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  1. I think Garrett is gone also. The two names you hear are Riley and Meyer.
  2. Dallas Stars upset Cowboys fan by firing head coach leading to headlines Dallas Head Coach Fired...... lol angry that it got up their hopes.
  3. So the Stars have fired their head coach for unprofessional conduct. Nobody seems to know what he did though.
  4. I wonder if a deer really cares what kind of pants you are wearing
  5. To piss in people's Cheerios before the Holidays.
  6. Wouldn't say they improved dramatically. Dykes regressed from the improvements that Morris had made. The big thing that has improved SMU is Buechele the grad transfer out of UT. He had a excellent freshmen year at Texas and the only thing that kept him out of the starting slot was he was prone to injury his sophmore and junior years. This kept him from being able to get around Ehlinger once he lost the slot.
  7. He did, and they usually involved Tenn and Florida. Maybe he will turn that around, but at this point in time they both have 1 sec and are both are like 42-11 and both have a SEC championship game they lost to LSU.
  8. Lol I will probably be the only person around here to miss the bowl game cause I will be at the Pred/Stars game.
  9. Enjoyed that. Noticed that he pointed out who Auburn's 3 losses were, the strength of the SEC, then discussed Penn State/Wisconsin and began pointing to standards. Awareness of who you played, where you want to be, respecting them, and doing what it takes to make/stay that level. Like his thoughts on the bowls. Last year is last year, it is something for people to do in the off season, but has nothing to do with the next year. Looks like he would enjoy hockey also.
  10. Why I divide my money between The Domain, 6th, and Rainey! Equal opportunity alcohol consumer here! I also like to spend other peoples hard earned money at those locations also!
  11. I tend to drink too much and pass out, take naps, and go to the bathroom to urinate frequently during games, and flip over to Dallas Stars games to the horror of Bird, usually when the defense is on the field. I then solely rely on Gary Danielson as my official source of how our db's played. Taking that into account I have watched them, and there were consistent with bad play and find this to be incontestable
  12. Auburn also isn't walking back into the stadium it lost a championship in 2 weeks earlier. That UCF team was wanting to prove something on the same level as Boise St vs OU. Our own fans didn't even show up.... and in Atlanta. Why I don't play games on paper though. Plus this day an age, who knows who is going to make the business decision in anything outside of a playoff game.
  13. Same record, same number of championships (Richt got fired for not winning the big ones). Weaker schedule. UF and UT were stronger in Richt's early days vs Smarts. Richt also didn't get the benefits of a 4 team playoffs .