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  1. homersapien

    NFL - players will be fined for kneeling

    Are you suggesting Trump is directly responsible for this NFL regulation?
  2. homersapien

    Lesley Stahl, Trump, Putin, Surkov

    And the difference is......?
  3. homersapien

    Mo Brooks weighs in on climate change

    Scientifically speaking, just by existing, you are part of the problem. That's no reason to reject your personal responsibility because others bear more.
  4. homersapien

    NFL - players will be fined for kneeling

    Best commentary I've heard on this: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/are-new-nfl-penalties-for-kneeling-purely-about-the-bottom-line
  5. homersapien

    NFL - players will be fined for kneeling

    Being fined for not exhibiting "proper respect"? If that's not enforced patriotism, what is?
  6. homersapien

    NFL - players will be fined for kneeling

    Seriously? Trump very deliberately threw gas on this "controversy". Division is his stock in trade.
  7. homersapien

    Lesley Stahl, Trump, Putin, Surkov

    Can you please explain why you think it's "silly"?
  8. I don't understand your point. The debasement of evangelicals by embracing Trump has nothing to do with Clinton.
  9. Good point. IMO, it's not a good idea to invest directly in any given company, but no doubt, I have a piece of many of the companies in question via mutual funds and indexes. But that's a different subject. The current topic is AGW and the consequences.
  10. Irony. You hang out on a political forum and then tell people to shut up and advise them to get off it. Do you ever listen to yourself? Do I need to post another story about life in the wilderness to prove I'm just as real as you are?
  11. homersapien

    Lesley Stahl, Trump, Putin, Surkov

    BS ? "Brother", that's totally illogical. The Russians hated Hillary, for good reason. She had Putin's number. To suggest she wouldn't have pursued this with a vengence is laughable. That's sad.
  12. Whatever. It pretty much results the same.
  13. Sorry, but I don't see how investing more money in discovering new reserves we can't use - strategically speaking - is a good investment for our species.
  14. Why do you reject AGW theory in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus? Do you simply reject the science as presented? Or in different terms, do you think the science does not have the support by the overwhelming number of scientists in a position to have a respectable opinion? And seriously, you think it's being "politicized"? As if it shouldn't be?
  15. You don't see the implications of that? Do you think simple "demand" is going to solve this problem?
  16. Yes, but the greater point is do: Do we need to invest in exploiting new sources - like Anwar and increased off-shore drilling - when we cannot afford to use what we are already sitting on? (And please keep in mind that I am speaking from the "species" level, not from the perspective of any given oil company.) Did you read the piece above from Rolling Stone? Do you reject it? (And please. Spare us the comments about Rolling Stone as a "source". They didn't write the papers, they just published them. Besides, other references are available.)
  17. So, straight out: 1) Do you think humans are capable of changing the global ecology? 2) Do you accept AGW as a scientific fact?
  18. homersapien

    Lesley Stahl, Trump, Putin, Surkov

    Yes, absolutely. After all, they were opposing her.
  19. homersapien

    Did Fed Agents Infiltrate Trump Campaign?

    Because, as part of the US counter-intelligence force he was investigating reasonable leads into the possibility the Russians were actively involved in our electoral process. And yes, since Trump was one of the contestants in said campaign, the professional intent was to protect him as well. Duuuuuuh! Why did Hillary need what? What about the "poor DNC"?
  20. homersapien

    NFL - players will be fined for kneeling

    You know, it's possible to discuss this without being a jerk. You should try it sometime.