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  1. What a four (five)some?! This might be worth following around the course, key word 'following' (especially with Barkley in that group -- I've seen him with a golf club.) Regions Tradition at Hoover Graystone Golf & Country Club in Hoover
  2. How many tuned in to The Bear Bryant Show the next day? My Dad was a fan and used to watch it every week. Since the game wasn't televised, the replay shows ( & the Auburn Football Review) were the only way to view the plays. My most vivid memory of that game was tuning in to the Bear's show on Sunday -- as the host, Charley Thorton, started off with his usual "Good afternoon Crimson Tide f---", before he could finish the word 'fans' the Bear yells out, "WHAT'S GOOD ABOUT IT!!?" Talk about a pregnant pause(!) Charley was momentarily confused and stammered a bit before the Bear started
  3. Well, they're (finally) considering expanding.. Sounds like no changes before the contract expires in 2025. I predict we'll see an 8-team playoff -- something I've been advocating for since AU got screwed in 2004, btw. But now? I'm getting ahead of the curve and am hoping for a 16-game playoff(!) The writing is on the wall. The (meaningless) bowl system has outlived any usefulness it once had -- from teams with losing records getting invites to more players opting out of playing in them at all. Expand the playoffs & play the games at college venues just like they do for the other Div
  4. It's not complicated at all. Just strip it down to the basics ... and focus. 80% mental, or something.
  5. Take a lesson (or 2/3). It all depends on finding a "good" instructor:
  6. So what? Media hype is what they do -- they HAVE to have something to write about & Tanks's ability/potential is so obvious that even mediot sportswriters can recognize it.
  7. It's so long ago ... ... but I do recall that there was a final straw that broke the camel's back incident -- something like Marsh wanted a dedicated golf cart-like vehicle with which to show prospective recruits around and incredibly, the buffon JJ nixed it. If only we had a real AD back then. David Marsh's career
  8. I saw the play where Dowel was called out for interference. Correct call by the ump. In a play like that, the critical element is where the ball is (not the location of the player's feet as Dean was arguing) when contact is made -- if the ball is contacted over fair territory, it's interference, plain & simple.
  9. Just got the 2nd dose of Phizer. 1st dose was 3 weeks ago and I got it in the L arm -- only side effect I had was a sore arm the next day, lasted 1 day. Today I got the 2nd in my R arm -- no apparent side effects for the moment.
  10. Been there (years ago.) Didn't try the ostrich but I had the Buffaloe steak -- flat out awesome.
  11. That's a bit harsh. While it was often frustrating at times to watch Tuberville refuse to win by blow-out scores when he had the chance, it was the BCS system that was at fault due to too much reliance on the damn polls -- SC & OU were at top of the polls wire to wire for the season.
  12. From Costco, I bought a 21" cut self-propelled Poulan brand mower but it has a 6.5 hp Honda engine mounted on it. Had it about 10 years, and all I do is change the oil, replace the spark plug & air filter every year. Still running as good as when I first bought it. I did have to finally replace the blade this year because it had a crack in it. If I ever have to buy another mower, I will look at another Honda first.
  13. Too bad he doesn't play WR?
  14. Is your therapist’s speciality uat football? Maybe listen to another therapist.
  15. No coaching QBs to read the primary receiver, then go to the secondary or tertiary - if the intended receiver is covered, just throw it away. Remember when Russell Wilson was transferring from NC State and had AU & Wisc as landing spots? It’s no surprise he chose Wisc.
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