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  1. Oklahoma might get a push after they play Baylor again in the Big 12 Championship Game.
  2. Marshall and Mason were both legitimate big play and/or touchdown threats any time a football was in their hands, and they happened to be the best fake handoff duo that I think I have ever seen. There was a wildcat QB taking every snap, he was trusted to throw the ball as well, and he had a Heisman finalist back there with him. If the defense bit on the wrong ball carrier, either one of them was fast enough to be in the secondary before they realized it. If Marshall had the ball, the only way the defense ever knew he was not subject to throw the ball to a receiver they forgot about was once he crossed the line of scrimmage. That was what everyone lining up to defend against them knew. Marshall was a CB playing QB. He was conditioned to run a lot, and was quite good at it. He was excellent at keeping the play going long enough for an opportunity to present itself, or simply create one himself. I doubt he ever takes snaps at QB for a major P5 program that is not coached by Gus Malzahn or Rich Rodriguez, but at Auburn he was good enough to complete a pass to himself for a big play. You simply cannot coach the instincts that man had. The rest of the offensive players were important too. Blocking was great. Corey Grant was a wildcard. The passing offense was threatening enough that you could never commit the whole defense to containing Marshall and Mason, or Marshall might find Sammie Coates out there wide open. 2013 does not get recreated without a clone of Marshall and Mason, but I think it also does not get recreated without a clone of the roster.
  3. Indeed. A head coach candidate would be making his job harder than it needs to be by replacing the defensive staff. Unless he has some names that he is certain enough about to bet his own job on, he would also be taking an unnecessary risk.
  4. I do not think any of his Oregon defensive staff has any connection to him aside from his time as Oregon's head coach. It also probably helps that he has personally witnessed the results of the work Steele and his staff have done.
  5. Losing to Alabama in these particular circumstances would be the most inexcusable loss to Alabama since Saban took over.
  6. It would be like Alabama beating the 2010 team in Tuscaloosa, without Cam and Nick Fairley.
  7. For that matter, Steele deserves a hefty bonus out of Gus' own wallet.
  8. I said it was an issue that was more than negligible, not insurmountable. It is definitely something that would be considered when weighing multiple candidates, especially against ones that do know the lay of the land.
  9. Also, in both of those cases, the head coaches that were being fired had MUCH better overall records.
  10. I would consider that more than negligible. He has no experience recruiting in the south, he does not know his opponents, and he has no contacts or network. If he brought most of his Minnesota staff with him, then that is a roster of coaches with the same problem. I am not doubting his recruiting prowess, just saying that gives him a serious disadvantage where he would be surrounded by some serious sharks that know this part of the ocean intimately.
  11. Personally, I subscribe to the notion that if the defense can hold any good team to 21 points, then an offense orchestrated by what is supposed to be an offensive guru/genius/mastermind/whatever should be able to outscore them much more often than not.
  12. Steele would be the most logical choice to approach in order to develop a plan B.
  13. That was a good one. Ole Jay Jacobs heckled at the airport.