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  1. Very sad to hear. Although, when I read earlier that he had been hospitalized for kidney problems AND tested positive for Covid ... I couldn't help but think that the end could be near. Prayers for his family & the AU family. He won't be forgotten. War Eagle, Coach & you were totally right about how long it takes to beat uat -- 60 minutes and not 1 second more(!)
  2. Abso-freakin-lutely! That would be the premier starting DL ever -- Fairly in the middle, with Brown & Rocker on the ends. Fire the coach who even mentions benching or cutting.
  3. Congrats to both of you for raising a fine, young man capable of making rational decisions for his future. And ... you're right about being a parent too. When you've been taking care of them their whole lives and then suddenly -- WHAM -- you realize you have to take a step back because they've grown into adulthood. Terrifying & awesomely conflicted feelings at the same time!
  4. Watch to the very end. Minor language warning ... for some, for others ... highly appropriate!
  5. "Barry" tv series starring Bill Hader. If you're into binge watching dark humor, I recommend this one. The premise is a little off the wall: disillusioned hit man wanting to get out of the business and into acting, but Bill Hader makes it work. The plot twists results in some LOL absurd situations. Give it a try.
  6. This is especially true when the mediots powers-that-be that decide these things just up & decided not to award a NC at all that year(!) Pure cowardice.
  7. Very true. In my playing days (long gone!) hitting someone hard enough to "decleat" them was not only encouraged but celebrated. Knowing what we know now about concussions ... ... Yikes.
  8. Minor correction, Tigerbelle: it’s not “for almost 70 years” — the corruption at uat goes back at least 94 years. Reference the Classics Forum with the William Bradford Huie article from the 1941 Collier’s magazine where he documents his disgust at the abuses in the football program from the previous 15 years. Stuff like that probably didn’t start in 1926 like some kind of Big Bang event, but we just don’t have any established testimony to to support the speculation. Still, we’re approaching the 100 year anniversary ... so, there’s that(!)
  9. No video but there's this testimonial from some guy named Favre:
  10. 1st round draft pick in the top 5 -- should get a sweet deal out of it. Good for Tua. There's no question about his past demonstrated talent level. There is, however, a huge question mark about his durability going forward. He may be declared fully healed by his doctor(s) but IMHO Miami took quite the gamble on drafting him. Guess they're trying to make up for not getting Drew Brees with his surgically repaired shoulder back in the day.
  11. Oh man, speaking of memories — I was in Lake Tahoe in the spring of 2004 and walked into the Caesar’s sports bar just to see what the odds were: AU was at 100 to 1 to win it all. So I put down a $20 bet. I still have the ticket. So close!
  12. "Tiger Balm" Arena: website I think their slogan, "Pain Happens Suffering is Optional" might work in a venue where visitors rarely win.
  13. OK. But is that what he really did? I was sure he blurted out two sentences at a sporting event, one that could be considered rude or unwelcoming (Go back to Uruguay,) and the other factual (This is America.) Instead of being drowned out in the deafening crowd noise, they were clearly heard on a microphone during a TV broadcast. Would anyone really have cared otherwise? And for this "crime" he's banned from Auburn Arena and will likely appear before the SGA -- presumably for more punishment. You know, it's been about 10 years since I've last been on the campus. Where is the Political Re-Education Center located?
  14. I found this: Similar Circumstance re banning "Disruptive Speech" at a sporting event I may be wrong but I don't think it bodes well for AU to hammer this student over this trivial issue.
  15. Agreed. It's a nothingburger. And it was embarrassing for AU, no doubt. But is one overexuberant idiot's outburst (televised to a national audience, no less) reflective of the university in general? Of course not. AU is a public university, and the kid still has 1st Amendment rights. Protecting speech means you protect all speech & not just speech you deem noble. I would think if AU comes down hard on the fool for essentially the unforgivable crime of Wrong-Think, then they will look … unconstitutional. Ironic, wouldn't you say? Somebody ping NOLA and let's get a legal opinion.
  16. At the end of the link is this item: What was the school misidentified in the original article? Alabama Think about how cluelessly ignorant one would have to be to mix up an Alabama fan for an Auburn fan writing about a basketball game against Tennessee in the Auburn Arena. The author is a self-proclaimed liberal journo writing from DC. He's essentially tarring everyone from Alabama as a "xenophobic bully" because the state of Alabama went for Trump in 2016 just to fit his Orange Man Bad narrative. Yikes. This is exactly the problem Carville was talking about when coastal elites write about Southerners from afar. I'm not excusing the idiotic remark from the fan but to refer to it as bullying? Santiago Vescovi stands 6'-3" and weighs about 190. He's not going to be "bullied" by anything yelled at him from the stands. Also, it's not like this is his first time in a hostile environment either -- I'm sure he's heard worse. The whole article is a ridiculous over-reach from someone who's likely never competed in any sports.
  17. Can't forget Dye's initial press conference either when a reporter, knowing uat had won the previous 8 games at the time, asked Dye, "How long will it take to beat bama?" Dye answered without hesitation, "60 minutes." Perfect. Knew then we had the right guy!
  18. My vote for underrated/underutilized would have to go to Carl Stewart. AU should have thrown to him out of the backfield more. He's currently studying for his JD at U of Houston.
  19. You're a GM of an NFL team with a top 1st round pick. Would you draft Tua over the others like Herbert, Fromm, Burrows? I'm more than a little leery of Tua's hip injury. IF he can return, he's just not going to be the same. Not to mention that playing a college schedule for uat vs a pro schedule for a high draft pick bottom-feeder is going to call his durability into question when he starts getting sacked regularly. While I think it's a no-brainer for him to forego his last year & enter the draft, I also think it's a huge gamble for whichever team takes a chance on selecting him.
  20. It looked to all the world that AU was unprepared, and that they hadn't studied any film of Minnesota on either side of the ball. If they had studied film, one wonders just what in heck they were looking at -- did they bother to watch Minnesota's losses to Iowa or Wisconsin to see what defeated them? For the defensive players to say afterwards that the Gophers were "running plays we hadn't seen" is a really stunning admission. No adjustments, no Plan B ready. It's like Gus was expecting their talent level to win out for him. Pathetic.
  21. I like your approach. Before the next bowl game, we need you to get over to Gus’s office with a set of flash cards and say, “show me the crossing route, now show me the slant ... No, put that fake punt card on the bottom — you won’t be playing that one any time soon.
  22. I'm not up on Ukraine law, but if they make a formal request that Hunter be extradited for trial, then I think the President will comply in a NY minute … with pleasure(!)
  23. Patience, grasshopper. A crime was committed in Ukraine, and it looks like the we may find out very soon which US politician(s) were involved: Money Laundering I don't think Hunter Biden's baby momma will be pleased when she finds out his salary/wealth wasn't really his to begin with.
  24. Read the comments -- wondering if they'll miss the Sugar Bowl. Hilarious.