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  1. That's true. The decision to close the CGI was publicly promised by HRC herself prior to the election in order to remove any conflict of interest issues should she become president. Except uh ... ... she didn't become president so, there can't possibly be any of those entangling conflict of interest problems now, right? Right?
  2. It's currently bad law, too expensive and too ineffectual. If the law has to be gutted in order to be saved, then what's the point of keeping it? Better to start fresh and craft worthwhile legislation. None of this crap about "you have to pass the law to find out what's in it."
  3. Continuing with the analogy (loosely): does that make AU fans equivalent to Job?
  4. A "blend" of fact & fiction ... .... that's funny, right there. If you're in the news business, then why would you need to intersperse any fiction when (supposedly) reporting factual details? Did they recently hire the Rolling Stone "journalist" who fabricated the UVa frat story?
  5. activity I think you guys are making my point for me and not even realizing it -- to wit, human nature is such that valuable property like wallets should not be left out in the open unattended, houses & cars should not simply be left unlocked, and computer networks should not be operated without adequate security. Basic security measures can often be easily overcome but several layers of security will go a long way to ensure you keep private what belongs to you. It's very naive to expect foreign countries to not conduct espionage or disruptive activities toward our country. Protection responsibility falls under the current administration. It's equally naive to think our country abstains from the very same type of activities.
  6. Naive behavior is really cute in young children, but downright embarrassing in grown-ass adults. Even cops use locks on their lockers ... ... why do you suppose that is?
  7. I'm going to answer your questions even though I don't fit your criteria at the top of your posting: pure & simple ... politics. The election loss was so devastating & so unexpected to Democrats that they grasped at any straw to explain it short of admitting the obvious -- the American electorate had simply rejected their candidate. Clinging to blaming "the Russians" rather than the comically inept cyber safeguards of the DNC, Podesta et al, attempts to take the focus off of them. The Chinese hacking of OPM data was a huge security breach Only two people resigned over this fiasco: Katherine Archuleta, an Obama political appointee who had previously worked on his 2012 reelection, and CIO Donna Seymour, who was slow-walking the IG's investigation into the incident.
  8. Until AU proves it with a credible passing attack, they can expect to see top-25 opponents stack the box & stuff the run. 2016 was notable for AU having 3 QBs: one too brittle, one too rattled and one too inaccurate to pass. That has to change next season.
  9. I think it's a good move, too. It's all dependent on how good a job he does recruiting. Good start so far
  10. Actually, I think the difference in the popular vote IS relevant -- it's empirical evidence of the inefficacy of Russian interference. Critical thinking demands that we examine the so-called intelligence assessment: "... denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency." Really? The Russians did all this by themselves? HRC's words & deeds in the last 25 years she's been in the national public eye had nothing to do with this? Personally, I've been skeptical of her ever since it was revealed in the 1992 campaign that she was responsible for keeping a lid on Bill's "bimbo eruptions." And I would venture to say I'm not alone in that regard. HRC lost the election because she was an extremely flawed candidate, and also because she ran a stupid campaign by electing to campaign in states everywhere but WI. It's on her -- not the Russians.
  11. 2.9M more votes cast for HRC over Trump. Assessment of Russian influence: FAIL
  12. When he went on his rant about defending Joe Mixon ... ... I had to mute the sound. Watching AU get outplayed was bad enough and I just wasn't in the mood to hear his bloviating. He should have retired with Verne.
  13. Minor disagreement with you over this, japantiger: Kerry's MOST ridiculous thing ever said/done (as a US official) was his response after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris when he actually said with a straight (horse}face that he wanted to give everyone in France a big hug, and then subjected them to James Taylor singing "You've Got a Friend." Seriously. Nothing. In. History. Even. Comes. Close.
  14. Trump's victory has been certified by the Electoral College today, rending the media dramafest & liberal fantasy of faithless electors conspiring to overturn the 8 Nov election results moot. It reminds me of those videos of Canadian baby harp seal hunters on ice floes off the coast of Newfoundland: sometimes one clubbing doesn't do the job outright -- they then haInsert other media ve to swing their clubs a 2nd time to dispatch it. #everyonespresident