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  1. I don’t like what I heard from Bruce about not watching much game film with the team from the uat game. He can’t shield them from the pathetic effort they gave in that game. Doing so showed even worse today vs UF. Yes, they will be “fine” but there’s zero excuse for missing the dance this year. I do agree this team is going through the same phase last year’s team did but it feel worse because we already know how that turned out. I’m confident Bruce will figure something out but this is going on 4 weeks now, it’s just that they have hit teams that can match them athletically.
  2. Just FYI, in basketball there aren’t conference refs like football. This is a problem across all conferences, but there’s nothing that can be done other than complain and hope that the games come down to the payers and not the refs.
  3. Man this team is so out of it offensively. 16sec for a final shot and cannot get one off. Going to have to score off their defense to have any chance today since the offense is just atrocious from set plays.
  4. Looks just like the uat game. AU can’t score from the floor, still close the gap while shooting poor, as soon as they get close, they pull away.
  5. Great defense by Mac drawing the char... wait I forgot how bad college basketball refs are. A rubbish call.
  6. Bruce has GOT to find SOMETHING that works for an easy basket to start the game.
  7. Gymnastics has probably the most thrilling gymnast AU has ever had and recently took down uat for only like the third time ever.
  8. Ha indeed. I guess it’s time to change it.
  9. McCormick and Doughty combined for more turnovers than points. That’s the reason for the loss. FTs too. EDIT: Not quite. 11 pts, 8 TOs, 7 by Doughty.
  10. This one is over. Hope uat storms the court. Gonna be tough to stomach being the first loss to a pretty mediocre uat, hopefully it propels this team to better things.