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  1. Bruce also said if your gonna call that foul then call it in the beginning and the middle just like they did in the end.
  2. Ya. I wasn't keen on many of their responses either. And damn, they kid might of well been shooting those FT's in his own backyard with nothing but the crickets chirping. He was ice on all of them. So props for him. And doom on UVA, for making us go out like that. their comments, and making me pull for Texas Tech.
  3. I would be and don't think it is messed up. Also have to take the double dribble out. Would mean that UVA made the play in the end and beat us straight up. If I have to lose I will take being beat straight up like that over watching charity shots all day long.
  4. Lol, yup. Right back where we were for the 2016 election far as health care coverage goes.
  5. Ted Cruz is all about eliminating the pre-existing clause and isn't afraid to admit it. He ran on it against Beto. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/texas/article/Texas-senators-Cornyn-and-Cruz-split-on-rolling-12998324.php I also had depression when my dad died. Right before I came off my parents and had to find my own. Denial denial and the only places that would insure it was cheaper for me to just pay out of pocket than get insurance.
  6. Those premiums and deductibles were going up regardless. Your costs of insurance go up and BCBS management gets 6 and 7 figure bonuses lol. I posted those on here before. There is also articles in the past on here that show that the costs actually increased at a reduced rate vs what it did with Obama. Truthfully, long as we keep dumping money into R&D, rely on drugs vs lifestyle changes to treat issues, and have a reactive vs proactive medical system then costs will continue to rise.
  7. Lol. See that's ****** up and does nothing but contributes to the issues with race these days. Why I believe things are more about power and elevated status vs equality.
  8. I also am old school. Which means in the final minutes of games like this refs swallow the whistles and let the players decide the game unless its bloody murder. They don't make crucial no calls followed by crucial calls in a 3 second time span with 4 seconds left on the clock. Plus the refs had let that type of contact go all game. Reason why both teams still had fouls to give so late in the game. Consistency is important also. Don't let that contact go the entire game and then change the limits in the final minute.
  9. Yet here is an example in the state of Alabama how the people won't do the work. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/45246594/ns/business-us_business/t/why-americans-wont-do-dirty-jobs/#.XJ66fKSQxhE
  10. Republicans wouldn't be either. Fooling yourself if you don't think they benefit and take advantage of hiring illegals either.
  11. Beto said he would tear down the wall in El Paso. If you want to talk about false, let's look at the statements that have been made about El Paso and the Republicans attempts to use it as a champion. https://www.factcheck.org/2019/01/trump-wrong-about-wall-effect-in-el-paso/
  12. Simple fix to this problem. Fines and jail time that make the hiring of illegals financially not worth it. They aren't crossing the border if there is no work. Now, of course Americans will have to deal with the increase in costs of goods and services that this will impact.
  13. I read that article today as well. I agree with you. He would benefit greatly at Alabama due to protections.
  14. I think it is important to mention the differences: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-47446123/living-next-to-hungary-s-electric-border-fence https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/test-steel-prototype-border-wall-showed-it-could-be-sawed-n956856 https://www.kpbs.org/news/2018/sep/17/government-report-shows-border-wall-designs-broken/ Also there is the Stop Soros law.... taxes for thinking differently than the government, a mandatory year in jail if you give a immigrant child water, attacks on NGO's ? https://www.ft.com/content/1be350e0-8c3b-11e8-bf9e-8771d5404543 Lol if I link an article about Alabama farmers that lost their crops and took huge financial hits when Alabama passed immigration laws (educational), and then simply state legalizing immigrants that will do that work is good for them economically (positive propaganda)..... I am now now violation and subject to taxes and potential jail time. Here is one about current farmers needs in the US... this is 3 breaks of the law: https://www.upi.com/Farmers-struggle-to-legally-import-workers-threatens-US-crops/3711537355230/ Think about how many industries in America would be shelling out taxes and having employees jailed for a year under the aid clause (giving work would be aid).... farmers, hospitality, cleaning services, grocery, big box retail, construction and the list goes on. Let's also not forget that the US is dealing with highly organized cartels and smugglers, and that there is a demand for their products (human and substance) in the US. https://www.usatoday.com/border-wall/story/human-smuggling-crossing-border-illegally-methods/559784001/ We are comparing not even a quarter of the size border, with an electric fence, with heat sensors, bullhorns, constitutional amendments, and the elimination of free speech to a wall that can be cut with a saw lol. But yes, if we electrify our fences and put dogs and 3000 additional agents on every 96 miles.. We tax and jail those that even mention anything positive about immigration, we tax and jail all those individuals that have illegals working for them, we tax and jail all those that know about them, we tax and jail all NGO's associated with immigration and human rights. Absolutely our wall will work.