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  1. Just think of it as, "This is the first time in history that AU has dropped from the #1 spot."
  2. I was making a joke that didn’t stick, not criticizing your timeline. Sorry.
  3. As in, change this from a football field to a basketball court?
  4. I did see it and it was a nice, mid-SEC finish compared to where they were in the summer. The obvious caveat to that being there is one HS OL in the class. Yeah ‘23 is supposed to be the year that changes so I’m not calling for anyone’s head (as if that matters anyway), but the staff started from behind and don’t seem to be catching up on that area yet. That’s where the “people who know how to make sure recruits end up with you” come in.
  5. P5 needs full time refs like NFL. Year-round training in order to be able to handle the speed and level of the game. Demote or remove refs who consistently underperform or fail in crucial situation.
  6. 2-3 yard of losing seasons to purge the program followed by replacing the coach with someone who knows how to recruit in the SEC backed by people who know how to make sure recruits end up with you or at the very least not at your rivals.
  7. Ah, I had read somewhere they were doing the full season, but don’t recall where. I’m sure the national games are blacked out and locals as well. I’m an Avs fan so I don’t have to worry about local blackouts like I do with the Braves.
  8. ESPN+ (as much as I despise ESPN) is becoming a great value. All NHL games this year (it was just the first half of the season last year) and all PGA events that used to be on the PGA Tour service that was $10. It ESPN did people no favors confusing everyone with the “+” part of their listings. ESPN+ is the separate subscription. SECN+, ACCN+, and other “+” channels just require you to have a cable/streaming service provider that carries the non-plus version of the channel, i.e. SEC Network. You just log in to the ESPN app with your TV provider to get the “+” channels. You also get game replays which you can watch anytime as soon as the game ends for about a week (maybe longer) after it airs live.
  9. Well 9-31 isn’t exactly lighting it up, but they did hit some to kill some Morehead State runs at times.
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if most of that top 20 class they signed this week were starters next year. I don’t think there is an SEC quality player on the roster right not outside of Honesty Scott-Grayson based on what I saw in this game tonight. The post play is rough and the team is very small all around. Harris was left with zip by the previous staff so she’s going to need 3 years at least to try and turn this around.
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