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  1. I would say the 5th Amendment even sanctions the death penalty. While I personally oppose the death penalty, and consider the way we treat the condemned prior to executing them to be torture, I do think it is perfectly constitutional. That executions took place while everyone that signed the Constitution was still alive is a good indicator that at least a majority did not take issue with the practice.
  2. Obama Campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012

    Of course it is subjective. It was also both serious and a joke. That said, a lot of Titan's reaction to some posters is based on history, which your account's join date indicates you are largely oblivious to. As the small community that these two subforums are in comparison to the rest of the board, all of the regulars here basically know the positions of the other regulars in advance. For example, I know where Titan is likely to land on any given issue, but I also know debating him requires your A game. I enjoy it when I disagree with him, for that very reason. The best piece of advice I can give you is to take an honest look at what you are doing, and how you are doing it, if you honestly feel Titan is being unfair to you.
  3. Obama Campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012

    Here in the Smack Talk subforum I can say this: Be less annoying, you will in turn get less grief from Titan.
  4. The white trash trifecta

    There were some hilarious comments on Reddit for various articles on that story.
  5. That had more to do with incompetence/not seeing signs than it did structural failure.
  6. I suspect that if one did not serve in the Navy or Marines, or was regularly exposed to them, the mispronunciation is quite common. It does contain a pair of uselessly silent letters.
  7. For the first time in my life, I feel like the country is being led by the principle of hold my beer and watch this. That the Republicans looked at a field of reasonable candidates and then nominated Trump to represent their party is both appalling and mind-blowingly stupid. It is not like he came out of nowhere with this either; he demonstrated all of his worst character flaws and his ignorance, very clearly, throughout the primaries.
  8. Hey Putin-loving Trump autocrats!

    I have always considered his position to be that he does not believe there is anything to it, not that it is impossible or anything. Granted, I did not read all of the exchanges between you two on the matter. From other posts, he definitely despises Trump.
  9. On the morning of November 9, 2016, some representative of the Democratic Party should have pulled Hillary Clinton aside and said the following: "Look...You just lost an easily winnable election to Donald Trump, of all people. Nearly 63 million people preferred someone that demonstrates himself to be an imbecile on a daily basis over you. The Republicans spat out a wet fart, and you sopped it up with a biscuit. Henceforth, your opinion on basically everything is invalid and irrelevant. Shut up, continue shutting up as you retire into a lifestyle of the rich and famous, and do not cause us anymore problems."
  10. I do not think Trump is motivated by some desire to destroy the United States, lack of patriotism, or even that he has any sinister motives at all. I do think he is boorish, ignorant relative to his elected position, disinterested in not being ignorant, prone to lying, and reckless. Most of his nominees are people that hold views I disagree with, but I also think most of them are actively trying to blunt the impact of the United States getting exactly what it deserves and voted for in electing something like Trump.
  11. If we were talking about something resembling a rational presidency, I would agree. In this case, Tillerson's biggest problem was that he was trying to work with the intellect that spawned things like "Rocket Man" and "Lyin Ted". I cannot imagine the nightmare that would be trying to deal with Trump about complex matters like diplomatic relations with allied, friendly, and hostile governments. Without Tillerson doing his own foreign policy, it is likely there would not have been any, or it would have been poorly advised. Tillerson would have probably made a good Secretary of State for a rational president like Reagan, either Bush, Clinton, or Obama. Ultimately, I think Tillerson regarded Trump as the moron that he is and acted accordingly, hoping to curtail or prevent damage that could be done by the combination of Trump's inconsistency, ignorance, and tendency to act and speak rashly. While I never thought I would find myself saying this about a former ExxonMobil CEO turn Secretary of State, I would dare call Tillerson a patriot.
  12. I think the mistake you are making is assuming that Trump put much thought and contemplation into the decision. Those are things rational people do before making a very important decision, especially a decision with global implications. Trump has not given us any reliable indicators that being rational is part of his regular routine. If he sought any counsel at all, he did not receive or act on good counsel. Any sane person he could have discussed it with would have told him that the timing is terrible.
  13. Between the two of them, I suspect Tillerson was the one that actually bothered to understand the JCPOA in order to develop an informed opinion, rather than oppose it because Obama. Trump is not known for his informed opinions or love of reading.
  14. It is no longer shocking at this point. Trump clearly demonstrated a lack of decorum in the primaries, when dealing with members of his own party. While I am certainly no fan of Ted Cruz, he critiqued Trump quite accurately after he suggested his father may have been involved in the Kennedy assassination. Trump is simply embarrassing. He was embarrassing in the primaries, he was embarrassing during the election, and he has remained embarrassing as the President of the United States. I rarely agree with the Republican Party these days, but I seriously doubt that Cruz, Kasich, or Rubio would have gone on to be embarrassing had they won.
  15. I thought I had reached a point where the actions or statements of Trump could no longer surprise or sicken me. I was wrong.