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  1. If we cancel football, That would be reason enough to go to war with China.
  2. I can tell you this, it is running rampant in Baldwin County. Last week I did not know anyone that had ever had COVID-19. This week I know 7 Positives and possibly 10+ that will be tested.
  3. what happens if they test positive before a game? And they are fine? What happens if we are undefeated for the Georgia game and our quarterback tests positive? There is no back up. Are we going to let him play? That would be a no. Are we going to sit players if they are positive even though they are not sick and the chances of them getting very sick are extremely rare? This season will be mass hysteria. Each starting roster may be different every week. You just don’t know who is going to be sick and who isn’t, unless that player has already been sick. And if they are positive then they are out at least two games, even if they show no signs of being sick at all.
  4. Other than a few times, We have not huddled in over a decade.
  5. Rip to a legendary coach. That man did so much for Auburn.
  6. What are your expectations of Bo this year? Do you think he steps up even more or goes into a sophomore slump? He was good last year. I think he will flourish under CM once we establish a good starting group. I will be disappointed if he is not one of the top 2 or 3 QBs in the conference by the end of the year.
  7. So I guess maybe we are looking at maybe a TE as the next commit sometime in the next month?
  8. Probably, but from the way the insiders talk on some of these other sites, JB was the worst recruiter we’ve ever had. Either way glad everything has changed, at least for a while.
  9. A few things - the new OC is helping dramatically and the new OL coach is able to recruit. Also shows what could have been if we replaced the OL coach years ago. This is the best we have done in a long time on the OL recruiting front. Love this class.
  10. I always love when we get a great QB who is also a winner on the field.
  11. It is odd he does not have AU when just about everyone on every AU recruiting site has him going to Auburn.