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  1. I think you are too smart to think that I actually would want that to happen.
  2. That is exactly what I thought when I read the OP.
  3. I'm one of those rare guys I guess that finds a way to have fun regardless of what Auburn does on the field. Home games, away games, bowl games. Maybe it is cause my father got sick at an early age and passed before he should of and spent most of the time bitching about it versus experiencing things in the time he had left. Course I'm a true believer that mental health impacts the physical. Lol, if we go to Houston and play say W. Virginia.... they will destroy us. But **** it, me and the GF will go, think my sister and her family will go also and have a damn good time checking out things in Houston that we haven't done. Beats the hell out of knowing what is gonna happen, then coming back here for the same ole bitch fest on the same ole things, when absolutely nobody here can do anything about and are at the mercy of money men that use the Universities program like their own little fantasy league.
  4. Texan4Auburn

    If Malzahn returns

    Sure they all are saying Gus is gone at the end of this year or will be gone by next year. Lol, if I was an opposing coach I'd give recruits thinking about Auburn a link to this board. Push the you will be changing coaches at Auburn in the next two years angle hard.
  5. Texan4Auburn

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    Other coaches know this also in other conferences. Why I think we will be highly disappointed when we go coach shopping with what we come home with. Friend of mine here played in the Big 12, was recruited by Alabama though, and still has friends in the D1 coaching circles.
  6. Texan4Auburn

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    Disagree. Strong Georgia is good for the SEC and the dollar signs. Have two strong teams, one in each division. See if you can continue to get both of them in the playoffs like last year. Idea for the SEC would be undefeated Georgia vs undefeated Alabama in the SECG. Let Georgia get to the same place that Alabama is, then you have the committee going well their only loss is to Alabama. How can deny that they are one of the top 4 in the country. Put them in.
  7. Texan4Auburn

    Gus's record til now

    Interesting that he apparently could do the same thing to Clemson. Wonder if he just that great or if it is just the type of offense, wonder if he can call Riley, Herman, Gundy, Kingsbury etc also.
  8. Texan4Auburn

    No, you are not entitled to your opinion

    You mean like say some Alabama fans comes up to you in line, runs their mouth, and you think "Probably didn't even attend the university"..... but you are open to idea that he might have if he shows you his class ring or diploma or something. Nah, depending on what side you are on will lead to the interpretation of whether you are making it clear enough or not that you are basing it off incomplete knowledge and willing to reverse. You can even state you will admit you're wrong if proven so and still be crucified. This will still be contingent on the clique.
  9. Texan4Auburn

    Saban Riff Raff

    I don't believe you. I think Saban should go to Kansas and prove you're correct.
  10. Like this thread. Does it mean they don't want the extra practice that many of the young players will get? Does it mean that we don't want (even though it wont be a great bowl) the money that we would get for going to a bowl game? Which I believe also includes extra tv revenue. If the players want to go to a bowl game does this mean they shouldn't get to go to one cause all the hard work the fanbase put into the season? Maybe it will matter, cause maybe it will be the first experience our players have with a new coach (though I think most take over post now). Guessing if Malzhan is fired then he wont coach a bowl game.
  11. It is threads like this that make me hope they fire Gus and get turned down by everyone and we end up with someone worse (which I have zero confidence in our ability to attract or hire a quality coach right now). Our fanbase would absolutely deserve that.
  12. Texan4Auburn

    Deshaun Davis on fake FG

    When the old ball coach wanted to score he left his offense on the field. He didn't try or have to be sneaky about it. That was bush league.
  13. Texan4Auburn

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Lol, that is a cowardly and cheap way to do it. Wanna make a statement then leave the offense on the field.
  14. As a Texan, that is a Texas fan and might pick up another masters from UT, with a sister that went to Oklahoma State..... YES LOL ABSOLUTELY! JK man, that is actually impressive stuff.
  15. Texan4Auburn

    No, you are not entitled to your opinion

    Far as this forum this stuff is a joke. It gets enforced or called out based on who you are. I got policed multiple times by an individual in the past couple weeks because of who I was (I'm not super cool with the lefty clique here now, might be again in 2020). If I was someone else those things would have been let to slide. They in fact were allowed to slide if they were in said clique. Lol, the entire reason I suggested the mail-bomber might not be affiliated with either was cause of the Austin bomber. His original profile lined up as a right wing extremist targeting minorities in a liberal city. Then he hit a white area with trip wires and another. Guess what, they still don't know what his motivation was despite having his video taped confession. So any arguments on what that bomber did are opinion. It also was a shot at the fact that for some I think the hope of it being a Trump supporter was more important than the lives that were threatened. Now if this board is gonna start going mod's out then cool. I hope it does require a person to respond with an actual argument and not emoji's and facepalms. I hope it does enforce that you will debate like an adult and start throwing time outs for name calling and attacking the poster and not the post. Cause if you have ever participated/read a heavily moderated political board you can actually learn stuff or gain a new perspective. Also to add in. It is funny how when I pointed out that the Austin bomber was not treated like someone else would of been (an opinion) and that he potentially could of been right winged (an opinion) it was all cool. Treat someone else the same and that didn't match the left line-up and I got slammed. Little consistency on these rulings would be nice also.