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  1. Sorry not faked. Trump said they were real so I guess you will have to say they were faked. Can’t agree with Trump.
  2. Maybe you didn't hear. Hunter was paid $50K/mo to sit on a board at Burisma despite having no knowledge or experience in the entry business or the host country. The only believable explanation for this job was that hid dad was VP and could affect policy in that position. Ukraine investigated Burisma for corruption and in doing so was putting Hunter at risk to either be discovered or get fragged. Joe threatened to withhold $1B if the prosecutor was not fired before Joe left the country in 6 hours. Joe even told them to call Barack if they didn't believe him. The prosecutor was fired. Not sure what part of that was US policy but I saw the videotape of Biden bragging about it so its not a lie Trump is pushing. It is a truth you are denying. This should not seem okay to you, no matter your political persuasion. I'm assuming you would be fine with Trumps mentioning the Biden issue with Ukraines president if Biden were not a current candidate since that would remove you primary reason for accusing Trump of wrongdoing. You do realize that most presidents do appoint people who think like them and for the most part will tell them yes.
  3. You think "mismanagement" caused a hurricane? It definitely contributes to fire damage by environmental wackos preventing homeowners from forest management. Adds fuel to the fire, but doesn't cause it. You must be conceding politicization of funerals since you didn't mention it. Trump didn't ask for personal dirt, and didn't extort. Biden however did exactly that.
  4. He was a muslim brotherhood guy, so not a friend. But yes, I do agree his demise and the method by which it was caused is not acceptable in this country. You don't know what he thinks about it, so don't put feelings in his mind. Every president we have had "cozied" up to the crown prince at one time or another. I guess not sending a seal team to remove him is "cozying". Whatever.
  5. No. Doubtful we can do anything about hurricanes, funerals, or fires. Shootings are terrible crimes that in some cases can be prevented. Taking away law abiding citizens guns will not ever accomplish that. We already have background checks which are fine, I'm all for them. I wasn't against the bump stock ban either. I didn't see how you responded to Trump implementing gun control items but I hope you were pleased. Outlawing magazines and redefining assault weapons is useless in my mind. When you start to significantly decrease gun ownership like Chicago, you get more crime not less.
  6. Good zinger TT. I'll take that as an acknowledgement that democrats do politicize shootings, hurricanes, funerals, and wildfires.
  7. Got it. Democrats don't politicize things, they have natural reactions that come with a solution that usually takes freedoms away from morons (republicans/conservative). If you think I would support a "career official" over a political appointee (like cabinet members maybe?) without more details you will be disappointed. Regardless of what you believe, money comes with conditions, although complying with a treaty to investigate corruption is not one of them. Homer, I understand you are disappointed in Biden and his son's antics and are probably very upset that it got reported for us to see. I'm surprised and disappointed also that a sitting VP would do what he bragged about doing. It's okay. We will survive that incident but sadly for you I don't think Biden will be successful this time either.
  8. My english mangling friend, the correct term is "couldn't care less". Your term means I care a little or a lot. Leaves some caring for reduction. If you think I in some way would condone or accept a murder by Trump, then you are surprisingly dumber than I thought. No one on our side would accept that. Nobody in politics has a string of dead bodies who got in their way following them. Oh wait.
  9. Couldn't find it to watch anywhere. Not up on RS anymore. Trump didn't make it. Doesn't endorse it. Supposed to be "parody". Not sure what passes for parody these days. Maybe Schiff can expound.
  10. Sorry. If someone hasn't the brain cells to remember/acknowledge democrat politicizing of shootings, hurricanes (even small cat I storms), funerals, and wildfires caused by Cal power and light, then that someone should not participate in a discussion on this revered forum.
  11. Uh...Democrats politicize everything. Funny you accusing Trump of it's bad or something. Kinda surprised, thought you would be able to understand. My mistake.