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  1. I had a good friend of mine during my HS days who would routinely wear a trench coat to class every day and, AND ... he wore a button on the inside lapel that read. "Today is a bummer." Teenage angst & melancholy behavior is hardly new or unique. Unlike the Parkland shooter, this kid in Texas didn't have any red flags hanging about him. I'll be interested to find out what the investigation turns up about any explosive devices he planned to use.
  2. I disagree with you there. The current President is unapologetic in his his pro-America stance (unlike the former President.) The title of the opinion piece is contradictory & specious. It's as if diversity is only important when it doesn't conflict with the actual meaning of the word(!) No matter -- no one should really expect the "liberal media" to be diverse in the first place. As this WaPo article demonstrates, the type of people that gravitate towards journalism self-describe themselves as liberal anyway.
  3. AUloggerhead

    Gus is an average coach

    Much obliged!
  4. AUloggerhead

    Gus is an average coach

    The Peach Bowl game against UCF. That's where I saw the graphic come up. I can't be sure the record was 3-8 -- it was my guess. And to answer your question about expecting AU to win 100% of games where they are behind at the half ... ... under Gus, absolutely NOT.
  5. AUloggerhead

    Gus is an average coach

    Do you have a recording of the game and, if so, could you report the actual numbers? Incidentally, above average "across all of college football" is not encouraging to those of us that want AU to be competing in the playoff.
  6. AUloggerhead

    Gus is an average coach

    During the Peach Bowl broadcast, a graphic came up at halftime or maybe just before that AU under Gus had a rather sorry & dismal record when behind at halftime: something like 3-8 (?) I apologize for not having the correct information as I've since deleted my recording of the game (out of disgust) but I do remember that graphic as being really indicative of not being able to adapt. Maybe some of y'all (masochists) who've kept the recording can enlighten us?
  7. True. But "not listening" is contrary to "promoting an inclusive and respectful environment for the exchange of ideas" -- essentially, it means they are making a mockery of LSU Law's Diversity & Inclusion Statement. Unintended irony is the best!
  8. And, a powerful rebuttal. Who is the author, Marina Medvin -- some unhinged, Alt-right ideologue? No, she's a respected criminal defense attorney in DC:
  9. So true. We Americans have a lot of freedom in this country, but that ultimate in freedom doesn't always mean we choose wisely. Here's a news story of a couple making the most of their situation and winning big-time: Couple in NYC saves $85k/year
  10. From your link: THIS is the depth of analysis from this site? smdh This is what you get from listening to Sanders -- a guy who couldn't spell productivity even if you spotted him the root word 'product.' If you had bothered to read the link I provided you would have seen that JFK reduced the top income tax rate from 90% to around 70% which resulted in increased tax revenue and an expansion of the economy in the 60s. Also, the link I provided stated its' conclusion that low tax rates are not a panacea -- govt spending needs to be curtailed as well. The govt recently collected record tax revenue: Tax Cuts Work But until they get serious about expenditures it may prove to be all for naught.
  11. When you say stuff like: "We desperately need a progressive tax structure AND wealth transfer." you certainly are too advocating the wrong kind of -isms. You sound like a stupid communist who is ignorant of history ... like crazy old Bernie Sanders. Look, I don't know what kind of history you've been reading on the tax rates from TR to Nixon but maybe this might give you a little insight: Historical Lessons of Lower Tax Rates (JFK included) Also, I recommend a little light reading for you: "P.J. O'Rourke on The Wealth of Nations" This is P.J. O'Rourke's take on Adam Smith's 18th century treatise on economics. You be informed & entertained at the same time. Win-win.
  12. Do you have a link for that? I live up here and haven't heard anything about that. I'm busy trying to get some of my friends who are UW season ticket holders who aren't going to the game to let me buy their tix(!) As for Chik-fil-a stores up here in WA, they are a relatively new thing. The first store opened up in Bellevue in 2015 and has been swamped ever since. Other store locations have followed due to the demand. Here's a story on the latest: WA loves some of that 'Eat more chikin'
  13. AUloggerhead

    US and Allies strike chemical weapons sites

    OK. Let's talk about the Refugee Problem. According to the link, the pre-war population of Syria was 22 M and the UN estimates 13.5 M Syrian refugees, of which over 6 M are internally displaced. What's your solution? Or more specifically, what would you have the US do (regardless of who is president for the moment?) I believe resettlement in other countries including the US has reached its limit: Not Welcome. Besides, resettling over half of the country's pre-war population is hardly a long-term solution. Ending the fighting is just the first step. Diplomacy is the only action the US should take in the midst of this civil war to achieve that -- taking a side puts us in the middle of it. The missile strikes on the chemical weapons facilities retards the subsequent production & use of these indiscriminate weapons and lets the Assad regime know there are consequences to his actions.
  14. AUloggerhead

    US and Allies strike chemical weapons sites

    I don't. I'll let you in on a little secret: Trump has never consulted with me on anything. If he ever does, I would urge him to use every diplomatic effort to bring the fighting due to the civil war in Syria to an end, and to provide emergency supplies of food, water & medical supplies to the civilian population in Syria displaced by the war.
  15. AUloggerhead

    Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    Winner. Post of the Year!