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  1. LSU exposes Auburn as a pretender

    It wasn't sarcasm, man.
  2. 2017 Auburn Soccer

  3. LSU exposes Auburn as a pretender

    JHS is in Auburn
  4. I Love Auburn

    Not trying to dissuade anyone from venting. Vent away. Just felt the need to say this as a reminder.
  5. LSU Game Report Card

    Only one grade counts. Gus: F
  6. I Love Auburn

    One man, one game, one season or twenty will not change that I love Auburn. I know you do too. I don’t loved it for its sports teams or its nice buildings. I don’t love it for its academic rankings or its famous alumni. Don’t love it for its traditions or its creed. I love it becuse it’s Auburn. I love its people, its community, and the feeling I get when I see the welcome to Auburn sign, whether on game day or just passing through. It was for 4 short years, my home. I love it. And you do too. We are hurt, disappointed, and frustrated, and rightly so. But this isn’t what makes Auburn great. It’s just a small part of what makes Auburn, Auburn. Let’s not forget.
  7. Better chance against Georgia and Alabama?

    Without. Gus is a cancer.
  8. Well, Gus just crapped all over Coynis’ day. Hope he likes the new coach.
  9. AU in the Top 10 Under Gus

    This is the EXACT same script as last year. He ran the O vs. Clemson, it was a dumpster fire. He was told to give it to Rhett, he did, AU went on a run. Now will this AU run get derailed by injury to Stidham? That's yet to be seen. If there is an injury, will Gus take over. He could have learned last year from the Clemson game. He didn't. I would have said he was learning if he would have 1) not lied about giving Chip full control of the O in the spring and fall camp press conferences and 2) not gone into the Clemson game with a plan to "not lose". If AU throws the ball around and isn't successful, then we can say they at least attacked. It was a weak plan, and it didn't give AU a chance to win the game.
  10. 2017 Auburn Soccer

    Well, AU did their thing. Beat uat 4-2 behind 2 Dodson goals. I didn’t get to watch but with Eli Gold doing the TV broadcast, I would have been hard to. The USMNT... I mean... just...
  11. World Cup 2018

    Except he put the US in this position. Arena had to just be a stop gap. Yes, US soccer just set itself back 5 years. I hope they clean house like you said. Inexcusable is right.
  12. AU in the Top 10 Under Gus

    The pollsters don't watch all the games. The look at scores and previous ranking. Obviously the SEC writers watch AU, and likely have a vested interest in the SEC teams being ranked higher. I trust the people here who know football, and they confirm that Gus isn't the man for the job long term. It also does't take a football mind to know that UGA last year, Clemson the past two years, and countless other games were lost because of Gus's poor preparation. AU is in the top 10 in spite of Gus. He's collected the talent for sure, but utilizing it is something he's struggled to do.
  13. All Things NFL Thread

    They were a product of their schedule and Cam's reckless abandon. He lost that getting whipped in the Super Bowl.