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  1. Well, Ivey is an AU grad -- there's that. Bentley was your typical turd.
  2. Interesting history of the filibuster
  3. For 6 months prior to the election voters knew who the principals were going to be, and if they weren't totally dismayed at the prospects of having to choose between two unlikable candidates then they convinced themselves as to who was the lessor of two evils. Divine intervention aside, I'm sure there's a rational reason why HRC lost a totally winnable race. I think the explanation has more to do with political science than with "misogyny." Trump's victory was pretty much unexpected. Only two polls correctly predicted his win: Investor's Business Daily TIPP and the LA Times/USC Daybreak tracking poll. I also believe that the ship of state rarely moves in a straight line -- it will lurch in one direction, then correct itself by lurching in the other. I'm hopeful this recent election means the end of dynasty politics. However, when I hear of people touting Michelle, Chelsea or even Ivanka as possible candidates for whichever office, I'm not willing to bet on that(!)
  4. That's the only reason I watch anything on ESPN. Discussion-type shows, pre-game and post-game shows bore me to tears and I most definitely can think of better things to do.
  5. It's like no one's ever heard of the term, "paparazzi." To be sure, they tend to follow well-known actors & athletes but prominent politicians fall in the celebrity category too. Smdh.
  6. Dr. Walter Williams has written about this and has been saying this for many years: Free advice (obviously ignored by the majority)
  7. Always liked when Ron Franklin was doing the play-by-play. And then Carnell going 80 yards untouched on the 1st play -- that was a great game.
  8. To be fair: being arrested as a prime suspect is not the same as guilty of the crime. If true ... not going to hold my breath waiting for the media to denounce this journalist as one of them, though.
  9. Candidate Obama President Obama "Less access than under the Bush administration" -- CNN's Briana Keilar
  10. Politically motivated. Dude donated $5k to HRC campaign & Democrat party in August 2016. WaPo "forgot" to include that little nugget in their story: Principled Stances & stuff ... ...
  11. I commend her on her honesty even though I can't agree with her preposterous conclusion.
  12. A Big-12 team just schooled AU in the Sugar Bowl in how to run an offense. 524 yds total offense, remember? If by 'tuneup'' you mean being able to throw the ball short, medium & long to our talented WRs whenever & wherever we choose rather than when the defense forces us to throw it, then yeah, I'm right with ya. WDE
  13. Yep, totally. The televised press conference started with JFK and have evolved into what they are today. So, anyone complaining about 'tradition' being trampled upon is just a bit ridiculous, IMHO. Here's a pretty good article about presidential press conferences: Do Press Conferences Still Matter?
  14. The thinking regarding politicians dealing with the media in the past has always been: "never criticize people who buy ink by the gallon." That made tremendous sense when printed media was prominent and also in light of Mark Twain's famous observation of "a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." Trump's combative personality combined with his use of Twitter to get in the first shot is fascinating to watch because it's turned that conventional wisdom on its head -- the media is now reacting to him instead of the other way around. Each and every inaccurate article or broadcast the media now puts out -- even if only slightly misleading or inaccurate -- is now fodder for being labeled 'fake news" and plays right into Trump's hands. Chess players would recognize this development as the media "losing the initiative." They are no longer dictating what happens in the game. In military strategy terms: the media has been flanked. I promise to pick up a pitchfork if & when Trump ever begins to "suppress" the media.
  15. Newsflash: Trump has engaged in hyperbole, both now and in the past. It's kind of his thing. But Trump's mocking, ridiculing and/or criticizing the media is not the same thing as a dictator "suppressing" it as Sen McCain's own bit of hyperbole has implied. McCain may have a point if Trump ever starts prohibiting the media from publishing or broadcasting their stories or, God forbid, jails anybody for it. If all Trump ever does is call out the press or simply criticize them for being biased against him ... ... so what? It's not illegal and it's no different than Obama or any other president complaining about media bias.