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  1. You two lovebirds are at it again 😂

    Top 5

    1.) Anthony Schwartz 2.) Anthony Schwartz 3.) Anthony Schwartz 4.) Seth Williams 5.) Seth Williams On the flipside, I think having both of them for an extra year would have masked our team's shortcomings and would have prolonged our pain as a football program. Some basketball ones are in there somewhere, but I don't follow it closely enough to be knowledgeable.
  3. I think Cohen used that as a blueprint for this entire bonfire. It's continuing to burn gloriously.
  4. Fixed it for you. This is HILARIOUS! Ole Miss fans have some emotional damage after what we did to them at the end of this past football season, some may never recover
  5. If you love Auburn, Auburn will love you back. WDE Jason!
  6. Looking for that golden parachute
  7. great point—I’ve been saying this ever since the Cam Newton saga. All I’ve got to do is pretend to be an influential representative of Auburn’s collective and say I’ve got X more $s than Bama can offer. The big downside here is that it would make Auburn embarrassed, and future parents/kids wouldn’t want to be given the same treatment that kid got.
  8. Yeah it took Ole Miss an onside kick and Miss State a miracle in OT to beat the worst Auburn team and coaching staff in modern history. Same said team put up record-breaking rushing numbers against the bammers. I think we'll be just fine. Glad to know we're flying under the radar.
  9. The author says "The Tigers rank No. 7 here but look for this to be a much-improved team under new coach Hugh Freeze. A standout group of transfers is on its way from the portal, and Freeze has surrounded himself with a good staff, including former Tulsa head coach Philip Montgomery as offensive play-caller." If we're much improved, have standout transfers coming in, and a much better staff, it's not too logical for the author to say we'll be dead last in the West...🤷‍♂️ Personally, I think we'll be in the upper-middle of the pack and more competitive than we've been the last 5 years.
  10. Ashford didn't even beat out TJ Finley for the starting job under former coach Bryan Harsin. Anything done under the Harsin administration isn't even worth spending time to think about. His ability to evaluate, coach, and call plays is inextricably bad, at least in the SEC. It seems like you're still assuming people are saying Robby is/will be the next Malik Willis/Bryce Young. All people are saying is give the kid a chance with an entirely new coach, team, and scheme. That's all. It's likely he will get beat out, or will be improved, in that order. You're way overthinking this entire situation. You brought up the comparison of Ashford to Kodi Burns, John Franklin III, or Kiehl Frazier, who all happened to be QBs destroyed by Gus. It's a new day on the plains, don't let the past hurt and haunt you.
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