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  1. Awesome. Just what this class needed.
  2. gr82b4au

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    Agree. We will have to really do something miraculous to get him. As many others have said - other than OL recruiting this class looks insanely good. Really need Morris to switch or a top level OT to look our way. It is a little surprising that we are struggling a little in this area considering we are bring in Nix. You would think we could convince OL to block for him.
  3. gr82b4au

    2019 WR John Dunmore

    It can't be said enough - the WR recruiting over the last 2 years has been amazing. We are in on more top WRs than I can ever remember. We may actually have to be very selective on who we take at this position as we are still in on a few high profile guys (and we lead on 1 or 2 of them). My guess is 1) kids are connecting with Kodi, 2) they see is passing more now with Stidham/Chip and 3) it helps to have an elite 11 HS all american QB commit.
  4. Fantastic news indeed.
  5. gr82b4au

    A-Day thread

    JS is an elite talent. There is no worry there. However everyone is concerned about the OL. A bad OL can make a great QB look average.
  6. gr82b4au

    A-Day thread

    I think spring games are meaningless. You basically watch a bunch of walkons and 3rd stringers. The O is vanilla. The QBs can’t run, which outside is Stidham is their strength. They should do away with it and just have practices.
  7. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Clemson

    I cannot believe a coach would actually put that on Twitter. Talk about unprofessional.
  8. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Clemson

    It is. Just about everyone is laughing at us including our opponent. It is what it is. I hope we play Clemson in the playoff next year and beat them by 30.
  9. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Clemson

    The media loves to see us lose. We are the most hated team in the SEC.
  10. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Clemson

    I would play all walkons with 5 min left. I mean we are down 40. 40 points.
  11. gr82b4au

    Men vs. South Carolina

    Was at the game today. It was my first time in the new arena. Was a lot of fun. Was a little quiet when down 14 but when we got going (aka BB started hitting 3s) that place was nuts. Props to the students. So happy for the kids and coach. Side note- one of the worst officiated games I have seen in a long time.
  12. gr82b4au

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    If we didn't win the first game we would not have even been in the championship game. I think the first one mattered.
  13. gr82b4au

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    I think Chase goes to LSU, Langham to FL, and we get Johnson. No idea about Ross. We still want to sign an OT transfer so not sure about Fuqua - maybe to greyshirt?
  14. gr82b4au

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    We beat them by 3 tds the first time... Yes I know we lost to them later and that sucks but we can't forget that we demolished them earlier. ... now back to recruiting.
  15. gr82b4au

    2018 3* DB Cam Taylor

    Good for him.