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  1. I have a bad feeling that the situation in 7th Fleet will not really change until something drastic happens like a pair of destroyers firing on each other due to a mistake during an exercise. It takes a lot more than relieving the commanding officer complaining the loudest about the problem to actually fix it.
  2. Strychnine

    Civil Forfeiture

    Voice your objection ICHY, in PM if you do not feel like posting.
  3. Strychnine

    Civil Forfeiture

    I would expect anyone that has lost any property to forfeiture to be rather upset about it. That said, no one (aside from the defendant and perhaps their family) is going to shed any tears over the woman that lost her car because she was convicted of selling drugs from inside it, with her kids present. As I said previously, that is civil asset forfeiture done right.
  4. Strychnine

    Civil Forfeiture

    Oklahoma has become rather notorious for seizing money found during traffic stops, with no evidence of the money being connected to a crime, and no charges related to such criminal activity filed against the owner. The owner is then left in the difficult, expensive, and time-consuming process of pursuing the matter in court, where they may or may not get their money back. Such practices are little more than armed robbery, and I find them disgusting. On the other hand, what you describe is civil asset forfeiture done right. Most people do not object to the practice of seizing the assets of people that are, for example, being charged and then convicted as drug dealers or mafioso. Most people also do not object to a law enforcement agency putting those seized assets to good use in the form of equipment and/or training. The important step for me in that process is that the assets were connected to criminal activity that the owner was subsequently convicted of.
  5. Indeed. The Gestapo (or even their Stasi successors) would have just grabbed him from the dinner table and no one would hear anything about him ever again. No warrant, legal representation, or trial.
  6. Strychnine

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    In almost all such appearances, Gus seems to clearly radiate the vibe that he would rather be anywhere else, doing anything else. I can relate to it. Promo was my least favorite part of being in touring bands, even at the indie level I was at. There is always at least one member in a band that loves it though. Head coaches do not have that luxury.
  7. True, this is coming from a government that has had to reform and/or replace their equivalent of the FBI due to systemic corruption on at least two occasions. In all honesty, I have been genuinely surprised that El Chapo was brought to trial. No one knows about more skeletons in the closets of politicians and law enforcement on both sides of the border than El Chapo and his lieutenants.
  8. Strychnine

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    I think a lot of coaches are uncomfortable and disinterested in dealing with them, good press or bad press. In Gus' case, one cannot find a friendlier media personality for Auburn coaches than Rod Bramblett after a win, and Gus seems to be as interested in doing the Auburn Football Review as he is press conferences.
  9. Well, that took an interesting turn...
  10. Strychnine

    Mike Gundy - Oklahoma State

    He is the best coach in the program's history, and they seem to have reasonable expectations. Their recruiting rankings are usually in the 30's and 40's, but he still consistently puts together teams that go toe-to-toe with anyone. His program would be a monster if they were able to pull in talent like Oklahoma and Texas can. I think he is worth it for Oklahoma State, as they would have a difficult time finding anyone proven to be better.
  11. Back when he did post, personal shots were not his general method of responding. I am having a hard time imagining the kind of thread that would have gotten you two to that point. What was it?
  12. There are indeed. I grew up on Navy bases overseas, and while my parents profess to be Christian (as does the rest of my family), my sisters and I were never made to attend church services. When Dad retired from the Navy and brought us "home" to southwest Georgia, we were promptly swarmed by well-intentioned neighbors who wished to invite us to their church. The two large local Baptist churches were basically as you describe. My first thought on encountering such a thing as a teen in the early 90's was: "why would people ever willingly subject themselves to this?" The air of the place reminded me more of detention in school than it did anything associated with the word fellowship. A message of love and salvation does not resonate very well when the environment has the aura of a prison. I was a long-haired dude with earrings, that talked like a yankee, and listened to the Devil's music. I was not welcomed at all. I cannot imagine what it would have been like had I happened to be gay too. I would not blame my rejection of Christianity exclusively upon such churches, but they were definitely a contributing factor.
  13. Strychnine

    Sugar Bowl

    As a Georgia resident with a Facebook account, any post-Sugar Bowl perusal of my feed would indicate that plenty already have turned on him.
  14. Strychnine

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Houston being interested in him made sense, but NFL programs eyeing him for HC vacancies is a little confusing. It would be hard to argue that Texas Tech made a mistake in firing him, as he was there for 6 years and had a losing Big 12 record in every one of them. I do not necessarily think he is a bad coach, but I do think he may have bitten off more than he could chew by jumping to head coach so quickly.