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  1. AUloggerhead

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    7 Easy Steps to Protect Your PC from Hackers and Malware Tip #5 may be hard for some.
  2. AUloggerhead

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    Absolutely do not ignore computer/network/server security. Hire someone competent in computer security to install a legit firewall, and ... AND ... absolutely do not let the run of the mill volunteers open any emails with attachments. Or if you do, then make sure that your (competent) computer security person provides basic security training. It's just not that hard. The President & Congress have much more important issues to deal with.
  3. AUloggerhead

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    Can I give another take on this? Perhaps just some basic computer security training would be in order for the personnel operating the DNC or HRC campaign servers? I mean, come on ... phishing & spear phishing "attacks" loading malware on the servers. If you click open the emails re Nigerian bank account surplus or similar, then you are too clueless to be managing email. This hardly rises to the level of "our President and Congress" to get involved to start "protecting us." Hire some competent people. Geez Louise.
  4. AUloggerhead

    SEC Storied: Rowdy

    FYI -- the SEC Channel will be airing a SEC Storied show about Rowdy Gaines on Monday, July 16th, 4pm pacific time (2 pm central.) Already have the DVR set.
  5. AUloggerhead

    NATO- who thinks we should get out?

    Per Article 12: Link Google 'Reform NATO' and there are all kinds of articles with specific details. It's now going on 70 years since the inception of the treaty and as I've already pointed out, the main threat evaporated nearly 3 decades ago. The European countries are definitely more prosperous than they were in 1949 so, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect them to either: pay their fair share according to the treaty or decide if belonging to the treaty is actually worth it.
  6. AUloggerhead

    NATO- who thinks we should get out?

    Well, the original purpose was to provide collective security against the threat of USSR expansion. In the immediate aftermath of WWII, European countries weren't militarily strong enough to resist any Soviet mischief ... without US help. But today? Hordes of Warsaw Pact tanks coming through the Fulda Gap isn't a realistic threat anymore. Since the USSR collapsed about 27 years ago it would appear that specific threat is no longer relevant. Yeah, I know -- but Russia, Russia, Russia! I think it's correct & proper to reassess NATO today and modernize the alliance to identify & counter realistic threats to member countries. We don't have to get rid of NATO.
  7. AUloggerhead

    serious question........

    Although I wasn't in the military, I worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers my whole career as a project manager/engineer in construction. I volunteered to be deployed to Saudi Arabia during Operations Desert Shield/Storm. We did so much paving over there for various military units that we maxed out the capacity of the country's asphalt & concrete plants and had to start prioritizing. Funny anecdote about the Air Force over there -- they all had air-conditioned tents. The only Army unit I found that had air-conditioned tents was the MASH unit (naturally.)
  8. AUloggerhead

    Due Process

  9. Not trying to absolve Lewandowski or anyone else of uttering dumb interview comments or of making twitter/facebook postings. The underlying issue is the media outrage (du jour) over "separating families at the border." There appears to be precious little analysis over whether or not "separating families" is a legitimate practice -- now, or at any time in the past. Continue with excoriating Lewandowski.
  10. Valid reason for separation in this case, or not? Mother is a material witness against a smuggler
  11. I had a good friend of mine during my HS days who would routinely wear a trench coat to class every day and, AND ... he wore a button on the inside lapel that read. "Today is a bummer." Teenage angst & melancholy behavior is hardly new or unique. Unlike the Parkland shooter, this kid in Texas didn't have any red flags hanging about him. I'll be interested to find out what the investigation turns up about any explosive devices he planned to use.
  12. I disagree with you there. The current President is unapologetic in his his pro-America stance (unlike the former President.) The title of the opinion piece is contradictory & specious. It's as if diversity is only important when it doesn't conflict with the actual meaning of the word(!) No matter -- no one should really expect the "liberal media" to be diverse in the first place. As this WaPo article demonstrates, the type of people that gravitate towards journalism self-describe themselves as liberal anyway.
  13. AUloggerhead

    Gus is an average coach

    Much obliged!
  14. AUloggerhead

    Gus is an average coach

    The Peach Bowl game against UCF. That's where I saw the graphic come up. I can't be sure the record was 3-8 -- it was my guess. And to answer your question about expecting AU to win 100% of games where they are behind at the half ... ... under Gus, absolutely NOT.
  15. AUloggerhead

    Gus is an average coach

    Do you have a recording of the game and, if so, could you report the actual numbers? Incidentally, above average "across all of college football" is not encouraging to those of us that want AU to be competing in the playoff.