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  1. I'm a kind person. After all, I could just assume you were stupid.
  2. If you aren't even going to read my posts, then I suggest you just ignore them. Then you won't look so petty.
  3. Those are sources. Publishers. If you want to attack "the hit pieces" you'll need to do that one article at time. Point out the particulars that are wrong and why they are wrong. It does help to have an attention span that can exceed 280 characters. Perhaps that's your problem.
  4. homersapien

    Gus is ranked 16th on the hot seat

    Well, how about this: I recall someone on this forum posting Saban's record (as one example) and comparing it to Gus's at the same time in their respective careers (# years as HC) and Gus looked pretty good. Maybe it just takes any HC a given number of years to figure out what seems to us "normal" folks like common football sense. (Why they get paid millions while learning what so many already know instinctively is a different question.) It would be just our luck to have the light suddenly turn on for Gus just after we fired him, after paying friggen millions for his development.
  5. homersapien

    Big Green Egg

    I am not going to argue against the Big Green Egg, I'd like to have one. But I have used a "Cookin Cajun" for decades for my BBQ. It will hold two racks of ribs with a vertical rib rack. Unfortunately, it's getting old and I can no longer find the model pictured below that has a separate fire pan which allows you to lift off the top sections to start the fire. (BTW, I highly recommend electric charcoal starters. I have gone through several of those over the years.) Sooner or later, I'll need to replace my Cookin Cajun and the Big Green Egg will be an option. It's just kind of hard to justify unless you do a lot of BBQ, which I don't. I use a small Weber gas grill for steaks and grilled vegetables which gets a lot of use. (I hate to build a charcoal fire to grill a couple of steaks and veggies.) Anyone have an experience with the Green Egg knock-offs? Electric charcoal starter:
  6. homersapien

    NYT Revises Trump Story

    It's really hard for me to understand this focus on motivation when there was so much public evidence - not to mention circumstance - that would justify an investigation.
  7. homersapien

    Trade Win for Pres. Trump

    This sounds a lot like the "denuclearization" of the Korean peninsula. A little premature.
  8. I know you didn't read it.
  9. homersapien

    More Evidence of No Russian Collusion

    You are just too easy.
  10. homersapien

    More Evidence of No Russian Collusion

    I recognize potential when I see it.
  11. I'll take that as a "no", you didn't read it.
  12. homersapien

    Top Ten Happiest & Unhappiest States...

    Damn! I thought I had you there.
  13. homersapien

    NYT Revises Trump Story

    Yeah, revising stories is a sign of weakness. Just ask Fox.
  14. I don't understand what it is about you Trumpettes that never read the subject material before commenting........ Oh wait, I guess I do.
  15. homersapien

    Top Ten Happiest & Unhappiest States...

    If you are a sportsman, outdoorsman or otherwise a lover of nature, Alabama is fantastic. The biological and ecological diversity is immense, almost uniquely so. (Alabama has four separate river systems resulting in one of the highest - if not the highest - number of turtle species in the world. Herpetologists all over the world know about Alabama.) I hope they keep it.