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  1. shame won't see UGA play uat

    Can't answer your question but can only speculate why no one but uat is voting for it -- fear of a tougher schedule? It's got to be easier to beat up on a non-conference fcs cupcake, certainly. I don't really care that uat voted in favor of it. I'm all for ensuring AU plays all SEC members on a semi-regular basis. Would love to see AU vs UF more often, for instance, not to mention other match-ups across the conference.
  2. shame won't see UGA play uat

    Except ... he can’t nowadays. The bahr managed to keep UGA off uat’s schedule for 6 years from 1978 thru 1983 (conveniently missing getting run over by Herschel & company.) Sabun won’t ever be able to match that!
  3. shame won't see UGA play uat

    Absofreakinlutely. The 9-game conf schedule is long overdue. Eliminate the sacrificial patsy fcs opponent.

    I'm sorry, but bemoaning the current health care system after a national tragedy such as this is nothing but cheap political theatrics. Carry on with the outrage all you want that someone had to or wanted to organize a donation for the shooting victims' medical costs.

    Don't have an issue with some politician setting up a Go Fund Me account to raise money for the victims' health costs. Sounds like a great idea to quickly get donations into the hands of the people who actually need it. We've heard news reports (don't know if they're accurate) that the murdering scumbag shooter was a "multi-millionaire" who owned multiple houses & aircraft, regularly bet huge sums of money and recently wired $100k to the Philippines to his alleged "girlfriend." If any of this is actually true ... ... it's an outrage that this murdering scumbag shooter's assets haven't been frozen or impounded to help defray all the related medical costs.
  6. Stop subsidizing NFL

    This. It's not a free speech issue, a disrespect the flag, military, country, or police issue. It's an economics issue ... thus, a business issue. All professional sports are in the entertainment business. The NFL collectively depends upon fans to be consumers of tickets to the games, team merchandise, NFL Ticket and watch the games on cable TV or regular broadcast TV and consume the products of corporate sponsors. If the NFL pisses off the audience that "consumes" the product they're selling ... well then, that seems like a very short-sighted business practice which will eventually be detrimental to their bottom line. It's almost as if they've ignored the lesson of another set of entertainers who pissed off their audience -- the Dixie Chicks. Live & learn.
  7. The deadliest mass shooting in US history

    It's just sickening to think someone would go to all this trouble, accumulate all the weapons/ammo/tripods/bipods & whatever to murder innocents like this. And I have to believe there's more to this story regarding motivation than what's being reported. His brother is being quoted he's shocked but dammit, he lives in Orlando -- what details could he possibly have known about his sibling living in NV? This was planned and not a spur of the moment "snapped" thing. I've read a report that the police are finding even more weapons & ammo in the guy's house. smdh
  8. Gus going for it on 4th dn to open game

    No, I disagree with this. It shouldn't even need to be mentioned that the HC should ALWAYS know where the ball is, especially in the red zone and certainly when the ball is inside the 5-yd line. Moreover ... ... any 'respectable' HC should have a plan to know what play to run on such occasions. Having to call a TO within the first 3 minutes of the game to be able to call such a play is inexcusable. It suggests two things: (1) the HC is unprepared for what to do when the team is on the 1/2-yd line in the 1Q, and (2) the HC showed the team his lack of confidence in them being able to get a 1/2-yd.
  9. Our Leader

    This is true. Would like to see some city's police departments offer some of the protesting athletes to "ride along" with them to get the police perspective with what they go thru on a regular basis.
  10. Miss State Game Notes for this week.....

    Only 1 sack allowed so far this season, and no fumbles at all. Hmm ... looks like the AU defense has some work to do this weekend.
  11. I Just Learned Something Really New

    Racism exists. It's however you define it & wherever you find it: Newspeak in 2017
  12. The SEC

    Jeff Brohm wasn't coaching Purdue last year so the 3-9 record you mentioned is irrelevant. The fact is Purdue has been a Big10 bottom-feeder for years -- no one is going to mistake the talent currently assembled there for football factories like at tOSU & Michigan. The man knows offense. Rather than overall won-loss record, I'll be looking to see how well he scores against Big10 competition with what he's inherited there at Purdue. I don't think he'll be at Purdue beyond this season.
  13. I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    AU always & forever -- never going to say otherwise. But that doesn't mean I have to be for a coach that can't seem to figure out what to do when finding his team 1st & goal to go from the 4-yd line in the 1Q and has to call a TO. This is his 5th year as HC, right? smdh
  14. I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    This year or last year?
  15. Sean White dismissed

    Not going to hammer you, but could you close the barn door now that the horse is gone?