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  1. Never said I did. SaltyTiger did. Try to keep up.
  2. Nothing to say. Question asked and answered. And not refuted.
  3. jj3jordan

    My Hopes, Wishes, and Suggestions

    Well put sir. This needs to go national.
  4. Sorry still models and simulation. Computers give you back what you tell it to with your inputs. If your inputs are inaccurate then the data produced are also not accurate. In one sentence you say parameterizing convection is uncertain, then you parameterize it later in the paragraph. Also AGW is not proven by any stretch. Maybe it is to you but not everyone. Explains nothing regarding rainfall except that you changed some parameters and made it higher. It does look and sound very professional though.
  5. jj3jordan

    What bullets do to bodies

    What would be nice is if people would stop shooting other people. Problem solved.
  6. I saw it in real time and unedited. Acosta pushed her arm away and held onto the mic. It’s not even disputable. Is it a crime? Who knows but he did it. The WH video was almost exactly the same. There was no difference.
  7. Wow DKW you just keep telling yourself that.
  8. Harvey stopped moving because the highs and lows lined up and created a stationary front situation. That’s where the extra rain came from.
  9. jj3jordan

    Limit the missed tackles

    Tigerman your are the prophet. We failed. Tackling is nonexistent.
  10. jj3jordan

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    Wow do I hate it when we showboat after a good play when we are getting our butts kicked.
  11. jj3jordan

    At the end of the day

    Not to bash Sal, I thought he got hit early on the arms, didn't look like he came back to the ball like receivers are taught to do on that type route. Still PI in my opinion. Great TD catch.
  12. jj3jordan

    Baseball at FL Game 2

    Rookie of the Year.
  13. jj3jordan

    Softball vs. Tennessee - game 3

    Thanks WarTiger. Your updates are great!
  14. jj3jordan

    Men vs. uat

    Irony alarm. Thinks Bruce is sleazeball but Saban is ok?