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  1. Wow, is the talent in Alabama that bad this year?
  2. 2018 3* CB Roger McCreary

    Did he really get a celebration penalty for raising his hand in the air on the pick 6 where he took it like 80 yards and broke a couple of tackles? Refs...
  3. 2018 4* RB Keaontay Ingram (Texas)

    So he's just announcing he got an offer a long time ago he didn't know about? Is he remotely interested or just tooting his own horn?
  4. Improved SEC and Impact on Auburn

    I don’t do W/L predictions becuase too much changes. What if Heron’s back doesn’t fully heal? What if McLemore gets injured? That said, AU needs Wiley or the SEC will run over AU. They can do just fine without Purifoy, and can make the NCAA possibly. Without Wiley, the NIT will be the goal.
  5. Auburn Loses Exhibition

    No kidding. I though you guys might be interested in that totally unrelated team so I dropped their record in here. It wasn’t because I misspelled my google search.
  6. Mustapha Heron

    Going to try to practice today:
  7. Auburn Loses Exhibition

    Berry is 3-4 to start the season.
  8. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Was watching his highlights with my 6 year old son and he said, “Is that Kerryon Johnson?” Seems a fair enough comparison to me. Not lightning fast at the top but good vision, waits and hits the hole, and good balance.
  9. 2018 NR P Arryn Siposs Commits to AU!!!

    Sweet. See, if I start recruiting threads, we land them. Every. Single. Time. 1/1
  10. Jake Browning likely to return

    Bold prediction not knowing who is coming back, and you know, not considering the idea that AU might lose a game or two they shouldn't like they have the last 2-3 years.
  11. Baker Mayfield wins Heisman

    If anyone who wouldn’t vote for Cam voted for Mayfield in this landslide victory, they should be removed from voting.
  12. Men vs UAB

    In spite of the late surge by UAB, AU did what they needed to do to win, including hitting most of their FTs down the stretch. If Heron is healthy, this is a 15-20 point win. Props to UAB for making it interesting.
  13. Men vs UAB

    Harper fouled. Hits 1 of 2 85-80. Au uab misses 3 and AU holds on. Good win with no Heron.
  14. Men vs UAB

    Harper’s FTs. Good. Good. 84-78. UAb scores 2. 84-80 AU
  15. Men vs UAB

    Dunbar with the rebound and putback again. 82-78. AU with a steal on the other end. Foul on UAB. Harper to the line