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  1. Law Enforcement is a fixed cost. One of the ways to offset that cost is to enforce traffic violations. Traffic violations are both common and actually paid because the people being ticketed are generally normal taxpaying citizens. In the end it is just another form of taxation. If you're willing to drive at the speed the gov't tells you then you can avoid the tax. No reason you shouldn't be able to drive 90 mph on the interstate on a clear day with little traffic.
  2. Wishbone

    CGC says QB job is open race

    Also don't blow TR's redshirt on a handful of snaps.
  3. Wishbone

    What kind of mower do you use?

    What's wrong with the one you have? It's old so it breaks down on occasion. It's been known to sit idle for years. Also, I've known of two people who have rolled it, including myself. At the same time, when it works, it really works. Are there any modern mowers that show no mercy like this old warhorse?
  4. I use a 1954 Gravely tractor with a mower attachement. By far the best mower I have ever used. It'll knock down small trees and brush with ease and it goes fast. Much more dangerous than a modern mower. Anybody got any recommendations?
  5. Wishbone

    Sarah Palin to resign as governor

    No one is obessed with Palin except MSNBC. They attack her daily as if she were the President. The Lady didn't deserve the treatment those disingenuous smug jerks gave her. I didn't think she was president material, but neither is Obama. I wonder why the liberal media elites hated her so much. I don't see how she was considered a threat deserving of such feeble attempts at character assasination.
  6. I think it's a virtue to acknowledge and qualify that one's own limited experience with a certain segment of a given subgroup is not necessarily representative of the group as a whole. If one's main contact with white people were in the poor sections of Appalachia, you'd likely come away with a very bad impression of white folks in general. I don't begrudge this teacher telling his experience but there was way too many broad generalizations being made about black people based on a limited range of experience. I could offer a different take based on my own experience where over half my department in the IT field is black and they are smart, articulate, hard-working and their children are nothing like the kids this guy describes. The other thing that needs to be acknowledged here is that there's a class issue going on that's probably just as responsible for these kids' outlook and behavior as racial factors. One part of my wife's family included a step brother and step mom that were white trash in every sense of the word. And all the people they hung out with were white trash. Having babies out of wedlock. Barely staying employed or drawing welfare. Got into a fight with his baby mama and she burned his trailer down. But he loves him some Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and spends some money on NASCAR tickets and Bud Light! And there are plenty more stories in the area he lives where that came from. So my main beef with this guy is not that he's simply relaying the truth of his experience, it's that he too easily expands that to include virtually all black people (with a few token "exceptions" he tossed in). I'm glad the folks in your IT department are that way, but Ghetto culture does exist. And it's not just in the black community anymore. TV desensitizes people and they become more tolerant of ghetto culture. Once tolerated it starts to become adopted by the general population with the white trash elements first and then the general idiots happily following. BTW, no school in Appalachia has a student population as terrible as the one in that blog. Not even light years close.
  7. 1)Is it possible for a stereotype (a generality regarding a population) to be true? 2)Is it possible for a racist statement to be true? 3)If a racist statement is true than is it wrong to tell the truth? Is it a virtue to keep silent? Or even a virtue to openly refute the true statement as long as everyone knows you're actually telling a lie in order to go with the flow?
  8. Wishbone

    Michael Jackson is dead (updated)

    When you are more concerned about what spiritual orthodoxy Jackson belonged to then whether he was a pedophile or not, then your own priorities might be out of whack. I would suggest taking 5 years off of religion. The guy was clearly unstable and shouldn't have been around children regardless. I think there is a good chance he set himself up to be surrounded by parasites perfectly willing to use their children as bait in an attempt to get millions from Jackson. If jackson wasn't a pedophile then the people most dissappointed were the parents of the bait who were hoping for the millions. Back in the day I thought it was obvious Jackson was both a homosexual and a freak, the perfect conditions for the making of a pedophile. I didn't understand the parents who thought it was OK to let their chidlren listen to him.
  9. Wishbone

    U kno dat aalll da fine gurlz go to Ole Mrs...

    Our society has taken such a nose dive. No standards, judgement or pride of any kind. The worst thing is that there are no shortage of people to either outright defend this or at least make excuses for it. If this is really the music college coeds listen to then we don't have much of a future.
  10. Wishbone

    The ticking bomb theory

    This thread is disingenuous. Quit insulting everyone's intelligence including your own. dis·in·gen·u·ous (dsn-jny-s) adj. 1. Not straightforward or candid; insincere or calculating: "an ambitious, disingenuous, philistine, and hypocritical operator, who ... exemplified ... the most disagreeable traits of his time" David Cannadine. 2. Pretending to be unaware or unsophisticated; faux-naïf. 3. Usage Problem Unaware or uninformed; naive.
  11. Wishbone

    Florida Keys or Gulf Shores?

    I like Orange Beach alot during the off season. The locals get the red carpet treatment. You'll probably like the off season the most.
  12. Wishbone

    Veteran's Graves descecrated in Auburn

    It might be 2009, but honor should still be important. I don't tust anyone without honor and anyone who doesn't see the importance of family and blood has no sense of honor. What are the trifling concerns of people who likely hate you compared to the memory of your familiy and blood? Is progress being an emasculated obsequious pathetic embarrassement to everything your ancestors (family) fought for you to be? Tolerating Dowdell is not progress, it's cowardice. You can keep the change, i'll stay the way I am.
  14. This is a great chance to send a message to the Republican party. Can't wait to see McCain go down. I think McCain either secretly wanted Obama to win or was too concerned about damaging in his own reputation in a tough campaign Obama in which the media would have definitely called him a racist...etc. In the end he put himself first over the welfare of the country. Regardless of what you have done before, you can't do that. I guess he felt he had already put his time in and had too much to lose in the end.
  15. Wishbone

    Tune out talk radio

    The comment really wasn't directed at you or otter. But if you think that intelligent arguments are how politicians win elections then you're only fooling yourself. Emotion trumps reason. The electorate is mostly ignorant and unsophisticated, the way you win an election is to frame an argument that appeals and entertains the masses. The left was successful with their conspiracy theories and celebrity endorsements that really appealed to impressionable voters.