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  1. He’s hitting wedges into most greens. If he find consistency with that driver, boy howdy.
  2. How will the BLM movement respond if they don’t defund the police? https://blacklivesmatter.com/defundthepolice/
  3. Yeah, I’m not expecting much this year. I really enjoy good volleyball and would love for AU to play good volleyball.
  4. That was mostly sarcasms based on the pipeline uat has built there and the rumors of the support Tua’s family got that obviously benefitted Thompson. Considering the number of HT players going to uat you could probably say the same for them as well, and Josh is in the Gus tree.
  5. The goal of Democrats, or at least A goal because of the deep divide in the country. My goal was simply to point out that part of that divide has come from social media and forums where people tear one another apart add call each other’s political parties like DemocRATS! and ReThuglicans.
  6. Armoni racked up a bunch of yards against a badly overmatched James Clements team. Now the rematch with Thompson awaits.
  7. Just thinking that the first place to start is dropping the derogatory names for people groups we don’t agree with, but I’m just out here dreaming. Carry on.
  8. That’s not going to happen for many reasons.
  9. Man, I knew the new coach had his work cut out but only winning 1 set in the first 5 matches is something else.
  10. AU blanked at home by a mediocre uat 1-0. Hope they can bounce back before the tournament starts. Still really, really struggling to find a consistent goal scorer.
  11. I thought the idea was that people start trying to build bridges. I didn’t realize that everyone except the politicians were exempt from that request. Again, I stand corrected and apologize for misunderstanding the idea of unification.
  12. Oh, I thought the goal was people unifying. I misunderstood the intent.
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