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  1. https://www.aufamily.com/forums/forum/41-rivals-football/
  2. Yeah, I don’t think that’s ever been done in history at AU
  3. He would be the best hire by leaps and bounds. Pie in the sky until it happens.
  4. First year I expect a bowl bid and a top 10-15 recruiting class nationally. It shows progress over the worst coach in Auburn history. Some of you clearly dislike HF with your takes on how he should do this upcoming season with these unrealistic expectations. Either that or you have not seen our roster for next year. Arson Harsin destroyed this program.. Like sanctions bad. We may need 40-50 new players and we are not the only ones that are going to go after starting OL etc. We will have an entirely new OL and DL. This is a complete rebuild. Now we can speed it up due to the portal but turning around a program in one year is difficult. what we really need is an all star quarterback. That would change everything.
  5. As long as it is not Todd G, I am good with anyone. I like the South AL DC as well.
  6. According to JGT on Rivals, Kelly and TWill were our top 2 at DC (or at least the ones that he Knows were interviewed for the job). Either we found someone else - which has not been announced for some reason - or we are not winning these coaching battles. Let us see who he names in the next two days. If we do not have a DC coach by Friday, then we are in trouble. we have OVs this weekend.
  7. Well now we know why we have not seen anyone named yet. Many of these names are at the top of our board and it looks like they are taking other jobs. I know Kelly was interviewed and was one of the top players for the DC job. Deion…
  8. If he has a top 10 nationally recruiting class next year.
  9. Crime Dog is an Co-Dc? Well that changes everything IMO.
  10. Yeah I saw that but to me that is like the Dabo is interested in Auburn stuff. Just throw around big names. At this point I think it will be CKelly. Just a guess.
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