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  1. Has Powell played too much to get a medical redshirt?
  2. Yeah No. They don’t reduce property taxes.
  3. Usually all the money goes to education, however they reduce the education funding from other sources like property taxes and there is little or no increase to the budget. Looks like a windfall for schools but it is not. If you want gambling or lotteries then that’s fine but don’t buy the school budget argument.
  4. Sounds like McCarthy thinks pretty highly of himself.
  5. Didn’t really expect you to care as that would not fit your narrative. But you asked for evidence and you got it. Several states has similar irregularities. Most cases were not adjudicated due to standing not merit. You didn’t think they would send a machine to audit with bad software do you?
  6. Trump did try to stop them from being violent and rowdy. He put out a strongly worded tweet which he was sure would ensure a peaceful visit. But, alas, his Twitter account was frozen, banned, banished by who? Liberal free speech deniers. So it is actually Jack’s fault that Trump was unable to manage the rally’s post speech activities.
  7. https://www.9and10news.com/content/uploads/2020/12/Antrim_Michigan_Forensics_Report_121320_v2_REDACTED.pdf
  8. Don't know what you think is funny about it. The truth is they don't know how he became injured and have no idea if it was MAGA Antifa BLM infiltrators Proud Boys or what. You can't pin his death on Trump or any Trump supporter. It is sad and tragic but no evidence exists outside democrats screaming orange man bad.
  9. _AU you are doing great. If you get Homer to call you "a fool or crazy"...success. He is out of ammo. Keep it up. He has nothing but horse hockey from Trump haters to spread.
  10. Def not expecting to lose this game.
  11. I'm hoping CBP has adjusted the offense to encourage the other four players to move actively away from the ball to give Coop more passing lanes than the normal two. Baylor took those away and our offense did not solve this problem. The collapsing guards can only take away a couple of passing lanes so our other two guys need to be more active in getting open. That leaves Coop to pass and I would bet the same dunk or short shot would result from just one extra pass. Looking forward to tonite.
  12. No. Are you too dim or afraid to answer that question?
  13. So it's not undermining our democracy to steal an election, but it is to point out that it was stolen.
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