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  1. Yes. That's why sentence 2 starts with "Sean." Apologies for the derail. Loved what I saw out of Hunter as well. The AU RB room looks as strong as ever, in spite of the concerns over the spring and summer of how thin it is.
  2. Wasn’t a “find” per se. Sean reached out because he knew the RB room was thin. Was set to walk-ok at UK and after taking to the AU staff, decided to walk-on there. I hope AU locks him up because he will be on scholarship somewhere next year. Loved him at HT and was thrilled when I heard he was heading to AU after shockingly not getting offers at at P5 schools. You’d think any ACC school and probably 2/3 of SEC schools could use him.
  3. They were good when they were able to “recruit” like uat does now.
  4. This is good. This is very good. Another HT WR on the Plains!
  5. 2 on a par 5 is an albatross 2 on a par 6 is a condor
  6. I know squat about evaluating HS kids, but watching him play I'm happy if he lands at AU. He had great body control, good size, good speed, and pretty good hands.
  7. Yeah, that's why I was a little bit leery of the info in the first place. Kids around here that high up land at uat, but I am not sure how hard they are pushing for him.
  8. @toddc I wouldn’t put any stock in what I say, other than the commit date since Omari tweeted that himself. Another player’s dad told me he had already committed to UGA 3 weeks ago (which he obviously didn’t) so he might not know squat or might be mixed up another high profile guy at HT (Justice Finkley). The Malichi stuff is just what I have seen on Omari’s Twitter recently. He also retweeted Story’s commitment, but he does that with a lot of players so none of it is likely indicative of what he might choose to do.
  9. Committing Aug 19. I’ve heard UGA around town. I also think Malachi Moore and him are pretty close.
  10. Loved watching Sean play at HT. Dan’s so hard and was very hard to bring down. Good to have more toughness in the RB room but I don’t see him touching the ball unless AU has a drive up 42 on someone. Armoni was unbelievable to watch his JR year but that knee injury was brutal. He never got his lateral quickness back and that was what made him the best back in the state, but also probably what put him in position to injure himself. If he gets back to 100%, he’s going to make noise in this league.
  11. #1 - only do what @augolf1716 said. #2 - sounds like you might be casting. I have this problem and when I default back to it, I’m always 10-20% short of what I should be. Give this drill a try:
  12. What happens to Harper then? I know he’s a long, long shot but does he look for a different team or stick with the Knicks and hope for another 2-way contract?
  13. Can we just do this for all of the Internet?
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