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  1. What was the name of the BBQ place near Wire Road and Shug Jordan Pkwy, next to the old Buffalo's?
  2. Why isn't anyone talking about Will Muschamp?
  3. Sadly their Oline is prolly the best he will have played behind.
  4. I feel like I missed some really juicy stuff here, dangit.
  5. C'mon guys, Gus is still learning to be a head coach. Cut him some slack, he's only had 8 years of experience.
  6. I carry 3 things at all times. A grumpy, don't look at me face and two middle fingers. Works good so far.
  7. I know a few fUga fans that will boil over this for years, so yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!
  8. We just got one for Christmas, too. I love it. It makes all the good food good (wings, fries, etc.). But it also makes the horrible food edible (almost good even) - brussel sprouts and broccoli!
  9. He has coached MLB spring training several years. Not quite a HS coach, but not too shabby. I'm guessing he has been sporadically working with the Auburn kids over the last couple years too. Enough so that Butch, a former pitching coach, could evaluate him for the position. Then again, it might just be cool to have an all-star, and WS champion on staff to help with recruiting.
  10. Exactly. It's not a job to people who love baseball. It's an excuse to get back on the field and compete at a high level.
  11. He doesn't have enough high school experience yet.
  12. Burrow also figured out he was a decent QB in 2018 against us.