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  1. Might have to be done. But I would bring in the leaders of both parties and let them devise a plan.
  2. You guys are in the weeds! Ponder this: Corona virus spreads and is unconfined in the US. Trump cancels the election for public safety. Homer and fifty could explode!
  3. He is half white so you are flat wrong. But I didn’t like his white half either. Don’t blame us for what Obama did.
  4. Wait. Are these the usual suspect polls we had in 2016 that loudly proclaimed an easy Hillary win, but are more recently espoused to have predicted a toss up for six months prior to the election? Are we going there again?
  5. Fifty, the hate you are referring to comes directly and only from the democrat party. Trump has improved life for blacks and Hispanics significantly in his first three years. You can google all you want and blame trump but you need to realize that everything that pops up on google is not true, especially regarding Trump.
  6. It was close. They both stunk pretty bad.
  7. There is no scientific evidence that ANYONE should EVER get voting information from Facebook. That is an epic fail. Anyone who does that has failed to accomplish their constitutional duty to become informed regarding their potential candidates positions. If you believe the science behind six months of polls with Hillary in front and then losing then go ahead, that is your choice. I failed to see how my perception of a media poll makes me "dangerous" to anyone.
  8. Listening to news pundits report on how massive Hillary's win was going to be and quoting poll after poll is making me dangerous. Next you are going to tell me that sane intelligent people get their voting information from Facebook. Oh...wait...
  9. Got it. The polls nailed it. All those people on tv predicting a landslide we’re just doing their own thing.
  10. ave 4+ barely within 4.8. If you believe the polls were close you might be the only one. maybe this time they will be accurate.
  11. Nope. No poll ever showed Trump having a prayer at all. They may have tightened near election day so polling companies could claim some integrity after six months of trying to make a farce of Trump's chances.