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  1. 9/20 free throws in regulation and we are tied. Been watching Auburn for years and we have problems shooting free throws from way back. I don't know what else to say.
  2. Y'all are pathetic. The negative thinking is unparalleled to anything I have experienced in my 66 years on this earth. If LT is chosen as DC I will support the decision and him. Then if we win natty next year all you negatories will say you wanted him from the start. What kind of fans are you?? Come on support whoever it is. If they promote your grandmother, I will support her. Sorry for the tirade but our program is in a good position.
  3. Being optimistic is more fun.
  4. Thanks for a breath of fresh air. I too am tired of all the fair weather friends. I support this team to the hilt. I'm in your camp. War Eagle
  5. War Eagle Jeremy, I'm pulling for you and the team.
  6. After reading a lot of comments I feel compelled to put my two cents in. It wasn't so much the questions that were asked but the tone of voice that got to me. This reporter was brutal and JJ handled it well. The other thing, I have watched Auburn for over 50 years and I would never ever boo a player, or coach or team. A team that is winning doesn't need us. They only need us when they are down. If you can't support a team when they are losing then you don't deserve to have a winner. I have carried this attitude through life in many different situations. I hope we all have a winner the rest of the season. War Eagle!
  7. I was in band 67-71. 63 years old and been married for 39 years, also a commitment. Totally committed to Auburn since 7th grade. I weigh 235 and can run the 40 in 2 days but still hit high c on trumpet. WDE.
  8. Do the players lift weights and blow a horn at the same time?
  9. Best post i have read on this site. I don't mind the observations but the tone of the obeservations makes them bashing and hard to read.