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  1. Figures. UVA said no. Might have been asked about the worst call ever.
  2. I saw massive numbers of moving picks by the blond dude and their other big guy. Calls that were made all year in the sec. That’s how they were scraping off our defense. Completely different than we played all year. Also they stepped in to most if not all our three point shots including the one made by BB from the right corner. No calls. The with .5 all of a sudden they find the whistle. Don’t get me going on double dribble. An intramural ref could have made that call. We got jobbed.
  3. Hypothetical for you homer. If your Sudanese scientist friends wrote a paper on the hoax that is climate change, would you change your mind?
  4. An unsecure phone cannot be used to talk about classified material. Mil has secure phones called STU-III that are used for classified.
  5. No, read the response again. There IS plenty of evidence against Hillary. Are you not aware that her campaign paid for the dossier? Whether Mueller and his band of Trump haters do anything with that information is predictable. Item 2 is the best part. You have moved from the issue to personal attack. That means I won. Thank you Homer.
  6. I'm sure they are awesome since their country is so advanced.
  7. Don't know what you did before. Right now no one is talking about restricting pre-existing conditions. What did you have previous to your five year time without insurance? Did you have it before? Lots of companies covered hbp before the ACA and also depression. I have family members who had both of those. That issue could be remedied by allowing nationwide competition instead of state only access.
  8. Sorry boys but classified material handling is not anyones opinion. It is very clear and straightforward. You cannot send and receive classified material over an unsecured server. It doesn't require intent. Maybe if you were previous military and realized how classified material is handled you would have a different view. Classified rules are not affected by politics in the military. All those other cases of justice being blind or swayed by politics are irrelevant to Hillary's classification violations.
  9. Sudan Academy of Sciences Sudanese National Academy of Science Well heck Homer why didn't you say these guys were on board earlier. That changes everything!!
  10. No sir Brad. they don't disagree with those opinions. They just prosecute people who are NOT hillary. Comey staled clearly that while her actions were criminal, she is just too big to be brought down by these run of the mill felonies that would imprison ALL of us in the same situation.
  11. From what I saw it looked like premiums were much higher, deductibles also greatly increased. The only difference was if you couldn't afford it you got fined. A lot of people lost their plans and were forced into higher cost plans by obamacare.
  12. Proud is correct. She committed numerous crimes with her unsecure server. That's not even debatable. All of us are in prison for 1% of what she did. If you are supporting or supported her you are defending guilty democrats.