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  1. BTW, this really fits in the Non-AU Sports forum better. I am not 100% sure why we have this forum but I think it's mostly for discussing our third favorite people group to disparage around here behind bammers and refs.
  2. Hit a game clinching 54 yarder last night.
  3. Oh no doubt. I would have liked to see him have to put one into tighter spaces, but that just didn't happen Friday. Hoping they get a rematch in the playoffs.
  4. It was, but that’s two weeks in a row and this one really cost his team. Honestly I think he’s probably still thinking about his knee a lot and not focusing on ball security in those situations.
  5. Ugh, Armoni picks up a 4th and 2 that would have made this one close but the ball is stripped as he is fighting for yards.
  6. He’s looked good but HT’s DB’s have been atrocious. He’s hit mos rod his passes to guys where no one is within 10 yards of the WR. He’s good for sure though.
  7. Also, I love how Armoni carries himself vs the uat commit on Thompson... #oldman #getoffmylawn
  8. Armoni for 57 yards on the same play he scored on earlier. Over 100 now.
  9. He’s made a few on the run like that last one, but yeah, no one within 5 yards of the WR. It’s baffling.
  10. Well, like father like son. Frankly it doesn’t matter when the defense cannot even slow Thompson down at all. The DBs look lost on every play. I’m pretty surprised by that considering how well they have played to this point, even though it was weak competition.
  11. Ladies kicked off the shortened season with a 1-1 draw at home to MSU. Neither of these teams are very good and AU can’t really afford to drop points at home to mid-to-low table teams, but it’s a young AU team trying to find an identity so there’s some growing pains to be expected. AU scored on a nice run and saw a lot of the ball most of the game, but an unfortunate incident in the box with 15 min to go gave MSU a penalty from the spot which was converted. So good will come from this one but AU needs to be better at home to avoid a monster draw for the SEC tournament.
  12. Lol, yeah the center is getting destroyed on every play. Just not much HT can do. Thompson has become a machine.
  13. Well, this one got ugly fast. Armoni looks decent tonight but HT decided to leave all the Thompson WR wide open. 35-14 at half and Thompson has 300 yards passing on 10 throws.
  14. Armoni and the #2 Huskies will be on ESPNU at 7PM CDT taking on #1 Thompson.
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