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  1. She warned us all ...

    The video is dead. That said, I would be happy if she would ride off quietly into the sunset.
  2. It was a mocking reference to his "get tired of winning" shtick.
  3. He is so considerate of others that you may even get tired of how considerate he is.
  4. Dolt 45 reverts to form

    I reached that point before he was nominated.
  5. Mothball the Confederate Monuments

    At some point, we should definitely organize such a thing.
  6. Mothball the Confederate Monuments

    Incidentally, brats make fantastic chili dogs too.
  7. Mothball the Confederate Monuments

    I doubt that, but I would gladly sample.
  8. Mothball the Confederate Monuments

    Bratwurst. Or smoked sausage chili dogs.
  9. Mothball the Confederate Monuments

    You lost me at the scourge that is hotdogs.
  10. Hence the unfortunate side effect. The good of free speech outweighs the bad.
  11. It is both fascinating and terrifying that any number of my fellow countrymen can subscribe to, and worse rationalize, such ideologies. It is like being a witness to the devolution of intelligence.
  12. That is the unfortunate side effect of freedom. There are some viewpoints that should not be tolerated in any nation that considers itself civilized in the 21st century. I consider white supremacy and neo-nazism to be chief among them. However, our laws ensure they have the right to spread their vile message.
  13. Indeed. When I first saw "fire and fury" in a headline, my immediate thought is that there was an error, and that it was actually something from a North Korean statement.
  14. If anything, I would say that conducting their first nuclear test in 2006 supports an assertion that the President of the United States (and political party membership), and their policies, are largely irrelevant to North Korea.