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  1. I love your optimism, but to lay devil's advocate... a play here and there and we lose to Ga State. Let's not forget where we really are. Could we have beaten PSU? Yes, but we didn't. Could we have beaten UGA? No. They throttled back in the 3rd. Even if we had played better and not been hosed by officials, they could have scored plenty more. We''ll see what we're made of in the next few weeks, but I doubt we're ready for the big time yet. (hoping to be wrong, obviously)
  2. I thought it was hilarious and perfectly executed next step to the Cardwell video.
  3. I was thinking the same thing.
  4. I get dumber every post of yours I read. Thanks, I really dont need help killing braincells.
  5. Shiver had 2 thrown at his back you're forgetting.
  6. This has happened every year since 1980, until they lose.
  7. Well. Now I know what I'm doing this week.
  8. Might be a chicken/egg discussion on the offenses they've faced. What are those offenses rated without the UGA game included? What will our offense be ranked after the game? Probably lower than it is now.
  9. He didn't struggle much last year against us.
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