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  1. Did you answer the question?
  2. You think Biden is relevant? Seems like his handlers and successors are the real relevant actors. Biden is just a figurehead that the left decided was their best shot at winning the general election (rich white guy). Biden doesn’t know where he is or what he is saying. So no, Biden is not relevant. Btw who are you quoting above?
  3. Nobody is more irrelevant than Joe.
  4. Good luck Flash!! We will be watching and pulling for you!!! War Eagle!
  5. Wish we could just get straight news without having to worry about political biases.
  6. He’s not wrong. Causes have effects regardless of how people feel about them. After all who can be against a girl who won the men’s Olympic decathlon?
  7. Almost like using pro Hillary/fake dossier Trump hating lawyers and fbi agents to create and investigate whether Trump told the Russians to buy $150k worth of Facebook ads to throw the 2016 election his way. Totally legit.
  8. I’ve thought for years that a large pipeline project to connect major watershed areas would allow regions with extra water to be transferred to areas experiencing drought. Seems like every year some region is massively flooding and others are dry. Environmental issues relevant to oil and gas would not be a problem since a spill would be water. Am I crazy or is this potentially doable? Seems like a great infrastructure job and when complete think how much food california will produce with enough water for the Central Valley and the smelt. Yeah I know water wars like the ones in Fl ga and al. M
  9. So yes I know about the Steel dossier all made up fake paid for by Hillary and used to obtain FISA warrants perpetrated and advanced by the Democrat party and the media. So are you implying that the Republican Party of Arizona would perpetrate a fake finding and try to get the media to push it? Nobody is perfect but I don’t believe republicans would attempt to do that unless there was something substantive and prove able to report.
  10. Ah. Well done. Attack the audit as tainted in case they uncover subterfuge. But if there is nothing there, even a bunch of motivated miscreants won’t be able to find anything.
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