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  1. He stole cigars and assaulted the owner a diminutive Pakistani or Indian. That’s been stipulated already.
  2. Even you can figure out where the realistic solutions are and where they come from.
  3. Just responding to your post. All I had to work with but your meaning is clear.
  4. That is the original statement regarding reducing abortions with a social safety net. You referenced it post 1 page 2 aug 10. For some reason you think Pro life people are about control. I’m not interested in control of anyone, but I would expect that attack from a liberal. I am only concerned with giving the baby a chance. Nobody in the womb would vote for abortion. Even you should be able to see that. I know you are old; sorry, but you might be forgetting some things.
  5. True. You never did like anybody pushing back against your inane rants.
  6. If you are teaching your children that white privilege exists and is a known proven phenomenon, then you are teaching them racism. I don't know what the race of your children is. If they are white you are doing a disservice to teach them they are defacto racists by being white. If they are black you are teaching them they don't have a chance in life due to evil white people. Either one is wrong. But I understand your position more clearly now. Way too many dastardly white republican Christian Southern Baptist Church of Christ evil perpetrators in your hick town.
  7. Get back to me in the winter when the ice is back and we can re-evaluate.
  8. Are we equivocating blacks with Indians for racial purposes?
  9. I am advocating for the life of a helpless infant. The vast majority of them I believe would say “don’t kill me” if asked. If this infringes on the “control of female rights” then so be it. Just saying female rights does not cover all of the issues involved. Pro choice is given twice to the mother. Once when her legs are apart, then she wants another choice after she gets pregnant. Score: Mother - 2, Infant- 0. Result: Murdered child. Not sure of the relevance of the other charts. 60 dead babies per 1000 is not a glowing achievement.
  10. I have flown over Greenland numerous times recently. Not melting.
  11. I used to live in Madison also. It is a true international mixture of races and ethnicities. While the Madison police are famous for being jerks about stop sign ambushes and speeding tickets for two mph over, I never saw or heard of any systemic bullying like you are describing. If white privilege belief is real at your house, it is because you are teaching it to your kids, as are your friends who are terrified to let their teens drive to school. Madison and Huntsville are well known to be very progressive areas, not the old south hick towns you are describing.
  12. Reducing abortions by making them legal, and forcing others to pay for them, is not "reality". You are delusional if you think safety nets and easy abortions are going to reduce them. Here is "reality". You are murdering a baby.