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  1. Oh I knew what was coming when I started it. I have been on this site long enough to know how it works. I like the back and forth.
  2. No he is not, but I think you know that just about everyone seems to want him out at this point. Look at every thread on the football board - you can't get through them without a jab at Gus. That is why I started this thread. I think people would look at him differently if he just won that one game.
  3. Side note: The funny thing is he may be an excellent coach (although he was not good at OM) but with saban at uat, nobody will look at him that way. Nobody will look at any SEC coach that way while saban is at uat unless they win a national title....
  4. Yes but Gene Chizik took our program to a place it had never been before in a terrible way. If Gene had won 7 or 8 games there is no way he would have been fired. Gus is consistently average.
  5. Ok so let's say that he was the OC on the national title team and then led us to our 3 national title in program history as a HC. You would not look at him differently if he won in 2013?
  6. Look I want constancy just like every other AU fan. I jumped off the bus back in 2016 and I am not sold on him as the HC at AU. All I am saying is that if he had won a title in 2013 people would think differently about him. Hell we only have 2 titles in history. He took us to our 3rd and lost.
  7. Haha I did not say winning 3 national titles in 3 years. Read the quote again.
  8. Would you rather be Auburn or LSU over the last decade? Would you rather be Auburn or any other program in the SEC (other than uat) over the last decade?
  9. I agree it is not fair to compare Dabo and Gus. Dabo has proven to be a better coach... with a much, much, much, much, much easier schedule. But I am getting off track... the point is if Gus had this resume I think people would feel differently: AU HC national title mediocre mediocre mediocre SEC championship game mediocre I think being a national title head coach makes it different.
  10. If your first season is only the 3rd time in program history to reach that point, it is going to be hard to match. Do you agree with that? I hear you - would like to us to be a 10 win/season type program. LSU is basically a 10 win program but I would argue that even with our down seasons, we still have more success than they do recently.
  11. Not sure, but how many current head coaches have won a national title? I just think winning 2 national titles in the span of 3 years would have changed the way we look a things. If dabo goes 7-5 the next 3 years and then 10-2 (but no championship), do you thing they fire him at Clemson? I think he is set for life.
  12. And yet Gus turned it around in one year and took us to the national title game. I don;t think people remember how bad we were in 2012.