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  1. 11 flops - this is 1-2 times on every drive? Yikes. It is legal and it works. We no longer run a hunh-hand-it-off-up-the-middle offense anymore so it May not matter.
  2. I think it boils down to: proper coaching Good schemes/plays WRs finally making plays imagine what we could do if we could run the ball… watch out…
  3. We have been underdogs against Psu, Lsu, Uga, and Ark. 3 Tough Road games and the number one team in the country. We beat LSU for the first time in 20 years on the road. We beat a ranked Arkansas team. We almost beat a Penn State team who, if they still had their starting quarterback, would be ranked in the top four. And Georgia is just good. Honestly I think we are playing above expectations. A bowl game for this team was my hope. Still is... but if we get to 7-5, that is good. 8-4 is very good. Anything above that is ridiculously good.
  4. Our defense needs to improve quite a bit. But… Win Ole Miss and then we can start to hope. Arkansas was a big big win for Harsin. His first top 25 win.
  5. Great start. Rough middle. Really like the way we finished.
  6. Everything I’ve read and heard indicates that Perry will go to Alabama.
  7. Our biggest rival is Alabama. They have more national championships than anyone. They currently have the best coach in college football, maybe college football history. And in recruiting they get anyone and everyone they want the vast majority of the time. Our second biggest rival is Georgia. While they do not have the national championships, they are dominating college football this year. They have also been dominating recruiting for the last several years. Basically whoever Alabama does not get, Georgia will get. Probably our third biggest rival is LSU. We have had a good recent r
  8. It is always the same people. Just sift through the garbage or use ignore.
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