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  1. Checked bag or carry-on ... you'd better hurry up if you're planning on getting any edibles through Seatac the next time you're out here. Nanny State Strikes Again
  2. AUloggerhead


    Hmmm .... no. Sending a kicker out there for another chance to miss another kick "may" do something for that kicker's confidence but it does nothing for the rest of the team: it sends the signal to the offense that the coach has no confidence in them making a 4th and (any distance), and it doesn't do the defense's confidence any good since they'll probably be defending another short field ... again. Time for the coach to hold tryouts for any team member to kick FGs. I'm willing to bet Siposs could score a drop-kick FG. .
  3. AUloggerhead

    sticking with Carlson

    I think the most pathetic thing about this is that despite Anders' troubles with accuracy (not blaming him -- that's just a kicker's life,) his 33 points this season represent 1/7 of AU's team output of 227 points scored to date.
  4. AUloggerhead

    Song title that sums up season

    Comfortably Numb -- Pink Floyd
  5. That's goona leave a mark So, her DNA test revealed she had a non-white ancestor between 6-10 generations ago -- about the time that Pocahontas was living. Sometimes ... the jokes just write themselves.
  6. AUloggerhead

    Top 10 AU Running Backs

    Hmm ... can't or won't? Just looking at Brooks' stats is pretty amazing: Here's a link with a few video clips of Brooks in an AU uniform 7.4 ypc in 1979. Brooks' all purpose yardage record at AU still stands today. Let that sink in while you contemplate any best AU running backs list. Keep in mind that in 1979, AU was on probation and in the infinite wisdom of the NCAA at the time was prohibited from being shown on TV. Both Books & Cribbs ran for over 1,000 yds that year in an 11-game season. Today's 12-game regular season, plus a conference championship & other post-season games tends to dilute the 1,000-yd rushing label. Then there's always Brooks' pro career. Here's a little sample of what he was like as a runner: Link If you don't want to watch the whole clip, skip to about 6:15 and watch the quickness thru the hole and then the 'nother gear speed.'
  7. AUloggerhead

    USM game GIF Thread

    That's awesome. No one can doubt the intensity of Bobby Knight's passion.
  8. AUloggerhead

    Yet another National Recruiting Debate

    If there’s some big 17-yr old Russian kid bringing boulders home for his family to eat ... then pass. We’re a university for pete’s sake! Let’s at least recruit some smart big people.
  9. AUloggerhead

    Post game Gif party

  10. AUloggerhead

    Media crickets

    Here's a pretty good article from a Pacific NW paper re the game: Link This is from the Tacoma News-Tribune which has a better sports section than the Seattle Times, imho.
  11. AUloggerhead

    2018 AU Cheerleaders, Tiger Paws, Danceline

    Nice old school pic. But btw, this is further proof that the he never wore "houndstooth" -- hideous plaid, definitely.
  12. AUloggerhead

    Peterson: AU defense seems very Alabama-ish

    Agree with this. Peterson was paying AU a compliment. Can't fault him for being honest. Incidentally, Peterson & David Shaw of Stanford were at the top of a poll of college coaches who voted them as running the cleanest programs: Link
  13. Hear, hear. I would much rather deal with a "for-profit" insurance company that has to COMPETE for my business and consequently, has to treat me as a paying customer who's free to walk out the door and take my business elsewhere, than to deal with a soulless DMV-type monopoly/bureaucracy that couldn't care less about me except for the paper number ticket I'm holding when I approach the counter -- and knows I CAN'T go anywhere else. Bernie Sanders and his ilk are economic buffoons. Nothing is free and never will be no matter how much they desire it to be so.
  14. AUloggerhead

    AP AU #9

    Well, there's another way to look at uat's schedule: uat faces "challenges" at 2nd toughest SEC schedule LMFAO
  15. In terms of televised sports (in the USA,) the NFL is king -- more people watch pro football than MLB or NHL or even NASCAR. Still, a nearly 10% drop in viewership last season on top of an 8% decline from the year before is significant. Link