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  1. jared52

    2019 4* SF Isaac Okoro

    They named the dude's highlight video after a fart. Interesting choice.
  2. jared52

    Phil’s moving ball putt

    A 10 degree Maxfli that came with the set I bought at Dick’s. I don’t have high dollar clubs. And no, I don’t hit the ground. I tee the ball about 1” up, align it inside my front foot, and whack it.
  3. jared52

    Phil’s moving ball putt

    Cool. Thanks for the feedback. I will be sure to talk to the pros before deciding on where to get lessons.
  4. jared52

    Phil’s moving ball putt

    I want to do this. Been looking at a 6 course package at the PGA Superstore in town, but don't want to waste my time/money. What's a resonable cost for lessons and how many lessons should I get? I have been playing for about 20-25 years but VERY irregularly (I only played twice last year) and I usually shoot in the mid-90s. I have the worst time with my driver, which I can hit OK at times, but I always hit it a mile high for some reason, doesn't matter how I tee the ball. Slice is bad at times too, so suffice it to say, I probably have a fair amount of things I need to correct so consider that when you consider how many lessons I should get.
  5. jared52

    Duke Williams
  6. jared52

    Keegan Thompson

    He will be in Birmingham playing the Barons next week. I am planning to go when they list him as a starter. I just hope it's not Thursday night...
  7. Is Grimes on vacation or is he in the staff room? What kind of misinformation is the AD trying to spread here? Seems shady. #sarcasm #didntwantellitortobemad
  8. jared52

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    “Grown men”
  9. jared52

    Siposs here to end punting woes

    I bet you broke out a, “Criky!” Or “Blimy!” or two in your day...
  10. jared52

    Bruce Hires new Assistant Coach!

    I like having a guy from the NE. More new territory. Just hope the kids that come from there don’t get homesick too fast.
  11. I bet it’s a Canardly.
  12. jared52

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Him being IMG is my biggest concern. But Caddy helps.
  13. jared52

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Not the same. If Williams doesn’t touch it, it goes out anyway.
  14. jared52

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Ok, I sucked it up and watched the replay. I though on intial view Williams helped the ball over. He did not in my estimation. It was gone and he almost saved it. I said “pathetic” earlier and I was wrong and I deleted that post. I also now feel 100% better about the loss. I hate Cody gave up the HR but this was setting up that way. No one was going to string hits together. And Williams didn’t give UF a HR. What a night, what a season, what a team.
  15. jared52

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    For all the Web Gems, that ending is a Not Top 10 for sure. Williams will have a long time to think about that one. Gonna be a long offseason for him but overall, the team achieved more than anticipated and the young guys got valuable experience in high stress situations.