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  1. homersapien

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    Those are all good points. But my only point is that the argument that Obama is somehow solely responsible for our current situation regarding the fact and threat of Russian involvement is not really valid. It was a factor, but it didn't determine where we are today. It's been two years.
  2. homersapien

    Why Russia Will Help the Democrats Next

    If you didn't read it, you have no standing to criticize it. There is nothing about this that is "ridiculous". Got a counterpoint? Then express it. In context. Ignorant poo-flinging doesn't meet the standards of this forum.
  3. homersapien

    the right and church....

    I think you are wise to rely on yourself to define your Christian beliefs instead of others. The whole church thing is more about "fellowship" than it is about Christianity. (That's a politically correct way of saying the "church" is more about tribalism and politics than it is Christianity.)
  4. That was a much better way of expressing my point than I attempted.
  5. homersapien

    Remember This Pic?

    That's weird. "Suck up to the MSM"? You mean by accepting their reporting of Trump's statements? Or are you suggesting it's the media who is lying and Trump never does? And who exactly is the MSM? Does it include NYT, Washington Post, WSJ, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS? Who else?
  6. homersapien

    It's not just Pearl Harbor, it's also 9/11

    Not exactly. Obama - fully understanding how it would be perceived if he unilaterally raised the alarm about Russia trying to help Trump - took the evidence and presented it the Republican leadership with an appeal the release it as a bilateral announcement. They refused. Now, one can argue that Obama should have proceeded on his own and perhaps he should have. But maybe he considered the possible damage it might have wreaked on the perceived legitimacy of the outcome, and decided that it would be less risky to just have it emerge after the election. Keep in mind he probably assumed Clinton would win. With the history of demonizing Clinton, can you imagine if she won a narrow election after Obama "interfered" in the process by revealing the Russian activity? We might never have taken a serious investigation into the Russian interference. We'd probably be tied up in impeachment hearings. Russian interference would never have been taken seriously by Republicans and those who supported Trump. The whole thing would have been assumed to be a Clinton "trick" to ensure her victory and wouldn't have been taken seriously. And Obama would have been seen to be complicit. Not good for the country, nor for Obama's legacy. Hell, even with Trump's victory it's being dismissed as a "witchhunt". So even Trump winning creates a problem for the country. But at least there is a chance we will eventually address the problem. So who knows what would have been the best thing for the country regarding Obama's decision.
  7. homersapien

    NRA infiltrated by Russia, too?

    What makes you so damn sure Trump was behind this? There are a bunch of people in his administration that are acting in the best interests of the country - at least I'd like to think so - even if it means they have to work around Trump. And seeing how his personal behavior with Trump has caused such a reaction - even from folks supposed on his side - he may just have enough sense to realize there are limits to what he can and can't do regarding Russia. In fact, it might be significant that this came right after Trump's performance in Helsinki. Would have been problematic for Trump to nix that in the middle of the uproar. Knowing Trump's regard for details, I suspect he also simply dismisses these actions as small potatoes. It's naive to believe this sort of thing defines Trump's position on Russia - and perhaps even more importantly, Putin. If he really is prepared to take a tough line on Russia, all he has to do is say so. Hell, he cannot even admit they intervened in our election.
  8. homersapien

    Remember This Pic?

    I am surprised you are having trouble understanding Brad's point. Aren't you an avid fisherman? Most sportsman have an innate appreciation of the environment that goes past their immediate enjoyment.
  9. homersapien

    Remember This Pic?

    You don't think the government has had a positive impact on improving environmental conditions?
  10. homersapien

    Are They Coming Home?

    Well, just for starters he wasn't a narcissistic psychopath.
  11. Odd choice of topics. I wonder what prompted it.
  12. homersapien

    Why Russia Will Help the Democrats Next

    Didn't read the piece, huh? “There should be no doubt that Russia perceives its past efforts as successful and views the 2018 U.S. midterm elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations,” Coats said in February. “We expect Russia to continue using propaganda, social media, false-flag personas, sympathetic spokespeople and other means of influence to try to exacerbate social and political fissures in the United States.” ..... ....Vladimir Putin’s goal isn’t—and never was—to help the Republican Party, at least in the long run. Boosting Trump’s presidential campaign was a means to Putin’s end: Weakening the West, and exploiting the seams and divisions of the West’s open democracies to undermine our legitimacy and moral standing. Russia accomplished that with great success in 2016—and it’s a strategy that is continuing to pay dividends today. “Their purpose was to sow discontent and mistrust in our elections; they wanted us to be at each others’ throat when it was over,” former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers said last year. “It’s influencing, I would say, legislative process today. That’s wildly successful.” Just look at the past week of foreign policy, during which Trump slammed NATO, insulted German Chancellor Angela Merkel, undermined British Prime Minister Theresa May and the government of our closest ally, called Europe a “foe,” and mused out loud about whether he would honor the foundational mutual-defense premise of NATO. Not to mention the bizarre news conference with Putin that the BBC summed up as: “Trump sides with Russia against FBI at Helsinki summit.” It would have been hard for Putin to plan a more effective week to undermine and divide the West if he had orchestrated and stage-managed the entire process from a Kremlin whiteboard.
  13. Interesting "big picture" perspective on foreign election interference and why a weak response is so dangerous to the U.S. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/07/19/russia-democrats-election-meddling-219020 Election meddling is cheap, effective and here to stay. And hurting the Republicans is the smart strategy for the midterms. excerpt: Democratic control of one or both houses of Congress might, from a brass tacks Chinese or Russian perspective, guarantee two years of a paralyzed America, a country continuing to look inward, not outward. And Democratic control of Congress could help arrest Trump’s trade war, which actually could be harming China’s growth and rise—and the one thing China can’t afford to lose right now is it’s economic growth. A Democratic House might lead to a polarizing impeachment fight that would further exacerbate America’s political divides and weaken the country globally, at least in the short term. China doesn’t need to sideline the U.S. forever—just long enough to have built itself into the global military and economic superpower befitting its status as the world’s most populous nation. Two or four more years of America refusing to engage on the world stage and undermining rules-based systems like the World Trade Organization, and of President Trump storming out of G-7 summits would go a long way toward giving China the space it needs to solidify new alliances and build new systems that aren’t focused on the post-World War II Bretton Woods-style comity that aided the U.S. over the past 70 years. Similarly, Russia might decide that its aid to Trump was so successful, that he's been so effective at advancing Putin's goals, that they want to keep him in power past 2020. A good way to help Trump get reelected is to give him a Democratic Congress to rail against for the next two years. There’s a pretty straightforward trend in American electoral politics: Recent incumbent presidents lose ground in the midterms, then win second terms.