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  1. OooOOoo I wonder who the facepalm is from. The suspense is killing me. Cmon Ichy, apologies if it wasn't you but I highly doubt it, support your BS. Adler is a democrat and took the proper steps with SXSW. Lightfoot is an African American woman that is LGBTQ and a democrat and she took the right steps in shutting down Chicago's ST Paddy's parade. They didn't wait on Trump, they did what they thought was the responsible decision for their community despite the potential economic repercussions. This is for you ICHY
  2. Prediction here is that around May 5th the ER's are gonna get bombarded. Number of patients across the board is down (my facility is a trauma facility), but starting to tick back up. Had to do quite a bit of flexing in peoples hours. Sad to see how many of these individuals coming in work at places that are grocery oriented.
  3. I got the swine flu when I was at Auburn. That thing wiped the campus out. August was when it really hit Auburn.
  4. Perhaps the mayor of New Orleans was too concerned about the impact of canceling Mardi Gras financially and is now looking for a scapegoat. You have seen this spreading throughout the world for a year and you have a festival that is globally known. Glad Austin doesn't have anything like that... oh wait they do and it was cancelled and no cases had even been identified in Austin at the time. Maybe they should be embarrassed cause HEB had a better team in place for disaster preparedness: Abbott has been leaving things up to local officials in Texas on what to do in regards to the virus. Has nothing to do with Trump. If the nonuniform approach has a large negative impact on areas of Texas its going to be on the officials in Texas... not Trump. So things like a restaurant here in Austin that I placed an online order that is still taking walk ins (and even making them priority over the call ins) and allowing a build up of consumers, or people still going out to Barton Springs swimming areas in mass, are what is going to interfere and not Trump. Any local officials that are passing the buck are full of s***, it is their responsibility to look out for their communities in a time like this.
  5. We have gone to recycling product and not the use of homemade items. I work an ER. This may be changed as I have been off for 4 days. Travis County is avoiding them as of this morning it appears. This is the message that ARC (one of the largest clinics serving the Austin area) has put out: The masks, regardless of what type, are useless if you're like the guy in CVS last night. Gloved and masked up, yet touches everything in the store and then rubs their eyes when New England Journal of Medicine indicates that the virus can live up to 3 days on plastic.
  6. Can confirm short supply of PPE and recycling of product protocols here.
  7. I was recruited when at Auburn. They use to have some concerns with golf. I was specifically brought in and trained to infiltrate his world
  8. It ain't political till ICHY facepalms 20 or 30 people.
  9. Appears that the the NCAA is looking into the tournament and how to handle, and should there be, crowds for the games. Believe Ohio has already stated they will not have attendance at the games. This obviously has economic consequences (Austin cancelled SXSW and estimates its a 300 million plus loss) for the areas that are scheduled to be hosted. It will definitely have an impact on the atmosphere. It just won't be the same tournament. I am curious as to how empty stadiums will impact teams. We have all seen the underdog feed off the crowd, become a favorite in a regional due to it. Will be interesting if it goes through at every venue to see if pure skill takes over with extremely limiting outside factors in play.
  10. Well... in my defense..... I have finally hinted at where I played on these boards for the first time ever lol.
  11. Alabama has 56 players in the pro's currently and Ole Miss 19. You also left out what I consider a key factor.......Championship Opportunity. Don't forget the rings.
  12. You don't know what my night job is.