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  1. Not really my point. Snowflake, boomers, and all the other derogatory names for people because of their political persuasions just adds fuel to this fire. We are done in this country ever getting together on major issues. No matter what side of the aisle the ideas come from, all people care about in politics is what side won. It’s sad and disgusting.
  2. Which includes an order to limit to 50 people in any business at a time. So this order is now state-wide. All I know is no matter what decisions are made, there is a loud group ready to shout about how wrong it is. I’ve not seen one thing around this situation that has brought people together. Our nation and maybe our world (at least the developed world) is no longer capable of coming together and it’s so terribly sad to see.
  3. I just happened to see a RT on Twitter. I don’t follow recruits. Also, church stream just ended so I probably missed an earlier tweet by one of the beats I follow.
  4. Shaka is staying at Texas so we can likely move this to the rivals forum now. AU’s shot was going to be about Shaka leaving.
  5. No offense to Worm, I love the kid and he’s now in the top 10 of favorite AU plays, but Armani is on another level with lateral movement. I’m sure in a foot race, Worm would win, but Armani’s cuts are other-worldly. He goes from full speed East-west to full speed north-south like VERY few RBs I’ve ever seen can. It’s my biggest concern with his injury and getting that confidence back. I hope he hasn’t lost a step or that uncanny ability to blow through a hole.
  6. And still could have won every regular season game. If Armani had stayed healthy, they would have.
  7. He is teaching his TE social distancing.
  8. Bruce could possibly turn me back into an NBA fan sending all these guys to the league.
  9. I’m glad someone had the number (I might have missed it earlier in the thread). Greene’s hands are tied for sure, maybe for a couple of years. Paying this much of a buyout for a non-revenue generating sport is just not financially sound. It’s going to make things really, really tough on the next coach too since it’s very likely AU continues to tank with a lame duck coach for the next 2-3 years. As much as I can appreciate the philosophy of Flo’s program, there probably aren’t many players in HS willing to play that style any more. I don’t know what she told the kids she landed last year, but it’s obvious she sold them a bill of goods and they are responding in kind.
  10. Yep. Nothing will happen here. But wait for the AU punishment...
  11. I think Flo’s best hope for 2020-21 is that they cancel the season.
  12. The problem I have is the one time they bust out a uniform modification, they play like doggie doo doo.