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  1. When Harsin came on board, AU was already in a hole wrt recruiting & quality depth on the roster. My thoughts at the time were that the rebuild would take 2-3 years. Two years later, where is AU? Deeper in the hole wrt recruiting & quality depth on the roster. So how long for the rebuild now? I can't believe it will be any less than 2 years -- AU will have to take their lumps.
  2. Well, we are pretty far behind those two teams. I'll be convinced we're heading in the right direction if the offense can line up correctly & not false start. Baby steps ...
  3. Interesting take. I went to the Global Conservation Corps website, and their overall goal is conservation -- through combatting poaching. Due to poverty & high unemployment, the local population often sees poaching as a way to provide for their family to keep from starving. It takes money & resources to train/equip rangers. Where do you think those funds come from? Legal hunters. It may be paradoxical to think legal hunting contributes to conservation, but that's the way it works in the US as well. Orgs like Ducks Unlimited were founded by hunters.
  4. That makes a lot of sense -- being ready for anything surprising that may come up. I've never been to Africa, much less on a safari hunt but I have heard stories of cape buffalo sneaking up on hunters(!) Congrats on your successful hunt & thanks for sharing your adventure.
  5. OK, thanks. One other question -- From the pix you posted, there was quite a lot of different animals you hunted. I could see using the more powerful rounds for the elephants, rhino, etc. but did you use the same for the smaller antelope types?
  6. UTk vs Clemson -- a true Orange Bowl! KSU vs uat -- Sugar Bowl matchup. I was impressed with the play of the KSU QB, Howard, in their championship game -- uat better not be sulking over not getting an invite to the Big Dance! Utah vs PSU -- Rose Bowl match. The Grandaddy of Them All just ain't what it used to be.
  7. Yeah, I think this is a true 'sink or swim' test for him. If he can prove he can recruit & win there, then that will set him up for higher profile jobs.
  8. What kind of rifles/ammo are you using on these hunts?
  9. Yeah, I know UGA is favored & LSU got spanked by TAMU but ... I want LSU to win this game!
  10. If you are a gainfully employed adult not into whining about what's fair in life, then you're no doubt aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The AUfamily site has expenses that have to be covered some how. Mgt has gone the route of voluntary donations rather than monthly or annual fees. So either continue to enjoy the gratis side of this site & hope the expenses get covered, or choose to be a contributor to this site's future viability with your donation. Your choice & WDE.
  11. True. The 2nd half seemed like a different game with the way they attacked. The Japanese have some really fast players that can exploit breakaways. It's exciting to watch them.
  12. I am no soccer aficionado but I'm keeping my eye on the Japanese team. I saw them beat Germany, then Spain & they've been really aggressive in their play -- always attacking on breakaways to put pressure on the defense. They are my dark horse pick.
  13. I don't know what the full coaching staff will look like or, what new recruits from HS or the portal will make up the final roster but I can state what my expectations are right now. They remain the same every year: get to Atlanta & win the SEC Championship. Anything else after that will take care of itself. I acknowledge that I'm a reasonable AU person, plus part of a crazy fanbase. CHF is credited with re-building programs and all I've got to say to that is "Brother, you came to the right place!"
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