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  1. You're a GM of an NFL team with a top 1st round pick. Would you draft Tua over the others like Herbert, Fromm, Burrows? I'm more than a little leery of Tua's hip injury. IF he can return, he's just not going to be the same. Not to mention that playing a college schedule for uat vs a pro schedule for a high draft pick bottom-feeder is going to call his durability into question when he starts getting sacked regularly. While I think it's a no-brainer for him to forego his last year & enter the draft, I also think it's a huge gamble for whichever team takes a chance on selecting him.
  2. It looked to all the world that AU was unprepared, and that they hadn't studied any film of Minnesota on either side of the ball. If they had studied film, one wonders just what in heck they were looking at -- did they bother to watch Minnesota's losses to Iowa or Wisconsin to see what defeated them? For the defensive players to say afterwards that the Gophers were "running plays we hadn't seen" is a really stunning admission. No adjustments, no Plan B ready. It's like Gus was expecting their talent level to win out for him. Pathetic.
  3. I like your approach. Before the next bowl game, we need you to get over to Gus’s office with a set of flash cards and say, “show me the crossing route, now show me the slant ... No, put that fake punt card on the bottom — you won’t be playing that one any time soon.
  4. I'm not up on Ukraine law, but if they make a formal request that Hunter be extradited for trial, then I think the President will comply in a NY minute … with pleasure(!)
  5. Patience, grasshopper. A crime was committed in Ukraine, and it looks like the we may find out very soon which US politician(s) were involved: Money Laundering I don't think Hunter Biden's baby momma will be pleased when she finds out his salary/wealth wasn't really his to begin with.
  6. Read the comments -- wondering if they'll miss the Sugar Bowl. Hilarious.
  7. Great topic. What I think is/was holding or PI is … … I don't know anymore. That said, I'm sure it's a fine line to walk between the refs calling every single instance of those infractions and having a watchable football game. And that has naturally led to coaches instructing their players to get away with what they can until it's called. We all saw it last night in the conference championship games with the DB's tugging at the WR's jerseys. I'm not a Ref Conspiracy Theorist, but I do think a tightening up of the rules needs to be emphasized. The "bear hug" technique by OL is particularly galling to me. Perhaps try calling everything for just one season and let's see how it goes? I'd like to see something tried at least.
  8. This. Plaid hat & plaid sportscoats -- made him look like the quintessential used car salesman. Really don't know how hound's-tooth became the symbol of their delusional fan-base, but … oh, wait.
  9. I don't know. Joey Freshwater cruising the Grove? Not hard to see at all. 😊
  10. Beat me to it(!) When I watched the replay, I saw whomever had to come in for McKinney (33?) did indeed looked lost -- his uniform is cleaner & whiter than the rest. His teammates were shoving & pointing him to where he needed to be and he ended up getting to the receiver after the pass was caught. More reason for naming Shaun's TD run the Play of the Game.
  11. Watch the replay, and on the 2nd TD pass to Waddel in the left corner, at the start of the play, Jerry Jeudy slaps the AU defender with his right hand across the helmet before taking off on his route to the inside. Should've been flagged.
  12. Forgot to mention that uat lost the State Championship as well. Could they beat UAB? Troy, USA, AL A&M, Jax State -- the world wonders?
  13. To be fair, when Gus speaks about “the toughest schedule” at a press conference, he’s addressing media type people so, dumbing it down is kinda required. 😁 The schedule is what it is every year — a challenge to the team to overcome. AU has always played difficult schedules.
  14. DAYYUM! This ain't worth no Dodge Charger!