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  1. That is doubly true for Fox in particular, given the recent resignation of Ailes over the same thing.
  2. I suspect it would also lead to a meaningful prison reform effort.
  3. I have stated before that this issue does not concern nearly as much as net neutrality. That said, this Representative has displayed such an ignorance of the issue, technology, and how essential the internet is to even modern business, that I feel he has no business even expressing an opinion (or vote) on the matter. We are well beyond the point where the internet is a realistically optional thing. It is deeply ingrained in commercial business, personal business, healthcare, and even government. An argument that is effectively "if you do not like this policy, you do not have to use the internet" is idiotic, invalid, and out of touch with reality.
  4. Google's Android wants you to train it, so that it can then better cater to your habits. Android (and Chrome) is also quite capable of learning your habits without you training it at all. Thus far, Google's motive has been to provide you with information, services, and advertising that you might want. Considering how enshrined smartphones have become in our society, the potential for manipulation or abuse is very great. In fact, it is one of the reasons ISP's commitment to eliminating net neutrality concerns me greatly.
  5. It would be hard for him to maintain his self-aggrandizing crusade of belligerence in an echo chamber.
  6. I meant that to be implied in the previous post, where I mentioned the multiple shifts of Secret Service agents, sufficient to secure the President and premises, that must be transported, fed, and housed. That said, I actually think they could operate with a smaller security detail, and less impact on the community visited by simply being more low-profile and not disclosing the destination.
  7. Personally, I would like to see an effort to reduce the President's domestic travel expenses. I take no issue with any President's vacation time, as I know the job is a 24/7/365 on-call type of job, but the cost of domestic travel is ridiculous and I think a lot of it unnecessary. That said, Air Force One could likely be replaced for many trips with a C-37A or even a C-40 equipped to transport the President, family, and even guests. A 747-200 is substantial overkill for a 2.5 hour flight to a leisure destination. Is it really necessary to transport helicopters and motorcade vehicles for such trips, or would it make more sense for the Secret Service to rent SUV's locally and secure them?
  8. It stands to reason that the Mar-a-Lago weekends would be quite expensive and burdensome to the local community. Air Force One and at least one C-17 are carrying Trump and the motorcade vehicles, with an additional C-17 if they are also transporting a helicopter to serve as Marine One. Multiple shifts worth of Secret Service agents, in sufficient quantity to secure both the President and the premises, have to be transported, fed, and housed. The military officer carrying the football has to be fed and housed, as do the crews of the aforementioned Air Force One, accompanying C-17's, and vehicles and helicopters they are carrying. Local law enforcement in the surrounding area has to increase shift staffing, most likely with overtime. An estimated cost of several million dollars per trip is quite reasonable. Aircraft operating costs alone are likely hitting or exceeding the million dollar mark.
  9. I do know it ended up resulting in Spurrier always having able backup QB's when he would get irritated and bench the starter. I think it pays dividends when the backups have not only made handoffs or limited passing against teams like Western Kentucky. My perspective would be: take a quick 21 or 28 point lead if you can, then put in the backups and let them going with a wide-open offense. I might be doubtful that opportunity will present itself against Clemson, but I would like to see it employed whenever possible.
  10. I will always remember Cam's TD pass as the first half expired in the SEC Championship Game. Everyone knew the game was over at that moment. I will say this about Auburn teams that Gus is involved in: they have played very well in SEC Championship Games. Personally, I have always liked what Spurrier did with his offenses at Florida. Take a commanding lead, then bring in 2nd and 3rd players to keep running the offense as if the game is on the line. A dominating victory usually ensued, and I always thought it gave another benefit in meaningful experience and game reps for backups beyond putting in other bodies to kill the clock and go home.
  11. I would have thought that still obvious to everyone. The nature of how winnable that game remained all the way to the end is why the QB truffle shuffle gameplan was even more infuriating that it would have been otherwise.
  12. The big difference between Stidham and JJ is that Stidham has already started games in his career, and looked like the QB we saw at A-Day. Personally, I am not ready to anoint Stidham as the second-coming or anything, but I have seen enough to conclude that he can stretch the field in a way that White cannot and he has good instincts. If White can somehow beat Stidham and keep the starting job when the season starts, then that means White will have improved quite a bit. I am fine with that too.
  13. I have nothing but respect for an elected official that declines to campaign for a second term, in order to instead deploy to a combat zone. I also applaud her for making the effort to actually visit Syria on a fact-finding mission. Finally, she appears to form her own positions, rather than follow party lines. The House and Senate need more like her.
  14. How could read what I posted and consider that to be a rational response? I said: "A comparison that might make more sense is think of Salafi as Westboro Baptist, and Sunni Islam as the Baptist denomination itself." The point that you apparently took offense over was the point I was trying to make. 99% of Baptist think Westboro is Baptist in name only. 99% of Sunni Muslims think Al-Qaeda/ISIS are Sunni in name only. Think of Al-Qaeda/ISIS as Westboro Baptist, and Sunni Islam as the Baptist denomination itself. There really is no more polite way that I can explain the fact that you did not read and comprehend my post before responding. In the future, please read and contemplate more, then post. I do not want to place you on the list of people I will not talk to.