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  1. Society today. Don't care what color you are. Gang jumping the waitress cause she bumped your knee handing food across the table.
  2. Fair point. But let me ask this, in today's society if white officers did stop at a minority lemonade stand, as they did in Georgia, and shut it down do you think race would not be mentioned? It would be filmed and all over the internet. They would then have their jobs called for, even though they would properly be doing their job by the book. Or let's say minorities open up their own lemonade stand right in front of Toomer's Drugs. If Toomer's has them removed (no clue if they would, but it would be competition technically) do you think race and not product will be the concern? Toomer's would become a evil entity. Hey, I have stated I am all for blacks calling the cops on white kids. People also complain when the police are called on black kids in Chicago going through neighborhoods in July wearing hooded coats, and unfortunately this is why they call:
  3. Well you missed the "fact" that his articles were in response to me, and my request for reasoning on why me asking for "facts" and "factual reporting" and "factual relaying of information" were considered white privilege. Which he never answered. Even then, he failed to address the "facts" that racism in this country is not just a one way street. I followed the trail which is why I thought you were referring to me. In fact, the Democrats were so blinded to facts by the white privilege/Trump bug, that they ignored that 90% of what I posted involved Hispanic/Latino inequalities (including what you put in this thread... big video). Which we got a link to a study about black concerns in regards to equality but not Hispanic for instance. It also seems that the left side of this board has ignored (don't believe one person has responded or said a word about) incidents that have happened involving other racially motivated crimes where the offender was not white. In fact, you are so hooked on getting in a racist president remark that you ignored another fact I mentioned. That a white man got hate crimes tossed at him and never touched the woman or used actual slurs (he is a racist ass though I'd agree), but a 30 year old Hispanic man stole a hat, threw a drink in the face of, and used a racial slur to a 16 year old kid due to a hat and as of now has not been charged with a hate crime. That is a real issue I think we need to look at. Needs to be a clear definition of what is and is not a hate crime if they are going to start cracking down on it.
  4. Probably cause when you look back you find that little white girls have been inspected by the health department, fined for not having permits, and concerns over their products resulting in officer visitation have occurred. Happened in Georgia also: https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/police-shut-down-childrens-lemonade-stand/ Fast forward to today, and despite the woman being in the right for asking for permits in San Francisco (and it was a bitch move), people claimed that only happened to minorities and thus had racial intent. Sure the 2018 incident is why it got bumped. There are some black kids that sell Gatorade/Water down on Well's Branch just before 35. I'm sure they have had the cops called on them for reasons not involving their race. They used to come up and tap windows and now they stay on the median and walk it, not approaching cars till asked to do so. Sure someone complained about them approaching vehicles. And dangit Brad! you know panhandlers and median salesmen are not allowed near Tesla's in Austin!!!!!!
  5. Guess you missed when I posted this earlier and pointed out he was being charged in a hate crime. Kinda funny you missed it while posting your blinded by the facts gif. Interesting that this guy gets a hate crime charge and the guy that attacked the teen in San Antonio doesn't.
  6. Which again I will ask the question. What do any of those articles have to do with my thoughts that I posted in regards to fact/proof gathering, law development, media reporting, and difference in concern in regards to other minority groups and it being white privilege? Well one did, the one that was only concerned with blacks being on par with whites and ignored brown, yellow, and red in that category. That is not equality, that is propping up one group over others. The one with white thinking they are discriminated against might, but I feel that you put that up in mockery and not the belief that whites can face discrimination. What am I not believing? That there are racist white people? I've agreed that pool/sock woman was racist, Papa Johns Schnatter is most likely racist (you called me out on that even after I did so), I showed video of white racist attacking a woman and the cop doing nothing, I agree the protestor in Huntsville is racist, laughed at the dumb ass racist musician from Florence who couldn't believe his statement got backlash. Even stated I can't believe people are more upset over someone being ID'd vs the guy that actually ran over a black man and the next day called him a N and complained about truck damage. You apparently don't believe other groups have bias/racial motives. Like the whole change from OMG how can you not see that is racist to the hey, I'm not the racist whisperer. I have yet to see you call out anyone that isn't white. In fact your response to others facing racial bias/discrimination that are not black is to post more articles about whites being racist. Even when I agree with you on stuff you don't acknowledge it, don't discuss other groups, and then toss up more articles about whites being racist. I posted a woman beating a 92 year old man with a brick, using racial slurs, and you didn't even blink. Bet if it was that old white dude that sucker punched that black guy at that Trump rally you would be rabid though. You are part of the reason Trump got elected, and possibly will get reelected, but don't want to admit that the left contributed as much to the current racist issue in America as the right. Has he fanned his share of those flames, absolutely. You don't think the Democrats are going to do the same thing in the next Presidential election. Want to change things.... here is a hint: Don't be and support 30 year old men that attack 16 year old kids due to a hat. Racism/Bias in America is not a one way street. Also, for your Klan/Nazi stuff: http://time.com/5168677/donald-trump-hate-groups-splc/ All your articles only discussed white hate groups if I remember correctly.
  7. Probably because of things like a 17% increase in hate crimes against whites. As I responded to you with on June 27. https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/11/13/16643448/fbi-hate-crimes-2016 Hillary lost cause she tried to play a game of Identity politics with Trump. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-identity-politics-couldnt-clinch-a-clinton-win/2016/11/11/ed3bf966-a773-11e6-8fc0-7be8f848c492_story.html?utm_term=.fe9d331281f9 https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/mar/01/how-americas-identity-politics-went-from-inclusion-to-division Ya no kidding. Why I am more attuned to the environment when out with the girlfriend. Especially in certain areas and around certain colors. Now this article I absolutely love. So glad you posted this part. The entire portion almost is about what whites and Hispanics think about blacks. The only question about Hispanic rights is do they help the country and only 70% of blacks say yes. Hell 76% of Hispanics say blacks need more help to be on par with whites. The number of blacks that think Hispanics need help............oh they didn't ask that question. As I have said in this thread, the majority of equality movements are in one direction. Address black, brown, yellow, white, red please if you want resolutions. Yup, said that myself. Scroll down in the thread. June 27 again. They have felt comfortable being seen and not hidden in modern America. The next article was the same, and the last one probably more of the same. Not sure what you wanted me to find in there.
  8. And as demonstrated above, if you agree with a Democrat but don't jump 100% on board with their thinking then:
  9. Thanks for actually reading what I said btw, question me about Papa John's when I sat there and agreed with you.
  10. The above posted in response to the article you posted, also posted prior to you asking that question of me. In same response, also noticed that over a less than 2 week period I have demonstrated bias and attack against latino/white/black by latino/black/white. Linked article from one of your articles: https://www.vox.com/identities/2016/11/15/13595508/racism-trump-research-study You also none of those articles answers why thinking facts should be gathered, that your sock/pool incident was racist probably, pointing out that your telling of Sacramento was 99.9% wrong, wanting all juvenile carjackers regardless of color to face stiffer penalties, telling people to call the cops on white kids, stating it is sad asking for an ID is considered worse than beating a 92 year old man with a brick, asking for equal reporting of incidents like at Starbucks, and asking the press to tell the real story with what is relevant "white privilege". I would think you would want the same.
  11. Schnatter is a dumb ass for doing it and should know better. Dude also didn't want to lose 11 cents a pizza to give his employees health insurance. No tact and just cares about green. His comments were in regards to the amount of money he was losing due to the NFL protests. Thumb is up for him on the use being racially motivated. Also this week. White 16 year old teen got new signed MAGA hat due to this (language warning): An "anonymous" witness tried to tell the news that the kids were talking about making it legal to hang blacks on the 4th and how cool a real life hispanic/black purge would be. But: https://www.ksat.com/news/fact-check-heres-what-we-know-about-the-viral-maga-hat-theft-incident A school teacher due to this had this to say about students (you can read his posts): https://www.ksat.com/news/texas-teacher-under-investigation-for-comments-made-about-maga-hat-theft-in-san-antonio Then you have this racist drunk white guy yelling at woman cause of her Puerto Rico shirt, and said cop that is there should lose his job (please note he is Forrest Preserve and not Chicago PD) Racial bias and dumb asses come in all colors and attack/profile all colors. Interesting enough, the white man will face hate crime charges while the hispanic will face felony theft but no hate crimes.
  12. Texan4Auburn

    Is Alabama a "****hole" state?

    You know that is the same thing with Chicago South side. There really is a lot of good people down there that need help and just don't have the finances or the skills to financially get out of the neighborhoods that have become war-zones. Lot are just a statistic to some and not people. Then with the gangs they live in fear.
  13. Texan4Auburn

    more detainee children horrors and missed deadlines

    This is something that I don't think gets enough discussion or attention in America. Sex Slavery is very very alive today. It doesn't matter what color you are. Freaking kids in our country are sold and prostituted every day. Many of those kids that come without parents are meant to be victims of this also. Bastards promise their parents they will get them to America to have a better life and then sell them into sex slavery.
  14. I got questioned at the first complex I lived in here. They had wrist bands for the pool that were numbered and the number tied to you, I had a roommates band. I hadn't started work yet and it wasn't a holiday time period. Hispanic guy told me who he was and asked where I lived. Introduced myself, told him my apartment number and he said brb. Came back few minutes later, gave me a band tied to me and 2 for guests and explained the pool rules. Due to the nature of the numbered bands I know he checked my lease. Not sure, but I might of been the only white guy there. I just though cool, they patrol the pool and keep non-residents out and to a minimum. Had to get permission to have more than 2 guest under you name. He didn't call the cops, but then I wasn't a jerk and shook his hand when introducing myself and was friendly and cooperative.
  15. In an above thread I pointed out what I said and asked why it was white privilege and made no comments about you personally or otherwise, and this was your response: In other words do as you say and not as you do then. I put myself in others shoes all the time., especially since I am in what most would consider a interracial relationship. So things like beating a 91 one year old Hispanic man with a brick while yelling at him to go back to his country impacts me: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/07/11/woman-arrested-in-assault-of-91-year-old-mexican-man-who-was-told-to-go-back-to-your-country/?utm_term=.7b996b18245d Or let's throw a Hispanic man onto the subway tracks of NY and yell: https://nypost.com/2018/04/22/subway-shover-in-maga-hat-spouted-anti-mexican-slurs/ Hope her brother doesn't visit, especially if we move in together in the trendy up and coming area of Austin that is going through gentrification(" Hispanic men face an even higher risk than black men in these settings." ) https://source.wustl.edu/2018/03/young-hispanic-men-may-face-greatest-risk-from-police-shootings-study-finds/ I could also tell you about walking into a restaurant after parking the car while she got a table in Alabama, walking by two black men and hearing them discuss forced sexual acts on her and tossing her illegal ass back across the border when done (I will use the full version for you). They overheard her speaking Spanish on the phone with her mom. White guys by them laughed. When they realized she was with me the black guys left, white guys moved to the bar. And ya, black guys probably figured I'd call the cops on them. I'm incredibly aware of bias in people, and that those bias go across the board and are not a white only thing, and you do know there are plenty of people and places that will revoke my "white privilege" for dating a Hispanic woman. You think she gets a magic bubble cause she is with me from the anti immigration crowd (she is a natural born US citizen btw) bigots? So please, educate me why all my previous comments were "white privilege" and how I'm not in situations or have life experiences to look past my privilege you state I have. Though I'm sure you won't engage in actual conversation about it cause you won't be satisfied till I classify any and all white/minority interactions as racially motivated.