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  1. why did that ref keep moving up like that. he changed the spot twice.
  2. Let me just say that I DO NOT think it was meant to look like that. I just don't like the new logo.
  3. So I have an idea to kill the new logo. Put it out there to social media that this is a subliminal klan outfit built into our logo.
  4. I love this and hate this. I love baseball but I have been watching games and I'm like this is taking way too long. The reason I hate it is that it completely ruins pitching matchups and surviving the starter and lighting up the reliever in the later innings. A lot of times, and look at the Braves lately on this, hitters figure out a pitcher on the third go around and start putting up numbers. Shortening the game would greatly hinder that.
  5. Agreed, but saying we pissed away the ending isn't "bailing". You need to work on hour adjectives. Proud of the team and they have done better than most anyone would have thought, and they pissed away the end of the game. See it can be both without bailing on the team. The righteous indignation on our loyalty is weak.
  6. If by bail you mean, upset that we lost a game we should have won and admit that we had some really bad play at the end, then yes, we bailed. Seriously, put the koolaid down.
  7. We needed this win for pitching if nothing else. We are very much hurting now. That was a ridiculous loss.
  8. I believe it wouldn't make a different on the heat he is receiving. I'm mad at the losses but honestly I'm more frustrated that anyone with a minimal understanding of football can guess 50% of his play calls, if not more. I'm frustrated at the debacle of the Clemson game a couple of years ago where he was rotating QBs and has continued to pull hot RBs for no reason. I'm frustrated that he gave up on the Bama game last year and it was super obvious that half way in the game he was running the clock out so the beating wouldn't look too bad. There is so much more than losses going on to be frustrated with.
  9. Yes. was tagged out after 2 runs scored.
  10. Not going to feel comfortable till we have 100.