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  1. Oh, I’ve missed 2 weeks in a row. Should have set a reminder on my phone. Just kick me out @WarTiger. Sorry. Your work with this is much appreciated.
  2. Texas A&M Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Ole Miss Kentucky South Carolina LSU Michigan 55
  3. Andddddddddd I forgot to make picks...
  4. It was such a fluke thing and I wish he’d never have left his feet but he was having so much success that night jumping to avoid tackles. I hate this because he is really something to watch.
  5. AU has to get the letter from the NCAA first.
  6. Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping to see these two go at it full bore.
  7. I don’t have his stats but he returned the opening kickoff 95 yards for a TD. I’m pretty sure he had 3 more on the ground, one was a 42 yard run. He is a joy to watch. I hope he’s Ok for the Hoover game next week and I hope he sticks with AU.
  8. He walked out on crutches, ice wrapped around his knee. No brace.
  9. He’s done for the night. I don’t know the extent. They are just icing it right now. He was jumping to avoid a tackler and I think he got hit in the leg about the same time as he hit the ground. They are icing it and he’s getting crutches.
  10. Armani having another big night at Oak Mountain but he just had to be helped off the field after he got undercut on a leap. Looks like a knee. Really hope he’s ok.
  11. Wish I had see this one. Good win AU controlled most of the game from what I saw on Twitter.
  12. I think she was too surprised that she wasn’t offside there.
  13. Wow. A lot of AU casualties in the cuts.
  14. Apparently they missed a movie according to a random tweeter. Half a game is sufficient. Even a whole game wouldn't matter other than them getting their first game jitters out.