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  1. Wow didn't know you were a prick. Guess I know now.
  2. Correct, Seth gave little effort and short armed it.
  3. Wow, never thought of it that way. That is very concerning.
  4. Just my thoughts. Bo was put in bad situations all night. Bad snaps, false starts, 3rd and long most of the time. Stupid penalties and non-existent intentional grounding. I think Bo had a bad night and missed on passes that he should have hit. But to say that Bo was the problem is ignoring a whole lot of other crap. The running game, sans a few plays, was crap and I blame Gus for continuing to call the plays that weren't working. We had 10 out of 15 drives with greater than 3rd and 10 putting Bo in bad situations, obvious passing downs. 1st drive: Run 1st play, 2nd & Third and 8, Punt… on Bo 2nd drive: 3rd and goal on 12 from false start… Field goal 3rd drive: 1st down run, 2nd down run, false start 3rd and 11, Punt 4th drive: 1st down, intentional grounding that wasn’t, 2nd and 21, 3rd and 14, punt 5th drive: Incomplete pass, false start, 2nd and 15, Run for loss, 3rd and 16, punt 6th drive: Touchdown 7th drive: Interception which I put 90% on Williams not jumping and fighting for ball Second half 8th drive: Big run, Run for 1yd, Run for 2 yd, Bad pass that I would argue there was interference, Field Goal 9th drive: 1st down run no gain, Incomplete pass, Run 1 yd, punt 10th drive: Pass complete, 2nd and 3rd incomplete pass… on Bo 11th drive: Run for 3yd, Run for 1yd, Sack on Bo – No protection, punt 12th drive: 1st down loss of 20 from bad snap, 2nd and 30… punt 13th drive: 1 incomplete pass and a horrible trick play that did not work and didn’t fool anyone and cost us big time. 3rd and 24, punt. 14th drive: Good drive, final series, run for 1 yd, Good play but illegal block, 2nd and 3rd and 24, punt 15th drive: Touchdown
  5. I'm saying it isn't the differnece. Didn't barrow throw an INT? The difference is offensive play calling.
  6. up the middle first, wildcat second, long pass needed on third and no protection.
  7. Horrible play calling here.
  8. Ball was not overthrown. Our receiver jumped backwards and was only a couple of inches of the ground. I'm sure he can just much high than that and didn't. That was on Seth not Bo.
  9. I thought it was a good play call. Seth is taller and can easily out jump the defender. He didn't. Open your eyes people
  10. Bo was giving a jump ball and Williams didn't time it right. Bo did nothing wrong there.
  11. That is on Williams. 100%. he didn't jump.
  12. Not literally, that is what LSU does