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  1. jj3jordan

    At the end of the day

    Not to bash Sal, I thought he got hit early on the arms, didn't look like he came back to the ball like receivers are taught to do on that type route. Still PI in my opinion. Great TD catch.
  2. jj3jordan

    Baseball at FL Game 2

    Rookie of the Year.
  3. jj3jordan

    Softball vs. Tennessee - game 3

    Thanks WarTiger. Your updates are great!
  4. jj3jordan

    Men vs. uat

    Irony alarm. Thinks Bruce is sleazeball but Saban is ok?
  5. jj3jordan

    Men vs. uat

    79-62 us 5:08
  6. jj3jordan

    Demographic Curiosity

    61 ’78/‘80 Male Memphis TN/Niceville FL
  7. They never do it looks to me like. Poorly coached?
  8. These have got to be the worst refs in the college game.
  9. Why do our guys showboat when we are getting beat?
  10. How is that even possible at this level?
  11. My gosh who is calling our plays???
  12. Didn't we sign an Aussie?
  13. jj3jordan

    Men vs. Uconn

    Love the way Okeke finishes!
  14. jj3jordan

    Wiley and Purifoy

    Varez Ward point shaving...what a joke. Don't you have to be able to ACTUALLY SCORE to shave points? Did somebody pay him to make us lose WORSE than the spread?
  15. Both receivers pushed off on the td and the 2pc. But you can't let yourself get pushed because you won't get that call ever.