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  1. I can deal with the narcissism. It is the blatant ignorance about basically everything, and the inability to sound like anything other than a blabbering buffoon that bother me. Quite frankly, it embarrasses me that any sizable portion of my countrymen can see those two things and think such a man is their appropriate chief representative.
  2. My expectation for Presidential demeanor is not based on tradition, it is based on the national and global importance of the position. When the President of the United States speaks, the world listens. The President of the United States commands power to unleash a war that ends human civilization, and it can be done with a phone call. All sane people should want this person to have a demeanor, temperament, and intelligence more like that of a western European head of state than that of Rodrigo Duterte.
  3. While I honestly feel you are wasting your time, here is all you need to know about Argo, condensed into one post:
  4. I have approved and disapproved of various Presidents during my life, but Trump is the first that I felt is an utter embarrassment to my country. Based on his irrational campaign style and rhetoric, I had low expectations when he entered office. Those low expectations have since become optimistic. While I do not expect Trump to implement policies or make appointments that I agree with, I do think it is reasonable to expect (or even require) any President of the United States to not be a temperamental and bombastic buffoon.
  5. Considering Trump's very adversarial relationship with truth, I would not have a conversation with him without recording it.
  6. I think he was asking for clarification on that point.
  7. In 2017, at our stage of technological development, cost/benefit analysis should be applied to no human life. The ability of your son to obtain care (also without bankrupting your family) should not be a matter open to discussion, and anyone that suggests it should be, needs to experience it.
  8. Then there is also this:
  9. Modern American politics has arrived at an absolutely perfect place, for politicians. The two parties treat each other as if the other party represents an evil force that must be stopped, and that has trickled all the way down to the electorate. Professed ideology in the face of enemy ideology is all that matters. Effective government, progress, and development are all secondary concerns, at best. In this environment, the winning strategy is to oppose everything.
  10. The argument against regulation (and therefore net neutrality) does have one merit: it is regulation that should not be necessary. However, there is a reason that it became necessary, and it lies in the actions of the very corporations that have fought so hard against it. Many have a history of blocking, throttling, and/or interfering with various services in order to force consumers (individuals, businesses, and even government agencies) into a different tier of service or to pay a certain amount. When organized crime engages in similar practices, we call it extortion and send them to prison. If I could trust the motives of these corporations, then I could perhaps agree with removing regulations from the internet. That said, corporations like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast have a long history of anti-competitive practices. They have no interest in improving the internet, their offered services, or the customer's experience, and any argument from them (or their mouthpieces) that uses the words "innovation" or "development" is pure lip service. The only development they are interested in is the ability to use their customers as hostages to extort money from other companies that you purchase services from, so that they will then allow those companies to deliver those services to you. Comcast, for example, demonstrated this very clearly when they throttled Netflix traffic until Netflix paid them what was effectively a ransom.
  11. Based solely on his on-air persona, I would conclude that O'Reilly is absolutely the type that would fight such accusations, likely motivated by a desire to gloat about winning. As you say, he certainly had the financial means. If it was going to cost me millions either way, I would rather spend those millions establishing my innocence and keeping my name untarnished, than I would spend those millions trying to make it go away quietly.
  12. Indeed. Given scandal, one could argue that Fillon was the closest thing they had to a HIllary Clinton-esque candidate, yet he managed 3rd place with 19.9%. He is already urging his supporters to back Macron, as is Hamon. The closest parallel to American politics would be a hypothetical popular independent moderate vs Trump, with the Republicans and Democrats BOTH supporting the independent moderate.
  13. That is doubly true for Fox in particular, given the recent resignation of Ailes over the same thing.
  14. I suspect it would also lead to a meaningful prison reform effort.