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  1. gr82b4au

    Anyone have info on injury to Boobee

    You mean the Martin. He will NOT play Asa.
  2. gr82b4au

    Don't look now, but

    Osu defense looks bad
  3. gr82b4au

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    Ole miss is much worse that expected. Glad we won. The players deserve it.
  4. gr82b4au

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    What were the tweaks?
  5. gr82b4au

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    I wish Asa would have played. I don’t understand why he didn’t when whitlow went out. He is must be in the doghouse.
  6. gr82b4au

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    I am glad we won. Players are playing hard.
  7. gr82b4au

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Yep. Also Gus truly believed that we were going to the playoffs this year. He was very confident. We had everything... except an OL, a running back, and a good game plan on offense.
  8. gr82b4au

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I find all of the talk fascinating, but still... This is like fantasy stuff we are talking about here, right? I read rivals, and what the mod over there is selling is subscriptions. I think he is casting a net like a "shock" journalist and people are jumping in like fish. Talking about firing the president of a university or the head football coach ? Talking about not paying him or paying him less money to bow out? That is crazy talk. IF we canned Gus we would have to pay per his contract because if we did not, there would not be a coach to want to come here...ever. Maybe there are some super rich boosters (not Tim Cook) that are willing to pony up this cash but come seems very, very far fetched.
  9. gr82b4au

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Which is why all of this canning Gus talk is hogwash. I am not saying he does not deserve it but come on... Auburn will never shell out $15 million in 30 days. That is nuts. And Gus will never take less.
  10. gr82b4au

    Coach Ryan Russell

    That may be part of it , but I truly believe that we are so predictable on offense with a stationary qb and no run game... so basically teams are just bull rushing the qb with no threat of the ball going by them.
  11. gr82b4au

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    MSU does not expect to win like AU does. You win 8 games a year there and you are the greatest coach ever. That is the difference.
  12. gr82b4au

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Well I disagree with them. Just because we won doesn't mean it is not the hardest job in America. We win because we do whatever it takes. It is still the hardest job. When it comes the the schedule - basically we are guaranteed to play the #1 team and a top 5 Georgia team every year as OUR MAIN RIVALS. The only other team that has that problem is TN. But we also have to play in the West (which TN avoids). Then look at recruiting. We are not a state team. We share the dang state with Alabama (who has the best coach ever) and never loses. We are closest to Georgia who hardly ever loses. Side note: On top of that (and this is just pure crazy bad luck) we somehow schedule OOC teams that are insanely good when we play them. USC, Kansas State, Clemson, Washington... heck even Utah State had some of their best teams ever when we played them. Guess what... Oregon is on the way up. I am sure they will be top 5 next year to start the season. hahaha unreal bad luck... Oh and let's not forget - the fanbase expects at least SEC championships every few years despite all of this. You win and recruit well or you are on the hot seat.
  13. gr82b4au

    What if we Win out

    I will say this... I want it to happen for the players and us fans. That would be epic. Honestly I think the chances of us getting rid of Gus are about 1% with his massive contract so we may as well win, right? I mean... if we win, we keep him. If we lose, we have to keep him anyway. May as well win. But as I said earlier - from what I have seen on the field, we aren't winning out. We aren't winning 2 more games unless something drastically changes. Wow... What has happened to me? I used to be one of the biggest SSPs on the planet.
  14. gr82b4au

    What if we Win out

    You don't have to worry about that OP. The odds of that happening are like me winning the mega millions... and I am not buying a ticket.
  15. gr82b4au

    Asa redshirt screwup??

    How is it possible for the player and the coaches to not know this? I agree that he should be playing anyway.