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  1. No. Would I trade the REC for the Talon Club? Maybe...
  2. Yeah, changed my opinion on the matter. Good to see the guys not mentioned getting down to it. I don’t think this team cares a whole lot about who gets accolades any more and that didn’t seem to be the case in Dec.
  3. Well look what a high salary got AU...
  4. What a wacko:
  5. Hah, looks like Nike called his bluff. Some people live in some crazy bubbles.
  6. This is 100% why UCF lost. Yeah the refs missed a couple of calls late but make this play and it’s very different at the end. Duke could have still won but that’s miss turned into a quick Duke 3.
  7. Got a nice shove on the FT rebound and score too. Refs have brackets to win you know.
  8. He does this without making AU look arrogant and condescending like the people across the state. Yes, he was clear in his bias, but he gives clear indication why and he doesn’t brag on how AU is better than everyone athletically in every thing. He simply sells the stuff that most of us love about Auburn.
  9. *i will not thread crap about the refs* *i will not thread crap about the refs* *i will not thread crap about the refs*