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  1. Is it home and home? Awesome golf course out there. University of New Mexico South course. Great course and beautiful area. Definitely play if we ever travel to ABQ for the away game.
  2. I don't even drink. Are you saying I am wrong in my listing of just a few missed calls in favor of Bammer.
  3. Just checking. Seth mugged at the goal line. Horrendous holding on kickoff return right in front of the runner. Bammer OLineman had 13 by the breast like bill clinton at a drive in on a long run. So, maybe not atrocious mainly because of the buffoonery at the half, but two PI's in a row early drive ender for us. Do I need to keep going? Yeah. Not officiated in favor of us at all.
  4. They are that good. This was my worst fear in this game. Getting them down after the catch.
  5. Good for you my friend. Hope you enjoy retirement as much as I have.
  6. Was. Retired Dec 30, 2018 from Fedex. I had the job that Tom Cruise commander threatened him with in the movie Top Gun. I flew rubber dog @#$& out of Hong Kong. 777 mostly international. HK Shanghai Seoul Narita Paris London Delhi Dubai Singapore and a few others. It was a great gig.
  7. Don’t disagree with you especially AS but did I say what you quoted me? “it is not a farce”. I don’t remember where or when I said it but I cant find that.
  8. Clinton was impeached for lying to a federal grand jury.
  9. Maybe Adam Schiff should stop lying then.
  10. Haven’t seen this. I’m pretty up on Trump. Seems like fake news. Looks good though. Thank a liberal whenever possible.
  11. Never make the cover of time and wouldn't want to. He would start his own magazine and grace the cover. Still, besides the beard, pretty spot-on for me.