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  1. That sounds like a euphemism for "misrepresenting".
  2. Nor does it disprove her story. What do you mean by "invalidates her list of witnesses"? What parts of her story were disproved and how?
  3. Hmm, seem like some aren't just sopping up the rhetoric from Dear Leader. Guess you have to be on the receiving end. Demeaning comments will not deter agents from continuing to protect the American people, the group said.
  4. First, I think I proved my "case". And I am not "accusing you" of anything other than writing something which was deceptively false. I don't think you actually planned it that way; I think you just got a little careless with your prose, which is something we all do from time to time.
  5. homersapien

    Resisting a Lynch Mob

    The Senate can certainly make such a decision based on their gut feel, and "possibility" undoubtedly plays a roll in that. I suspect you already knew that, right? And let's not forget there are other reasons to oppose him which might also factor in, such as his positions on campaign financing or executive power.
  6. One HUGE difference: Pointing out her statements don't rule out her being there is actually rational.
  7. Well, from your posts on this and other threads, it sounds like you have made your decision. But frankly, I am not trying to challenge whatever you think about this. I am simply challenging what you literally write about it. Believe whatever you want, writing things like they said "it didn't happen" is a deceptive. (I don't really get the point of your above post. Guess it's too complex for me. )
  8. Well let's be literal and consider the complexity and nuance of language: You are correct in that her testimony doesn't directly "back up" Ford's story, but it doesn't disprove it either. She may have been there and she didn't have to know BK for the incident to have happened.
  9. It's certainly not the same as "It didn't happen".
  10. Then I guess we agree? See DKW, I can follow complexity - and nuance too!
  11. homersapien

    Resisting a Lynch Mob

    "Sorry if being something more than simple-minded confuses you." No DKW complexity doesn't confuse or bother me at all. In fact I am perhaps overdrawn to it, if anything. I just found your rant about lynch mobs - combined with the belief she could be telling the truth - to be a somewhat a mixed message, with typical emphasis on the emotional component. I would have expected such a rant from Mikey (for example), not from someone who is open to the possibility she's telling the truth.
  12. I certainly don't know that for sure. But it does look a little suspicious, just like the video of the "Coastie" did.
  13. Unless I missed it, no one - other than Kavanaugh - has said "it didn't happen". That's an inference.
  14. homersapien

    Resisting a Lynch Mob

    Boy, I've seen someone project mixed signals before, but not as extremely as you do.
  15. homersapien

    Post game Arkansas thread

    Never dreamed I could ever feel this disappointed after an SEC win.