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  1. Wow. That will do it. at least they are safely in the regional but going in with their tail firmly between their legs. Going to be a tough task for Butch to get them out of this awful funk.
  2. It's more than that. AU has lost 9 of the last 11 and on the way to 10 of 12. They lost their swagger and haven't been able to return to mid season form. Baseball is a mental game more than it is physical, and AU seems to be struggling mentally more than anything. Team mindset has to improve befor next week.
  3. Todd didn't really want to swing at the 3-2 and Robert didn't. Hope Ingram is interested in hitting here.
  4. Well, AU just determined to play from behind this week
  5. I'm a Toys'R'Us kid.
  6. Yeah, it's a split finger fastball. Either way, not the location for it. It worked out OK in the end though.
  7. AU can probably rest knowing they are in a regional. Probably won't have much left for the tourney, but that was a big win. Great job by Mize and just enough hitting get it done.
  8. Mize gets a piece of it so Jarvis can get there and he makes a whale of a throw.
  9. Can't put it the fastball there. It's on now.
  10. Honesly, I can't blame him for not expecting the fastball. I don't think OM has thrown 2 consecutive fastballs all game. Which is probably wise on their part.
  11. Wow. Jarvis didn't like the fastball down the middle I guess. Another AU runner stranded (7 so far). On to the 6th.
  12. Mize kept them guessing that inning. Good work.