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  1. Once Okoro threw down at 15:00 or so, it was boring from then on and I’m ok with that. Good win.
  2. This isn’t the same preseason schedule as last year so it’s not really that easy to compare. This team is coming along but these are mid-majors that are also still trying to find their way to start the season. AU is just out-athleating them right now. They are starting to gel, sure, but still a ways to go on the defensive end.
  3. It was last night and someone on Twitter joked that UGA was letting the football team ride the horses. 😂
  4. Is it just Wiley’s size that allows AU to play a certain way or is there something he is doing that I don’t see that helps?
  5. This looks like the last 5 min of a blowout and it’s not even the end of the first half. AU may score 120.
  6. I miss too much doing the play-by-play. Y’all open a scoring app or something. I’m just gonna watch and comment occasionally. 😂
  7. Johnson for 3. 39-17. AU 7-11 from 3. 9:02 1st
  8. Nice inbounds play leads to a Wiley dunk. 36-15
  9. CSUN has stormed back to cut AU’s lead to 19. 34-15. 10:19 1st
  10. Media time out as Wiley is fouled. Will shoot 2 after the break. 32-9 still