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  1. Can't believe it's been 22 years. I remember meeting Stan White while in school at Auburn, one evening at Touchdown's; circa 1995. WDE
  2. Just trying to not get banned again...
  3. CHF has made it very clear he won't select or seriously entertain a QB without first having seen him throw. If TJ plays QB again at Auburn, he will have earned it.
  4. According to ESPN, RaRa Thomas in trouble with the law over there in Georgia - too bad. Wasn't Auburn recruiting him strong a few weeks ago? Maybe he'll transfer to Auburn and begin the CHF redemption program. It could be a great thing. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35509660/georgia-wr-rodarius-rara-thomas-arrested-felony-charge
  5. I see Colorado going 3:9 this year; wins against CSU, Arizona State, & Arizona. Coach Prime will have some 'splainin' to do every Sunday morning until at least 2024. Colorado Buffaloes 2023 schedule Sept. 2: At TCU (L) Sept. 9: Nebraska (L) Sept. 16: CSU (W) Sept. 23: At Oregon* (L) Sept. 30: USC* (L) Oct. 7: At Arizona State (W) Oct. 13: Stanford* (L) Oct. 21: Bye week (*) Oct. 28: At UCLA* (L) Nov. 4: Oregon State* (L) Nov. 11: Arizona* (W) Nov. 17: At Washington State* (L) Nov. 25: At Utah* (L) * denotes conference game
  6. Reggie Bush, Maurice Clarett and Cam Newton sitting at home thinking about today's NIL.. be like damn....
  7. Is this athlete someone Auburn would be interested in? Florida Gators QB Jaden Rashada
  8. Wouldn't it be a real nice surprise if Bo Nix transferred back from Oregon to Auburn for his final collegiate year? That would surprise just about everyone!
  9. Defense Coordinator Defensive line Defensive edge LB Secondary Special Teams is usually a 1/2 roll given to someone on defense Not sure where S&C fit in but it's one of the most important roles on the staff - #Yox
  10. Ever get the feeling that bama influences Auburn's recruiting more than Russia influences US elections?
  11. Yes, it is nice and that it's going well is really encouraging.
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