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  1. I would say he would have everything but OL and an O staff. He would need a good plan for OC, OLC and look closer at the other coaches resumes/performance and make a call on each of them.
  2. Never heard of Mike Marshall before yesterday. I'll consider him Josh Moon until he shows more.
  3. I saw where we were projected to play Wisconsin in the Citrus Bowl. Think I prefer Nashville.
  4. Probably because he has a contract and all that is already laid out in it.. And his lawyers are better than our lawyers.
  5. You already know 64 is doing that in section 50 right now.
  6. Should have kicked the field goal, so gus could just throw anders under the bus.
  7. Announcers don't understand basics about fumbles. Noice.
  8. He's saving it all for Purdue in the bowl game.
  9. That's not the question. The list is long on which coaches could muster up an 8-5 average at Auburn. It's really not even a gamble to replace Gus, There are dozens of guys that could do it for less than $7M. The grab bag is who can do better. Gus ain't earning his salary, so lets find someone who will.
  10. Please speak to the offensive staff and how solid they are and how they are sought after in the D1 arena.
  11. Do you really want the list AGAIN? Maybe we should start 4 more threads on the same subject so you can continue to poo poo coaches and ignore the glaring deficiencies of the coach we have. Seems like a reasonable way to spend the next 2 months discussing it ad nauseam. Speaking of ad nauseam... that might be next year's theme for Gus... "ad nAUseam". Sure beats "ride for the brand".
  12. Maybe we'll get some help from the officials since it really helps UAt!?!?