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  1. That's literally what he was hired to do. 😁
  2. Meanwhile the A&M lawyers are frantically scouring Jimbo's ridiculous contract to see if this will let them get out of it on the cheap...
  3. I forgot to tell you the most important part... You can't be intoxicated when he transfers it to you. 😁
  4. No paperwork is required as long as he is a TN resident too and you are not prohibited from owning one. There may be some additional rules about family transfers, but I didn't look them up assuming he's a resident.
  5. Looks like a noose. I have not seen reports saying it was a loop but I guess there are some that look similar. Idda used this, but I suck at knots:
  6. Why would you use a noose for something to pull on? So it can tighten around your hand and be a pain in the ass? What you chose to do in your non-public area has no bearing on the use of a noose in a public space. Totally different. Tie a noose and hang it from your rear view mirror and see how that works out for ya. And to be clear, I'm not one of the folks that had an issue with Mike Leach's joke.
  7. It's not even a good knot for that purpose... and it takes extra effort to tie than a simple loop. Kinda dumb. I still think some racism was involved, but not directed at anyone in particular. Likely some dumbass trying to be funny. Which is a big part of the problem.
  8. The same reason Stacey Abrams left out everything in between sleeping in the drive thru and death.
  9. I'd be willing to bet very few if any of the football players had ever heard of OAN before they saw the coach wearing the shirt. I hadn't either and my parents spend 4 hours every morning watching fox news and listening to Rush.
  10. Have you actually watched Gus coach a game at Auburn? High school stuff is kind of his thing, lol.
  11. Probably has to do with the situation on the field, too. I doubt he was kicking too deep from his own territory, but don't recall.
  12. Thanks, that's all it was - info for folks to make up their own minds as to how it will affect us next year. I'll just say that Gus has done weirder things than this.
  13. Bo had 3 punts last year. Averaged 37.3 yards. Siposs avgd 43.8.