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  1. The pop star castigated the GOP Senate candidate in Tennessee. A predictable backlash followed, including from Donald Trump.
  2. How about putting a couple of simple sentences to form a modest coherent paragraph? Can you quote a paragraph or two as an example?
  3. Here's you chance. What specifically, are you referring to?
  4. homersapien

    The Stock Market

    I am just a science guy with 40 years of investment experience on a kid like you. What a little jerk you are. (Assuming this isn't sarcasm to start with.)
  5. Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, kid.
  6. Nice switch. The issue was Stormy's qualifications for being on the best seller list. But apparently you are arguing the equivalence. I agree. Trump has the exact same stature - regarding authorship - as Stormy.
  7. Are you implying a transfusion can change my genetic identity?
  8. homersapien

    Five Tribes of American Voters

    Serious question. What are the "extremes" of liberal philosophy as you see them?
  9. homersapien

    Soros Backed Group Fires Operative After Attack

    It's the Jewish cabal PT. Very secretive.
  10. It is increasingly difficult to overlook Trump's misogyny The accusations already made against President Trump for inappropriate behavior towards women have been hard enough to ignore. Now his ridicule of the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is too much, even for the most skeptical. Trump’s misogyny reaps diminishing returns Our President Has Always Degraded Women — And We’ve Always Let Him 30 Times Donald Trump Has Been Completely Insulting to Women Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private Interviews reveal unwelcome advances, a shrewd reliance on ambition, and unsettling workplace conduct over decades. Of course, I could go on.
  11. Yes...... now what's your point again? No one has implied anything about the intellectual or moral merits of being an author on the best selling list. Well, except for you.
  12. Nice diversion. My point was the illogical premise of your implication. Knock yourself out.
  13. Trump says he has 'natural instinct for science' when it comes to climate change President Donald Trump told the Associated Press that he has a "natural instinct for science" that informs his understanding of climate change and allows him to see through the political bias that he accused some scientists of holding. In his interview, published Wednesday, the president reiterated his belief that the climate is changing but argued that the climate "goes back and forth, back and forth." He claimed that scientists are divided on whether climate change is the result of human activity, even though the vast majority of climate scientists believe that it is. "You have scientists on both sides of it. My uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years, Dr. John Trump," the president said. "And I didn’t talk to him about this particular subject, but I have a natural instinct for science, and I will say that you have scientists on both sides of the picture." Trump's comments to the AP came in response to remarks he made in an interview with CBS's "60 Minutes," in which the president admitted that climate change is not a hoax, but also said he believes that it may not be "man-made." Earlier this month, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report saying that the planet will reach 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels as soon as 2030, which could increase the risk for extreme drought, wildfires, floods and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people. The president said that he is "an environmentalist." "Everything I want and everything I have is clean. Clean is very important — water, air," he said. "I want absolutely crystal clear water and I want the cleanest air on the planet and our air now is cleaner than it’s ever been. Very important to me." But he added that he is unwilling to take steps that might slow the U.S. economy in order to combat climate change. "What I’m not willing to do is sacrifice the economic well-being of our country for something that nobody really knows," he said.
  14. I'm certainly not "blaming" him, bless his heart.
  15. Oooooooh! More wit! Can't run with you!
  16. I see what you did there. Is that what passes for wit in your world?
  17. Dub understood it. Not surprised you didn't.
  18. homersapien

    Exceptional is, as exceptional does

    Here's one for all you self-described "Christians": Prominent evangelical leader on Khashoggi crisis: let’s not risk “$100 billion worth of arms sales” A major evangelical leader has spoken in defense of US-Saudi relations after the apparent killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in a Saudi consulate, saying that America has more important things — like arms deals — to focus on. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, appeared on its flagship television show The 700 Club on Monday to caution Americans against allowing the United States’ relationship with Saudi Arabia to deteriorate over Khashoggi’s death. “For those who are screaming blood for the Saudis — look, these people are key allies,” Robertson said. While he called the faith of the Wahabists — the hardline Islamist sect to which the Saudi Royal Family belongs — “obnoxious,” he urged viewers to remember that “we’ve got an arms deal that everybody wanted a piece of…it’ll be a lot of jobs, a lot of money come to our coffers. It’s not something you want to blow up willy-nilly.” Robertson praised the approach of President Donald Trump, who has publicly cast doubt on the allegations against the Saudis, comparing them to those of sexual assault against Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh earlier this month. On Wednesday, after the New York Times reported that it had obtained audio of Khashoggi being tortured, murdered, and dismembered inside the consulate, Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak reported that Trump said that he had requested the recording, “if it exists,” later adding “I’m not sure that it exists.” A day later, Robertson doubled down, reappearing on the network to dismiss calls for any form of reprisals against the Saudis as “ill-advised,” in part because of Saudi Arabia’s hardline stance against Iran, whom Robertson identified as a bigger threat. “You’ve got one journalist — who knows? Was it an interrogation? Was he assassinated? Were there rogue elements? Who did it?...You’ve got $100 billion worth of arms sales...we cannot alienate our biggest player in the Middle East.”.....
  19. Question: Does the U.S. have a unique image in the world as the beacon/example/leader for human rights? Are we country that stands for and represents individual liberty? I would say that's largely so, even though in many cases it's often more "image" than fact. Perhaps more importantly, is it important for the world to have a prominent example of a country that values human rights? If not us, then who? Trump either doesn't recognize the value of moral leadership, or he just doesn't care. (It's the latter.) While other POTUS's have undoubtedly gone through the same mental calculations of what the practical costs of taking a moral position will be, who in hell says in public their main concern over this is the possibility of losing a military contract if they condemn the Saudis??? Likewise, Trump's careless rhetoric about the press and their representatives being "enemies of the people" is a terrible message to project. There are lots of places in the world that take this literally and are very pleased to see the POTUS say likewise. Open season on journalists. What messages for us to be sending the world about U.S. values! Trump's $110 billion Saudi arms deal has only earned $14.5 billion so far President Donald Trump says he doesn't want a $110 billion arms deal he brokered with Saudi Arabia to unravel over allegations the Gulf kingdom murdered a journalist at its consulate in Turkey. But his comments are missing the mark on a key fact: Saudi Arabia has so far only followed through on $14.5 billion in purchases. The deal brokered last year between the US and Saudi Arabia was merely a memorandum of intent to fulfill nearly $110 billion in arms sales over the next 10 years. As of yet, Saudi Arabia has only signed letters of offer and acceptance -- official purchase agreements that have either already been approved by Congress or in the process of being approved -- for $14.5 billion in purchases, according to a Pentagon official. Despite those facts, the President cited the economic and jobs benefits of the $110 billion investment as a reason not to touch the deal as part of any US-imposed consequences for Saudi Arabia's role in the disappearance and alleged murder of the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.....
  20. homersapien

    On Fascism

    Similarities of what? Certainly not policies - or even values.
  21. homersapien

    On Fascism

    Is one worse than the other?
  22. That sort of depends on what is being cut doesn't it?