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  1. shuebru

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    Anyone getting the game yet on Sling or Watch ESPN?
  2. shuebru

    90% chance of rain for Saturday.

    On a related note, if you are going to the game, bring a zip lock bag to put your phone in. I learned that the hard way at the 2009 WVU game.
  3. It's a competition for the greatest highschool rivarly in the US. Winning schools get $5000 grand a piece and national exposure. Please vote for the one right here in our own state. We've gotten players from these schools before. Trust me when I say it's a legit rivalry. I've only lived in this area for a year, and I've been forced to pick a side. The one down side is it's a small town, so we need help voting. No one better at voting than the AU family. PS. got an admin permission to post here
  4. shuebru

    Mark my Words, we will upset Georgia Saturday

    I've gotta give it to the OP, great joke. lol hardly anyone catches it.
  5. shuebru

    AU vs Clemson game thread

    Well, at least no one will be able to use the "we haven't lost a game since 2009" to defend this defense anymore. Something needs to change. This is just bad. I don't even care anymore. When you tackle this bad you can't win games. Even with a pro bowl offense against a pee wee team.
  6. shuebru


    Same here, but I finally got mine cut today.
  7. shuebru

    Cooking Duck Tomorrow? Post Recipe Here!

    duck a l'orange
  8. shuebru

    Fan of the Year

    I think he had multiple green ones. I remember him where two to class one day when it was really cold. The inner left zipper was zipped up to the outer right zipper. As for what he is doing these days, last I heard from him he was in Grad School here in the math department.
  9. shuebru

    Auburn at Arkansas

    Blitz with the linebackers some, the corners some, the safeties some and even the waterboys once or twice. More than once or twice if our waterboy plays like Bobby Boucher.
  10. I've heard gate 10, but 5:30 is for sure. From what I've heard, fans are still allowed, but no band nor cheerleaders. Kiffin is an idiot if he thinks this is going to slows us down.
  11. shuebru

    AU vs. UT Tiger Walk 2009

    I'll be there. They can't stop me from just happening to walk by at the right moment.
  12. I still miss Matt Clark.
  13. shuebru

    AP Poll
  14. I would be willing to bet that a lot of people woke up today with cell phones that no longer worked. My phone didn't work properly last night, but surprisingly worked today. The water mark thing on the inside is completely red now though, so I guess I got lucky.
  15. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the 06 Florida game. That is definitely number 1 on my list of exciting games.