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  1. I feel threatened by your post to me. Please stop sending me threatening messages.
  2. That makes it fact I guess.
  3. You have no idea what was in it, neither do we. The first sentence was not threatening at all. Should he have DM'd her? No. Is it as big a deal as folks are making it? No one knows until we see the content of the DMs.
  4. Game. Now lets head over to the freeze threads to besmirch him!
  5. Pedophilia and sex trafficking are my favorites.
  6. I hear they love him, lol.
  7. I can't wait, lol. 🤣
  8. If you think everyone else is crazy....
  9. Which she did months ago when it happened. Now she's moved into a vendetta against him for messaging her. Kinda psycho.
  10. Someone likes attention. Wierd.
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