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  1. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    Hogville is the name of it. Comments you will see the most from their fan base, Auburn is nothing without paying players, Auburn is a cult, Auburn is a wanna be Alabama, Auburn is delusional, my favorite is the guy referring to us a cow college despite Arkansas also being an agriculture university. Arkansas is a fan base I've never liked. They like to trash everyone else and somewhere, somehow, and in someway, everything occurs because the state of Texas screwed them lol.
  2. So who wants to keep him now?

    Feel the same way. Security in a job is pretty highly valued in today's economy. Everyone talks about how stupid Gus would be if he left for Arkansas. I kinda wanna my head coach to have the attitude that he can take a program like Arkansas and turn it into a contender. Some disagree, but I personally think when he called that spot review against Georgia it had nothing to do with Georgia. Gus was giving a middle finger to everyone at Auburn that said he couldn't coach to kill. Peace of mind can be a valuable thing.
  3. Read this article while back on I agree with the kid that there are a ton of athletes that don't deserve to even be in the universities that they are enrolled in. He wants to complain about it being a full time job. No sympathy for him there as I finished my MBA while working a 60 hour a week job at the same time. Also played division one athletics before there was practice hour regulations, we didn't have a plane to fly around on, and we played multiple games in multiple cities during a week. Did homework at 1am on a bus more than once. I'd gladly of taken everything these kids get these days when I was playing. Lot more than we got. Sorry noone is ever going to convince me their free ride isn't enough. Lol can give you examples where so many kids his age can't even handle a full time job and an Iphone at the same time, so doesn't surprise me at all that school and athletics would be too much.
  4. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    No. He has years left on the current one. I think he has already made his decision on what he will do if certain programs come calling. I do not think money will be the reason he makes a move if he chooses to do so.
  5. Post a picture

    So you live near the Bevo training camp then Brad?
  6. How bad do you hate UGA

    I have no doubts that Richt went into that game wanting to use emotions against (given all that had happened prior to this game) us for penalties or to get players tossed.
  7. Texas Church Shooting- Over 20 Casualties

    Chicago drops when you start talking per capita. Course there are more incidents with increases in population. Chicago's gun violence also occurs in two major neighborhoods. The two that Gangster Disciples and Latin Kings battle over corners for to control drug business. Opiods for the college and suburb kids is big business. You can now conceal carry in Chicago, and I believe their rate is still on the rise. In fact many of Chicago's gun laws have been stripped and cities like Los Angeles and New York have tougher gun laws. No gun shops or ranges downtown will soon be gone also. Having lived there prior to and after conceal carry, that conceal carry is not the reason less people are shot in Naperville/Downers Grove/Batavia/St Charles/Geneva vs. say Englewood, West Englewood, Fuller Park, etc. Apparently concealed carry holders in Chicago act just like the gangs do: I own a gun, and while I havn't yet will probably go get my conceal carry license. So I am not some anti-second person.
  8. Texas Church Shooting- Over 20 Casualties

    I feel the same way and even more so now. I live in North Austin and make the drive down 35 to downtown everyday going right through the area the guy with the assault rifle was targeting. A great Mexican food truck on N. Lamar I like after going out to hit and the guy was firing in that area. I'm not trusting anyone standing around with an assault rifle.
  9. How bad do you hate UGA

    Guess mother Murray forgot about this earlier in the game: I also believe that Rambo opened the game with a personal foul on the first play from scrimmage. If your gonna play chippy then expect to receive it right back. Doesn't matter who you pull for, that is the way it works.
  10. Sumlin

    Hard to imagine Les at Oregon State. Read an article about it and he had this comment that I thought was interesting. I kind of pictured Les heading to Ole Miss. He knows the conference and has the connections, and with sanctions most likely coming expectations would be low.
  11. How bad do you hate UGA

    I honestly have never had an issue with UGA fans and always looked forward to the game. Was such a cross over of people from Georgia that we always had an apartment or fraternity house to stay at and we provided them with a place to stay. So when I have been around Georgia fans we were always with Georgia fans. Now over the years I started hearing more and more stories. We had a great time with the people we stayed and tailgated with in 2014, but I did hear a ton of really bad stories that year. I have not lived in Georgia though. People are just different now, meaner. Suspect that combined with the fact that Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Florida have all won NC's while UGA has struck out probably doesn't help.
  12. next Head Coach

    Lol. I have actually. Truthfully the ones I have met are usually more reserved and will separate themselves from the normal Alabama fan. Especially out of state.
  13. Bama Players paid for autographs (merged threads)

    Appears he was the kid:
  14. Finebaum at it again

    Praising Bama and trashing Auburn makes you money in that state. Paul knows how to play them and make money I will give him that. You see the same thing in I go check articles every now and then and 10 Bama articles pop up that are all pro and the Auburn articles will be negative. Like the Autograph thing, only article to pop was one that said Bama player claims he didn't take money. Then has like 40 comments from Bama fans talking about how dirty Auburn is. If it was Auburn there would be 3 articles talking about the claims, no rebuttal from Auburn, and 1000 comments from Bama fans. Half of those lol by the same 10 guys. Sure some of you know who I'm talking about.
  15. Bama Players paid for autographs (merged threads)

    Wasn't Terrance Cody the guy that was asked about graduating at a bowl game press conference and didn't even know what his major was lol? Nothing will come of any of this though and it will be business as usual. Us, the NCAA would be on campus already.