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  1. Hey man, remember when Lindsay Lohan found Herbie in the junkyard and then won the race with him?
  2. And concrete printing!
  3. MoPo, I love it! Reminds me of Jerry Maguire... "That's my MoPo!"
  4. The haters (aka "the pack") are like flies on a turd. Guess what the turd is.
  5. Where is that number coming from?
  6. $4 mill buyout isn't keeping him anywhere.
  7. So because Oline recruiting is okay? How is our team looking strong? Because Aday? Because sources? QBs may or may not have leashes in the fall, you have nothing but hopes and dreams right now. Do I think they are pushing each other? Sure, but so did Sean and JJ. This isn't last season news, its every season news in April. Hope springs eternal this time of year, but I'm still Missouri until they show me against Oregon.
  8. Because A day does not has not and never well be any kind of an indicator for how well the team has improved or will perform in the upcoming season. If anyone changes their opinion based on that, then I will just remind them that Neil Caudle outplayed Cam in the 2010 A day game and it wasn't really even close.
  9. Did you know that whining about whining is still whining?
  10. Stop being nice and get back in The Pack.
  11. Maybe we can get Gene Hackman to come in with a tape measure before the first practice.