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  1. Softball vs. uat game 3

    If they see it then yes, they call it(!) The batter is required to be in the box to hit a pitch. If they step out to hit the ball it doesn't matter if the ball goes fair or foul -- the result is an immediate dead ball and the batter is out. Sometimes, I hear fans screaming "she's stepping out of the box, she's stepping out of the box!" when the batter doesn't attempt to swing at a pitch. Doesn't matter. It's only a violation if they step out and make contact with the pitch (fair or foul.)
  2. Softball vs. uat game 3

    Just for clarification -- the batters box lines (and any others) "exist" even if they are messed up or obliterated after a couple of innings. The distance from the edge of the plate to the edge of the batters box is specified in the rules: 6-inches. As an umpire, I've had to train myself to track the pitch until it's hit, and then to quickly glance at the batter's feet to ensure they're in the box. It's doable but it takes some practice.
  3. Florida Bridge Collapse - Builders, your thoughts?

    Retired engineer here, one that's been involved with formal boards of investigation into construction accidents. There are so many factors that could have contributed to this accident from the design, pre-fabrication of the structure, temp support, construction methodology, post-tensioning of the cables, etc. I hate to speculate on the exact cause because it could also be a case of multiple factors. My guess is that the investigation alone will take a couple of weeks. I would not trust any of the initial reporting AT ALL -- not because of "fake news" but because of supreme ignorance of the reporters jumping on what they perceive as significant. Even the best concrete can "crack" during curing due to uneven cooling, and not every visible crack is evidence of a structural defect. Best to just wait on the facts to come out from the official investigation.
  4. Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    Thanks for including the link which had the video clip of the play. I watched AU tie up the game in the 7th (awesome comeback) but couldn't hang to the end of this one. I'm also a HS baseball & softball umpire. Earlier in February, I attended a training session for college softball and this rule was prominently discussed. The rule change makes the obstruction call less ambiguous for the umpire -- there is nothing to "interpret" as in the old version of the rule. The call was the correct one because the catcher was blocking the plate completely. Catchers (and fielders at other bases) need to allow the runner some kind of access to the plate (or base.) It looked like the catcher initially set up in front of the plate and then adjusted into the path of the runner to catch the ball which was a little off-line. In the past, an umpire could have ruled either way.
  5. Trade War!

    Gotta say that is one spectacular, potential neck-breaking spill right there. Thank God water was at the bottom ... ... whoa
  6. Top Ten Comebacks in Football History

    Yes, he did. Here's the you-tube video of the entire game: Cam-back Iron Bowl The camera turns away just as he's flipping off the AU fans in the crowd after celebrating his last TD at about the 34:27 mark. I've seen a picture someone took from the stands of this classic show of turd sportsmanship. He got his comeuppance, though. After being sacked hard to the ground in the 4Q, he's shown being escorted off the field barely able to walk & appearing to be looking out the ear-hole of his helmet. Go watch after the 2:32:32 mark for a good laugh.
  7. I could agree with that -- schedule it for after school hours so no one risks suspension, too. Win-win!
  8. That's some impressive ignorance. This one is just as awesome: Can't have gun symbols in school -- school is for learning.
  9. How embarrassing(!) This woman is obviously a newcomer to the area. Greenwood is just a short distance from Ballard, another old-time neighborhood where many Scandinavian immigrants ended up settling. Although the population today is much more diverse, Ballard's Nordic Heritage is hard to miss -- especially since the Nordic Heritage Museum is located there(!)
  10. Demographic Curiosity

    61 cisgender male 1979 AU grad, BSCE been living up here in Sammamish WA for the last 30 years Originally from Ft Walton FL and I can vouch for Stewbies being awesome. Was down there for my 40th reunion in 2014 from Choctaw HS. Yes, I am also a former "Big Green Indian." I had the Mahi-Mahi only because they had run out of the amberjack by the time I arrived late afternoon(!) Word to the wise if you're plannng to eat there -- get there early enough.
  11. Truly. This woman's story is the living embodiment of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS.) She drinks her morning coffee with an anti-trump slogan on it and wonders why her TDS is with her 24/7. smdh Maybe one day she'll figure out that her personal happiness is not dependent on the (temporary) occupant in the White House.
  12. Daniel Carlson missed PAT

    The participants get paid to play in the Senior Bowl. So, it's really his first miss as a professional.
  13. Blue States to Sue Federal Government

    I don't believe the lawsuit will go anywhere either. From the OP's linked article: The new tax reform bill means the blue state's gravy train of raising state taxes because residents previously got to deduct them all on their federal income tax returns is ... over. Dem politicians in those states are going to have to learn how to live within their state's means. I can see why they are so upset over this(!)
  14. Hawaii governor is really that damn stupid

    The proper thing would have been to put the fool er, employee ... on administrative leave, conduct the investigation, and THEN act on the results of the investigation. By immediately declaring it an honest mistake before any of the facts were in is like commanding a firing squad to: "Ready. FIRE. Aim" The citizens of Hawaii deserved better. smdh
  15. Hawaii governor is really that damn stupid

    Perhaps the HI EMA rushed it’s judgment that the employee responsible simply made an honest mistake, and that the employee should only be reassigned and not fired?