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  1. None are acceptable. No matter who is president.
  2. No worries fifty, not pretending to tell you where to get info. It was a joke about facebook. Nobody actually gets their voting info there for real right? Wait do they? What is there for the turtle to beef up? How can he do anything about what facebook publishes? What was deficient in 2016 that Mitch could fix? Let's say you were pro "any democrat" and you wanted to affect, throw, steal, whatever you call it, the election? How would you do it? Still waiting for ANYBODY to explain this.
  3. Still don't see how we can have an "unfair" election. The only one who paid for and got dirt from a foreign country was Hillary. If you get your voting info from facebook please stay home.
  4. Not accusing you at all fifty. Just wondering how many Trump has to trim to get under Homie’s limit.
  5. Not true my friend. I know the pilot of the plane that was ready to go. Military had already approved the mission. It was a state dept airplane and the pilot was a state dept employee and he received his denial to take off from her. Direct personal knowledge first hand account. Not lies.
  6. Definitely a weird story. But don't get fooled by the part about evangelicals supporting Trump and Falwell being a big reason why. He is not. Evangelicals, if you want to label them, make decisions more individually than following a national or regional Christian leader. I would not count on Trump losing his evangelical support at all due primarily to the Godless agenda of the left.
  7. Oh I see sorry some lies are expected and allowed. Just to be clear then, what is the current Homie approved lie limit? Is it variable? Adjustable by age? Less lies if you are younger or older? More lies allowed if running for higher office? Are whites allowed more lies or less? Is this where white privilege comes in? Sorry so many unanswered questions but I am sure you can google up an article from somewhere to support your answers about how many lies are allowable and still within your personal lie limit.
  8. Don't look it up. If Trump said he started it Homie would count that as another lie.
  9. Benghazi, Obama and Clinton claimed was caused by a video. It wasn’t. Hillary told the former seals to stand down. They didn’t. I personally know a pilot with Glen Daugherty’s seal team on his state dept plane in Tripoli ready to take off early in the fight with military approval and she refused to allow them to go help. Then they all lied about it. “No reinforcements available”. Sorry Homer, she left the state and cia people there to die. Only the annex security defying her orders saved them.
  10. Size matters Alex. Keep your doctor, keep your plan, Benghazi was because of a video, health insurance premiums going down. Those are whoppers compare to the 287 times Trump allegedly lied about the crowd at inauguration.
  11. That is my real name, at least part of it. Nobody cares who you are labeling as racist homer. I’m not wrong about my description. You just proved it. No comment on the statement just that I am a racist for saying it. What do you think Obama meant when he said he would side with the Muslims if the political winds shift in an ugly direction? BTW no tats or confederate battle flags. As a foot note I think you and attended Irondale elementary around the same time.
  12. You do know that Hillary actually started the Birther movement , right?
  13. I’ll bite. Trump DID win it on his own. No way Putin wanted Trump. He owned Hillary with Unranium one deal and massive donations to the foundation. Biggest pay to play participants. Still waiting on Homie or anybody to explain exactly how the election was thrown. How do you do that? Please expound.
  14. So you ARE a shrink? Sorry Homer but no racism or xenophobia in me. Also, NOT offended by your accusations. Obama garnered that praise by his own actions. You are truly deluded if you think reading your list of Trump bashing articles would change anyone’s mind.
  15. No sir. Don’t you ever accuse me of racism. I don’t like Obama’s white half either. Equal disdain across the board. None of my comments were even remotely related to race. But in typical Homer fashion when you lose on the facts and the history you toss the race card. Are you a shrink by the way?