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  1. Doubtful it’s anti Semitism. He was a Jew who lied about it to the nazis at age 14 changed his name and robbed his former people of their wealth and possessions with his new nazi friends. That’s enough for most folks.
  2. No he plead guilty to lying in order to saver his family. Wow Homer quoting Trump AND BELIEVING IT!!! Muellers investigation/coup did not need any help being undermined. It never had any legitimate basis to exist. The Hill okay with you? As a side note was the reference to OANN a shot at them? They are pretty straight up with no agenda or bias but I don't watch them regardless. But they would be solid if I did. No analysis is needed. Strzok edited the 302s to make it look convincing. "The interviewing agents believed he was truthful, if forgetful. Director Comey reportedly said the question of whether Flynn lied was a “close call.” Assuming this is so, a close call is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt."
  3. Seriously? The smell test? He didn’t lie. The FBI said he didn’t lie. Then Stroek Stroke Smirk changed the testimony and blackmailed him to confess or his son would go to jail. Oh yeah Homer that’s a real solid case. Corrupt FBI no crime and that’s somehow Flynn’s fault?
  4. You're just being nice because I pointed out that your example is flawed. I guess you can't see that. Sorry my fault.
  5. Option a is not true. Nobody actually cares what everyones feelings are. The example loses it's effect when one option is not true. BLM implies that BLDM to white people. Not true at all. More white people are killed by cops than black people. White people just do not riot and burn numerous cities when this happens. Run a protest at the MPD that doesn't destroy a few city blocks and demand justice for the bad cop. That's fine with pretty much everybody. My comments regarding the two very poorly expressed examples stand. They are not relatable to the BLM situation at all. BTW why do you keep doing things that hurt your wife's feelings?
  6. Really? Your examples are ludicrous. The analogy would be if all the houses on the street are on fire not just yours. No fire department would act in the manner you have described. Why would anyone pass a bandaid to someone who's arm is not bleeding. You can yell "Black lives matter" all day. Nobody said they don't matter.
  7. I live three miles from Silver Sands and I am seeing around 1/4 to 1/2 of the people wearing them at various establishments. Lots of folks in town enjoying the water. Glad to see them here but hoping they are not spreading anything.
  8. Comments about Trumps health when Biden is the Democrat nominee? Have you looked at Biden much?
  9. The point is the left (you in this case) is trumpeting the comments of Powell because he used to be a somewhat fake republican and is "distancing" himself from the current republican president. But he isn't and never has been a real conservative republican, only a RINO. He has been irrelevant for a while. You could not be more wrong about me. I care only about the country. If the country succeeds, so do we all. I believe conservatism is the right way to govern the country. Nobody even gets close. But Trump is the obvious choice over Hillary or Biden. No contest. Will Trump win? Who knows. If he does it won't be with the Russians or Ukraine or any other ridiculous excuse for democrats losing. At some point the left should really just accept that they lost in 2016 and quit trying to destroy Trump.
  10. Couldn’t care less what Colin Powell says. Not a conservative not a republican.
  11. What’s Goodell have to do with it? My comment was directly from Kap himself about his protest.
  12. He started out saying that he was indeed protesting the flag. Changed it later. No problem he has the right. Just as we have the right not to watch or attend games or hire him as a quarterback. But the left sees evil in our right to allow Kap to remain unemployed. Not fair they say. You just don’t want him to play because he protested the flag. Good enough for me.
  13. Perhaps it was related to the in too deep comments. It sounds like you and Homer are similar in your assessment of Trump. I apologize for attributing to you what he may have written. I’m happy to have a conversation about issues and philosophies. It seems like a disagreement degenerates into name calling and insults. We all want peace and quiet, and swift harsh justice for the cop who murdered George Floyd.