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  1. Texan4Auburn

    ‘Heaven Itself Is Gonna Have A Wall’

    I thought Heaven already had a gate with no walls?
  2. Ya. I was called out, lectured and policed on if you make those kind of statements then if asked you have to produce the results lol. And that movie with the couple left in the ocean "Open Water" was it? That didn't help them either.
  3. You mean like when someone puts up an article that contains how individuals identify, then you identify them that way... then someone says "your standards of white are too high" lol. I really think you should take time and reflect on things you say. Cause you are the definition of misrepresentation, lies, and being deliberately dishonest. Like the thread about the Hispanic girl, your over there making accusations about me being offended and I'm making jokes and doing a bit of bragging. Please do feel free not to engage me. I don't think you can..... challenge dropped.
  4. Kinda like when lettuce was compared to Antifa earlier. C'mon man if you are gonna call em then call em both ways. Try what you want. I have stated white supremacist are a skid mark on society and should be removed. My conscious is clean on that, they can both crash and burn, or they can kill each other long as they don't take innocents with them. I don't give a **** how they go out, long as it doens't involve innocents.
  5. Surely you aren't that dense and I'm not offended. Laughing at the fact that you are unable to figure it out. I honestly can't believe that you can't figure it out. This just shows how eager you are to jump, attack and make a instance out of something with me. I have defended the woman in this entire thread lol. Try starting 12 posts up where I quote that they attempted revenge porn and I call the tactic low AF then say the exact same thing AUdub does except instead of Millennial I use under 30.
  6. Lol, please give me that statistic that shows I am more likely to be gunned down by a white male than I am to be attack by ANTIFA. Especially if I am a cop or a journalist. If you are gonna put that out there then back it. I just don't understand why you guys won't just come out and denounce ANTIFA. Explain to me why it is wrong to denounce both groups please. Check out the 2:04 mark where they start pushing and threatening to beat a 60 something year old woman... ya these guys are so much better: But fine. You win then. No more White Supremacist, no more ANTIFA. Gonna focus on real dangers and bigger problems. Responsible for more deaths than White Supremacist. How about we just call this a agree to disagree situation?
  7. Texan4Auburn

    A Stupid Shutdown

    No issue with that. I'm always good with civil differing opinions.
  8. I agree. It would also be nice if you could support a policy opposing the left and not be labeled a fascist, then not have to worry about someone masking up, grabbing their friends, and attacking you or your property also. I would say that violence is being normalized by both sides. As shown in this thread there appears to be support for left-wing violence.
  9. 🙄Good Grief Reread the thread and figure it out. Hints: AF = as f$#$. You know the ethnicity of who I date.
  10. Texan4Auburn

    Oregon, Taggart & NCAA Being Sued

    Lol yup. Always been a popular sport in Texas, especially in the cities. Played Olympic Development and college before injury/coach taking new job. Mother didn't want me to play football at the elementary age due to the coaches. She wasn't impressed with their attitudes or coaching abilities. Was afraid their incompetence would get me hurt. If we wouldn't of ever moved I would of gone to Midland Lee.... so it was kinda intense at all levels. In Jr. High she would of let me, they wanted me to play fullback/kick. By then though I was good, just moved to a team with a coach that had been in the Bayern Munich (top level professional team in Germany) system before he got injured. Parents started sending me to camps at Indiana, Clemson, Duke, SMU and others (top 10 programs at the time), plus I was 5'9 and 170. I knew where my scholarships opportunities were. Loved the traveling for tournaments, loved that I could play year round, lol and loved that the game schedule became so full that you played more games than practices. We would run into Alabama teams in Germantown Tourney's. They hated us... we were too physical, too rough, etc. I do wish I would of lived where there was hockey. I would of loved to of taken my shot at that sport.
  11. Texan4Auburn

    Jalen hurts transferring

    Might depend on his field of study and when the classes start. Some graduate programs have mandatory starts in the Fall. I think Auburn's MBA program was that way for example. Do believe you are correct though that decisions don't have deadlines. Just get there before the start of the season.
  12. Texan4Auburn

    Mike Gundy - Oklahoma State

    Nah, sister is a Ok State grad. Spent good bit of time in Stillwater. They have more fun than us lol. You have to give him something, especially since other schools are sniffing around. Tenn offered him over 6 million a year. 5 million isn't really much these days for coaches that are winning 10 games the majority of their seasons.
  13. You should read the entire thread again then shouldn't you. 🙄 You do know there are other Hispanic/Latin women that are educated and doing well in their fields (even have cell phones), love the Breakfast Club, dig the band Simple Minds, are in committed and trusting relationships with rules on such things, that will snap and send a little inciting something for fun.
  14. Texan4Auburn

    A Stupid Shutdown

    A key word in that article. "In strategic locations". That is different than a 2000 mile wall. I would agree with certain locations btw. I have seen the same said by individuals that live there. My GF's brothers best friend is also a BPA.
  15. I don't get why you are so anxious to defend them. I find it incredible sad that I have to defend my dislike of a violent group with those on the left. They engage in the same violent tactics. People label white supremacist/Nazi as the alt right. Well Here, and from one of your favorites: First though I really liked the claim: BBC: CNN: As an individual that does not identify as left or right I detest the previously mentioned political ideologies and strategies of the alt-groups. They are nothing but an Alt-political street gang that will attack anyone that doesn't support their beliefs. Just like the other alt.