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  1. So, speaking of "substantial discussion" what were you trying to imply?
  2. Well, that was before Merrick Garland as well as before the election of a narcissistic psychopath with judicial appointments being cited as one of the reasons to elect him. So, yeah, coincidence.
  3. There's a difference between "womanizing" and sexual harrassment. Think of it as the difference between making love and rape.
  4. Well they are paying him 25 million simply for the privilege of firing him.
  5. He doesn't fancy playing the roll of Hercules and the Augian stables.
  6. Well, you got the last sentence right.
  7. Your welcome!
  8. Go back and read your own post. My point was perfectly clear.
  9. You're right. This segment simply reveals the problem we have with PBS.
  10. Who said the Trump administration isn't "progressive"? They are certainly advancing the Anthropocene extinction. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2017/04/20/us/politics/ap-us-epa-dow-chemical.html?utm_source=huffingtonpost.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=pubexchange&_r=0
  11. Having work associates do such a thing - expecially if they are your superior - is offensive. It's presumptive and it puts you in a position of "going along" even when you are offended by it. I can remember feeling that way when people made racial jokes. I can easily imagine how a woman would feel when exposed to sexual jokes in a work environment.
  12. But not so stupid as to pay these women $13 million for things he didn't do? Really?
  13. A position the Trump administration obviously has no need for.
  14. You folks are a hoot. I'd say it's far more likely the Russians were either scammed by the Syrians or simply turned their backs. How would Rice know if they retained that's the case?