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  1. Demographic Curiosity

    61 ’78/‘80 Male Memphis TN/Niceville FL
  2. They never do it looks to me like. Poorly coached?
  3. These have got to be the worst refs in the college game.
  4. Why do our guys showboat when we are getting beat?
  5. How is that even possible at this level?
  6. My gosh who is calling our plays???
  7. Didn't we sign an Aussie?
  8. Men vs. Uconn

    Love the way Okeke finishes!
  9. Wiley and Purifoy

    Varez Ward point shaving...what a joke. Don't you have to be able to ACTUALLY SCORE to shave points? Did somebody pay him to make us lose WORSE than the spread?
  10. Both receivers pushed off on the td and the 2pc. But you can't let yourself get pushed because you won't get that call ever.
  11. KJ looks like he has CLEAT marks on his chest like he got stomped.
  12. Fourth game in a row, fumbled in the red zone.
  13. Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Memphis. Watching the "other" Tigers do their thing.
  14. Playoff nightmare scenario

    My nightmare scenario: We get in and play Climpson in NoLa. Bammer gets in and beats Wisconsin in the Rose. We beat Bammer in the title game. We end up playing Climpson, Georgia, and Bammer each TWICE! #2,1,1,7,1,4 all in the same season.
  15. Barkley Statue Unveiling

    Sir Charles is missing about half of his "round mound of rebound". Must be a post AU statue. He had a tad bit more meat on him.