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  1. I think they passed that law today in ARK where it is legal to carry a gun in a stadium now.
  2. I believe he red shirted last season.
  3. This defense will be interesting to watch. The top 2 DL are gone from last year, but there is talent there. I think we will get production from Brown and others on the inside. Hopefully Cowart will start to blossom in his new position. Marlon is very good, but I wonder who the speed rusher will be? Holland? The linebackers should be very good this year. With the addition of some elite freshman talent, this area of the football team will be good for years. The big question is the secondary, especially safety. It is a veteran group - a mix of talented and scrappy players. But there is very little depth. Tray has shown he can be pretty good at defending the run game but he struggles at times in coverage. Roberts is good. I have no idea who is behind them - Character? Also make sme wonder what we are going to do when the 2 starters graduate next year. Brown has his work cut out for him.
  4. Yep. He was option #5 at this point and was never going to play this year. I wish him the best.
  5. Link below^tfw
  6. We were more talented, with a better coach, and with something to play for (NIT). That was a terrible loss and the entire team (from every coach to every player) needs to be accountable. This team never had the chemistry. I just never felt like they were playing as a team. Maybe with the new freshmen, a bunch of sophs, they will play better. They certainly need to work on their defense. Yuck.
  7. Thank goodness this wretched season is over. Wow that was painful.
  8. I have posted this so many times but it really is all about the uga game. Last year's game did me in. That was the worst uga team I have seen in a long time. We were their signature win for the year. We can make every excuse in the book on why we lost, and they may be legitimate, but a loss is a loss. They have owned us over the last decade. Losing to them directly hurts in recruiting, where we have made a living by pulling a ton of recruits from GA. Over the last few years Clemson has taken top kids from GA, and now Kirby is starting to close the doors in that state. We have to win this game more than any other this year IMO.
  9. Hopefully the 1 or 2 times we punt a game will be at least 40 yards each.
  10. speaking of pressure... They go through every team on the top 25. You have probably already seen this. Under his picture: "Every top 25 team has a player or two who could come in and immediately improve the roster. But perhaps no single player in the country could have the impact of ex-Baylor QB Jarrett Stidham at Auburn. Julie Bennett / via AP"
  11. Good for him. He seems like a nice person that loves AU and is really trying to make things at AU better. He wants to win worse than we do and he is committed to doing everything he can to make it happen. I may not agree with everything he does but that is fine.
  12. The reaction will be way different IMO. There are probably very few AU fans going into this spring that thinks SW, who is hurt and will miss all of spring practice, will start in 2017 over JS. Even the most adamant SW supporters have to admit that JS has a huge advantage at this point. Back in 08 there was a big debate, I remember. But the reaction when Todd was named starter (while bad) was not near what it will be if SW is named starter over JS, especially if JS has a strong spring. This place will melt so hard we may have to go back to aunation because you won't be able to login to aufamily. It will shut down.
  13. SW was very efficient in several games. Against top competition, he has 1 win, the only one that he was healthy for... every other time we played against a top team, he was not on the field because he was hurt (or he played hurt because he was basically all we had). SW was the best QB on the AU roster the last 2 years by default. The others behind him were not just average, they were terrible. He is a gutsy kid that is accurate with short throws. We have proven that we can win with him, but in most cases it is with him as a game manager on offense (short throws, running the ball a ton) and playing solid defense. He is gutsy and the team rallies around him. But SW has a few things going against him. 1) There is a new OC with new plays and he has opened competition. 2) SW is hurt, so he is not able to show what he can do this spring 3) JS will probably take all 1st string reps this spring, learn the new offense, and have some timing down with the players, and 4) JS has proven that he is talented and can sling it against good competition. My only concern with JS is rust (not playing for year) and the fact that he also sustained a season ending injury 2 years ago. I hope he is not frail as well. But if he practices/plays like he did in the big 12, he will be named the starter and none of this will matter. That is what I expect to happen.
  14. Not really the same comparison at all. Going into that competition Kodi had never played for another power 5 team, against good competition, with incredible numbers. JS has already done this.
  15. Reaction if White is named the starter ** he won't be