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  1. Nick Saban is a coward for his silence on Roy Moore

    Is this a trick question? Saban running the Democratic party sounds like a win/win for this liberal Auburn man.
  2. This is pretty Orwellian

    This is why we can't have nice things (serious debate) even if a special effort is made to allow it.
  3. FCC Announces Plans To Repeal Net Neutrality

    Oh, that explains it perfectly. Nevermind.
  4. FCC Announces Plans To Repeal Net Neutrality

    Sorry, but if that's supposed to be a response, you'll need to elaborate.
  5. A sexual harrassment catch all thread.

    I kind of enjoy watching PT make a fool of himself.
  6. This is pretty Orwellian

    Salty and PT - Do you really not get Ben's point or are you just trying to actively avoid it?
  7. The Bannon Effect

  8. How can a Christian Support Trump?

    Well, he could be presuming an immoral, narcissistic fool makes for a good president?
  9. How can a Christian Support Trump?

    Versus the alternative - Fox News?
  10. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    And Hasn't Hillary been investigated many times already?
  11. Moore Acuser and FBI Bias

    Why would Obama be investigated in the first place?
  12. Tax Bill