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  1. Sorry I forgot that you don't accept the Bible as God's Word. For me, in fact, yes it is clear. For you it is not clear.
  2. And all with integrity until they started making decisions that compromised that integrity. All republicans but all never Trumpers.
  3. FL hopefully would stay Conservative. Def the panhandle. Libs can have south FL. Don't want to move from here. I hope the abortion issue stays at the states. Interracial marriage and gay marriage in my mind are completely different. Interracial marriage to me is totally legitimate for all time since the beginning of time. Ordained and approved by God. Gay marriage/lifestyle not so much a God is pretty clear about His position on that.
  4. I agree with you there. He definitely should still be president. He did not manage that campaign well. Should have been no contest. The country is fine. It will survive.
  5. Titan apparently thinks so. The whole point of the committee hearings is to "find" some criminal charges that can be made. Are you seriously saying that you don't get that? And I am the guy who isn't getting it?
  6. Whatever fiddy. You seem to think that lying politicians just started with Trump. You missed a few before him. Yeah I get it you hate him for all those reasons you have stated numerous times. Although most of them are refuted by actual witnesses I know I won't convince you of anything regarding Trump. Don't care to and doesn't need to be done. He is gone and I doubt coming back. Celebrate the demise of Trump and the rise of Brandon. We all will be living with his colossal failures for years.
  7. Nope. Not a believer at all. Just want the rules, whatever they are, to be applied equally and fairly despite the potential outcome. Not a concept democrats are familiar with. I am a pilot by profession. All pilots want to know are "what are the rules?". We will find a way to optimize our performance within those rules. Just don't change them on me in the middle of the game.
  8. The witness allegedly said she heard from somebody else that he tried to take the steering wheel and assaulted an agent. So that is worthless. Why don't we get the guy who told her under oath and we can clear up this whole attack on democracy. Seems like trying a person for a criminal act with hearsay testimony would not be allowed. Oh..exceptions..right..so the democrats are willing to make an exception to testimony rules in a criminal case in order to obtain a conviction against Trump?
  9. Guess we better ask the SS to testify to all the items Hillary threw at Bill during their 8 years. Yeah I know whataboutism. Nobody cared then, he was their guy. When it is their guy rules are different.
  10. Kettle meet pot. Destruction of the democracy began before the 2016 election and continued throughout the presidency and after. Did you forget weaponization of the alphabet, special counsel created by the guy who's intent was to create a special counsel to go after Trump, RRR, dossier. Dems have zero credibility on the non partisan principle you espouse. Forgive me for not acknowledging your opening line.
  11. I don’t have an idol in the political world. I did not vote for Trump in the primary. No way was I ever voting for Hillary. Not my idol. It is clear what the panel wants. And it is not the truth. Just destroy Trump no matter what. You people must really fear him. If you succeed no worries my friend. DeSantis waiting in the wings. Doesn’t have the negative history of Trump, successful governor of large state, family man, wife has cancer but is a selfless fighter, stays a step ahead of Biden all the time ( okay that’s not all that hard), not afraid to veto legislation even from his party if it isn’t beneficial to all. Have at it.
  12. Except when it is disputed by the actual participant. Will the committee give the same weight to Engel? I doubt it. Will they disregard Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony? Also doubtful. Will they find the perp who made it up so they can get to the truth? Nope. That would not be the truth they want.
  13. Sure sounds like the left wants it to be a criminal proceeding. If not then why all the fuss. Yeah I know there are exceptions but in general judges juries and fact finders want first hand knowledge not second or third. I’m sure you get the gist. It is just typical democrat Adam Schiff rumors and lies trying to railroad his political enemy.
  14. Probably why we don’t allow hearsay as testimony.
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