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  1. And the dude from my deer lease who I haven't heard from since December just texted me about setting up camp. The Nip is very close.
  2. San Antonio, TX in my living room
  3. I understand! The stats you put up just reminded me of a thread over a month ago where it was argued that a Bama player could be "football bigger" than a guy physically bigger than he was. That thread cracked me up.
  4. Maybe the Ducks are talking about "football speed" not track speed???
  5. Go ahead. Tease the Tiger and see where it gets you.
  6. UGA-USC should be a good game. I wish ESPN would do a better job spacing these games out. What happened to the 2:30 CBS game today? I'm going to have to setup a second TV in the living room to watch both the AU and LSU games.
  7. I heard the same thing in my living room about 100 times! Sorry I was so loud. Thanks for not calling the cops. Where did you learn to cuss like that? Thankfully, the kid was sound asleep in bed.
  8. I heard the same thing in my living room about 100 times! If the O-line doesn't improve and Cox doesn't learn to get rid of the ball, our other QB's will get to see some significant playing time.
  9. Our offense has to make some first downs. Our D can't stay on the field the entire second half...
  10. That's the question most people are asking???
  11. JMHO, from what I saw yesterday and most of the season, Johns has been the better back this year. We do know one thing for sure - Darby did not win the game for them with his 15 yard performance.
  12. I know that. My point was Johns was running the ball better yesterday... Geez, you don't stoop to his level. understood - I fell back to middle school - sorry!
  13. The toughest teams always play in Shrevport on Dec. 28!
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