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  1. DJ seems like another Bo Nix with a harder name to pronounce. He under performed badly at Climpson. I hope we pass on him.
  2. Isn’t that when most people change? When they are forced to? Why else would they change? Lots of forces can cause change but whatever those forces are can effectively box one into a corner forcing them to change. It can be your own conscience, convicted by God because of your straying from your faith.
  3. I was a Willis fan from the beginning. We failed miserably with him. He could have been special and led us to some big wins.
  4. How about the two are completely unrelated. No correlation at all. War Eagle.
  5. You are more credible if you took a stand by leaving. You did not share that previously. Personally Freeze wasn’t my top choice among several poor choices. I would have put him below Sanders above Kiffin. The second tier are mostly unknown to me but may have produced a great fit. Nobody is totally clean and I am willing to trust the leadership and give Freeze the same chance we gave Pearl. I would tag Chet among others to hold him accountable. His daughter goes here and I think that will be a supporting factor also.
  6. You acted like you should not work or support for someone you think is scum. Yet you did so. The standard applies to you the same as everybody else. Wait..you have another standard by yourself for your family?
  7. I noticed that too. Seems like we stopped switching as smoothly when the subs came in for the starters. Zep and Flan missed a couple that cost us layups. You are not crazy.
  8. Why would anybody let their daughter play football at Auburn?
  9. Tubs. He beat bammer more than gus. And the liberals on this forum would be ecstatic.
  10. We average two mass shootings per day?
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