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  1. gr82b4au

    Rest of the way

    We must win against Ark and Uga and then split the MSU /uat games to feel good about getting in...
  2. Let's revisit this topic (why not). It has been a few weeks and things seems to have changed quite a bit. So now that you have seen what we have on our bench, who do you start? Here is my new starting 5: Harper (man he looks tired) Brown Dunbar Okeke Mac Notes: Wiley is still hurt so I guess he is not even an option right now. Even when he plays he looks like a robot out there. The season is almost over so forget the "getting the rust off" stuff. I am not sold on Dunbar, especially on the defensive end, but the guy gives it everything he has and can score and grab rebounds. I like how he can drive with the ball as well. That is something that is missing right now with Samir. Speaking of Samir, he can play very good defense at times but he has been dreadful on offense lately. I am tempted to put Spencer in the starting 5 as well but not sure where he would play. For Dunbar? Mac? Side note: Frankly we need scoring. Other than Okeke, you really have no idea where the other points are going to come from at this point. Teams are learning that if they get back quickly to defend, stop the "top" pick and role, and play the 3 point line - we are pretty easy to defend. Mac needs to be more assertive inside (like Okeke). Our "inside - outside" game is non-existent at this point. Just one on one drives and kick outs.
  3. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    Double digit win on the road. I will take it.
  4. gr82b4au

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    I thought we played well when he was here
  5. gr82b4au

    I really don’t think we’re a bad team....

    As a few have stated over the last few months, we are a flawed team. We are small and undisciplined. We take poor shots at times. Our big man Wiley has been hurt. Samir has been playing very poorly and brings very little at this point. Harper looks tired and his backup has been playing poorly. Truthfully Our starting five consists of a few players who would likely come off of the bench on their teams. We are a decent front runner but we do not have the ability to bounce back when things don’t go our way in a game. The truth is that we live and die by the 3. If we are on we can beat anyone. Ole miss had the perfect defense last night. Play Harper high, watch the pick and roll, and guard the 3 (brown). They were content in letting Okeke get his points - career high - but they did not let Harper and brown shoot easy 3s.
  6. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    CBP did a bad job of coaching tonight. His play calling and time out strategy is just not good. Coaching is the difference in close games. How many close games have we won this year?
  7. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Well nothing has really changed since Uab. Selfish team that lives and dies by the 3. No offensive identity other than one on one play , poor defense.
  8. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Done. Not whatching this garbage.
  9. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Get back on defense to not let us run. Play Harper high and block the pick and roll. Guard the 3 and stop the one on one drives.
  10. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Bingo. All they have to do is play the three-point line like they are playing it and we are toast. They had seven threes that period And we had two. Ole Miss is playing the perfect defense against us. They did it the first game and they are doing at this game.
  11. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    I find it a little odd that that is happened to us a lot this year. There are teams hitting some unbelievable shots against us over and over. Harper is having the worst game of his career.
  12. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Worst we have looked all year. Wow. I wonder if that LSU loss just took it out of them. Never thought I would see this at home. We are on pace to score 18 points this half.
  13. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    We are easy to defend in half court. We stand around and run a high pick and roll. That is about it. This team needs to wake up.
  14. gr82b4au

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    Really bad shot selection. We need to call a TO and settle down.