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  1. TrueTiger

    Defensive Coordinator Diiscussion

  2. TrueTiger

    Defensive Coordinator Diiscussion

    I'm ready for this to be over.. Please
  3. TrueTiger

    Need 3-6 La Tech Tickets

    Ill match is price and give mine for 25..
  4. TrueTiger

    Need 3-6 La Tech Tickets

    I have one ticket.. Section 42, row 45 seat 25.. I am asking $30.00.
  5. TrueTiger

    3 LA TECH Tickets for sale

    I only have 1 ticket left.. 30 bucks
  6. TrueTiger

    3 LA TECH Tickets for sale

    Hey, I have 3 Auburn Vs. LA Tech tickets for sale.. My parents aren't going this week due to my mom and sister having the flu. They are in sec 42, row 45 seats 23,24,25..
  7. TrueTiger

    Any News on Virgil Starks?

    I just heard he had a Heart attack last night while driving
  8. TrueTiger

    Yes or No, do you want Tubs gone

    2 situations for you: Either way... we will have a new offensive staff next year.. 1. We beat UT Martin easily and compete with UGA and Bama but lose... =STAY 2. We scrap with UT Martin and don't compete with UGA or Bama= GO
  9. TrueTiger

    Fulmer out
  10. TrueTiger

    SEC Bowl Record

  11. TrueTiger

    it's snowing in Chattanooga

    I am in Roswell, ga and there are a few flurries right now.
  12. TrueTiger

    3 videos from the game

    and im glad to be back to the ones who know my situation WAR EAGLE
  13. TrueTiger

    Auburn at Florida Download

    no, it's only 1.2 gig. However, you will need to convert it to DVD format before you burn it. Need help, I'm here. I am trying to burn it to dvd and it won't fit. It says the size is over 6gigs and the dvd's I have only hold 4.7gig. What can I do?
  14. TrueTiger

    Auburn at Florida Download

    Does anyone know how to change it from widescreen to full screen? Thanks
  15. TrueTiger

    Auburn at Florida Download

    thanks for the help.. one more question? Mine is distorted. Is there a way to fix this? I want it to be clear before I burn it to dvd. I think its on super widescreen.