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  1. Talent difference isn't as huge between teams as it is in the SEC. Then you have some coaches that have done well by actually coaching up the players they had. Patterson at TCU is one, Leach made Texas Tech competitive with his coaching and system, Gundy admits due to getting burned chasing 5 stars they look at the 3 stars that feel are coach able. Plus the state of Texas is also getting raided by the entire country now. Not just the in state and surrounding state schools.
  2. I'm curious to see how he does. I'm surprised he never took a shot earlier. Seems to be an excellent coach.
  3. You ever see that 30 for 30 I think it was. Showed all those athletes going broke right out of the league or even during their time in it.
  4. Now I know why OBJ was hitting me up for a loan.
  5. Or 15 failed coaches in rehab doing that!
  6. Or how there hasn't been a white starting corner back in the NFL since Seahorn in 2003. I think there is unconscious bias across the board in professional athletics from the field to the front offices.
  7. He hired Yurich as his new OC. Don't think he has picked his new DC yet. He cleaned house on his staff
  8. Texas and Oklahoma are the same way. They are the schools with the long traditions, were the winners, and carry the banner/flagship for the state.
  9. And you should! Look at the guy you support that promotes Auburn mediocrity. Mean everyone on this thread says Gus doesn't evolve but Fleck says different. Least when my other coach talks nobody knows what he is saying!
  10. We work together? And everyone knows you get a TD just for entering the red zone....c'mon!
  11. Very well said. I'd separate side walk fan and fan though. I view side walk fans as the aholes that do the negative stuff. It carries a negative stigma. A fan is just a fan to me. I also think those that did not attend Auburn, but get upset at those that did that don't put as much weight on the athletics, should remember there are a lot of other things about Auburn we cherish.