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  1. I read that article today as well. I agree with you. He would benefit greatly at Alabama due to protections.
  2. Well first on the list is this, important life changing decision here: I've seen several articles talking about the QB situation, the finalization of the coaching staff. It is March, everything is focused on Basketball. Even has more basketball articles than Alabama football articles lol.
  3. I think it is important to mention the differences: Also there is the Stop Soros law.... taxes for thinking differently than the government, a mandatory year in jail if you give a immigrant child water, attacks on NGO's ? Lol if I link an article about Alabama farmers that lost their crops and took huge financial hits when Alabama passed immigration laws (educational), and then simply state legalizing immigrants that will do that work is good for them economically (positive propaganda)..... I am now now violation and subject to taxes and potential jail time. Here is one about current farmers needs in the US... this is 3 breaks of the law: Think about how many industries in America would be shelling out taxes and having employees jailed for a year under the aid clause (giving work would be aid).... farmers, hospitality, cleaning services, grocery, big box retail, construction and the list goes on. Let's also not forget that the US is dealing with highly organized cartels and smugglers, and that there is a demand for their products (human and substance) in the US. We are comparing not even a quarter of the size border, with an electric fence, with heat sensors, bullhorns, constitutional amendments, and the elimination of free speech to a wall that can be cut with a saw lol. But yes, if we electrify our fences and put dogs and 3000 additional agents on every 96 miles.. We tax and jail those that even mention anything positive about immigration, we tax and jail all those individuals that have illegals working for them, we tax and jail all those that know about them, we tax and jail all NGO's associated with immigration and human rights. Absolutely our wall will work.
  4. Remind me of my statements and how I felt about Kavanaugh please.
  5. And that justifies the tweet about his last name and stereotyping Irish as drunks? A DUI is a DUI when you are playing the let's point fingers at people game. Really it was 20 years ago. I have a friend that almost killed a woman in a DUI. Fortunately his family had alot of money and alot of pull. He quit drinking right then and there, found a very very strong respect for life, and is one of the most trustworthy, honest, and kind individuals in the world today. That incident made him a better person truthfully and it was a long time ago. It's not like 42 year old Republican Rep Monica Youngblood recently got one and tried to bribe cops with the I make laws that protect you bit. Lol or a most likely 40 something that called an officer son, told him he didn't know what he was doing, that his wife would fix his license and that the officer would get his. Or 64 year old Greg Snowden that took advantage of the lax DUI laws of his state. Though I do love the oh no I wasn't drunk I was just texting and driving (which broke a law that he helped get passed lmao and has been demonstrated by studies to be worse than driving drunk) Republicans have enough DUI history in less than the past year, going after a 20 year old one seems silly to me. It's up there with the Trump walked into a church and someone asked him to sign a bible. I want issues and plans........ not well this person pushed Sally off the swing when they were 6.
  6. Yes he is. They have just laid into him very quickly and more so than other challengers. I don't think that is a coincidence.
  7. I'm sure that if ICHY posted anything he would go with the my account was hacked response.
  8. What they said with Cruz also, and he almost lost Texas to the man. This is what I like, I wouldn't underestimate his ability to pull the independents: Plenty of time to go to see what happens. GOP didn't do any favors with those Americans that take their Irish heritage seriously over the weekend lol. They have worries about him, you don't tweet about DUI's when your own men like Bush have multiples and start digging through things done at age 15 if you don't. There is a reason they have gone after Beto from the moment he announced like they have.
  9. It's in the video. El Paso, Hispanic Population, Parents even started calling him that when he was like 5. Nothing spooky to it.
  10. I choose Antifa to get questioning comments and down votes from Antifa fanboi's around here. Then I read them and go to the gym. Saves money on pre-workout. I find it odd that as the groundbreaking, gold standard, psychological profiler of the 21st century you ask these questions.
  11. He has actually answered all those previously. Felito used them all. He has never hidden from the DUI and Burglary arrest (which occured at UTElPaso). Some I'm guilty of I just didn't caught. Like having sex with an ADPI on the 50 yard line of Jordan-Hare is technically a burglary/breaking and entering charge. That's right, think about that next time you see a kick off during a game boys and girls. Dui, truthfully I should of had a few. I was just fortunate enough not to kill anyone or get busted. Here is your Eminent Domain Ethic Complaint. Beto, self reported the Twitter Stuff and cut checks to the US treasury. What about Steve Stockman, Felito's buddy. He was the real 2013 bad guy in Texas. Then the FEC charge is from a Libertarian. CNN had a scheduled O'Rourke/Cruz town hall, but Felito decided to bow out. CNN was gonna use the hour for a townhall with O'Rourke and the Libertarian claimed that would equal to $10 million in advertising. No charges were filed I believe. Just Felito propaganda: In fact ole Felito had FEC contribution complaints of his own... including one woman a having issues stopping him from autodrafting her account!
  12. He wanted to be cool like Rafael E Cruz, I mean R Ted Cruz, I mean Rafael "Ted" Cruz, I mean Felito. In all seriousness. He was born Robert in El Paso with a population that is pretty much hispanic. These questions have all been used against him already by Felito. My girlfriend uses Latino nicknames with me..... sorry not work-safe or board friendly🙊