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  1. Looking at the players that left and the players coming back, I think there is a decent chance we will be top 25 in total defense this upcoming year. There are a few things that I really like about this defense, and there are a few things that are very concerning. Here is my very generic group outlook * Linebackers: This should be the strength of the team. They played very well last year, they are all coming back, and the freshmen coming in may be even more talented. We should be set for the next 3 years. Outlook for fall is great. * DL: As has been noted, Brown and Davidson are very good. If they can avoid a soph slump they may be elite. Russell is good. PJ3 looked great in spring and hopefully will be our speed rusher. Holland will need to step up as will the second team in Coe, Jackson, and Cowart. Outlook for fall is good to great. * Corners: When I watched Carlton Davis 2 years ago I thought he would be an all-american. Last year he struggled and people picked on him a little. I think he has the tools to be one of the best in the country and I think he will have a strong year. I am guessing J Davis will start on the other side. He is undersized but fast as lightning. As far as a backup - Is Dinson fully recovered? Dean? Will Daniel Thomas contribute? Overall I think C Davis CAN be elite and we have several others who are pretty good. Outlook for fall is OK to very good. * Safeties: Roberts, Ruffin, and Matthews are good. Sometimes I feel like Matthews is going for the big hit instead of making a sure tackle and that is worrisome. Also the depth is dreadful. One injury and we are in trouble. On a side note I have no idea what they will do next year when these 3 seniors leaving and no depth behind them. Outlook for fall is OK to good. If we avoid the injury bug then I think this defense will be good enough to be top 25. We have a good defensive coach. What do you think? Did I leave anyone out?
  2. It seems crazy to think that we might have an elite passing offense at Auburn. It has been a LONG time since we were consistently great in the passing game. As far as a pure passer - I think Todd was pretty good, as was Cox, but maybe we have to go back to Jason Campbell. Before that you would probably have to go all the way back to the Dye years (like Nix). Our bread and butter has always been a strong run game, and although I still think we will run the ball quite a bit, I think people will be surprised at how much we throw the ball this year if Stidham stays healthy. What would college football think if we became the "air raid" Auburn Tigers.
  3. I have rarely seen as much disdain for a WR as I have for Hastings by a fan base. People on other AU boards are so mad that Gus is playing him. If the guy can get open, catch the ball (and hold on the the ball), is trusted by the starting QB, and continuously moves the sticks then he should play. Pretty simple really. If he has issues then he will sit the bench. I just want to win football games. I don't care if we have circus clowns and midgets on the field as long as we win.
  4. Yep, here is what happened. He realized he needed to change and gave up play calling duties. He then hired an OC to take over the play calling. Let's see how we do this year. This may be his last chance.
  5. Bingo.
  6. Teams change. Since we have played them last year we have upgraded the QB spot, upgraded the OC (play calling) spot, we have upgraded the running back spot (KP did not play against Clemson last year), and we should still have a pretty good defense. Clemson will have the 2nd best defense we will play (behind alabama) so they are going to be TOUGH... and it is on the road... BUT they are going to miss their QB and star WR. We stand a much better chance to beat them this year than we have the last few times we played them, and considering we almost beat them last year with the biggest "clump of %&*!" offense I have ever seen in my entire life then we stand a good chance getting the upset this year.
  7. I would like to know who will be playing the tackle position.
  8. We really enjoyed it this year. Great time and great weather. Those numbers are interesting. I think it shows how much the AU fan base really was excited about the change at head coach in 2013. Then we went to the MNC game and the numbers were high again in 2014. Since then the excitement has faded a little. I know this may not have a lot to do with it but it did not help that the Masters was the same weekend.
  9. Last year was the best defense we have had in over a decade. Agree that is why we were in just about every game last year (minus the bowl). Hopefully we will once again have a good defense that will be combined with a great offense.
  10. Just about every team in the SEC can win on any given Saturday, especially in the west. Ole Miss is no exception right now - especially with their QB who is great. The difference between us and Ole Miss is that we have a better TEAM. They may score some points, but we should have the better defense, the better kicking game, and (dare I say it) maybe even a better QB. I hope so. Guess we will see...
  11. Agreed. We have a good QB, a good defense, and the best kicker in the country. That makes us dangerous. Most years when we are good, we are REALLY good. I hope this is one of those years. But this Clemson game, like 2010 when we barely won, is crucial for momentum.
  12. I would not be surprised if we are ranked pretty darn high in week 2 especially if we crush our opening opponent (which we should). Top 10 is not out of the question. People think very highly of our team (see the ESPN preseason FPI where we are ranked 5th). Since we are playing the ACC, we may be the ABC 2:30 game of the week (i would imagine the Oklahoma-Ohio State game will be the night game). Or ESPN may want us for the night game.
  13. Ole Miss will be pretty good for the next 2 years while they have that QB. Then they are going to be terrible for the next 5-20.