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  1. gr82b4au

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    Wow. No wonder he quit football.
  2. gr82b4au

    UGA QB Justin Fields "MAY" Transfer

    He should have never chosen that school in the beginning anyway.
  3. gr82b4au

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    I think we are leading right now. Just not sure what happens on Wed.
  4. gr82b4au

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    Well I don’t mind if we are actually going to get seconds. The problem is that if he is waiting until after sanders commits then the school that misses may get him. He is obviously listening IF he changed his time from 11 to 1:30.
  5. gr82b4au

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    105.5 mobile
  6. gr82b4au

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    They just said in the radio that DJ has moved his commitment from 11 to 2 pm Wednesday so he can see what sanders is going to do. Sanders is committing at 11. If that is true then that is another bad sign for AU. Goodness knows I am tired of the bad news. I have not seen this anywhere so this bammer homer radio station maybe wrong.
  7. gr82b4au

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams

    Well with 2 days to go it looks pretty good for Williams considering that he just left uga and did not commit. Obviously there are other mitigating actors that may help swing this kid to our direction (and it involves other recruits) but who cares. We need him badly.
  8. gr82b4au

    Butler Grad Transfer OT Tommy Kennedy

    That is a bad sign
  9. gr82b4au

    2018 3* OG/C Kamaar Bell

    Basically what bird said shows anyone that does not follow recruiting why We are in a world of hurt. This was the last year we had to get it done before things go from bad to worse. We needed 5-6 big time OL in this class with 3 of them being OT. We have the number one quarterback in the country and we cannot pull any lineman. Crazy. That means that next year we will need to pull a ton of lineman and that they will probably start as a freshman (if we get any). Also means that we will need to pull juco or transfers... again. Reminds me of the Bowden days.
  10. gr82b4au

    2019 4* OG William Putnam

    I agree. Right now I think we are running third. It is pretty rare to bring in the number one quarterback in the nation and no top offensive line men to block for him. Usually this helps Tremendously.
  11. gr82b4au

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    That seems about right. This is not going to be a great class. It it will be a good one. Still missing OL which is vital. Until we get the big uglies on the OL we will always be behind.
  12. gr82b4au

    Men vs UAB

    The first few games of the year we were passing the ball and he looked amazing. The last few games we have played it looks like everyone wants to take their player one in one. This was not a true road test. I think that arena had 70% auburn fans. The next game at NC state will be a really good test. It will tell us where we are at this point in the season. I think we are good no doubt. But we are Not great. We can be... ...and JH will be the player of the week.
  13. gr82b4au

    Men vs UAB

    If you look at the past few games we just have not been shooting the ball well at all. We seem to be playing a lot of me ball instead of passing the ball. Spencer should stop taking 3s. Brown had the worst game of his life on offense and defense. We shot 38% and 18% from 3 hahaha... Uab did everything they wanted and hit 3 straight 3s to end the game ... and auburn still won. We have a long way to go but we are 9-1. I like the team’s grit. And Harper is the best pure PG in the country.
  14. gr82b4au

    Men vs UAB

    18% 4-22. That is unreal bad.
  15. gr82b4au

    Men vs UAB

    Unreal. 3 straight 3s by UAB. OT. That hurts but we still can win.