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  1. Last Chance

    I'm with you. As far as the OP - I find it hard to believe that any coach will change his ways of coaching after many years in the business. Gus is who he is and he has proven that he will do things his way. It is his program. These next several weeks are going to be interesting for sure, one way or another.
  2. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    This. He coaches scared in big games.
  3. Arkansas score predictions.

    Of course that is the quandary. Everything you said may be true, but since we still have a shot at the SEC (hahahaha) I just can't do it. It is like rooting for Alabama to win when you know it may help AU. It goes against my inner soul. Plus with the shape of the AD there is probably no way they will fire Gus before the end of the season.
  4. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    It usually works in the 1st quarter because we playing to win. Then we get the lead and we all know what is coming. run, run, run... (repeat)
  5. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Well my 9 year old knows what we are going to run and I am pretty sure she has never coached so I think your assumption is correct.
  6. Arkansas score predictions.

    The problem with this is Gus has the final call on the game plan and play calling during the week. We are going to run the plays and game plan that we practice. Even if chip is calling plays during the game, he is not going to override the game plan. Basically if gus says before the game to go conservative if we get up 2+ scores, that is what we are going to see regardless of who is calling plays. Gus is the boss.
  7. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    I have pumped AU sunshine for years but the Uga game last year turned me. This year I have remained silent, even after the Clemson game. But the Lsu game, like the uga game last year, is just inexcusable.
  8. Arkansas score predictions.

    No. As much as I dislike the situation we are in I will always pull for AU to win every game.
  9. realistic expectations

    good point.
  10. realistic expectations

    Win a few against your rivals (most important honestly), recruit in the top 20 every year, play for the SEC title every 4-5 years, and beat the teams you should beat - like LSU this year. The Georgia game is the real coach killer here. All Gus had to do was win against UGA last year and he would have been on better ground. Not saying he would be safe but he would be on better ground with the fan base.
  11. Arkansas score predictions.

    Unless Gus has completely lost the team, which is a possibility, Auburn wins on talent alone in this game. If not he will be fired and he knows it. Every game he is coaching for his job now.
  12. Bad loss for AU but...

    This. 23 was basing it off of our talent and potential, which we still have. Coaching and play calling has been very, very, very poor. Major gut punch - and it will take a miracle for the team to recover from this one.
  13. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    So the loss to Au last year was a coach killer - cost Les Miles his job. Now it appears that a loss to Lsu may do the same thing to Gus. Weird how these things happen. 2 things: 1) This intermediate passing game has been missing, for the most part, a long time at AU. We saw a glimpse of it during the ole miss game but only a little. IMO the lack of quick throws/intermediate passing is the reason we lost to Clemson. It is the reason we lost to Lsu. The offense is so ridiculous and simple - run up the middle a bunch and throw it deep. Works against bad teams. Never works against good teams. Everyone sees it and Au fans have been complaining about it for years. 2) Also Gus is different now that he is a head coach than he was as an OC as far as philosophy. Everyone can see that in close "must win" games, Gus is scared. He now plays not to lose instead of playing to win. This has backfired a few times and now he has backed himself into a corner he can't get out of unless he wins out... and that is not happening. Like the article says - this game will probably cost them their jobs. There was a small chance that they could have gone 9-3 with loses to uga and uat and still kept their jobs, although it would have been irritating and Jaba. Again... at this point there is no chance he stays unless we win out. Ticket sales will bomb and the backlash will be too much. He said it himself during his press conference this week - he has to win out now - but truthfully not just to win the SEC but this to keep his job.
  14. Okay, some levity

    Rex you make some fair points but 17 straight first down runs is terrible. I really do not see the difference between the offense we had at Clemson and the one we had at lsu. Just had a better running back. Run run throw the bomb
  15. How about avoiding 3rd down? By passing on first down. I should not have asked. He just makes me mad. I need to log off for the night.