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  1. AUloggerhead

    March for life coverage

    So ... essentially, it was all a misunderstanding. Link Again, all the evidence suggests that Phillips got it backward. Peaceful protest by the teens, harassed by the Black Hebrew Israelites, Native American drummer misread the whole thing and inserts himself into the group of teens in order to de-escalate a possibly worst confrontation. Oh yeah, and the media (initially, at least) gets it totes wrong.
  2. AUloggerhead

    March for life coverage

    So true. Congressman John Yarmuth (D-KY) is calling for "a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what's going on." I'll take 'Doesn't understand the First Amendment' for $200, Alex
  3. AUloggerhead

    Playing Akron in 2021

    Am I reading that correctly: Akron is HOSTING Nebraska in 2025?! Wow. I knew the Huskers have been down for some time now but this is pretty low for them.
  4. AUloggerhead

    Take That Pelosi

    Applaud you for your Machiavellian cleverness, but that would be TOO cruel ... for the in-country troops stuck with her.
  5. AUloggerhead

    Take That Pelosi

    The $5B or so the President wants for the border is a drop in the bucket compared to the 2019 federal budget of $4.407T. Link Even compared to the discretionary spending amount ($1.308T) it's still essentially an accounting error. I'm siding with the President this time. Move some funds around for Pete's sake and resolve this. If DoD personnel aren't getting paid, then don't demand those military air crews fly your sorry congressperson asses halfway around the world on your personal junket. They can fly commercial ... coach.
  6. Hmm. Fairly sure her "popularity" (i.e. media interest) is due to the fact that she was an unknown who came out of nowhere to primary a well-entrenched incumbent. That translates to instant media spotlight (from both the right and left) on everything she says or does. Her youth & photogenic good looks no doubt contribute to her celebrity status. It remains to be seen if her glaringly lack of life experience beyond attending college & tending bar can sustain her career in Congress or, if that means she herself could be primaried by the next new shiny thing to come along.
  7. Wonder what this is going to do for sales of the Ford Fiesta?
  8. AUloggerhead

    Kirk Herbstreit on why Auburn should appreciate Malzahn

    So true. These guys are nothing more than shills for ESPN. After the debacle of 2004 exposed the lunacy of the BCS picking 2 of 5 undefeated teams to play for the national championship, Herbstreit et al were still spouting the ESPN talking points of "every game matters" to keep the BCS intact. I rarely listen to pre or post-game analyses anymore because they just regurgitate more of the same -- "we shouldn't expand to an 8-team playoff because (insert more support for ESPN's contract to televise CFB Playoff thru 2025.)
  9. AUloggerhead

    QB Tyree Jackson looking to transfer

    Sure. Bring in him. If he doesn't work out at QB, then Gus could always convert him to a triple-threat QB/TE. Or pack on a few more pounds to that 6-7 frame and convert him to an OT. No risk win-win!
  10. AUloggerhead

    Caddyshack movie

    A 345+ drive? Sounds awfully like The Dali Lhama Himself -- "big hitter, the Lhama." One of the few movies I've been to where the audience was roaring from beginning to end. One of the most quoted movies in history, too. I once got to play in a foursome that included a judge. I was patient ... but I finally got to say the line: "Your honor, your Honor."
  11. AUloggerhead

    Last Call for the Gus Bus?

    Going forward, it's going to be an uphill climb for the Gus Bus and just a little precarious.
  12. AUloggerhead


    I laughed my azz off when Coach Bowlcut attempted the worst & most ill-advised fake punt in cfb history which led to them losing(!) Keep reminding the mutt fans of that one because that will sting for a long time.
  13. AUloggerhead

    2018-19 Season Gif Thread

    Wins this thread! 👍
  14. AUloggerhead

    Just How Stoned Was Bill Walton?

    We could have made a drinking game out of every time he yelled, "It's the 3rd-place game -- LET EM PLAY!"
  15. AUloggerhead

    Men vs. Arizona

    Maui Wowee, more likely.