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  1. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    I do not think self-scouting (or lack thereof) is an issue. Gus' tendency to run on first down is so blatantly obvious that it would require conscious effort to still be oblivious to it. I tend to think he must rationalize it as bad execution. It is irrelevant that 80,000+ spectators, everyone watching on television, and the opposing team knew with relative certainty what the offense was going to do. When you consider some of the head-scratching debacles the last few years, you quickly reach the conclusion that Auburn is paying Jared prices for Dollar General costume jewelry.
  2. Hanging On is not good enough

    Those are baffling plans for a coach that climbed the offensive coaching ladder. They are even more baffling for a coach who's core philosophy (in his book) is predicated upon using relentless tempo to wear out the opposing defense. Coming into the season, my biggest problems with Gus' tenure were consistent red zone struggles and his penchant for long-developing plays that get eaten alive by decent defenses. Both of those have continued, but now I have to add harnessing his inner Tuberville to that list. Of all the games on the schedule that I expected to see the offense continue attacking aggressively, I expected that to be LSU. He had coached Auburn (as OC or head coach) four times in Baton Rouge coming into that game, and had lost every one of them, badly. I expected that Gus would not feel comfortable enough to just run out the clock until the scoreboard showed something like 42-7.
  3. Al Borges?

    If there is one thing Auburn fans seem to love, it is former head coaches not named Bowden, and assistant coaches. I have lost count of how many times I have seen people advocating for Tuberville to replace Jay Jacobs over the years. A recent one I have been seeing more of is Tuberville or Borges as interim head coach. Why not make Chizik the interim head coach? He did at least win a national championship.
  4. Where is lionheartkc?

    I have never bought into the stories of meddling preventing any head coach from running the program the way that he wants, or that Dye continues to have any substantial input in the program. Meddlers would not have allowed Gus to hire a very inexperienced Kodi Burns as a position coach, or to bring his inexperienced protege with him as offensive coordinator, and they definitely would have intervened had they known about that 2016 Clemson gameplan. Personally, I was not really convinced that Chizik was going to be fired, until he was. Had he fired Loeffler, and forgotten his pro-style offensive transition idea, I would have had no issue with giving him more time. Delivering the first national championship in many Auburn fans' lifetime earned him an opportunity to correct mistakes; that was the argument I heard most frequently. I have to say, it was a valid one. That said, I also fully understood why he was fired, and agreed with it.
  5. Where is lionheartkc?

    In November 2012, there were still people arguing on Chizik's behalf.
  6. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Bolt might be one of Dye's boys, but the fact that he went to Iowa State with Chizik and came back with him too, tells us that Chizik wanted him around. I am perfectly fine with purging Dye, any of his minions, and his former players from the football program. It cannot happen soon enough, as far as I am concerned. Let them be like Bo Jackson, or be gone. I consider any interference with the head coach and his staff to be a problem, but an unrelated one. That said, I doubt anyone is telling or recommending to Gus that he do something like LSU 2017 or Clemson 2016. They were brainfarts of the highest order, but I do not think they go any further than Gus. I suspect even Jay Jacobs would have told Gus he was crazy if Gus briefed him on the Clemson 2016 gameplan.
  7. Auburn's next Head Coach

    If Gus is a puppet, and someone else is dictating our offense, then somewhere in Auburn there is a pile of stupidity. Not regular stupidity either, I am talking about weapons-grade stupidity.
  8. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Wayne Bolt was Chizik's defensive coordinator at Iowa State, and Chizik then brought him here as Director of Football. If anything, Chizik shoved Wayne Bolt up Ted Roof's rectum.
  9. Where is lionheartkc?

    I think the LSU game would be beyond even his abilities.
  10. Where is lionheartkc?

    Through 2015 and 2016, he was as dedicated a sunshine pumper as I have ever seen. At this point, any efforts to that effect would be utterly futile, and terrible for his blood pressure.
  11. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Previous Gus offenses used a combination of power running, sweeps, screens, and intermediate to long passes to stretch the field both horizontally and vertically. In 2009, I often thought: "This what happens when you combine power rushing with an Air Raid." When you combine that with tempo, it really is devastating. I do think he has missed having an extremely fast guy like McCalebb to run those sweeps. In fact, that was what I thought his primary interest in JFIII was. I thought he recruited him to give him a shot at QB (not expecting him to win the job), and then use him instead as his sweep speedster. As the years have gone on, his offense has slowed down and become more focused on power running and big downfield passing plays. I do not know why that is, but it has definitely worked to his, and Auburn's, detriment. I very much enjoyed watching Gus' previous offenses, but his post-Nick Marshall offenses have been painful to watch when they run into a team with a pulse. With this roster, a literal repeat of his 2009 offense would be undefeated right now, with some gaudy statistics. Edit to add: That is what truly baffles me about Gus. It is like he got some bad advice from someone, adopted it fully, and cannot recognize that it was bad advice.
  12. Chip has no choice but to do what Gus tells him. Gus is his boss.
  13. Fire him now. Start the search.

    A virus would not work. Gus would use Skype. The only way to get an offense Gus-free is if he is in a coma. Kidding aside, if I have learned one thing from watching Auburn football under Gus, it is this: He has a plan. Sometimes the plan is great, and succeeds brilliantly. Sometimes it is not, and fails horribly. The plan will be adhered to, in either scenario. When the plan is demonstrated to be bad, it will not be acknowledged in public, or in fact. The plan will never be the problem.
  14. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    The most damning thing about that record is it has occurred when he has not had a recruiting class ranked lower than 10, and he inherited players from several top 10 classes that preceded his arrival as head coach. This particular team should be one of the best in the history of Auburn football. This team should be able to manage more than a pair of field goals against Clemson, and more than 23 points against that LSU team.
  15. Tuberville Comments on LSU game

    Throughout Gus' time at Auburn, his offense has not fared particularly well against good defenses with someone other Cam Newton or Nick Marshall taking snaps.