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  1. You can’t figure it out after 7 years? Gus doesn’t know how to. Don’t overthink it.
  2. To clarify upon your maritime analogy: AU is not rudderless. We do have a rudder -- it just happens to be stuck hard over on the starboard side causing the ship to circle around ... endlessly, forever & ever. And AU has a Capt Queeg in charge that doesn't see the problem. Sometimes, mutiny is the only option left.
  3. Always appreciated the way Spurrier would pull an underperforming QB in a heartbeat — he’d always have 4 QBs suited up. A HC or OC should be able to tell when his players aren’t performing and sub accordingly. Big time fail for Gus & Dilly. I was reminded of another.high profile game where the starting QB was pulled because he was overwhelmed: 2001 AU -UF game in Jordan-Hare. Jason Campbell was pulled for Daniel Cobb. Cobb came in and had a career game that night which ended in victory. Not saying Gatewood would have had a career game in the Swamp, but damn if there was ever a game to bring in the backup QB for a change of pace, then last Saturday was it.
  4. I believe every football team would be "fine" with 5-7 seconds of pass pro. Geez, talk about fantasy football. smdh
  5. Ever since that debacle I have never taken the collective opinion of sportswriters (the AP) very seriously.
  6. "... I ain't ever had no crap like this except for here." OK, and apparently English grammar in speech wasn't stressed either(!)
  7. It’s important research, too. By my estimate ... ... what was the question again?
  8. Oof. That's just plain ignorance. Whomever was responsible for that graphic has never set foot below the Mason-Dixon line.
  9. 7 hours of the candidates trying to out-crazy each other. Mission accomplished!
  10. Loved how all the middle fingers eventually went to plugging their ears(!) Boston PD 1, Fascist Antifa 0. What the heck was that megaphone-carrying guy doing with a boot on his head, about 1:00 into the video?
  11. Absolutely nothing. We should not be so surprised that someone intent on breaking the law by murdering people is suddenly going to follow the law by abiding by a mandated UBC on a private sale. In fact, that's the height of naivete.
  12. Great movie -- one of my all-time favorites. Upholding the law, sure. That, however, is the main issue with the perp in the Kate Steinlie case. He is a 5 time deportee and that's not a typo. Five. Times. He should NEVER have been in position to cause of Kate's death.
  13. Seriously delusional -- this is in Brian Williams' league. I'm trying to think of something to positively spin this and I can't even ... ... all I got is at least he didn't claim to be dodging sniper fire? The mental health system in this country is broken.
  14. I forgot about Diaz taking over as HC ... oops. Thought he did well as a DC & really don't have anything against him as HC. Doesn't change my feelings about Sat's game -- still a win-win situation.
  15. No fan of Mullen or Richt here -- I'm quite ambivalent about either team winning. However, I do have about 8 family members (multiple generations) who either attended or graduated from UF. So if UF wins I can celebrate with them and if UF loses I can pretend to commiserate with them all the while secretly laughing inside. This is a win-win game for me.
  16. It takes a bizarre kind of delusion to declare (pretend?) you are a different race than that you really are. Rachael Dolezal anyone? In Warren's case, she kept up the lie to burnish her credentials early in her career and has only now tired to distance herself from the whole charade because it doesn't play well in the national electorate. She's apparently discovered that voters outside of MA are much harder to fool. On the plus side, this shows active learning. Old dogs can learn new tricks(!)
  17. You're correct -- her apology"was for the "harm I have caused" which is a little self-serving since the harm she caused was to her own reputation. To her credit, her actions of publicly insisting she/her family has Native American roots didn't harm one single tribal member. So ... ... there's that.
  18. SEC Officials opened a twitter account in July. What could go wrong? Heh heh.
  19. I share your skepticism of the government being able to address the mental health/gun violence problem without curtailing rights of individuals. However, maybe there's something meaningful that can be gleaned from analyzing someone's social media presence to help prevent some of these attacks. Some of the "red flags" proposals by Dan Crenshaw have merit IMHO. Red Flag Firearms Law It's worth a try anyway. The recent info coming out about the Dayton shooter about him keeping "Rape & Kill lists" in his high school days seems like a too obvious kind of red flag. Sick Bastage
  20. Nicely put. Thank God the founders didn't make this country a theocracy (pun intended.) As for what Jesus "said" or what the Bible "tells" us, there is ample room for interpretation and whomever is doing the interpretation will see what they want to see: e.g. "Jesus said that only sinless people can perform executions." Yeah, I remember the teaching somewhat differently: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." That doesn't say to me that Jesus is only reserving the right to execution to "sinless people." The old joke among us Catholic boys was that after Jesus said that, a single stone was seen being thrown from the back of the mob towards the adulterous woman hitting her. Jesus then says, "Oh come on, Mom!" 😁
  21. Woodrow Wilson (D) was the most racist of all our chief executives -- and it's not even close. Arbitrarily killing the "racial equality" proposal by the Japanese at the Versailles Treaty conference had some long-lasting effects down the road: this near-sighted snub enraged the Japanese and no doubt contributed to the rise of nationalists in the 1920s within Japan.
  22. I am in favor of the Congress increasing their salaries -- as long as they first submit the proposal to a national referendum for approval.
  23. I recommend the author, Ian W. Toll, and his trilogy of of WWII in the Pacific: his website Pacific Crucible The Conquering Tide and a soon to be released final book (it's been promised to be released this year) Very engrossing writer. His description of the aftermath of Pearl Harbor in Pacific Crucible is heartbreaking & riveting at the same time. Also, a very good description of the lead up to the war from the Japanese perspective. Six Frigates is also excellent. Highly recommend it as well.