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  1. I think Willis is gone no matter what. Either that or he will have to move positions.
  2. So now both Joey and Bo struggle against the defense. This is what I thought we would see. Also Malik struggled against the second team defense.
  3. I want to see Bo and Joey go up against the first team
  4. The double dribble... bet the refs want that call back.
  5. If we hit our FT at the end... I’m done. Just exhausted.
  6. Well that hurt as bad as the FL ST game. I feel terrible for them.
  7. This is it. Most important 3 minutes left in our season. We must hit our shots.
  8. Too much 1 on 1. If we aren’t careful we are going to get drummed. We are missing Chuma
  9. No kidding. I have been screaming at the tv.
  10. I agree with this lineup although we would be sacrificing rebounds. The truth is that points are going to be hard to come by against UVA and that starts by hitting 3s. All of those guys in your starting 5 can hit 3s - even Mac. Also mac MUST stay out of foul trouble like he did in the KY game. I am pretty sure he will go with the same group that started the last game.
  11. Yep. Right now ESPN says UVA has an 80% chance of winning the game Honestly it will come down to us hitting contested 3 point shots. If Brown and Harper are on target, we will win. If not, we will lose. Uva will probably have less than 10 turnovers for the game and will just grind it out to make it very boring. The ONLY way we will get them to turn it over is if we come out on fire and get up by a decent margin. Then they will start pressing. It is CRUCIAL that we start fast in this game since UVA will limit our touches.
  12. I hate this matchup. UVA is slow and boring. Basically they are the anti auburn - slow, don’t turn it over, wait until 10 sec left on the shot clock, and they always get back on D. We have struggled against EVERY Team that has played this way this year: ole miss, nm state, uab. Every team that has slowed us down and milked the shot clock has either beaten us or could have beaten us. Of course we are different now so I Still think we win - by hitting our shots.