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  1. The Freak

    8-17! (merged threads)

    The fake field goal was for three things, points or no points really didn't matter. Fun for the kids. Practice in a game situation. Rub Gus's nose in getting beat bad. Again.
  2. The Freak

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    A bit of a show tonight.
  3. The Freak

    **Georgia Game thread***

    UGA isnt that great. Bama will beat them easily.
  4. The Freak

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Coe holding his arm... not looking good.
  5. The Freak

    **Georgia Game thread***

    then it wouldnt be very unpredictable if we did it all the time.
  6. The Freak

    **Georgia Game thread***

    They throwin to people no one heard of before
  7. The Freak

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Shedric? Jackson
  8. The Freak

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Hopefully defense will get a bit stronger as the game goes on.
  9. The Freak

    19 yards of Rushing

  10. Drop another bowl deuce to a crap team and see what happens to Greene's vote of confidence.
  11. The Freak

    Probably a bad idea....

    Imagine Takeo or Terry as the get back coach... that would be awesome.
  12. The Freak

    Chandler Cox on spiking the ball

    He decided to do it on the sideline. He spiked it right after the TD.
  13. The Freak

    Bowl Game Predictions

    They have no defense, and got schooled by ole miss. #butgus aside, we should match up decently against them.
  14. The Freak

    Asa Martin

    There is almost a bit of poetry in a4e posts.