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  1. What is donor fatigue in this instance?
  2. With the speed of the official word on Cohen to the firing of Harsin, maybe we can keep that speed going and have coach before this thread reaches 300 pages.
  3. Haha. Fans and media are the biggest challenge to your ego Mr Harsin. When there is no one else to blame start pointing further out. Of course it's not your fault.
  4. So at this point, I assume he made it off the field with his job intact. Maybe tomorrow?
  5. You win. No You. No you, I insist. No good sir, I think you should win.
  6. Count me in on the dark side. 10 year anniversary of 2012, here we come.
  7. Anyone got any examples of a lame duck coach actually working out? I guess Tuberville after Jetgate, but many more examples of fired the next season.
  8. Promote Keisau and be done. No need for more money to be spent next Fall on buyouts for assistants.
  9. The lame duck Coach route that lead to an apathetic fanbase waiting for the the coach to be fired. Can't say it's not a new feeling for us Auburn fans.
  10. Looks like Harsin is at the coaches meeting. https://twitter.com/alexs_espn/status/1491796569246429184?s=21
  11. Don't go there. A quick google search shows that David Marts is an Arkansas fan that changed his profile picture to look like an AU fan
  12. For me, the bar was already so slow, that it was practically a tripping hazard in hell, and yet here we are, limbo dancing with the Devil.
  13. I think that is coming from this post. I'm not sure where the OP of "weren't impressed" came from though.
  14. I agree. Most don't. But waiting until the post championship storylines have been aired, leaves more room in the news cycle. In the college football world it's a pretty dead spot news wise now until late signing day.
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