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  1. If I never have to look at Kramer's hair or his mom again, I'll die happy.
  2. Whoever that AD is, hire him. Now.
  3. Yes, Lobos is a joke.
  4. Right, but were there pirouettes in those? And how will chip incorporate the three headed monster?
  5. The take away at this point is that Malzahn has not fared as well against similar competition. He does have 13 years to make up some ground though.
  6. Stoops was 60-30 against top 25 teams, Malzahn is 9-11.
  7. He knew you were going to say that.
  8. Jordan worked with Christian Hackenberg and Deshaun Watson. Vick worked with JFIII. Might be the reason for the concerns expressed.
  9. Are any of these games ever televised?
  10. Go make some money, bro.
  11. Tie game! Dont they know I need to go to bed!?
  12. Well, that escalated quickly.
  13. Needs to learn how to process folks.