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  1. And it takes experience to get the O lines up properly and ready for the next play, someone neither QB has. I don’t think we see HUNH for the first 4-5 games as it’s always been for Gus. He needs time to figure out what his QB is capable of executing before he puts the pedal down.
  2. If you are going to be listed with 5 other schools in a kid’s top 6, those other 5 are pretty good company.
  3. It's just been a while since Gus's offense has been able to make a QB look better than he is rather than worse.
  4. Gus will have a clipboard this year so he won't get caught picking his nose on TV?
  5. It's probably SlingTV Blue. It's $25 a month.
  6. You are the football guy, but is it possible that defenses have taken that away somehow? I know if you take it away, you open something else up, and I do recall getting Schwartz the ball on the edge like that happened a couple of times, but maybe he had issues in practice holding on to the ball which made Gus/Chip less willing to use that play? Or maybe it didn't fit the overall scheme of the offense? Just some WAGs.
  7. The NBA isn’t the only option these guys have to make a living playing basketball. And I doubt anyone here knows what is going on with Harper’s life to know if he needed to go pro or just wanted to. Let the guy live his life.
  8. You would think that might open up space for others but the US had no plan of attack it seemed.
  9. Harper had 19 points and 4 assists. 0-4 from 3 though. Only 1 turnovers in 33 minutes of play is pretty good though.
  10. I watched the first half and he made a few nice passes. I don’t watch much NBA ball, but he didn’t look out of place on the offensive end at all. Ball handling, vision, shot selection, quickness. All seemed there, but his size is such a disadvantage on the defensive end.
  11. Mexico is just better. The only player who looked up to the task at all today was Pulisic, but he only played well in spots. Just seems like US soccer on the men’s side just can’t take a step forward.
  12. Watching Harper and he looks the part on the offensive end. But as Cole has said, defense will be the thing that keeps him off an NBA roster. He just can’t hang on that end.
  13. I thought the women were pretty lackluster today. VAR saved them and got them going. Glad they won and the Netherlands were never going to score, but Rapino and Morgan were sloppy all day. Hoping that’s Ellis’s last game as coach.