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  1. Glad she's finally coming to terms with the election....Tex and Homey must be giggly now... Hillary Clinton just floated the possibility of contesting the 2016 election
  2. Well Homey, hopefully you democrats won't do that again.
  3. so her explanation was supposed to make this better?
  4. Invited Speakers at Universities

    Come on Raptor, even I laughed at that response from Homey...that was classic humor....
  5. I don't think they are attacking her right to free speech. I think they are attacking two things: The networks inconsistent application of disciplinary procedures toward free speech (vis a vis Curt Shilling, etc.) It's frigging sports for crying out loud...who gives a s*** about her opinion on anything (well, frankly, in her case, including sports) other than sports. No one pays for an ESPN subscription to listen to this horse***t...if I want non stop anti-Trump political diatribes I have half the posters on here and CNN, MSLSD, etc...don't screw with football
  6. So you didn't say this " "There was some irrational rhetoric I heard. It ain't happening and I haven't heard it in months." That was you TEX... so you still trying to say this was only some "irrational rhetoric" and not a concerted effort to invalidate the election? ....and nice try at diverting away from all the actual things done to try to make this a discussion about Soros level of for Soros, you tell me...he gave $550m in the last 10 years to ultra-left causes....he's their single largest source of funding....he gave $33m to the folks that burned down Ferguson alone.... not hard to figure this out; you just actually have to click and read; but to do that; you have to take your head out of your ass so you can see the screen.
  7. Well Tex, we agree on at least one is irrational...just like every other horse***t scheme and thing you've guys have gone on and on and on, ad nauseum; about over the last 9 Tex, just concede on this one...please don't play the useful idiot and pretend you weren't around during all the lawsuits that followed the election or every other Russia, Russia, Russia scheme to invalidate and undermine this presidency...please; don't pretend this isn't a well funded, organized and deliberate movement funded initially by the Clinton campaign, the democrat party, and now every left wing nut job PAC funded by George Soros, every left wing anarchist group (Antifa...a self proclaimed anarcho-communist org; every time I see these guys say that I think of the "filth harvesters" in Holy Grail), etc....just admit you're wrong here and move on...we get it you don't like it...but to use your term, the "irrational rhetoric" is an organized effort that has turned from the rancorous to the preposterous to the violent to the anarchistic to the ridiculous to the hallucinogenic (apparently, otherwise I don't know how you come up with some of this s***)....just a few posts below related to that mere irrational rhetoric you mentioned; just to jog your memory...
  8. Where are all the calls for every ******* democrat to attone or resign for their sins for supporting a known domestic terrorist organization? IMPEACH!!! How 'bout it CNN? or all those other unbiased networks....NPR?....and, as expected, the past administration knew what was going on; but ignored it because they were on their side....I mean, any organization that Bill Ayers "organizes for" couldn't possibly be a domestic terror group now could they (I mean a guy that bombed the Pentagon wouldn't resort to violence, would he)? So ******* predictable....and Trump gets pilloried for stating the obvious and everyone on the left is silent; but surprisingly Nancy Pelosi, (my God, I've actually agreed with Nancy Pelosi...the planets must be spinning out of their orbits right now). the FBI and Department of Homeland Security wrote that “anarchist extremists” and Antifa groups were the primary instigators of violence at public rallies. They blamed these groups for attacks on police, government and political institutions, racists, fascists and “symbols of capitalism.”
  9. So let me see if I have this straight, you honestly don't remember the efforts that started immediately after the election to have it invalidated? Because I'm pretty sure they were the subject of numerous threads on here...tell me you just forgot...... why don't you just admit you're wrong on this one...
  10. Dramatic....probably...melodramatic indicates false definately original and again
  11. Have you been in a cave since November?
  12. Yep....Washington is fundamentally ****** up. It's become the King's Court...let them eat cake....when the most affluent city in the nation is the capital city; the nation has a problem. We need real tax, healthcare and jobs reform. Taxes will go up for some (me for instance) and down for the masses and needs to be patient focused; with competition and the government having 0; absolutely 0 to do with treatment choices....and our government needs to get out of the business of trying to build the global economy; and in the business of building our economy. But apparently politicians can't extort money with that approach (how do so many get so rich in public service?). I don't give a harry rats ass what the Post says or thinks...they are part of the problem...I also don't care what any other country says....the only thing certain is that when they get in trouble; they'll come whining to us to bail their sorry asses out and it will be yet another generation (in this case, my middle son) who will have to go spend his youth doing it like the last 3 generations of my family...and I certainly don't care what any politician of either party says...they created the mess we live in. I don't get the obsession on here with "dreaming" ways to overturn the election nearly a year after it is over...that behavior is juvenile...the fact that some seem to dedicate so much time to it tells me all I need to know. My beefs with Obama were many; and mostly aimed at his complete and utter incompetence in foreign policy matters that 100% of the time ended with putting the crazies in charge....but not once did I entertain fantasies (childish fantasies) that there was a way to overturn the legitimate constitutional authority....Tex, you and others are like the kids on the playground that every time you lose scream the other side cheated... meanwhile, Obamacare goes deeper in the hole; premiums to higher, coverage gets worse and you spend your time trolling the web for coup fantasy articles. You must be a joy to work with when things don't go well... And yes, Brad, Hillary was the absolute worst candidate to run for an office in my lifetime....
  13. You're being too kind Brad..I can't name 35....both sides entrenched interests are just trying to run out the clock.