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  1. I didn't think the process was broken. There 64 teams (or 68 now). If you can't be solidly in the top 35 or so (because of automatic bids) gen you should run the risk of not making the tournament.
  2. It's basically win the SEC or bust for Gus from what many are saying.
  3. Would we have been just as shocked when the whole staff is fired after next year? If he was coming for Rhett, he was ever going to be here anyway.
  4. Dumb. But I'll take it over destroying a rivals landmarks with poison or their face with your genitals.
  5. A win's a win.
  6. More stupid fouls. Just play solid defense. They aren't hitting from the floor. So simple.
  7. The number of stupid fouls is so frustrating. It's like they just don't understand the game at a fundamental level.
  8. Then I appreciate that Spencer didn't stupidly go after the Mizzou player who slammed him to the ground. Mature response.
  9. Tried to give Spencer some credit, but that play typifies his effort too often. Didn't seal out and the ball is stolen from him. He then just stands there while Missouri races down the floor for an easy 2.
  10. I thought Spencer looked a bit more focused tonight too. Just have to get some better looks and hit the ones we get.
  11. Staying with them. That's about all that's been good. Shooting almost as poorly as they did in Nashville.
  12. This is basically what I would expect for the two worst teams in the conference thus far. Yikes.
  13. Best team saban has had too to bottom. It's why he might be the best recruiter ever, but isn't a good game day coach. When the talent is nearly level, he doesn't win. Good for Watson. Guy has been a great QB to watch and will be fun to watch at the next level.