the great emperors....he will try to stay at least until he can get Taiwan back and control the South China Sea Probably need 100 years to really substantially liberalize...until 1950 it was an agrarian feudal society.... Got to deal with poverty and education 1st...still no real middle class outside the major urban centers...that is only 25% of the population They continue to not understand the US press...they look at the US economy and cant understand the criticism.... They seem to be split on trade issue roughly right down the middle....those with businesses focused mostly exclusively domestically show some to greater concern...while those with more international exposure show none to only mild concern They mostly think Mr Trump and Mr Xi like each other... Didn't get around to North Korea
  10. japantiger

    Creating more terrorists.

    What else do you call a Hamas (a known terrorist organization) attack by thousands, aimed at breaching the border and killing Israeli's...that was advertised to the people of PA? ...that would make it a well known, planned, advertised and media supported terror attack....that went horribly wrong for the bad guys....
  11. japantiger

    Creating more terrorists.

    It's been a good week for the mainstream (and by that I mean leftist) press and the Democrat party....they've come to the aid North Korea, Hamas and now MS-13... “MS-13’s humanity and victimhood explained” - Vox “5 reasons MS-13 are NOT animals” - BuzzFeed "How MS-13 actually empowers women” - HuffPo (my personal favorite...and here I've thought VOX didn't have anything meaningful to say)
  12. japantiger

    Creating more terrorists.

    Headline I believe is correct....I 100% agree with the policy. As to the details in the article, as usual, the left jumps the gun on conclusions, and blames Israel for terrorists deaths...even Hamas has admitted now that 85% of those killed were Hamas terrorists...sent there for one reason. Wonder if the leftist perpetual outrage machine will retract all there anti-Semitic handwringing from yesterday and put the blame where it lies?....with Hamas, a brutal terrorist regime that had mass Jewish murder on their mind. And Homey, why don' you tell me about how the parents of the child that was killed aren't to blame for carrying their baby to a known terrorist attack....
  13. japantiger

    Creating more terrorists.

    Yes. that's not hard. We didn't ask the UK and Germany to give concessions to the Russians during the cold war in the interest of supporting a bilateral solution. You don't give in to make it clear who has the leverage; and it isn't them. The "noble" Palestinians are Hamas for crying out loud. There are no moderates to be dealt with in that leadership. They were offered the world by Bush and they walked away. That ship sailed. You need to make it so painful that the people will replace the madmen. Start taking things off the table.... You want to be clear on what he has destroyed? North Korea situation? ISIS? Embassy to Jerusalem (that his 3 predecessors promised and never did)? Iran deal? You certainly can't mean anything related to the economy; best in 15 years....we now have more job openings than unemployed for the 1st time ever. And everyone has more $$ in their pocket than before...the only thing beyond repair is the Democrat party and possibly your psyche...