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  1. Fell short 9-7 to UGA. Good run ladies. War Eagle!!!
  2. Nail biter right now. Tied 4-4 half way through. We rocked equestrian on the flat yesterday so hopefully they do that again.
  3. They are up 11-1 at this point and will be advancing to the semifinals tomorrow. Congrats ladies. War Eagle!!!
  4. Making the free throws tonight.
  5. Just keep it close Auburn and we have a chance.
  6. Put down the drink. Or you need some more.
  7. Can't believe that foul on Spencer. He was clotheslined.
  8. It was odd last night. It seemed they would miss the first and then hit the second about every time. Very frustrating.
  9. How was that not a holding call?
  10. So if certain qbs can only run certain plays aren't you telegraphing your moves to the D. Come on Gus.
  11. I just find it hilarious that the announcers where going on and on about player safety. I mean the overwhelming majority of fans in the stands are students and alumni. There sure are a bunch of engineering and pharmacy students that will start pummeling basketball players. I have seen courts stormed many times and never heard of players getting hurt. These are college students and graduates, there are very few that will commit battery over a basketball game.
  12. don't you take the down
  13. He was Ausome today. Baller for sure.