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  1. Taken from the web Clemson has yet to play a team with a winning record. LSU is perfect in the red zone this year. Amazing. SMU is undefeated. Who is their OC? Wisconsin has 4 shutouts in 6 games. The other 2 games they gave up 0 and 3 points at halftime. That is unreal.
  2. Uga was a 22 point favorite at home. Then USCe loses their starting QB at halftime. I would say it was pretty shocking. hopefully they lose 3 more this year.
  3. I just don’t understand why auburn fans won’t get Florida any credit for their defense. All week long all I heard was that their defense was not good. We have less than 100 yards at half time. We can’t run it. We can’t throw it. How about we give them some credit.
  4. It could be much worse. Let’s go win this!!!!
  5. Only way we are going to win
  6. I have not seen this much confidence in the Auburn fan base in a long time. Going into a place that Gus has never coached against a top 10 team and just about everyone is saying we will win by double digits. I like it. It is refreshing.
  7. 1994 was my favorite game as well. Watching it with a fraternity brother and we were going crazy. Such a good memory. This is probably my favorite rival (and yes I consider them a rival since we played them so much) other than Uga. I think we are one of the closest schools to Gainesville in the SEC. The Swamp is one of the few places in the SEC I have not been. I heard it is awesome. I am super pumped for this game.
  8. That is what he said and I was surprised as well. The guy is the FL broadcaster and does the Dan Mullen show. I guess he would know. Biggest game in a decade? I guess this is the first true top 10 match-up they have had in a long while. And you aren't kidding. You could not ask for better press for AU. 3 national games already with Gameday twice... in 6 games.
  9. Florida radio host just said that this is the biggest game in Gainesville in a decade. Also gameday has not been there since 2012. It is going to be huge ... and I am so pumped!!! I love big games!!!