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  1. I've always felt Finley had a huge upside. He's cool in the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield and has such a quick release. He just needs a little work on his long balls. If our wide receivers and OL step up, he could be special.
  2. I just love it when MAGAs complain about Biden lying and not being respected around the world.
  3. Well, we are 3-1 (with the loss being a competitive game against PSU). The GSU "win" was atrocious, but Harsin is obviously not satisfied with merely winning or with our performance in that game. Not sure how much more we should expect this year.
  4. They say in the legal profession, when the facts are against you, argue the law..... I have such an argument that goes like this: The outcome of the play was the receiver rolling immediately on his back, clearly in possession of the ball. Now, if the ball had not shifted slightly so that a substantial portion had not extended from the receiver's hands and had instead remained centered within the receivers hands, what would have been the outcome? I submit the outcome would have been exactly the same - the receiver rolling over while clearly in possession of the ball. T
  5. "You guys"? And if you are "joking", maybe add an icon, like a wink or something?
  6. This was it. I apologize Cole for my distorted, paraphrase: I think it was something like, why not fire the rest of the staff.........? (My short term memory is deteriorating at an accelerated pace.)
  7. Boy, you're in a feisty mood tonight! I hope you don't have to go to work tomorrow.
  8. Shhhhhhhhh. It's an Auburn Legend at conception .
  9. I am not going to look it up, I think it was something like, why not fire the rest of the staff.........? I like you cole, but I call em like I see em.
  10. Man, you trying to lay some bad ju-ju on me?
  11. You sure sound like a boomer. It took me - most definitely a boomer - a while to find it. (And I still sometimes hit the "quote" button - where the "edit" command used to exist - in the "heat of battle", thus creating another copy.....)
  12. Right on. In another thread I described the Penn State game as a lost opportunity for boosting our national perception - a key for good recruiting, team self-confidence, and good PR. A loss to GSU would have been a ******* disaster for all the same things in reverse. The first might have speeded Harsin's "process", the latter would just make it harder.
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