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  1. Lol I was at the game. They did. Sitting there with a AU hat and Texas polo. GF looked at me and goes and that's where you got your grad degree from right in the Texas section. I was like wow... that bourbon just hit.. need anything from the concession stand?
  2. Heupel and Mike Gundy would be my two calls. I read an article with Gundy and he was pretty close to taking the Tenn job. Will be interesting to see what happens with him and the AD now that T Boone has taken the next step in life.
  3. How was the VUE? I am thinking of going that route later. Right now I will just switch to Spectrum and do the 89$ special. Then when that is up I saw that VUE had one for 54.99 that would have all I wanted.
  4. Read an article about it sometime last week. Many of the people said the app wasn't even working so they didn't get their points. I remember the Arkansas game where JJ started. EMS kept going up into the student section and carrying out students. About midway through the 2nd quarter they just announced all water was free. This was before they had the water cooler tanks. I think it is funny that Saban used to complain about pace being dangerous for his players. He now has no interest in the well-being of his fan base while his team sits around with portable ac units, plenty of free fluids, and the cool mist fans scattered all over his sidelines. It's just you are hurting the program by not risking heat stroke! Mean c'mon Nick donate some money and get some cooling features for the fans. Even Matt's El Rancho has cool mist fans for dining outdoors on hot days. Next up, you are hurting the program by not willing financial aid to the program upon your death within the stadium.
  5. Same. I will drop and go Spectrum this week. Not that it was a big deal for me but we didn't have the NBC affiliate KXAN for over 2 months cause of this stuff.
  6. Im channeling it all into ATT now.... lol I think they are about to cut me off from watching the game period. I am more open to outside of the universities, but if they start touching tuition I'm a huge no. I don't think tuition should be used to pay for athletics and I also believe that students shouldn't have to pay for tickets.
  7. He got it better than one of my friends that broke her leg at SMU putting on the line for the university. Nobody cares about her though.
  8. Heck, while they have been in the black the last 4 years the two before that AU was in the red. Even posting a record year the profit decreased. Auburn made 7.8 million and let's member over half of that excess came from student fee's. https://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/sports/college/auburn/2019/02/05/auburn-university-athletic-department-record-revenue-decrease-profit-2017-18-ncaa-finances-report/2777036002/ I think here is what will happen if they go to paying players. Well first Auburn isn't keeping up with the Texas, Texas aTm's, etc's of the world. But besides that, you will have a real athletics vs academics battle in regards to tuition hikes and impacts on enrollment. Then universities will do what Electronic Arts did... no more.
  9. I thought he was coaching receivers at Jasper High School. Lol I know a guy who's first gig out of Auburn was a bank teller. He pulls about 400k a year now before bonus.
  10. Have to remember some of the sports that the west coast is good at that we don't have. Men's soccer, think they have lacrosse also (which is huge now I understand), men's volleyball, water polo. Then women have things like water polo and field hockey. This link has a breakdown of the 2019 sports that won it for them https://thedirectorscup.com/2019/06/division-i-learfield-img-college-directors-cup-standings-3/ I have been passed more than once by the UT rowing club at Town Lake in Austin..... I am going to claim it was to be a perv and watch them run vs it me being older and unable to keep up. Those girls are fit.
  11. I had a roommate that was a prankster. I was in the shower about to go to class. Thought he was messing with me. Was walking out the door right as the second plane hit, just sat down and went **** me.
  12. I did two at once at Auburn on quarters for like $580 a quarter or something. Third was on semesters for like $6100. LSU MBA was about 15K a semster and I worked a 50 hour week gig doing that and still have some to pay off. This why many people are sending kids to Juco's for their first two years.
  13. I my phone for concerts all the time. Never have any issues and never get spam on my phone.
  14. Thanks man. And good for you. Two sports at any level is impressive. Also I think D2, D3 work just as hard as D1 they just don't get the accolades. I couldn't imagine doing two sports. Athletics is a job and I think all athletes should get full scholarships with books at the minimum. Lol I had a summer gig where I would wash cars for a dealer... didn't get the Brett Bohmar treatment though. I had to actually show up. Then I was able to continue playing club ball in the summers for workout/experience. After my injury I went to Auburn and did the traditional student gig with a job.