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  1. I think our best shot here is for him to wait and see how we do this season and for us to prove we will sling it more. We are obviously in his top 2 but if he indeed commits this summer then I think it will probably be FSU by a small margin. If he waits, Chip can show him what we can do. Then it is up to us to prove ourselves.
  2. Guy in the office was talking about the "bad years" for his football team and how he could not even watch the games. It got me thinking about the only time in my lifetime where I did not watch Auburn even though I knew they were on TV. You know the story... In 2012 we went 0-8 in the SEC and 3-9 overall with an OT win over Louisiana Monroe... that was the low point in all my years of watching Auburn. When we lost to Vandy, had Tam (63 points), Uga (38 pt shutout), and Uat (49 pt shutout) run it up on us... I will admit it... I watched every minute of every game up until halftime of the uga game, and then I did not even watch the second half of that game or the entire iron bowl. That is the only time in my life where I did not watch 1 second of the iron bowl. I just could not stomach it. I want to hear from you. Did any of you actually watched every second of every game? Did any of you actually stay to watch that live in person? I consider myself a big fan, but you are a true fanatic if you sat through that garbage. Luckily the family did not give up our season tickets (we thought about it) and the next year was incredible.
  3. Never said anything about beating bama but yes, with this team he needs to win 10 games and beat Uga or he is probably in trouble. I like the coach probably more than many on this site but it is what it is...
  4. That is good stuff right there.
  5. Agreed. I like the hype. I just want us to actually live up to it for once. I can't remember the last time AU was predicted to do well and actually did well. Probably when Pat Dye was coach?
  6. I think (hope really) that PJ3 is going to be the missing piece to this team. If he plays like he did in the spring, our defense should be elite. Barring injuries we have every other piece covered.
  7. I think they missed on someone that will be very good (hopefully great) - PJ3. He had an incredible spring. If he can stay healthy he may be the missing piece to this . All we are really missing is a pass rusher.
  8. This. He had a very good year, but if he would have made the tackle on some of those it would have been incredible.
  9. Those numbers are close to JC in 2004. I will take that! Add in a top running game and a good defense, that would be a lot of fun.
  10. Agree with others about Frank Sanders. Hopefully there will be a few on this team over the next few years that will creep into this conversation.
  11. I like it. I like it a lot!
  12. Yes we all know that he brought us a national title for the first time in 50+ years, but he has really been a great ambassador for Auburn for the last 7 years. He helps recruiting, not just in football. There was a local radio show in Mobile yesterday that was interviewing Unique, a HS girl that is committed to play for the Lady Tigers BBall team. In her interview she talked about the school, the program, the academics, etc... and then she mentioned how she really looked up to Cam Newton as an AU grad. She said that she was told she could meet him and that sealed the deal for her to come to AU. Side note: She is an incredible basketball player (had like 38 points in the AL-MS all star game) and rated very high. Of course Cam is not perfect (none of us are) but what he has meant to AU since he arrived on campus cannot be understated.
  13. "If Stidham lives up to the hype, I believe they fall into that category." Yep.
  14. Fields just did an interview with Rivals. Not going to give anything away but he did mention AU as one of the contenders. Hope we get him! Side note: I really think it will depend on how successful our passing game is this year under CL. It seems like Fields is really looking for team that will help develop his talents to get him ready for the next level. We need to show him that we can do this with Stidham this year. Such a crucial year for AU...
  15. Not a fan of stoops but he is obviously a great coach. That being said, I think even Gus would have dominated the Big 12 the last several seasons with that conference being down and Texas being hot garbage. The SEC is tough.