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  1. jared52

    New RB Coach wants and news

    Or Cadillac since he actually has coaching experience and is doing this new pro football league that might not be the most exciting gig in the world?
  2. jared52

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    Lots of 50/50 games left. Is the likelihood AU makes the tournament greater than missing it? Yes. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility depending on which way the team goes mentally.
  3. jared52

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    I’ll take your work for it. Had my som’s game so only got to watch the first 5-6 min and listen to spurts. I’m just hoping they can make the dance this year. Doesn’t look like they will be anywhere near the top of the SEC when it’s all said and done.
  4. jared52

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    Well, that sucked.
  5. jared52

    Wiley out against UK

    Why would anyone wish for Wiley to be injured?
  6. Glad they won. I just watched the last 2 min of the game and AU was lucky to get that one. The bad defense to give up the lead that was followed by a bad shot that somehow fell. Vandy had a wide open 10 footer to tie but missed.
  7. jared52

    Men vs. Texas A&M game thread

    I thought we played well for a road game. It felt better than games of late but aTm is not good at all. AU had some typical overpersuit plays leaving themselves open to ball rotation and wide open shots, but aTm didn’t knock enough down to get into it.
  8. Ah the years of hope and optimism...
  9. jared52

    A warning about SEC Play

    From what I have seen the SEC is relatively flat except UT. Anyone can beat anyone, anywhere. And i don’t see any sec team outside UT in the second weekend of the tournament.
  10. jared52

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    He didn’t bring up Brown in this thread, I did based on him saying Chuma was the only one playing good D.
  11. jared52

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    I remember feeling that of all the guys Bruce used to cover Morant, Brown did the best. He had his way with most defenders, but Brown was able to cut him off numerous times. But again, that’s just the feeling I got. I honestly don’t recall how good the Xavier PG played so maybe I’ve not seen enough of the bad from Brown defensively to compare to the good I’ve seen.
  12. jared52

    Men vs. Georgia game thread

    Not doom and gloom, just concern that if AU doesn’t find a why to get more fluid on offense and take fewer plays off on defense, they are going to be a bubble team. My expectations were never Final Four, but I thought AU would be a Sweet Sixteen team this year. Now I’m just concerned they might not make it to the dance at all.
  13. I hope UT is peeking too early. Signs don’t point that way though.
  14. jared52

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Eh, it’s already about money and TV getting what it wants so why not another step toward being the farm system?