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  1. They add new people to hate every so often. It's great. You can just assume they are going to be awful humans. Dude rolls up in an H2 Hummer, steps out, is dressed like Brett Michaels... yup, knew I was gonna hate him.
  2. Mix Kenny with Dog the bounty hunter and you nailed Joe Exotic.
  3. I watched the first one..... on hold for Ozark, Not sure I can deal with the freak show after ozark either.
  4. I'm all up in it right now (starting ep 3). So far, so good!
  5. That procedure should be applied to anyone reading a teleprompter.
  6. You can't see the whole thing. It is from the same line as this:
  7. I will admit, yoga has caused me to sin a few times.
  8. I never saw their old team, but it would be hard to tell. They were pretty over-matched. I only turned it on to see how KK was doing. She played well, hit a double, they had her in center field.
  9. I saw MSU play UAB. They have some legit power. I saw the first baseman toss a bat flip on a home run. A. Bautista. level. bat. flip. in. soft ball. She is worth watching all on her own... Fa Leilua is fun to watch. We'll see if she is as dominant in SEC play, but I expect she will be.
  10. Could we blast even flow after every dunk?
  11. I'd love to watch, but not on SEC network / ESPN replay.