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  1. I first heard a lot about "dead people voting Dems" after Clinton was elected. As a teen at the time, I suspect it was just me paying attention to such things for the first time, and I doubt it was new.
  2. I frequently see a piece of tape covering a laptop's webcam and mic. The same user that taped up both, is carting around a smartphone, with no tape covering anything. You are trying to apply rationality to the irrational.
  3. For me, the best performance I witnessed would be the 2013 SEC Championship Game. A close second would be the 2006 Florida game.
  4. As a resident of Georgia, I cannot tell you how much I've heard about various individuals' "radical socialist agendas" over the last year. The overwhelming rural response to that? "Oppose, oppose, oppose!" Alternative policy? "No! Oppose!" Can any progress be made? "No! Oppose!" While Obama is no longer president, would you deposit the contents of a briefcase full of cash if Obama personally delivered it to your house? "Yes! Oppose!"
  5. I consider that the worst game I ever experienced in Jordan-Hare. Going to it was basically a last-minute thing, and we ended up with USC fans all around us. Fortunately, they were mostly gracious, but the intended tribute to Fyffe, followed by a shutout, was painful.
  6. I recommend you do some research on whataboutism, then reconsider your first post in this thread, in light of that research.
  7. Personally, I think that is one of the biggest keys to successful recruiting. 18-year-old football players are not looking for a salesman, they are looking for a program where they can play and get developed into an NFL draft pick. Auburn football is also not looking for Nobel Laureates in physics, they are looking for football players. Auburn will win recruiting battles when a pattern of development is established. Put players high in the NFL draft consistently, and you don't have to sell Auburn, Auburn will sell itself. I used to wonder why RBs did not flock to Auburn under Gus, the
  8. Maybe they do, and maybe they don't, but cheating is not why Alabama is enjoying their success. Reality is simpler than that. Alabama is coaching recruits into solid players, and then putting them in the NFL. Alabama has turned itself into an NFL farm team. That's what 18-year-olds with NFL aspirations care about. For the past several years, a player was more likely to get developed into a high draft pick by going to Alabama or Georgia, than Auburn. All indications point to our new head coach making moves to change that, and I agree with it wholeheartedly. If Auburn has a coaching s
  9. I appreciate the compliment, but I'm not a coach, I work in IT.
  10. Some of Auburn's fanbase have an obsession with Alabama that borders on comical. Gus came in here and pantsed himself on ESPN primetime against Clemson, yet still managed to nearly break even against Alabama. That tells us Alabama, and whatever they are doing, is not our problem. Auburn can recruit players and build football teams that can beat Alabama, that has been demonstrated. Now we are putting together a coaching staff that appears to be building itself into recruiting at another level, and can probably develop those recruits as well, and we have people worried about Alabama's bagman
  11. I want you to be right. Like you, I find it difficult to imagine that someone could be an effective Secret Service officer, and be that disconnected from reality.
  12. I kind of appreciate it. It lets me know that they are dedicated to crazy, so that I know not to bother with completely futile responses.
  13. Sometimes I wonder if that was actually the source of "fake news", then I realize it's a book, so it was obviously never read.
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