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  1. And he was so pissed at himself he never had it again...
  2. I doubt it, just because it takes a lot of things to fall in place. I really hope it does happen and I will be overjoyed. To me, the same with other sports like baseball and football, it isn't necessarily about winning NCs, although that is nice, it is about being competitive year in and year out. Hope. The thrill of being competitive is what is important to me. To me also Bruce deserves statues and names on buildings because he is such a great coach and competes every year but also he is a great human who is the best ambassador for auburn ever.
  3. Anyone know which side the nuns are on?
  4. Welcome Beaverdreams! We are a nervous bunch.
  5. I'm sure he is good, but I don't see tremendous movement on the ball at all. Mostly fastball/changeup stuff.
  6. Wow. This is some piss poor batting attempts.
  7. I wouldn't count on my luck abilities. I'll do my best.
  8. 3 more! BTW, I'm an idiot. I didn't think this started until 9 and am coming to the party late.
  9. If we were behind maybe. You don't want to take his bat away in case this goes to extras.
  10. After that first, I didn't think we were going to pull it out but man out bullpen did great. War Eagle!
  11. https://www.mlb.com/news/casey-mize-to-have-tommy-john-surgery Prayers out to Casey and hope he comes back better than ever.
  12. AG did extend Flo’s contract and delayed progress.
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