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  1. He was 16. His license is restricted. This was already discussed. He was not violating the restrictions at the time. The point is the state does not treat him like an adult when they gave him the license but now are trying him as an adult. Shouldn't be able to have it both ways.
  2. I remember hearing about her. But I was in engineering classes, so I never saw girls except between classes lol.
  3. So, you approve of double standards. Nice.
  4. The point is a 16 year isn't "adult" enough to have an unrestricted license. So it stands to reason maybe they also shouldn't be tried as an adult when they screw up.
  5. I very much am planning to retire. Unfortunately my wife is working even harder to ensure I never do.
  6. 6 pm i think. Would not have helped the Brambletts. Does Alabama have no restrictions?
  7. Just because you use all caps does not make it true. I partially agree. Kids are all different. Some can handle it, some can't. Parents should do a better job monitoring too and making the decision whether their kids should be driving. They don't. Life sucks.
  8. Most states don't give 16 year olds an unrestricted license. There are usually curfews and occupant restrictions. I wonder why.
  9. .This is the very definition of boys being boys - young and stupid is part of it. Doesn't mean he shouldn't be punished. He should. Tried as an adult? That's where I am not so sure.
  10. Where is the Gus Pumpers thread? We want to be fair after all.
  11. I expect the THC to be explained as CBD oil for anxiety. The 90 mph will be harder to justify.