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  1. While we are at it, why not shuffle a quarter (I would argue more) of military spending into providing healthcare for our people? $150 billion should be able to make a dent.
  2. The last figures I saw indicated that over $50 million had been spent on a special election here in Georgia. $50 million, for one election. People are debating whether or not health care should be a fundamental human right, or whether or not we can afford to provide health care for our people, while hundreds of millions of dollars are effectively wasted every election cycle on political campaigning.
  3. The party would be better off if they could find some way to convince her to just ride off quietly into the sunset, and I think she would be better off too.
  4. Lobbyists and corporations are not gaining political influence from the weight of superbly compelling arguments. It is gained by money, which geography cannot put a dent in. That also was not really my point. Term limits, and the prospect of remote representation to dilute special interests' influence would require Congress to act upon them. Neither of our two parties are going to back such initiatives in any meaningful way, and we keep letting them get away with it by continuing to send more of them. Despite perception to the contrary, Washington D.C. and its influences are not the problem. The problem is what we do when we are given a chance to fix it at the ballot box. A third party or independent candidates cannot swell to influential numbers when we keep sending Democrats and Republicans while foolishly expecting different results.
  5. Term limits have always been an obvious thing to me. As for removing representatives from the swamp, geography really has nothing to do with it, and relocating them will not fix it. Lobbyists and corporate representatives have no issue with travelling. The problem is us, we the people. Partisanship has become more important than results, and both parties understand this. We obviously approve of what the two parties are offering us as elected officials, and what they are doing, as we keep sending them back. Seats flip from D to R, and vice versa, but the results stay the same. We have put Congress in a position where Congressional action is the only way to reform it, and we pack it mostly full of people that are not even interested in a serious discussion about the matter. We might complain, but we keep doing the same thing while expecting different results. D or R, that is all that matters.
  6. That Obama deserves credit for basic first world nation presidential behavior, or that it needed to be mentioned at all, is an indicator of the decline we are witnessing.
  7. I would not characterize Kathy Griffin as typical of anything, or as a representative of "the media". She is an actress and comedian, not a journalist. She is also not a stranger to controversy.
  8. NSA and GCHQ also operate their surveillance programs together.
  9. The UK is a member of Five Eyes. They get everything we have, and vice versa, on any target.
  10. I do not think it is, or should be, that simple. Who were the losses to, and what were the circumstances? Were significant injuries a factor? Was the idiotic 3 QB hydra gameplan employed again? With a few different bounces of the ball and/or luck, even the 2010 team could have been 8-5. That said, I do think there will be, at a minimum, tremendous pressure if he manages to lose to UGA and Bama again. The portion of the fanbase (and likely boosters) for whom that is simply unacceptable is too large.
  11. I mostly agree with you, but I will add that I think those with power over his job will not be satisfied with anything other than a much improved product on the field. That said, all indications are that they will likely end up satisfied, which is a good thing. As for the rest, I think it is a combination of the Saban Effect, having tasted the nectar of the promised land, being spoiled by technology, and the perception of football at this level today. When the football program basically operates with a budget of unlimited, anything less than title contention is indeed a failure in the minds of many. At the time that Georgia hired Mark Richt, they would have never even considered firing a coach with the record he ended up having. I do not necessarily agree with that mentality, but it certainly exists, and I would even call it prevalent. Additionally, people are more apt to grumble when they can do it from the convenience of a cell phone. The reasonable people are back in "wait and see" mode with regard to Gus, as his offseason moves appear to have been positives. That is where I am, at least, and would say that I currently approve of the direction Gus is taking the program. I am even optimistic that Stidham and fresh blood in the OC are just what was needed. No one should be singing Gus' praises just yet, but the torches should be extinguished for now.
  12. My hope is that the UK government uses this as the lesson it is, rather than concentrating on finger-pointing at whomever missed it.
  13. He said he was agnostic on the proposition of a supernatural creator, which means he is open to the possibility.
  14. Of course not, and I did not mean to suggest that we should. I am just saying that Trump's idiocy in this case did not endanger the Navy. While troubling, Trump cozying up with Duterte is not surprising. If you listen to both speak, they are basically kindred spirits.
  15. They would be of little help. Much like the bird farms, the US developed a commanding lead in submarine capabilities during the Cold War, and has retained it. Ultimately, my point is that it is extremely unlikely anything gets close enough to an Ohio-class submarine to engage it, even if they happen to know where one is. It is a professional ghost. I also doubt China or Russia would risk a nuclear war (the likely outcome of attempting to attack an SSBN) to assist North Korea. Aspirations of Chinese or Russian grandeur aside, the US Navy is the only naval power left on the planet that can project itself and impose its will anywhere in the world.