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  1. I think the guy's response to the backlash is rather appalling as well. He insists it was taken out of context, and that people are unwilling to listen to truth. Sentences like "I'll volunteer to shoot their asses when they approach the border" and "I don't give a s*** about them, their kids, their s***ty life or asylum" do not really contain any ambiguity by which to take them out of context.
  2. Ran across a thread on this on Reddit, thought it might fit here. Link to post screenshot:
  3. Strychnine

    Sessions gets blowback

    There are FOUR LIGHTS!
  4. I was not suggesting that the question was unimportant. On the contrary, the question has a lot to do with the past, present, and future of human civilization.
  5. That is the obvious end result of contemplating mortality.
  6. Strychnine

    Pathetic Liberal Celebrities

    That sounds like torture. I cannot imagine trying to use the internet with the interface on a gaming console. You are persistent, masochistic, or a combination of the two.
  7. Strychnine

    Nice Move, Dick's Sporting Goods

    Yeah, the first 20 minutes or so are Alex talking about the ISDC panel with Bezos, then spends a few minutes with the writers talking about getting started on writing for season 4. No spoilers.
  8. Strychnine

    Nice Move, Dick's Sporting Goods

    While you are in here, give this link a listen. It is the guy that plays Alex, recounting his chat with Jeff Bezos and Bezos' later announcement that Amazon was picking it up.
  9. Strychnine

    Nice Move, Dick's Sporting Goods

    @McLoofus, I know I have stated before that I do support some gun control initiatives. If I recall, I detailed it clearly in the other thread. One of the biggest problems with firearm sales is that an individual selling a firearm to another individual resident of the same state is perfectly legal, but that individual has no real means of verifying whether the buyer can even legally possess firearms, aside from taking them at their word. There is no background check or even paperwork requirement, and there are no real means for an individual to check without paying a fee for a dealer to do it. Since nothing is really required, doing nothing is the option basically everyone chooses. People usually call this the gunshow loophole, but it is a much bigger issue than gun shows. Personally, I think people that cannot legally possess firearms buying them from people that can, but do not know that the buyer cannot, is a larger source of illegal firearms than theft. If I want to sell a firearm, and someone that I know very well cannot or does not want to buy it, I sell it to a dealer. We really have no way of knowing, but I suspect that puts me in a small minority.
  10. Strychnine

    Nice Move, Dick's Sporting Goods
  11. I have packed up and left the range on many occasions after witnessing people with blatant disregard for safety. It is one of the two main reasons I rarely bring out my full-autos. Everyone wants to try them out, and I want no part of someone being shot with one of my firearms that someone else lost control of. Of course, the other reason is that everyone else wants to shoot up my ammo.
  12. The historical classic siege tactics are sufficient whether the military is foreign or domestic. Cut the power, cut the communication networks, and block the roads. All of those small problems need food and water. There are not many towns in this country that are capable of sustaining themselves, if there are even any at all. I would wager that within no more than two weeks 99% of the civilian population would be willing to do whatever got them access to a sandwich, shower, television, and Facebook.
  13. Overthrowing our own government is even less realistic. If the government ever gets so tyrannical that a sizeable portion of the populace is willing to take up arms against it, the military, acting on behalf of someone else in the government, is likely to have already deposed that government before my neighbors and I arrive in DC. That is also likely to occur with minimal bloodshed. The populace definitely is not getting anywhere near overthrowing our government, as long as the military is on their side.
  14. If you are still in the house, planning to make your stand there, you have lost the fight already. Flashbangs and tear gas say hello. That said, if a foreign army has reached the point (on US soil) where they have time and resources to bother with you and your band of suicidal guerillas, then the following are now true: 1. The United States military is no longer providing meaningful opposition, so the invader has won the war. 2. Power, cellular communications, and telephone lines are all out. Railways and major highways are likely useless as well. 3. The local grocery stores have long since been empty. 4. People that did not die in the humanitarian catastrophe that is the United States civilian population without power, cell phones, and grocery stores are fighting each other over what remains. Food, gasoline, and water are things that Americans started killing each other over, while the militaries were fighting each other. The United States is The Walking Dead, minus the zombies. The foreign army can lay siege to your 300-mile radius at will. They have the infrastructure for resupply indefinitely, but you do not. They can pacify you with artillery, airstrikes, and starvation from positions of safety. If they grow impatient, they can reduce every structure in that 300-mile radius to a pile of rubble, and then move on. A fleet of drones and helicopters can pick off any survivors with impunity. A civilian's ability to fight any modern military is directly related to how much they do not want to kill you, and what they wish to capture intact. In reality, most of the people still alive will be so traumatized by the horrors they have witnessed (plenty of which came from their own people), and motivated by the basic instinct of needing to eat, that they will be happy to disarm and surrender.