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  1. homersapien

    Anti-Trump man disrupts musical in Baltimore

    I'll answer my own question: Why did this guy associate Trump with Nazi fascism? Slow motion civil war Donald Trump isn’t our president; he is the Jefferson Davis of a new red state confederacy
  2. This is damning. It's also right on. They made an excellent point - Gus needs help. I'd like to see Green force it on him.
  3. No, I accept and believe the science. You apparently deny it. Own it.
  4. homersapien

    Trump even more unhinged after midterms

    An effort to produce evidence for what is self evident and common knowledge is a fool's errand - something that a weasel like you would demand to evade the facts. If you dispute the validity of anything I listed, say so and I will provide the evidence. Of course, it would be a whole lot quicker to just search each claim on your own.
  5. homersapien

    Anti-Trump man disrupts musical in Baltimore

    non sequitur
  6. If it's a "cult" to believe and accept the science, I plead guilty.
  7. homersapien

    Trump even more unhinged after midterms

    I report, you decide.
  8. A broader overview of global warming and hurricanes: Global Warming and Hurricanes An Overview of Current Research Results
  9. OK, fine. If you really want to believe AGW is unproven there's nothing I can do to dissuade you. (And I didn't say anything. I was just quoting.) By the way, you misunderstood the part about "parameterizing convection. What they did is modify the models to include convection while also accounting for temperature - which the directional models do not. And it "sounds" very professional probably because the authors work at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and it was published by "Nature".
  10. homersapien

    Trump even more unhinged after midterms

    I never said anything concerning the norm for midterms. I just refuted Trump's claim that it was a "great victory". And the Russian investigation is still quite active. There's no need to "revitalize" it. And based on Trump's obsession with it, there must be something there. If he were as innocent as he claims, why mention it, much less ranting about what a fraud it is? Great to see you up and reading my posts!
  11. “I think the Republican Party has become something of a personality cult.” Wow, I guess he and Kellyanne have a strict "no political discussion" rule at their house. I've never understood how such a mixed marriage could possibly work. Regardless, he's certainly right on about the personality cult. It will be interesting to watch how the GOP transforms itself post Trump. Will they revert back to rationalism or will they seek another "Great Leader" demagogue?
  12. The history of American Muslims goes back more than 400 years. Although some evidence suggests that there were Muslims on Columbus’ ships, the first clearly documented arrival of Muslims in America occurred in the 17th century with the arrival of slaves from Africa. Scholars estimate that anywhere from a quarter to a third of the enslaved Africans brought to the United States were Muslims. Large numbers of Moriscos (former Muslims of Spain and Portugal) also came to the Spanish colonies, including many areas of what is today the United States. Although enslaved people were denied freedom of religion, many did practice their faith in secret and pass it on to their children. There are several autobiographies of Muslim slaves that survive from this period, including some by individuals who were involved in the Abolitionist movement and were Union soldiers during the Civil War. The next significant wave of Muslim immigrants began in the mid-19th century. During the late 19th century until the 1920s, large numbers of Arabs, mostly from Lebanon and Greater Syria, arrived in the United States. Although the majority of these immigrants (almost 90%) were Arab Christians, there were sizable clusters of Muslims, most of whom settled in the Midwest. Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb, an early American convert to Islam, established a mosque and mission in New York City in 1893. The first mosque structure built in the United States for the purpose of serving a Muslim community was in Ross, North Dakota (1929) and the oldest surviving mosque is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (1934). African-Americans began to rediscover their African Islamic roots after the Great Migration of Blacks from the South to the Northern cities after World Wars I and II. The re-emergence of African-American Islam has been a consistent phenomenon during the twentieth century until the present. Today, African-American Muslims constitute roughly a third of the American Muslim population. After passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, greater numbers of Muslims began migrating to America along with many other immigrants with diverse backgrounds. The change in immigration laws allowed highly-skilled professionals to enter the U.S. Many Muslims who came during this time period were from the Middle East and South Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh).
  13. I am sure that was a factor, but the indicated research shows how more rain was produced in such hurricanes due to AGW regardless if it stalls or not. In other words, the stalling and rain production from temperature are two independent factors. Anthropogenic influences on major tropical cyclone events Abstract There is no consensus on whether climate change has yet affected the statistics of tropical cyclones, owing to their large natural variability and the limited period of consistent observations. In addition, projections of future tropical cyclone activity are uncertain, because they often rely on coarse-resolution climate models that parameterize convection and hence have difficulty in directly representing tropical cyclones. Here we used convection-permitting regional climate model simulations to investigate whether and how recent destructive tropical cyclones would change if these events had occurred in pre-industrial and in future climates. We found that, relative to pre-industrial conditions, climate change so far has enhanced the average and extreme rainfall of hurricanes Katrina, Irma and Maria, but did not change tropical cyclone wind-speed intensity. In addition, future anthropogenic warming would robustly increase the wind speed and rainfall of 11 of 13 intense tropical cyclones (of 15 events sampled globally). Additional regional climate model simulations suggest that convective parameterization introduces minimal uncertainty into the sign of projected changes in tropical cyclone intensity and rainfall, which allows us to have confidence in projections from global models with parameterized convection and resolution fine enough to include tropical cyclones.
  14. It was a generalized statement. There were zero qualifications attached to it. How many cops do you see pulling people over for going 1 mph over the speed limit? That's common sense. Allowing for two extra minutes to such an important deadline is common sense.
  15. homersapien

    Trump even more unhinged after midterms

    Just take a wild guess and we'll parse it.