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  1. 2017 Auburn Soccer

    Good start for the Tigers as they beat USA 3-0. They got their first 2 goals in the first 6 minutes. Highlights:
  2. scrimmage updates?

    If the team knows JS is the starter and Gus delays making it official, I can see that making them question Gus. He doesn't need that. He needs this team to trust him after what he did last year.
  3. 2017 Fall Camp - Fri, Aug 11

    Looks like a 30-something number so it should him or Logan Rice.
  4. European Tour

  5. Jay Bilas top 50 players - Bruce responds

    Bilas is ACC biased because the ACC has the best basketball top to bottom. Watch an ACC game followed by an SEC game and you will see huge difference.
  6. European Tour

  7. Clemson game- wear Navy?

  8. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    When they don't go to uat.
  9. Four years later and I'm still mad

    I’m a glutton for gluten.
  10. 2017 AU Football Man Crush

    You know Kerryon hates that’s song, right?
  11. 2017 AU Football Man Crush

    Best thing about this thread is WDE picking Gus.
  12. This is exactly how I felt up until UGA last year. There isn’t a peewee coach in his first year who would have done what Gus did that game. I stopped believing he was going to change his ways after that one. If AU struggles early vs Clemason, I’m almost certain he’s going to do more than meddle. That’s not going to sit well.
  13. Austin Wiley has a stress fracture

    I hope he still gets to travel with the team. Would suck to miss that.
  14. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    I had the feeling if he didn't commit to AU when the hype was high, he wouldn't commit at all this summer (to AU, might commit elsewhere). Plenty of time left though.