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  1. I started the thread, and, since it did concern the Auburn coaching staff, and yea though it's ESPN rumor, I felt it was worth a thread and not the dumbest on here, as you stated. I'll have to say I've seen much less news worthy threads that weren't called dumb. I guess, since I've been called on the carpet by the owner of AUNation, I was wrong. And if ESPN reported I was gay, I very seriously doubt I would start a thread on that subject. I would know for a fact that they were wrong and wouldn't feel the need to confirm or deny the allegations. I've always thought that this board was for discussing anything and everything that concerned Auburn, it's players, it's football team, the coaching staff, administration, etc, no matter how trivial, how controversial, or how much rumor was involved. Evidently that's not the case. I've noticed the same thread has popped up 3 or 4 times over on ITAT. May be a better forum to spend my time.
  2. The sleeping with one eye open comment hits home. CTT was quoted as saying the reason he went conservative against UA was to not lose the game. When asked why, he said so he wouldn't get fired. It was probably a 'tongue in cheek' response, but the shadow of the trip to Louisville can't help but haunt him. Even though the Prez and AD are both out of the picture now, Richardson has yet to come out with resounding approval of CTT. I've read what Richardson put out yesterday, but I honestly believe that statement was forced. And he never mentioned CTT by name. Just said 'coaches and players'.
  3. Agree totally. I was an Auburn fan when Shug was there. Coaches come and go. Auburn will still be a great school when we're all dead and gone. If he stays, that good. If he goes, I see no problem there either.
  4. Watching ESPN Hot List just a few minutes ago. They interviewed Bruce Feldman of He is saying Tuberville has heard from Florida thru backdoor channels about HC position. He added that it is known in college football inner circles that CTT is looking. Then went on to say if CTT leaves, Petrino would be most likely choice to return to AU. This is rumor, but what ESPN reported. Don't accuse me of starting rumors, because this rumor was started on national TV by ESPN. I am just repeating what I heard on ESPN.
  5. Richardson should single CTT out and tell the world what a job he has done this year amid all the controversy from last year (LouisvilleGate). Evidently the appropriate number of wins is all of them.
  6. If they accepted, then the one that lost would shut up, and the one that won would have a championship that nobody would doubt, it wouldn't be mythical. The winner beat the other two undefeateds fair and square, on the field, as it should be. If we lost, we'd say USC or OU was the better team. If we won, we'd know who the better team is. If there were a playoff system, we'd be faced with this situation anyway. No reason for fear. To be the best, you have to play and beat the best.
  7. Heard this on ESPN yesterday morning, and it's rumor, mind you rumor only. I have no link, because it was said on Sportscenter. ESPN stated that , and again I stress rumor, that Borges is on the list for the Stanford job. The list, I'm sure, contains many names at this stage, but they stated with his PAC-10 history and the job he's done at AU this year, he would naturally be mentioned. With the amount of firings already this year, and I'm sure more to come at the end of the season, any OC or DC with good credentials is going to get consideration.
  8. Not a bump, but close to it. Just voted and Rogers is now in 1st. Keep voting!!!!!!!!
  9. Just a shameless BUMP!!! Aubie was leading two days ago, and is losing to South Carolina today.
  10. I feel like the OB is out. USC and OU are playing two patsies, and they are going to keep the votes they need. I don't even feel a huge win over UT will help. Voters just don't respect the SEC this year as in the past.
  11. Being truthful, I think both of them (Trott or McKenzie)will be pretty good. Looks like it's a win-win situation of either team.
  12. I voted no, but what do I know. I think AU should be in the OB this year, so evidently I don't know my football.
  13. At no time did I say it was the right thing to do. I believe it is totally unethical. And how much do you know about the ethics of the hundreds of football coaches throughout this nation? But IMO, if you don't think it happens, you are looking at the world thru 'rose colored glasses'. I'm not saying CTT has done it, would do it, or could do it. I believe he has more class than that. I just believe it has been and could easily be done. There's too much money, status, prestige, whatever for an unethical coach to resist such an easy temptation.
  14. A coach voting another team low to keep them off their tail is not ethical, I agree. But is it done, IMO, yes. The main off-the-field concern of any college football coach is job security. How high his team is ranked, how much money the program brings in, continously being ranked in the top ten, etc. These are the concerns of a football coach. Not how his 'peer' at that other school is doing. Most of the coaches will shake hands after the game, while under their breath they are cussing each other. This is not a all for one, one for all fraternity. It's a dog eat dog business. Not for one minute do I think a coach would not lower his ranking of another team if he thought it would make his team look better.