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  1. Is Church's Chicken preferred by the church ladies set? ... ... I'll let myself out.
  2. Ha ha. This made me think of the late, great Andy Kaufman:
  3. Yep. Lots of projection going on as to who said what & how they think -- have no idea if it's true. Good point re the QB son at the high school.
  4. This. Anybody that thought the program would be turned around in one season is delusional. Also, anybody that thought there every move/step that Harsin made would be perfect is also delusional. There is a cultural difference in people from the West & people who grew up in the South. As someone who grew up in the South & currently lives out West (for the past 33 years,) I can speak with some authority on the subject. It has more to do with independent thinking & live-and-let-live mentality than anything else. I don't doubt for a moment that the Harsin clan may be clashing with the church ladies set down south.
  5. We may lack stability at AU but nobody can say we lack uniform support:
  6. The sheer number of QB transfer for this year is unprecedented ... regardless of underlying reason(s.)
  7. Probably the wrong year to be asking this question with so many QBs on the move: QB Musical Chairs
  8. Situational -- depends upon how big a fire & how close to shore.
  9. He's not from Minnesota -- he just worked there: From the Southland Bonus: he has OL coaching experience(!)
  10. You're just more in tune with the universe -- what with all the dark energy driving the expansion & about 5x more dark matter than actual matter ... and such. 👍
  11. That's fine for you or anybody else (such as sportswriters in January needing to meet a deadline) to predict that. I'll only leave you with 2 questions: (1) how many current AU players or coaches do you think expect their team to have "a similar record to this past season," and (2) would you want any of those that think likewise playing or working for AU next season? WDE
  12. We may have to start him with simple recipies -- otherwise that "you want it done fast or you want it done right" mindset of his might get in the way of TV time production ... ...
  13. Hang on, I think you're on to something there. How about ... Harsin doing say, a televised cooking show at the new Culinary Science Center with various guests, starting with Snoop Dog & Martha:
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