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  1. Getting out rebounded that badly is the big trouble spot for me. I get the fact that we can’t shoot. That is more than a trend at this point - this team cannot shoot on the road. Green has been really poor and AF is just not a good ball player right now. But we should be able to play defense and rebound. But rebounding takes effort and that was terrible today. I hate that we are playing our worst basketball at this time.
  2. I will support the coach at Auburn. I hope he wins. I hope we hire good recruiters. That is about all we can say at this point.
  3. All of the mods are saying he will probably be fired on every AU site. This is just amazing that it has come to this in just 1 year. I was so excited when he had his press conference and then hired Mason as DC. It is amazing and sad we are where we are at this point.
  4. There is no going back from this. It is going to be ugly. Either the BOT proves he is a racist scumbag, in which case he deserves to be fired, or he is exonerated in which case he sues AU… SMH…. Greene probably feels terrible right now. JABA. I’m done. Thank goodness for the bball team.
  5. Actually if anything it made Harsin look better. I mean the guy lost six games in a row, did not sign a single player on the last signing day, lost tons of coaches, and players are transferring out. Now people are going to feel sorry for him. If the PTB wanted him out, All they had to do was wait. Harsin was doing that all on his own. now everyone will rally around him. Just like Jetgate. Maybe we will go undefeated next year now.
  6. It is one thing for “joe crazy” to send out tweets and spread mis-information, but it is another thing to run a business and you tweet out Misinformation or let the masses on your platform spread rumors and lies. JGT, Hoke, etc should have all put a stop to the BS on their sites until it was proven true. You don’t tweet that the coach is in Immediate danger of being fired (or whatever he said last night)… when there is no proof of anything. People see this and run with it…
  7. Nothing will surpass Super Wade.
  8. I think Hoke, Jay T, and PM, and a few others should be held responsible for what they post and send out. They do nothing but feed the masses and spread rumors. Then the fans of course buy in and chaos rises.
  9. I think team Harsin and team PTB should play jarts on the Samford lawn to settle this.
  10. Not sure Pat Dye would have made it a year either with some of the kids these days. Soft as butter.
  11. Didn’t the now Oklahoma coach say that he interviewed last year with AU and that the powers that be were a problem? Or something like that. I am not saying Harsin is right for the job because he is clearly in over his head at the moment, but this is an Auburn problem overall. I love basketball.
  12. Sounds like Harsin is fighting back.
  13. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33216111/auburn-tigers-football-coach-bryan-harsin-not-planning-going-anywhere-amid-program-volatility
  14. If this is not JABA I don’t know what is.
  15. This whole thing is just sad in every aspect.
  16. I think everyone can see that we went from average to below average, but Harsin has been here a year and Gus was here 8 years. As a Gus fan I gave Gus the benefit of the doubt for a very long time (probably too long) until it was obvious he needed to go. Yes it looks bleak now with this coach, and it may get even worse, but let’s see how the 2022 season pans out and if we can start pulling in players. We are not going to fire a coach one year into a job unless something illegal or terrible happens. We have to give him more time to make it better (and hope that it is not worse haha).
  17. I am ready to eat crow as well. Honestly I was not sure that the new transfer point guards would mesh well with a transfer center who barely played last year, an 18 year old phenom, and scorer from UGA who plays out of control at times. I mean I knew they had talent but I never thought they would be this good together. Just throwing it out there since we are eating crow and all.
  18. Never seen anything like it honestly.
  19. I started a thread about this the night of the national championship game. I said this exact thing. It did not go well. We did this to ourselves. I am going to try to remain positive and hope that Harsin has a miracle season next year… And that he signs five high school all American OTs
  20. We were already heading that way before Harsin even stepped foot on campus. We were surrounded by teams that were playing for national championships. Our rivals are head and shoulders better than us. LSU won a championship two years ago. Texas A&M has been recruiting lights out for years and is now starting to show. Kiffen was an upgrade at Ole Mrs. the pirate was an upgrade at Mrs ST. We fired Gus because we were already in deep trouble and heading to a decline. But yes it does appear that he was a very bad hire and that our bad situation now is worse.
  21. We were on our way to atlanta at one point. Haha I am going to think positive. Maybe we will hire someone amazing to take his place. Someone who can recruit.
  22. It really is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. We had momentum, and then MRS ST happened. And here we are wondering how did it get so bad so fast. We need really good news to go our way.
  23. Me too. I was so looking forward to not running a high school offense for the first time in a long time. After that Mississippi State game, everything in the football program has been broken.
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