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  1. I'm totally convinced your distressed now. Sorry man.. dunfor
  2. Clown Posse Comments as Requested! Lol, the first article just condemns the left for the way it goes about things and now this guy says he is going to go out and do exactly what the left does. Not sure what your looking for other than the guy has the right to voice his opinion in the ongoing debate over the second amendment and what it covers. He goes to the council, voices his concern over the issue, how it impacts him, why he feels its wrong, and states he will continue to do so in a proper manner. The only time he attacks or judges is when he uses the words "loonies". Plenty of individuals on the left approach things in the same manner.

    Did you just link a Fake News article about Fake News articles? that looks alot like the typing of foreign phishing emails. Better not starting sending me PM's that state you are with Interpol and I'm entitled to 5 million euro's.
  4. So why didn't they have guns? Wouldn't that be the choice of these women? How do we know that? What if they don't have the nerve to pull the trigger? What if their emotional states prevented them from properly loading? What if one of them had such a great fear of rape that she chose to take her own life versus potentially being raped? Ya, I'm sure all the right wingers are concerned with my well being, why all the people on here were posting about the Austin bombings and hoping guys like me and Brad were ok. Lol, terrorist randomly bombing US city or CNN ratings... we see what's important lol. I know there are plenty on both side that will pawn and pimp me out to further their agenda. Lol, people still think all the old Chicago gun laws are are still on the books and point to them all the time. Cybernetic Organism.... see the right will try and tell you anything also to further their agenda Well, I mean Catholic Christians in Italy knowingly Baptized Nazi's to help them obtain Red Cross identification to escape to Austria. The same people that executed the Night of the Long Knives to remove Frohm and his tolerance of homosexuality. Just few hundred people wiped out over a weekend. There was that Holocaust thing also. Hell, we all make mistakes right Sarah Palin? Lol, really all I take from this is that this guy is effed up, and somewhere he has a counterpart on the left that is effed up...... and the two of them and their cronies are effing it for all the cool people.
  5. Professor Blasts CNN

    I got caught up in the real news that was linked on the right side of the page Check out Paulina still kicking it at 52.
  6. Is interesting. The communication issue could be a sign of depression. Colored hair. I live in Austin, if changing your haircolor was a sign the APD would be dragging all kind of innocent people downtown hourly. Dropping cash on a vette. Honestly some of those foreign students come from insanely obscene rich families. That doesn't surprise me. Most 26 year old males like Corvettes. Seen many driving high dollar cars and just dropping cash like mad at bars in Auburn. Maybe he was gonna flip out, maybe he wasn't. They said they just saw pattern changes but nothing violent. Curious if he was grad or undergrad, grad guessing by his age. Also by going to class I wonder if they mean physical attendance or if he had withdrawn from everything. He messed himself up there by violating class rules. I like this qoute So if you own a gun, and do something that freaks your roommate out you better become concerned. Also find this quote interesting. What constitutes distress and what is the reaction to it when it is an American citizen. "Hello Mr./Ms. X, we were notified that you regularly take Xanax, we have determined you are in distress. Please come with us and surrender all your firearms."
  7. Never said it was right. Not trying to excuse it. Middle ground is off the books due to fear. I agree it is ridiculous. People losing their effing minds and overreacting is pretty much the norm now. Hopefully that will change one day. For now, well it is where we are at. They may very well bank, good for them. Will most likely be an out of court thing. Just like if he later did go on a killing spree someone would bank out of court. I have the utmost confidence that both scenarios with quality representation could win in our current judicial system and climate.
  8. Lmfao, you're calling me a liberal cause I stated the truth? I don't toe either line and make my own decisions on individual issues. The statement I quoted literally said that Chicago had the toughest gun laws in the US. The majority of the laws that people cite from Chicago are no longer in existence. They are a shell of those laws. Lol I'm a liberal for pointing that out? Even you stated you can name cities that are tougher. The registry and handgun ban for example are gone, and those were the two laws that built the reputation. I lived in the burbs of Chicago when the big push for less restriction came. Big selling point, and it was pushed and pushed, was that it would have a major impact on shootings. Doesn't look like that occurred or solved the problem. Obviously I am a liberal for mentioning the majority of violence occurs in three neighborhoods, despite the fact that your collar country conservatives will mention those same neighborhoods in the same manner I did. Englewood? E/W Garfield anyone? Lol in fact, many in the collar counties jumped on the conceal carry cause they were afraid people from these neighborhoods were gonna get their kids. Fact... your white teenage child is more than welcome in these neighborhoods cause they are stimulating the economy. You must be a Spanish Cobra or Vice Lords guy. So liberal of me to mention the Disciples and the Kings. I apologize for that. Please tell me you don't think rich white kids don't do drugs and stating they do is why I'm a liberal lol. I lived there, I saw the news, I went to the churches, I heard the discussions of the parents. Take 290, jump the Metra.... guess where those run into from the western burbs... Garfield. I own, I'm LTC in Texas, guess that makes me a liberal. Did I take my handgun with me when I went back to Auburn for a game. Damn right did, no way I'm traveling through the state rated number two in the nation for gun violence without a weapon. Lol all I did was point out that the laws that people use in arguments with Chicago are no longer on the books, thus Chicago is no longer the beacon of toughness. You immediately call me a liberal and state don't waste your time. We wonder why things in America can't get fixed? Will their laws work, no cause they are not uniform. Just like if you put strict restrictions on milk percentages in Auburn but didn't in Montgomery. People would go to Montgomery and get milk for themselves or to sell to others.
  9. Rhett comments on his departure

    Well that must be awesome for recruiting.
  10. Actually Chicago doesn't have the strictest gun laws. That ended in 2010 and the laws have been continually stripped since then. Lol, when are people going to learn that. Hell people think you still can't conceal carry in Chicago and you have been able to for years. Restrictions on ranges and ammo sales will be gone soon also if they are not already. So gun laws are less restrictive, legal ownership of guns by Chicago citizens is up, and the city is seeing gun violence at a rate that it hasn't had in two decades. Three neighborhoods, Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, and a bunch of white kids from the conservative collar counties throwing out top money for opiods. It's all business.
  11. And if the toy gun symbolized a future endeavor and he carried it out... another set of parents would own the school with their lawyers. And again, ya it sucks but unfortunatly that is where we are at right now.
  12. Again, welcome to the new America. Nothing can be taken for granted or overlooked. Where we are at at this moment, it sucks ya. Mass shootings, school shooting, domestic terrorist bombing cities. If one person gets spooked and reports it then its going to be taken seriously to the extreme level. Just cause it was a not real gun doesn't mean it didn't symbolize anything potentially.
  13. Get used to it. Look at Alabama over the last couple of months. How many kids have been arrested for making threats? Just cause the kid posted a toy gun doesn't mean it couldn't symbolize what he had planned for the future. Students, parents, administrators are on edge/scared and precautions have to be taken due to that. Nothing can be taken lightly. Like the time somebody wrote the "day of reckoning on x date" is coming on a bathroom stall in Haley. 10-15 years ago it would of been laughed off, now they have to close campus for the day just cause something could happen.
  14. The Epitomy of Trump Hate

    Lol, I remember the conservative lot trashing Hillary over a haircut, the salon, and the cost of the cut. How this part of the board works. Just like you don't see a bunch of people on here screaming that the kid that was serial bombing Austin is a terrorist. Make him brown, put his acts into a conservative city, change all the targets to white (only reason he got whites was cause of a tripwire, not directly delivered like the ones to minorities... different story. Hey for fun let's look at some of collegiate writings: Things one of his friends said about him Potentially had some conservative whack job bombing my city for the past 3 weeks and people are upset about social media posts about a salon and Ivanka lol.