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  1. Agreed. It's frustrating to see teams with 3-4 solid big men and AU has 1.
  2. AU lacks size period. They can't matchup with team that have 3-4 bigs like Arky and UGA. Too often the guards have to sink to help and that leaves shooters wide open. AU has talent, yes, but it's very raw and lacks basketball IQ. AU's talent isn't enough to overcome mental errors, and they make plenty of those. A health Spencer and AU probably finds a way into the NIT this year. Hope Bruce can find a way to get another legit body inside, and not just a rail with long arms.
  3. Better team won. Losing by 10+ at home is still hard to accept, especially with their post season on the line. Didn't quit though.
  4. AU expect success because they pour money and resources into the program and people buy tickets. We expected success From Lebo and Barbee, they just didn't deliver. Bruce has one more year to get AU into the NCAA picture, or I expect folks are going to turn on him, a la Gus. Missing the NIT this year is a big, big disappointment for the program. It's headed in the right direction, but the movement is slower. It's really hard to believe that AU can't get into the top 100 teams in the country to make a legit postseason tournament that you don't have to buy your way into.
  5. NIT out of reach now. Again, wasn't a bad game by AU other than the FT line. Arky just shot the ball well (50%) and played within themselves even with Kingsley on the bench a lot. Better team won. Now AU has to just suck it up and play for pride the rest of the way.
  6. Not a bad game we've got here. AU hanging around but Arky hasn't looked hurried or out of control even once tonight. Steady team that AU could stand to learn from.
  7. Arky coach upset about only 2 fouls on AU. It's understandable, but to their credit, they are getting wide open looks so AU isn't near enough to foul them.
  8. Well, good news is AU in the double bonus while AU only has 2 fouls. Bad news is AU is 52%(!!!) from the line.
  9. Again, it's not bad D. Arky just shooting lights out on the road. Unfortunately, that's been the case for several teams at AU Arena this year.
  10. Harper with a three but once again, Arky's White boy answers.
  11. Just don't think AU has it in them in this one. It's not that they are playing bad, Arky just knows how to kill a run and answer with their own.
  12. Little white dude just killing AU.
  13. Between that and being barely over 50% from the FT line, AU could have a lead in this one.
  14. So many missed layups. Grr.
  15. Arky just too good this game.