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  1. This is the strangest baseball season I can remember. Just not any explanation how this roster can be this unsuccessful in SEC play.
  2. Will put you on the prayer list, Cole. If the board can do anything for you, let us know.
  3. Yeah, this is a huge annoyance. I have to go to the Settings in the app and sign out of the TV provider (YTTV for me) which also just sits and spins, then force close the app, open the app back up, and then log back into my TV Provider. This happens every week when I want to check something out. Painful.
  4. Justin has a substack now https://www.auburnobserver.com/. Worth $6 a month ( or $60 a year) if you ask me.
  5. After all the talk about moving back tees again, it’s good to see a guy win who ranks 101st in driving distance. He even dropped 9 spots in the distance rankings after the tournament.
  6. Wow, I go play some terrible golf and Matsuyama is threatening to run away with it. Hope not though, the Masters needs drama.
  7. Going to be a long day tomorrow for the leaders. Looks like it’s going to start raining about 5PM.
  8. Good for him. Field is all there now and like @Barnaclesaid, no one wants a Masters runaway. No hate for any pro golfer here, except during the Rider Cup. Ok maybe, Colin Montgomerie.
  9. Kind of glad Rose has come back to the field.
  10. Yeah, I'm losing fans left and right at AUF, I'm just trying to complete the gambit. Also, I don't think Bird is a golf fan so I didn't want you putting your guard down here.
  11. Well considering his competition, I'm sure it wasn't hard for her.
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