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  1. Well... I don’t know whether this is good or bad...Or whether it really will happen or not... but I think I am happy... maybe.
  2. Bingo. He still visits on the last weekend and we are sitting good. No visit and we are done.
  3. Next 2 years: Everything bird said. Beat uga the next 2 years. 1 Sec championship. playoffs
  4. It is tough to win on the road. It is really tough when you can’t score. We shot 25%. The offensive flow is bad. Too much 1 v 5. Again the seniors are really struggling. Two games in a row that we never had a lead and were blown out. Gut check time.
  5. I think most saw a loss coming soon. All of our faults that we have had for the last several weeks finally caught up to us. It all snowballed. turnovers. Poor FT shooting. SD has been struggling lately. too much 1 v 1 and no rhythm on offense. We Have to win with defense since we have trouble scoring. This team is better than we showed tonight but the seniors need to step up or we will see more losses. Im not a sure what BP will do with Purifoy and SD. Purifoy might need to come off the bench.
  6. I think this one will come down to the wire.
  7. I am with you. It made me angry watching that game last night. What could have been... I have come to the realization that we will always be good with Gus but never elite. Just OK. Next year we will win 8-9 games again, rinse and repeat.
  8. What a weird question/thread. Gus is inept and should have been fired in 2016 But Everyone cares if they lose. He is just stubborn to a fault. eventually it is going to cost him his job (when we can afford it).
  9. Come on everyone. As bad as our OL and recruiting has been lately, let’s give him a chance before we hammer him or Gus.
  10. This is what I expected. LSU is rolling now.
  11. Makes me want to vomit. So many chances to make us elite recently and we never take advantage.
  12. This is why I do not bet. No WAY I saw this coming. lsu can still score and win but wow this is shocking