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  1. Weagle98

    Baseball vs Georgia Southern Game 3

    is the game streamed?
  2. Weagle98

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    I have noticed that when on the road the other team has some obvious home cooking, but we hardly ever seem to get it. Basketball and Football.
  3. Weagle98

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    You perhaps, have not seen much of McCormick this year...
  4. Weagle98

    Men at LSU - game thread

    Wow. This kind of crap is why I gave up watching basketball long ago.
  5. Weagle98

    Men at LSU - game thread

    You have to touch them in order for it to be a foul. Wiley moved out of screen before contact. BS call.
  6. Weagle98

    Men vs. South Carolina game thread

    How come AU doesn’t get ref homerism in Auburn. Seems we always up against them.
  7. Weagle98

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    I don't quite understand. How come Saban isn't running the ball to run out the clock now? It would keep the score more respectable.
  8. Weagle98

    Fiesta Bowl - central florida/lsu

    Receiver was held though. Not mentioning that.
  9. Weagle98

    Men vs UAB

    And I though we guarded the 3 ok all night. It just was UAB's night to hit them. We still won.
  10. Weagle98

    Men vs UAB

    Anyone notice that Bruce didn't say one word to their coach? Even when you the other coach was talking to him.
  11. Weagle98

    Chizik weighs in on gus

    Right, but we are talking about offensive play calling and I think you can easily see in the last three years many, many games where the play calling has been horrific. Not Clemson 2016 horrific but bad play calls in the red zone when we should be scoring TDs and settling for FGs. Refusal to pass to TEs and running the dang up the middle on first down over and over to where it became a so predictable. When the majority of people at home can call 60% of the plays, even if they are good plays, isn't a well called game.
  12. Weagle98

    Chizik weighs in on gus

    Not sure I agree with this. Sure those two games are very obvious but what about all the other games where we hardly ever threw mid range passes, never called slants when the LBs were crashing, continued to run up the middle when it was obvious they were stuffing it? Those are bad play calls and I would say there have been dozens of games that bad play calling was the norm, just not as in your face as those 2 games.
  13. Weagle98

    SECCG 2018

    Just a hug.
  14. Weagle98

    SECCG 2018

    it pulled it down to where it would block his field of vision. It absolutely was a facemask
  15. Weagle98

    SECCG 2018

    Can they call the face mask off review.... I know