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  1. Clemson playing two quarterbacks

    It may work for them but I doesn't - at least in our game.
  2. I think he has tried in recruiting top Qbs but has failed. That is our biggest problem and that is my point. And as much as I would like to say that we won the JS battle this last year he fell into our lap. But I will take it! If we got Fields everything would change.
  3. In my opinion it is Lack of talent acquisition. Deshaun Watson was our #1 QB we wanted. He chose Clemson. Then a program that hasn't won a title in decades wins one. Just like we won with Cam. It really is all about getting a 5 star QB with talent unless you have more talent at all of the other positions like alabama and you win with Qbs that are not that great. 2013 was the anomaly. Au had an offensive scheme that nobody could stop.
  4. Well you missed some good discussion and back and forth.
  5. How is that fair? Those guys were 5 star top rated Qbs. That is my point. The only time Gus has had a 5 star top rated QB he won it all.
  6. I guess what I am saying is that It is a whole lot easier to develop a QB that already has the skills to pay the bills. And then you win. Captain obvious I know.
  7. True. I agree, but we want to be better than everyone else and get in the top 4. To do that the Qbs we are offering and really want are saying no ( or have been). Everyone notice that only the teams with elite talent or elite QB play win the national title? Same teams. Those top Qbs - we need to sign them to win championships or we can be like everyone else and just be decent. Main reason we are being picked high this year- a top rated QB fell in our lap
  8. It seems unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs Hear me out. I just looked at the top 10 HS QBs (overall) for every year back to 2010. During that time period we have had 1 (one) quarterback in the overall top ten rankings and that was in 2011 - Kiehl Frazier. He had a million offers and did not pan out. But the others - White, Jeremy Johnson, T Queen, Woody Barrett - outside the top 10. These guys were not the best of the QBs in their classes as far as rankings. As a matter of fact, in almost every case we REALLY wanted and were recruiting another QB but came in second or third - like with Deshaun Watson, Deondre Francois, or Shea Patterson. In most cases we ended up with QBs that were ok, still rated a 4 star (or 3 star in some cases), but not the ones we really we after. Uga, uat, Fsu, Oh St, Usc, Ucla... they are recruiting the top 10 QBs. And they are winning with them (most of the time anyway). My point - we seem to get our backup plan, but we need to get our first choice. Hopefully that will happen this year. OK - let me have it.
  9. Mark My Word 2017

    You may not know this but they just lost their best defensive player for the year a few days ago so that really would be amazing if they make the playoffs.
  10. Mark My Word 2017

    MMW: LSU will lose 4 games this year MMW: OK State will win the Big 12 MMW: Auburn will go 11-1 during the regular season.
  11. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    He was not going to play much at all at WR and was asked to do something that he apparently did not want to do in return punts/kicks. I appreciate his time at AU and I hope he does well at FAU (or wherever).
  12. Byron Cowart

    I like the way you think.
  13. Byron Cowart

    Agreed. He may not be the starter but he provides depth. If he leaves, it will certainly cause depth issues since we also just lost AJ to transfer. right now I think it is a bad rumor. Hopefully.
  14. Byron Cowart

    I saw that rumor but in any case I really hope he get's it together and is successful. He is needed on the interior line now. I have heard everything from "he is doing great" to "he is really struggling" and now "he may transfer". He seems to have all of the tools to be great but his motor needs to run a little higher. People that have watched him say he is a little slow coming off the snap. Right now I think he would be our #4 DT which means he would play a lot this year, so we should see if he has taken to his new position. Hopefully he really dominates.
  15. What questions does Stidham have left to answer?

    He has the tools. He needs to prove he can make it through the season.