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  1. That was absolutely our a4e. It was a ridiculous call. One of the refs said clean block and the one from the other side of the court called it a foul. Wasn't close, clean block. They win in the end. 1/4 of the sweet 16 are from the SEC.
  2. Never mind. I think they just corrected it. I think the scorer is in denial.
  3. I have it muted... why are they showing score as 5-5 still?
  4. And another two for the good guys. 5-4. Tigers a coming.
  5. Woohoo. Back to Back baby. Here come the tigers.
  6. Just coming here to say that. Rediculousness
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVDtzDwo-1Q Toomers Webcam