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  1. I miss the guy who did graphics in 2015. He moved on to Ok State and puts out some sick stuff. For a while there, the AU graphics suffered, but these are getting close to what Forrest could put out.
  2. Looks like the games will be streamed on YouTube on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/FIBAWorld
  3. Interesting they list Wiley being from Spain Park but not AU. Others have their college listed: https://www.usab.com/mens/u19/roster.aspx
  4. Just made a nice sideline grab. What might have been...
  5. He's on ESPN2 right now. Can't pull for his team though since my neighbor is on the BC Lions.
  6. Not a good day for DB commits.
  7. uat drafts their recruits now. They get who they want. When Saban was hired the REC got behind him like nobody's business and paid for whatever players he needed to win early. Now he rides that early success to land whomever he wants. Saban without that boost from the REC wouldn't have half the success he's had since he got to uat.
  8. uat's success hinges n their OL and front 7 on defense. Hurts will only get better or Tua will step in. Only way uat isn't good enough on offense is if the OL somehow isn't good.
  9. Well, best of luck to Carlee, one of the best AU has had. Hope someone can step up, but that's a huge, huge loss.
  10. As long as he doesn't get an AU tattoo before signing...
  11. Somewhere, RIR is creating a voodoo doll with your name on it. Also, while I am a fan of them, I have found them to eat up my CPU cycles at times. Depends on the browser and the ad block you are using but if you notcie a slowdown when using one, that might be the reason.
  12. I would certainly hope they pursue every talented player in Alabama. But to say AU would land him if they would just pursue him is a bit presumptuous since there are a lot better basketball options out there.
  13. 24/7 has him as decommitted as well: http://247sports.com/Player/Jared-Jones-94237
  14. Dunno but the site the Shun owns claims AU as a subscriber: http://www.otrhoopsreport.com/currentsubscribers.cfm
  15. Let @wartiger08 know that Jared retweeted the original tweet so that lends some credibility to it. He obviously wants people to know he is no longer committed.