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  1. No offense taken. Late 40s. Grew up going to AU games in through the 80s and 90s. So many good players in the late 70s, 80s under PD, 90, etc and I know most will pick Cam or Bo or Pat, Cribbs, James, etc. But NM is my favorite. Incredible to watch, could run that offense like a machine, and was about a minute away from Auburn lore.
  2. NM is my favorite player at AU of all time. He is also vastly underrated in my opinion.
  3. I feel sorry for you. And I would love to take you to visit my family on the reservations. Do you think you have it bad? Give me a break. The whole native American excuse? You have no idea what you were talking about. you spread an agenda about how bad things are but you really don’t know. I promise you. You wanna see some real suffering - you have no idea. Give me a break with your tired rant. Every time you bring up race on this site I’m going to talk about Native Americans because that is my family. Every single time.
  4. Disrespected? Don’t ever talk about my family again. Ever. The Native American culture is what this country was built on. My grandparents are Native American, I have aunts and uncles that are African American, and you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Don’t ever talk to me again on the site ... ever. I hope you are banned.
  5. I know nothing about him. What is he doing now?
  6. I can talk about how my grandfather is Native American and I can tell everyone how terrible the reservations are... this was there land and look where they are... How many native Americans are in the NFL... but this is an auburn football board. There’s a time and place for everything. If this continues the auburn fans are going to leave this board. Me included. I know you won’t care but it is fun to have people around to talk about Auburn football.
  7. I agree. I think rocker is one hell of a coach, and I think he can indeed get these kids to the next level, But if he wants to leave after one week then don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.
  8. I don’t care who it is, it just needs to stop. There are 1 million other places we can discuss real life issues and race issues. This site is my escape. I just want to find a a good AUfootball coach.
  9. Here we go again. Can we please stop bringing up race every time in every thread? It gets old. It is the same people every time on both sides and every thread ends up being a disaster and getting locked. If it keeps happening I think the site should ban both sides. It makes this site awful.
  10. Yes!!!! We get More coaching hires threads!!!
  11. Well that is twice Rocker left us for the NFL. Dude is a great coach but he must really hate recruiting. it is a loss for sure but we can find another DL coach. Now Losing Mason would be an epic disaster for Harsin. Mason is THE MAN. Hopefully he stays.
  12. I would say 99.9999...% he is gone in 3. Best pure RB we have had in a long time.
  13. In my opinion it starts with better facilities.
  14. Honestly I have not kept up with him or looked on rivals. I just remember hearing about him last summer and that he was looking heavily at Auburn and I thought that he was ours. Guess I was wrong. These are the types of battles that we have lost over the last decade that we must start winning. Of course I do not expect a brand new coaching staff to win these yet, but it must happen at some point soon.
  15. Holy cow. I did not see that coming. I thought he was an AU lock.
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