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  1. That’s a wrap on Dean’s first season. Not up to AU softball standards if you ask me. Sure wish Clint’s boy had kept to himself...
  2. Really, really hope Martin has a good outing. She needs a confidence uptick.
  3. jared52

    Baseball vs LSU Game 3

    Huge win. Really tired of Tallahassee regionals. Get one at home.
  4. They do that with a lot of rules.
  5. jared52

    Softball vs. florida state

    My bad. Just got home and as soon as I turned it on she was rounding third. Should have just keeper it off
  6. jared52

    baseball vs. lsu game 2

    Hate for Casey to go out like that.
  7. Don't like that Martin went so short. Neither her or Carlson seem to have improved under Dean this year. Batting ha see been an issue as well, but the pitching is most concerning. Maybe that changes facing the host tomorrow.
  8. jared52

    NCAA Golf Championships

    Wow, what a turnaround for Arky.
  9. jared52

    NCAA Golf Championships

    Looks like AU birdied the last hole putting them sqarely in fourth. Everyone is finished so AU moves on to the big dance.
  10. jared52

    NCAA Golf Championships

    AU dropped to 6th on this final day about half way through their round. They are 2 shots out of 4th/5th. You can follow here:
  11. jared52

    Pettway addresses questions of character

    The NFL didn’t choose him though:
  12. Yep. Barnes was +3.2 m/s and Schwartz was +2.1 m/s. Can’t say if that makes up the .03 difference or not but both are blazing fast.
  13. jared52

    Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

    Seems like the same as basketball. Very cometicit until late mid season and then just fall off the map. Hope they can reset after the disappointment of this weekend. Wasn’t close at all.
  14. jared52

    2018-19 Bama GT C Brandon Kennedy

    Do we have room for this guy? 😈
  15. There was a video posted here where Bruce talked about what’s happened. He said there were over 100 people there who were allowed to be there and 4 who weren’t. But yes, the punishment was for lying about those 4 people to the NCAA.