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  1. Just imagine what the roster would currently look like if Harsin had been retained for another year.
  2. Which also happens to be when the playoff expands.
  3. Looks like the rest of the SEC could start going through a cooling down period.
  4. He could be one of the keys to Auburn's success on defense next year.
  5. NIL on this level seems like crowdfunding, except the return is not more money but national championships.
  6. If the Chiz can haul in a top 5 class, then there is no reason Freeze can't accomplish the same thing. Even if the class is 8 to 12 a difference maker at QB puts you in the ballgame.
  7. This is why I laughed at those that said but but Freeze cheated in recruiting is the reason he was successful. Well what the hell do you think Saban and Smart are doing. Freeze understands it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.
  8. The only good thing is the 2 guys in my division at work is a Seminole and a gator. I'll be shielded a little bit lol.
  9. I'll have to hear this go dawgs bulls@$% now tomorrow 🤮
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