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  1. Can’t wait until 2021 gets here and we get to see them in person!
  2. Yep, pretty much what I had in mind. Schools need to go back to being schools.
  3. Is it time to end the marriage of academics and sports?
  4. I’m still trying to think carefully about how I respond to these type of situations, but I am confident in the though that college sports will not arise from the 2020-2021 academic year anything like it’s been for the past 30-40 years.
  5. I know nothing of Columbus, I’m just speaking about AU and the rest of the SEC. I bet Ohio State ends up lowering that 20%.
  6. JHS at 20% is over 17000 people. No way they let that many people in one place in this situation.
  7. How did that happen for you? For me, I was watching the first round of the NHL playoffs in 1996 my FR year at AU and just caught on with the Avs. That Western Conference series vs Detriot was amazing and that sealed the deal for me becoming an Avs fan. Been a rough go until the last couple of years. This team right now has the goods though.
  8. Is this a real question? Of course this is 110% about money. Without it the leagues die. Plus, I'll take hockey playoffs over any other sport in a heartbeat. A hockey game seven in far and away the most thrilling event in sports. But yet I totally agree with you. I get trying (and likely failing) to have a shortened baseball season because it's in season, but NBA and hockey in August, when they are usually gearing up for camp during that time? Just plain odd.
  9. Sure, but Tre and Sammie thrived more because Nick Marshall was a once in a decade match for Gus and his offense at the time. Teams have adapted to it. Kerryon thrived as well in later years, but then didn't thrive because Gus nearly killed him.
  10. Well, based on the data that been shown recently, the curve isn't flattened across the country and there is growing pressure that things went back to normal too fast and now we are looking at 2021 as a best case to start most things back. Just like when Rudy Gobert flaunted his infection which set the avalanche of cancelations in motion, the situation with MLB could quite possibly do the same thing until a proven and agreeable treatment and/or vaccine is found. The former being the best shot as we have been told time and time again that 18 months is a best case scenario for a vaccine to be released.
  11. Oh boy, there's not enough time in the day to talk about all the nonsense on Twitter. I was just providing the article in the quoted tweet so people could read it without having to click on the twitter post by the jboy show and then click on the tweet they quoted and then finally clicking on the article to get the info that was actually relevant to this thread.
  12. Like to the article in the quoted tweet so you can skip the Twitter nonsense if you want:
  13. I’m not sure “thrive” and “Gus’s offense” can be in the same sentence.