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  1. I feel he is just using it as leverage for Ole Mess. I think the chances of Sanders ending up at AU are slim to none.
  2. I really wanted him. I think he has 3 years left and would have been a big get. Oh well! On to the next one!
  3. Do you think we'll try to land another transfer portal QB this early, or wait a bit?
  4. I want to see Sanders and Mazzccua next! I think Mazz announces this evening.
  5. This is exciting news. We are going from one of the worst o-lines, to a pretty darned good one!
  6. I agree, somewhat. I think Trevor Lawrence was one of the best pure QB prospects that we've seen in some time.
  7. When I try to donate, I get this: This organization is currently ineligible to receive donations.
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