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  1. Neither did Eric “I got your back Barack “ Holder. So simply following precedent of previous admins.
  2. That's what the lowest ranking FBI guy said when he had to stick his hand down all the toilets. LOL
  3. They always do. But they never report bad polls. Nothing else explains the effort to make it illegal for Trump to run. That is a signal.
  4. Pretty extensive actions to prevent Trump from running. Must be a huge deficit showing up in the polls.
  5. Yes. Guns are designed to accurately deliver a projectile to a destination. The choice of the destination and the purpose of that choice is up to the user.
  6. Looked like the refs let them play, very physical, moving picks and all that. Hope we can adjust when we get to sec ref quality officiating.
  7. I’d cross the line for Tulsi. DeSantis is not a big jerk, he is solid. The usual suspects are just so hard to support. On both sides. Noem. Rubio and Cruz last resort.
  8. The short answer is yes. I have known of numerous churches to address this issue with members of their congregation. It is more common than you might think. If you don’t like churches or Christians because they are not perfect you don’t understand. Christian churches are full of sinners. Nobody is perfect, ever. No question adultery is as bad as same sex sex. The remarriage issue is a sticky one that has torn many churches apart. The participants and pastors will be judged for their actions.
  9. Did somebody tell you smoking is a sin? The Blood is Christ is the main and only thing. No I don’t believe that you would go to hell for a drag on a cigarette. If you accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour you will not go to hell. If you claim to have done so and persist in serial adultery then one could question the sincerity of your conversion to Christianity. People can nit pick about every little situation trying to find fault in Christianity and the promise of eternal life with Jesus. I believe in it and you clearly don’t. I pray that you soften your heart and listen to Jesus when he calls you to accept Him. He stands at the door and knocks, you just have to open the door.
  10. All sins are sins and will relegate us to hell. Are some worse than others? No not really. The difference is if you commit a sin, say, adultery, petit theft, covetousness/envy, you can repent, turn away, and never commit those sins again. If you are in a homosexual relationship, you know it is sin, if you continue with that sin in open rebellion to God, you will not be forgiven of that sin until you turn away and remove yourself from it. This is just me talking but it is what I believe and can be supported by scripture. My personal belief is that homosexuals who claim to be Christians are kidding themselves. And the pastors who condone that are in jeopardy themselves. But I am not judging anybody because we are all sinners. Disapproval is not hate against the person. That is a technique of the left to label us as haters and bigots. God is the judge and we will all face Him on judgement day.
  11. Whatever. They didn't investigate her because she is..her. Now it's the end of the world since it's Trump.
  12. If you mean identifying homosexuality as a sin and against the Bible, churches are well within their right and should do so. If that is “demonizing” so be it. It is called accountability within the church. The Bible is very clear regarding this subject. It doesn’t mean the sinner cannot be saved if he has committed this sin. All sin can be forgiven but requires repentance (turning away) from the sin and not persisting in the sin.
  13. I’m not okay with it at all. Just wondering why you are so concerned now but we’re not regarding the 33000 emails Hillary deleted, bleach bit the server, hammered all the mobile devices (that she claimed not to have). I say if they did that send them (and her) to jail. Same same.
  14. Do you really think there is nothing she is trying to hide? How about exposing two operations that were unexplainable failures until you take into account that her emails were read easily by average level hackers.
  15. My typo sorry about that. “If” not “of”.
  16. Wow you keep up with Klan voting? That’s impressive. Maybe you have inside access to the Klan nobody else has. How else would you know?
  17. You sure it is not true? Thank God because that’s the last thing we need.
  18. Hey I’m all for transparency. Bring them all out and lets read them. The only way they are equal is regarding whether that had requested them to be saved and turned over. Hillary used unsecure unprotected email servers for official government classified work despite having a classified government account she could have used. Any staffer can use personal email for numerous reasons but storage and protection of classified material is the difference.
  19. There are a lot more of you don’t understand that one.
  20. No. The policy/law you describe does not exist. Thanks for the recital of democrat talking points. Kind of scary you working in this field so long and the go to answer is apparently killing the baby.
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