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  1. Yes! I don’t believe Bo would have made that play on fourth down for the TD.
  2. Looks like they game planned for LSU all week and didn’t prepare at all for GS.
  3. We have a good high school quarterback. He could start almost anywhere.
  4. Deuce said “taking points off the board” on the delay of game, the said good again. Sorry not good. Are you even watching?
  5. Immigration is good when the applicant has skills and can support himself and his family once settled. Letting in thousands of unskilled people with extended families many who are illiterate in English and even in their own native language is not good. Yes the country was formed and grown on immigration but there were standards and skills required. It was also legal for those who entered thru Ellis Island.
  6. Re-electing Trump in 2024 would be awesome. Problem solved.
  7. Doesn’t take into account the economic status that existed prior to them taking office. Some of them rode the wave of the previous president. Others had to deal with massive economic turmoil when they took over.
  8. Definitely term limits for representatives and senators.
  9. I'd love to see Dematrius Davis running the offense.
  10. If they followed it for two days they probably knew it was a local worker not a bomber. The analyst would have reported it was not a threat. However the administration told them their assessment was wrong and they needed a win. They decided to kill it anyway for the overall good of the cause. A small price to pay to accomplish their goal and take the heat off Biden and his incompetent abandonment and retreat. He was a worthless afghan anyway. Until the found out about the 7 children. A classic case of knowing the truth and still doing the wrong thing.
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