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  1. And the spurs quietly slide their hats behind their backs...
  2. The Freak

    Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    She got bumped out when Snow came back from injury,
  3. The Freak

    Rhett comments on his departure

    Yes, but can Lindsey run the ball up the middle on first down properly?
  4. The Freak

    Softball vs. Ole Miss

    McCrackin was safe. I could see it easily from where I was sitting and the replay confirmed it. The crowd let blue know he botched that pretty bad.
  5. The Freak

    Softball vs. Ole Miss

    Be glad you couldn't hear the field noise. The Ole MIss dugout never quit screaming when Auburn was in the field and the Ole Miss pitcher screamed DOOOWAHH! every.friggin.pitch.for.real.
  6. ... and never get a speeding ticket in that town again.
  7. Well, I never saw this coming... \scarcasm
  8. The Freak

    Nice Move, Dick's Sporting Goods

    Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at the School of Law of the University of California, Los Angeles, said Dick’s could be challenged in lawsuits claiming a violation of laws that bar age discrimination. Although federal civil rights laws do not apply, some states, including New York, prohibit businesses from denying goods and services on the basis of age. “Don’t be surprised if an aggressive attorney general of a gun-friendly state brings an age-discrimination claim against Dick’s,” Professor Winkler wrote in an email response to questions.
  9. The Freak

    Nice Move, Dick's Sporting Goods

    State and federal laws.
  10. The Freak

    Nice Move, Dick's Sporting Goods

    Those ages are both made legal through the law. Walmart and Dick's are outside of that currently. I am sure the ACLU will be all over it, though. Nothing to fear.
  11. The Freak

    Nice Move, Dick's Sporting Goods

    So, to play a little devil's advocate... Are the decisions by Dick's and Walmart not a violation of rights or age discrimination?
  12. The Freak

    Softball in California

    Hopefully a replay will pop up somewhere, I'd like to see it.
  13. The Freak

    Softball vs. Tennessee Tech

    Is there a delay?
  14. The Freak

    I'm stubborn but I'm ready to admit

    I don't get twitter, but here is what I gather: Chad said: Saban might be giving you a call soon.... LK said: "sleeping emoji"