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  1. These are the themes of the 2016-2017 BBall team. * We live and die by the 3. If we are making 3s, we can keep the game somewhat close and maybe win. If they are not going in, we are going to be blown out. I don't think I have ever seen a team take as many 3s as we have this year. Maybe this is normal - I just haven't been paying attention. * The elephant in the room is the lack of defense. Even Bruce has addressed it with the media - stating that his team is made of a bunch of scorers (sometimes) and not a lot of defensive-minded players. Defense is a mindset and it is about effort. Get a hand in the face of shooters! Don't give up wide open shots! Don't let someone back you down! Stay aggressive! And if you want to be a team that plays no defense in every game, you better score more than the other team.
  2. Our defense is laughable. Tam shot almost 70%. The real question will be if TAM can score 60 in the 2nd like other teams have lately. Sooooo frustrating. I thought we would be a lot better than we are by this point in the season.
  3. aunation - that just sounds... weird. hahahaha And I am looking forward to seeing the new WR formations, plays, and schemes.
  4. If you have a good QB, the offense will work. Honestly if you have a good QB most offenses will work.
  5. I do think Malik is going to be very good. It seems as if the "potential" our coaches have seen in HS QBs lately has outweighed the fact that the players did a poor job of leading their HS teams to victories, or maybe it was overlooked that they played against bad competition in HS. Players like NM, and now Malik, have proven that they have potential AND they played very well in HS against top competition. I like that.
  6. Hahah.... Agree that RA is one of my all time favorites as well. Did you hear that? We're using code names.
  7. Agree with all of you about the underdog role that AU seems to relish. Can anyone remember the last time we were picked to do well (like win the SEC) and we did? The 80s?
  8. Focusing on the offense... * QB: The most important position on the field. Well according to those who have seen Stidham play, he seems to be pretty good. Really good actually. If he can stay healthy, watch out... * WR: We probably have the most talented group of HS WR to ever assemble at one time at AU. Will they pan out? We will see. But you mix them together with a good QB and we could be lethal through the air. * RB: Kam P was leading the SEC before he got hurt. KJ, also fighting through injuries, balled out in the LSU game. Add the other Kam, some newcomers, and mix in a good passing game (to keep teams from crowding the line) and the running game has a chance to be lethal...again. * Offense in general: The great unknown is how the team will react to the new offense, how quickly they can pick it up, and can the OL gel by game #2? But at least from a talent standpoint, we are not at a disadvantage on the field to start the season. Focusing on the Defense... * DL should be strong, but not as strong as last year. I expect some drop off, but we still have talent. Brown, Davidson - but young but elite. They can turn the game around in just one play. Russell and Holland are very good. PJ3 - will he play? Cowart? Coe? * LB should be the best it has been in many years. Quality starters, elite players now at backup. Top to bottom maybe the best LB potential AU has had since the 80s. We just need to see how the youth can help the veterans. * CB and Safety - This is one area of concern. Ruffin, T Matthews (when healthy), J Davis, Broussard, and the up and coming Daniel Thomas are pretty good. Will Dinson return? Who else will step up? * Defense should be better this year if for no other reason that they should have help offensively. * And then you add the best kicker (IMO) in all of college football. Again, the motto should be No Excuses for this team.
  9. Yep I want to know who is going to play left OT
  10. Great hire. Needed a solid recruiter.
  11. I have no idea if Chip Lindsey will be a good recruiter, but we need a good recruiter on the offensive side. I know that special teams is extremely important, but the coach they hire needs to be a "recruiting" home run more than a coaching home run in my opinion. Basically we need someone like DC (who will not work for Gus) back on campus.
  12. I think it is pretty obvious he does not have 3-4 years to win and it is not just the fan's opinion. When the board/AD start to meddle, the leash is short. 2017 needs to be special. Maybe not win it all but we need big improvement, including a win over uga. If no improvement, you are going to see our recruiting take a nosedive.
  13. Let's hope so! I us want to live up to expectations for once.
  14. It's the off-season so let's talk about recent rumors of AU players moving positions... C Toney moving to DE? Cowart moving to DT? Those are some that are the big rumors, but what about Franklin? No talk but will he move and to where from what I have seen. Kick return specialist maybe? Slot WR? Omac role?
  15. Saban has been doing this for years. Uat gets big-time recruits and then hires their coaches, upgrades their HS fields, etc. Whatever it takes.