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  1. Bottom line is we need to recruit better HS OL. We need top players. It is that simple.
  2. License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations. In this case our enemy is a varmint. Varmint Cong.
  3. So WDE said that Gus is intentionally NOT allowing our OL coach to go after or sign quality O linemen? I must have missed that. And here I have been blaming HH and JBG for years (and Gus for hiring them).
  4. Hahaha good for us! We finally said enough is enough. No longer has an offer.
  5. Again, I am not going to judge the kid on his choice. It is his life and his choice. Good on him. I just think it could be handled better. I guess it is what it is. Behind the scenes I suspect the AU coaches have probably let him know he needs to move on at this point.
  6. Why is he choosing between 2 schools if he is already committed? I don't fault the kid at all for choosing alabama. It is his life. But for the life of me I don't understand why you say your committed to a school and then you are choosing on signing day? Just politely say "I want to say thanks to Auburn for recruiting me but at this point I want to open up my recruitment and take my time make the best decision I can make on signing day." It just seems like this is the better way to handle these situations instead of then inevitable flip... unless you want to do it out of spite.
  7. Knows our offense in and out, is a great recruiter, and is great with quarterbacks... yes I would say this hire should turn out to be very, very good.
  8. As Cole said, I just don’t want to run it up the middle every time we get a first down. Hopefully CM can explain to Gus that it is wasting a play. Maybe he will listen to him.
  9. We do not want him for our head coach. Plus this is not Arkansas.
  10. Wow. I did not know that. And to think that we had this guy as part of an offensive coordinator group back in the day. Ha ha ha.