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  1. To get to the game you have to get through the schedule.
  2. I actually think that if he wins 8 reg season games and one of them is LSU or UGA, he is completely safe. But who knows... Actually Bo knows.
  3. I still think it is an 8-4 type season, give or take a game or 2. This schedule is brutal. If we had Clemson's schedule with this team we would probably win 11 games. Oregon and TAM are the key. I wish we had a fluff game first.
  4. Agree. I think 2014 was pretty close. 2010 had a good line and the best player in college football. 2013 had a great line and the best running attack in college a little luck. 2017 was the most complete when everyone was healthy. We beat a few number 1 teams by a WIDE MARGIN... I think Gus wants to emulate that offense but make it better. I hope it is successful.
  5. What the heck has happened in hear? Can’t we all just be happy for our new starting QB in this thread? Smh
  6. And the fact that TN went up and down the field on our defense. Terrible game. But I agree with your premise - it is all about good play calling, blocking, and execution.
  7. If I could give that 100 likes I would
  8. Man if the first teamers play like they should It will be a fun season.
  9. 1) he did look pretty good today- it could go either way . We are in good hands no matter what! 2) agree!!! 3) true. The good news is that most he has been good so far this pre-season.
  10. Not sure. I can’t think of one. I can’t remember many true freshmen QBs starting anywhere. Many have played early but not many start the first game. I think South Carolina 2 years ago maybe?
  11. Watching this 2013 SEC championship... nobody could Stop us from running the ball. Running back, quarterback, we just ran over them. Our offensive line hammered them.
  12. I don’t think Bo is going to transfer no matter what right now. I also think that If Bo starts, Joey will play a lot. As far as what separates them, it seems that Bo is more accurate and sees the field better. He is just a more polished QB due to coaching and past playing time. Heck, he has been a starter and the primary QB for years. If Joey had more playing time in HS with the same good coaching, I think he would start. Either way there is a plus for both... And there are minuses for both... And both are going to make mistakes when they play. They are freshmen. I hope people remember that. The biggest deal to me was the fact that the OL finally held their own today in pass blocking. That is music to my ears.
  13. Not going to post specifics but a few general observations: 1) OL did better at pass blocking today 2) The defense should dominate this year 3) it seems more and more likely that Bo is going to start but both looked good 4) Seth is amazing 5) FG kicking was off today. We will need this to be on in order to win games with our defense.