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  1. It will only be a possible issue if we're losing.
  2. Pretty sure it would be brilliant on Bruce's part. Wherever they end up coaching/playing could feasibly land the 4 Lawsons plus they have a cousin in the same caliber plus the contacts in the Memphis AAU that wouldn't be considered shady since he is there to see his kids/nephew play. I doubt our compliance department will see it that way though.
  3. That's silly. There are plenty of kids from Memphis on SEC rosters. When you send out a sketchy recruiter, you get what you get.
  4. Shaking hands after the game or high fiving is about sportsmanship. You don't choose who you high five. I've high fived guys I'd rather throat punch due to past experiences off the field. But, you put on your big girl panties, suck it up and don't make an ass of yourself.
  5. "former football player at UAT. And he's obnoxious." Redundant.
  6. Champions of life?
  7. That is literally the first thing I have ever seen you post that I agreed with, lol. Nice work.
  8. For the record I saw Sammie lay out for a pass that there was no way he could catch a few weeks ago... I had to double check to make sure it was him, lol.
  9. True, but Gus's list is all the people who have played for him, worked for him or mowed his grass at some point.
  10. Sounds like another OC that Gus will not allow to actually have autonomy.
  11. Like Samford and Arkansas State?
  12. That's the face I make when I see what Cam is wearing at his post game pressers.
  13. Gus needs a leash which is why he was a good OC but struggling as HC.
  14. Yeah, that's 3 times in four years.
  15. 4th