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  1. The Facts of Life The country takes priority over conservative navel gazing. by William Kristol March 1, 2021 9:11 am y suggestion last week that perhaps the best way some of us who’ve been conservatives can now help the country is to help the Biden administration succeed, and help the Democratic party move to the center, seems to have stirred up a minor tempest in the conservative teapot. I asked whether one shouldn’t “consider allying oneself with the Biden wing of the Democratic party? Aren’t the Red Dogs worth at least a thought?” A
  2. So explain to me how the CDC saying vaccinations aren't necessary to re-open schools is changing their recommendations to suit teachers unions? You are confused. As usual.
  3. From your link: .......Why Raising the Minimum Wage is the Right Thing to Do Looking at how the current federal minimum wage has flatlined over the past 12 years makes it clear: Low-wage earners are falling behind. They’re working for less money, thanks to inflation, making them poorer over time. Pew Research points out that wage growth has largely gone to the highest earners—and a separate EPI analysis notes that it has also remained unequal by race, with significant widening gaps in wages between Black and white Americans—but raising the minimum wage could help. Research abou
  4. I didn't see the part where CDC modified or tailored their recommendations to suit the teacher's union. ("CDC seems to have given the unions what they want.") If anything, it seems just the opposite. Can you please point that out?
  5. It sounds like a natural fit with the "Golden Trump" at CPAC.
  6. Seriously? You haven't noticed all the signs, t-shirts and posters MAGAs exhibit at political rallies and protests? Hell, the guy with the horns at the riot self-identified as a QAnon "shaman". And there's Marjorie Taylor Greene..... I guess it's the "left's" fault for taking notice?
  7. Do you seriously think economists - of all stripes - are ignoring the possibility of unintended consequences? To borrow a rhetorical device from you, why don't we lower the minimum wage to $2.50? And while I know it's hard for a MAGA, stop sounding so defensive.
  8. Because obviously, most entry level or part time jobs aren't worth $30. Duuuuuh. It would guarantee the negative effects people are crying about with a $15 min. Considering inflation, $15.00 is a reasonable goal to work toward over a 3-5 year period. The minimum wage is an incentive for people to work, as much as a way to end poverty. We need an earned income tax credit to supplement the minimum wage.
  9. This is your BS opinion. No substance to defend it. Typical anti-science Trumpism. Make s*** up.
  10. Here's a great example of Republicans "fixing" a non-existent problem (linked in the previous Salon piece.) Iowa Legislature sends bill shortening early and Election Day voting to Gov. Kim Reynolds' desk Stephen Gruber-Miller Des Moines Register Iowans would have less time to cast ballots either early or on Election Day under a bill headed to Gov. Kim Reynolds' desk. After a five-hour debate, the Iowa House passed the bill on a party-line vote of 57-37 Wednesday night, with every Republican in support and every Democrat opposed. Six representatives were abse
  11. Republicans roll out “tidal wave of voter suppression”: 253 restrictive bills in 43 states GOP is using Trump’s “big lie” to push a historic “contraction of voting rights," says Democratic lawyer Marc Elias By Igor Derysh February 27, 2021 Republicans across the country responded to record voter turnout by unleashing a flurry of legislation aimed at restricting ballot access, citing concerns over unfounded allegations of rampant voter fraud that they themselves stoked for months. At least 253 bills with provisions restricting voting access have been introduced, pre-
  12. Not an expert, but we need a new generation of nuclear reactors say, sodium reactors. We don't need to be investing in old technology. As for storage for wind and solar, there are various storage technologies that are theoretically feasible, even beyond improvement of batteries. It is a solvable problem.
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