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  1. Disappointing loss, not because it was unexpected, but because we were not competitive. Just wanted to see signs of improvement. It was obvious after the TN game the defense had regressed, but when Bo plays that poorly, the OL can’t block, and we drop wide open TD passes, we look like an 8th grade team going against a varsity HS team. If it was one thing maybe we could hope for signs of life, but I don’t know how they can fix all of these issues. Recruiting is the best way and we are in trouble in that area. war eagle anyway
  2. He is the best player on the team.
  3. Timme is sooo good. the loss of Cooper is compounded by the fact that not only are we missing his incredible point skills, it also makes Powell play the point. Having Powell as a shooting guard to score with coop running the floor would change everything. We need scorers.
  4. Agree with Friction. Hope he gets better soon.
  5. Buck Fama I am sure that it will get ugly on the field, but not as ugly as the women in TTown. They are so dumb that when they heard it was chilly outside they ran and got a bowl and spoon. I am not saying that they are stupid, just that they are constantly unlucky when they try thinking. They are so stupid that they climbed a glass wall to see what was on the other side. I mean seriously they are so dumb that just last year when some UA fans were driving to Auburn they saw a sign that said "Jordan Hare Left" so they turned around and went home. ok that’s al
  6. No Tank and an oline that is in pieces with a young defense that has trouble stopping the run vs the machine. I think we keep it somewhat close in the first half (10) and lose by 27. If tank was playing full speed I think we would keep it much closer.
  7. Yep. Do what I do. Don’t read anything that they post. Do not click their links. That way you don’t get upset and you don’t even care.
  8. What is so unbelievable is that one of our own did this to us. We did not even buy players (LSU, Arizona) and it did not benefit auburn. All it did was benefit the coach who was fired and get us into trouble. thanks Chuck. Thanks for adding to this wonderful 2020.
  9. They had a rough game. Run D was poor. They were flat worn out at the end. But they did bend and did not break a few times. And in the end it was a W.
  10. Rough start Swiss cheese defense bur overall a good win considering no Tank and lost our right tackle.
  11. I think we just were rusty. Once we settle down we start playing much better. The loss of tank is huge. I like shivers but tank is the best player on the field. I hope he is not out for several games.
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