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  1. Should probably read the OP, second paragraph, then shouldn't you. So is this where you call me a a**hole and a liar sandwiched between a false apology and then imply I'm racist or crazy (but there isn't a difference you know) for pointing out the hypocrisy in the two situations. So sad it is funny. Did I strike a nerve the other day as you would say to me. That was you on 8/12. Edited of course, cause your probably did just straight call em racist first. And, would I really need to look hard to you calling anyone that anything about Trump that you don't agree with a racist. You have posted more than your fair share of articles/commentaries to support anyone believing you associate all those individuals with extreme racism. Good Grief man, you are just batshit crazy.
  2. Here is the thing that cracks me up. White guy does the OK symbol and it automatically goes white power, he is pulled from his job. Sarah Jeong #cancelwhitepeople discusses us as goblins that must live underground due to the sun, celebrates the idea that we don't breed and could go extinct, shares her joy at being cruel to older white men and their opinions are just makes them dogs pissing on hydrants and ruining the internet, and supports the castration of white males through a lottery and not only gets a job, but said job defends her. Lol.
  3. Always remember to clean, or you take three in return.
  4. Well at lest this answers the reason that so many individuals went from voting for Obama to Trump.
  5. From ADL:
  6. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It... Women's issues, labor issues, mean don't tell me you are against oppression and oppressive systems and then become the spokesmen for one. Then if you are going to go green with your marketing then start with cleaning up your own house first.
  7. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    The subject is also Nike and Marketing.
  8. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    Right, cause you never call anyone names or go straight into making it personal lol. Like your response here for example. Sucks when people use your own tactics doesn't it.
  9. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    Still had nothing to do with my comments on them leaving out a huge market that does use their products. And actually, I know some 40 plus women that have not forgotten that Kaeperick himself was under the gun for sexual assault at one point. They believe that he bought his way out of it with her. Regardless of whether that it is true or not, they still remember it. And no Trump didn't. He latched on to what people were doing and saying and used it to his advantage. Those people didn't need Trump, and even without Trump it would still be going on. Just like when the Dixie Chicks made their comments. You really think that citizens of the Republic of Texas needed someone to foster them after those comments? Hell no. Those girls weren't even second rate back ups, they were selling out shows for a multi platinum album. They were Tom Brady. The fans brought them down all on their own. Remember, Tebow faced the concept of being black balled by the NFL also due to his religion being a distraction. Course it was cool for other players to talk bad about him and mock him and run him out of the league cause of his beliefs: Oh and let's not forget the liberal sides blow out against Tim Tebow and the anti-abortion add featuring his mother. Interesting how Kaepernick is "sacrificing in believing for something" and Tebow wasn't.
  10. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    Ya, cause I'm the one that runs around calling everyone I disagree with racist or crazy. I will be honest with you. I expect you to call people racist and names and dodge actual conversations. You have a well proven track record of doing so. So why not have some fun with it. Like this, I knew you wouldn't actually touch the issues and go personal with it. So I did it for you. Now do you want to discuss things like this comment: So here is a guy that is against oppression, yet again wants to play in a league that is very oppressive to women (even the networks). Is now the spokesmen of a very oppressive corporation. And has also been selected to target a group that people are trying to get involved in voting. Though treatment of women is not an issue for the age demographic that Nike was going for. All you have to do is listen to lyrics of modern music. The question will be if the momentum carries through to cover losses in the future. I won't buy Nike gear cause of my experience with the quality.
  11. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    I don't see how anything that I posted related to your response about Trump either. In fact in fact my responses were to the question of demographics in marketing by Nike and them ignoring a large segement. So my answer was on topic. Your response to that: You brought Trump into it. I was discussing the leaving out of the 40 plus age group along with women as a whole.
  12. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    I just have the utmost confidence in you to link it to a racial issue for being a fan of the Germans and their products over Kapernick's Nike is all.
  13. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    Of course it is, cause it isn't on Vox or the Atlantic. It comes from discussion with real people, face to face, in the real world. Should try it sometime.
  14. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    I was just going for face palms from lurk in the shadows wont put my name on anything ichy. Also I rolled with the comedy:
  15. Texan4Auburn

    Nike chooses Kapaernick for Just Do It...

    So is Trump when it comes to the athletic gear choices of 40 year olds. Yet your still tossing it out there. Here is the thing. People are acting like Nike is doing some kind of major save the world thing with Kapernick. They are not. As I linked, their reputation was already in the dumps behind companies like UnderArmour and Adidas. This helped them move closer. Lot of that had to do with their inequalities with women. So ya, it is relevant when you are making social commentary with your advertisements trying to portray yourself as a green company to increase your reputation and financial shares. No clue what you mean by if accurate... is it not accurate cause it didn't come from Vox or the Atlantic? Posted links to both statements. Nike to me is fake in doing this. They are also very hypocritical due to their previous treatment of women. Here is a fun one involving the NFL: I also think it is relevant that you have this guy that is "standing up to oppression in America" yet wants to so badly play in a league and be the spokes person for an organization that are both knee deep in oppression of others. I won't salute your flag cause of oppression, but dammit give me a few million and I will be your champion. Mean come on. The dude talks about change and he didn't even vote.