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  1. Cam is a vegan so he’s still eating... truffles? I don’t know an expensive vegan dish...
  2. I totally get it’s a song and dance and he probably knows more than he can share publicly, I just found the charade a bit tiresome is all. It’s all speculation anyway, and he’s free to divulge his info anyway he chooses to build his brand. What matters in the end is reliability but even then, this is recruiting we are talking about. Many recruits treat colleges like their junior high girlfriend(s).
  3. I followed him for about 2 weeks. Every other tweet was the eyes emoji and the rest were basically non-info tweets about recruits. I get it’s a slow time but his forte seems to be building interest in what info he has and then not really posting info.
  4. Desean has had his moments. The rest of the team... yowza.
  5. That was well defended on the switch by Bryce. Somewhere Cole shuddered. 😂
  6. Hey fellas. See how they aren’t letting Fletcher or Bryce shoot? You have to think about doing that to the lanky white dude.
  7. Uh, Horace. You can step off that dude who has most of their points.
  8. Paign’s length is killing Tampa. Can’t get a shot off or get open. Neither team has a PG so though so it looks like a really high level church league game at this point. Bruce has to score off the dribble because no one can get him the ball off a screen.
  9. Lol, well this team is pretty terrible but let’s enjoy it while we can!