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  1. On the defensive side it would be ideal if he had someone who has experience running a program and can handle that side of the ball completely top to bottom with a constant convo between he and HF, Some names I like are (and don't freak out) on no certain order. Jim Leonhard Zach Arnet Gary Patterson Brian Flores
  2. Texas, you know as well as I that this isn't directed toward those with ethical concerns that have expressed them. This is completely fine, HOWEVER to those that are demeaning and berating those that choose NOT to be up in arms about Hugh... Just look at the landscape of this board over the last 3 days.... it isn't as much about concern for some as it is about berating others for not aligning with their view. I respect any concerns that you may have about him... I have my own but I personally am CHOOSING not to try to convince others that they are wrong for feeling the way that they feel.
  3. Quick question for the Anti-Freezers Does any of this make you feel better about yourself? Why are you CHOOSING to be miserable and trying to force that same misery upon others who are CHOOSING not to be miserable.... Life is to live, learn, and love.... Some of yall need to learn to love and you live a happier life.
  4. That's Great- instead of Hookem it's Hooker, that should be our recruiting tag line. Hugh is a hooker on the recruiting trail! Great idea com
  5. That's good, we could just call him Creepy Joe or deplorable Donald too
  6. Thanks Fifty- they will still refuse to believe that this is the truth though... to much MSM in their bones.
  7. I have seen this topic a lot in other threads so here goes. What are we gonna go by with Danny? Lets here your best ideas for it EX: Gus Bus, Lane Train, Saban station wagon you get the point. OH and for all the never-Freezers feel free to join in. My personal Fav is "THE Polar Express"
  8. Real Question that hasn't been answered..... WHO is gonna coach our bowl game... (Math says that we should get one)
  9. Here are a couple of options for his mod of transportation Hugh's hi-cycle Danny's dodge dart Freezes Ferrari Danny Hugh BMW Or my personal favorite "THE POLAR EXPRESS"
  10. This is an electric staff- all are proven winners!!!!
  11. Yes, I heard that part of the funding for his contract was coming from a new start up called hoes to go, they only use snap chat so that it isn't detected.... Sounds pretty solid and should fetch a good chunk. Also Danny (as he likes to be called by the ladies of the night I'm told) gets free services... Tifwiw
  12. Since Danny calls his own plays I say promote Caddy to RB/Co-Oc I think k Simmons has done great with the OL and isn't getting enough cred for the last 4 games... Keep Zac as DB coach Hire a proven DC to sort of HC the Def (Muschamp, Steele, T-will,T-Rob) and allow them to assemble their staffs... But overall this isn't my first round of Auburn let down so I will luck my wounds and March on.
  13. @DAG be sure to save me a seat for when everyone gets back on the band wagon in a few months... I know Danny wasn't what I was hoping for butttttttt, he is what we got....
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