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  1. I erased it cause I decided I'd unfairly projected frustration with a person on chat( I was actually in a zoom thing with people telling us we were wrong but couldn't show us any of their material to back it) into your remark based on previous engagements. No clue if you read it, didn't see a response. I was gonna settle down and post a better apology. You see the erased post actually admitted that. And you didn't explain why you didn't originally like the source, which is why I snarked back with I had better things to do atm while doing those things. If you had explained your reasoning
  2. Shouldn't even need sources. Pulled something fast cause I am working on some Covid stuff for work tomorrow. I could always spend more time on proper source hunting and less on the other if it pleases you.
  3. If by own you mean just trolling certain individuals ok. You do realize he has thumbs/facepalmed me for donating to charities that are providing food and basic supplies to areas of Chicago that at the moment don't have those resources. For supporting the messages of those community leaders (the ones actually there not your flashy tv ones), and for giving a damn that innocent children are murdered for just sitting on their porches. Maybe if I take up the whole they'll kill themselves off eventually mantra he will own me with a like lol.
  4. Sherman was a murderer/racist. He used his same strategy by almost making an animal extinct in the Indian wars. Here is what happened if you were Jewish and under Sherman's command: https://coyoteprime-runningcauseicantfly.blogspot.com/2009/05/native-americans-general-shermans-final.html Hitler praised men like Sherman and the United States tactics during the Indian Wars. He also almost lead an animal to extinction in his attempt to make Native Americans extinct.
  5. Is sad. Auburn used to be one of the places that was almost immune to this stuff.
  6. I think that would classify as an offensive statement! There are alternative methods to medication if we put HEB on the job:
  7. Prayers to your family.
  8. Thank you! This is the movie I am suppose to watch that I forgot the name of.
  9. The first Pet Sem comes with a funny memory for me. It was the first time I went out with the sister of a friend. Never forget her dad answering the door and going Chad isn't here with a puzzled look and Maria coming up behind him and going bye dad I'll be home by curfew and dragging me away. I had just enough time to see look of confusion turn to realization lol.
  10. Awww Dammit man... the Doobie Brothers broke up!
  11. Don't worry Titan. If it goes down again we got you!
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