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  1. Please ... no trees planted anywhere in his name & certrainly not in his "honor." That word doesn't apply to him. There never was a chance for him to pay full restitution & deep down most of us knew it even when the penalty was announced. Remorse? Heck, I don't remember him ever acknowledging what he'd done even after he was convicted. His family should not be judged by his stupid actions either, even though they are forever linked with him. He named his dog 'Nick Saban,' his son 'Bear' & his 1st daughter 'Crimson Tyde.' He wanted to name his 2nd daughter 'Allie (bama)' but
  2. Since you’re on the coast, you also can look for Jupiter & Saturn in the low ESE sky. They’re both relatively close to one another, Jupiter being the brighter of the two. With your binoculars you should be able to make out Jupiter’s moons as tiny points of light near the planet. Galileo was able to see the 4 biggest moons with his home-made telescope about 400 years ago. Last night I saw at least 3, and possibly the 4th. Like I said in an earlier post the issue is finding a way to stabilize hand-held binoculars to limit shaking of what you’re viewing. Good luck.
  3. The comet is virtually stationary when you see it. Any movement that you witness when you do see it is probably due to the Earth rotating, much like the constellations & the stars "move" during the evening. If you can find the Big Dipper, start searching for the comet in the sky below the constellation. You might need binoculars. The tail is very visible. The movement of the ISS across the sky is very fast. For instance, tonight in my area the ISS will make 2 flybys in the span of 1.5 hrs. You should check out the Spot the Station website from NASA for your area to determine when it
  4. Once again we went out last night to view the comet & planets since the weather is so cooperative and there are only a few more days to see . My oldest son & girlfriend drove over from Seattle where they live to see what all the fuss is about. More & more people are showing up at the location we use to stargaze -- ball fields area that's open with a clear view and away from the light pollution in the city. Saw the comet right off with the binoculars and once we did that, it becomes easier to spot it with eyes only. Also, the rings around Saturn & the moons around Jupiter we
  5. Like everywhere else, we have our moments when it's just glorius and other times when it can be, ah ... challenging. A few years back, we had a winter where the sky was overcast for 100 straight days. Over 3 months we didn't glimpse the sun and that's not a misprint. Also, every now & then (this year in fact) we have a month not known to other parts of the country: June-uary, where it's as cold & rainy as in January. Then again, we have periods where it's perfectly dry & warm during the day with low humidity & cool in the evening all through the night. Early September ri
  6. Yesterday morning & this morning, we got up before dawn (around 4 a.m.) to try to see the other planets: Mars, Venus & Mercury. Mars & Venus were easy enough to spot, but Mercury is really difficult because it's visible very low on the eastern horizon, and only briefly before the sun rises. I couldn't make it out either time -- although the sky was clear up high, there were wispy clouds low on the horizon that contributed to hiding it I believe. Ah well ... ... we'll keep trying.
  7. At the location listed under my avatar: Sammamish, WA. It's about 20 or so miles east of Seattle.
  8. I just think there's too much uncertainty re the virus/strains for a GO decision. What do you think about this article suggesting that adults update their MMR vaccine as a possible mitigation/preventative measure? I have an annual exam coming up in about a month & I'm going to run it by my doc.
  9. Where I live, star gazing in the Great Pacific NW is kind of a hit or miss proposition due to chronic cloudy skies. Fortunately, it's been clear the last few days. Anyways, the comet NEOWISE is visible in the NW or NNW sky about 1.5-2 hrs after sunset below the Big Dipper, and will be through the 23rd or so I'm told. I used some sport binoculars & that helped to see it a lot. This comet won't return for 6800 years so go out & try to see it while you can. Also, Jupiter & Saturn were visible low in the ESE sky. With the binocs I was even able to see an illuminated moon near Jup
  10. It's really sad what's happening in MN to the innocent citizens, but it's a self-inflicted wound by the city & state administrators. Yeah, sure insurance will cover business losses (after payment of the deductible) due to the arson & looting but then what follows? Increased rates and slim to zero chance of prevention of future incidents if the police force is defunded or disbanded. What rational business owner would stay & rebuild in such a location?
  11. Just now saw this thread. What kind of vehicle do you own? Toyota vehicles with soy-based covering for wiring I have a 2017 Rav4 that I took in for some scheduled maintenance awhile back and the mechanic noted that there seemed to be some chewing evident on some of the wiring -- he said it was mice. I was very surprised to say the least. I mixed some ammonia & water in a spray bottle & started liberally spraying figuring that the smell would discourage them. Would have to do it 2-3 times a week in the evening after parking the car. Apparently it works because I haven't
  12. Very sad to hear. Although, when I read earlier that he had been hospitalized for kidney problems AND tested positive for Covid ... I couldn't help but think that the end could be near. Prayers for his family & the AU family. He won't be forgotten. War Eagle, Coach & you were totally right about how long it takes to beat uat -- 60 minutes and not 1 second more(!)
  13. Abso-freakin-lutely! That would be the premier starting DL ever -- Fairly in the middle, with Brown & Rocker on the ends. Fire the coach who even mentions benching or cutting.
  14. Congrats to both of you for raising a fine, young man capable of making rational decisions for his future. And ... you're right about being a parent too. When you've been taking care of them their whole lives and then suddenly -- WHAM -- you realize you have to take a step back because they've grown into adulthood. Terrifying & awesomely conflicted feelings at the same time!
  15. Watch to the very end. Minor language warning ... for some, for others ... highly appropriate!
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