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  1. Didn’t this genius also green light cyber attacks except for a few hand picked systems?
  2. All my Tennessee friends are really unhappy that we have Bruce and they don’t. They would take him back in a heartbeat.
  3. Your explanation falls woefully short of deadly force. Heaven forbid the capitol police ever have to walk a beat or manage a riot. Lots of hearsay in your post there especially regarding the hindsight of 20/20. Something you claim I am making judgement from having, then utilizing yourself. You are correct in that Officer Byrd will hold himself accountable. No one else has the stomach to investigate.
  4. I don't mind last night Jabari backing off the shooting. He was cold on 3s and didn't want to keep pressing. He did make one big one and he hit almost all of his two point jumpers. I think this allowed others to take more shots. Zep and Flan made a couple. We still made 10 which should have been 15 probably as Wendell also had a slow 3 pt game. Walker missed a couple of 3s also. What is he 1 for the year?
  5. Karma beat us that game. When Tre Mason score to take the lead, he momentarily adopted the Heisman pose in the back of the end zone. That is when I knew we would lose. He taunted the real Heisman guy and sure enough he made us pay. Karma. We were toast. Although I thought the last play had a chance also.
  6. There you go again. Mainstream democrats do want at least $5 gas to force us to transition to “renewable” energy. $10-20 would be better.
  7. Obviously the Georgia legislature thought he should have played ball.
  8. None. Your author disqualified himself from making this judgement in paragraph 13. Sorry fiddy but a 35 year old unarmed woman crawling thru a broken window is not a threat that justifies use of deadly force. And the line was not clearly delineated to her. She was on the other side of a door. She figured wrongly that the Capitol police would not shoot into a crowd especially at an u armed woman. All he had to do was arrest her when the fell onto the floor. That’s all it took.
  9. Not everything. Yes if you are Trump or a MAGA. Ditto. Only if the democrat party wants them to. Yes if you are calmly walking between the ropes and you are not Ray Epps. Nancy refused to allow the GOP choices for the committee. Not all. But enough. Evidence is evidence. Unless nobody wants to see it.
  10. Only one person died. An unarmed female who was shot without warning by a capitol policeman who was in no danger from her.
  11. I love Kessler but he telegraphs his longer passes and doesn’t put enough mustard on them and they get stolen quite often. Mostly from up high passing to the paint. At least 1 or 2 per game anybody else notice this? Aside from that he has been awesome for our team. So glad he transferred in.
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