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  1. Awful game by AU. Great to stay perfect.
  2. I’m 100% for playing your game but the three balls are turnovers. Have to take the ball to the rim.
  3. 55.3 left. Furman ball. 64-64
  4. Holy crap these are just some of the worse refs all year. Embarrassing themselves so often. Hope they get demoted to JUCO.
  5. 45 has an elastic elbow or something
  6. That might be the nail there.
  7. It’s their game. Sometimes it doesn’t work.
  8. If Furman wins, it’s 100% on how poor AU has played.
  9. Too many of those skip pass turnovers. You would think by now they would quit doing that but it seems they just can’t stop.
  10. Eh, there are worse color guys. He know the game and I like his analysis. But to each his own.
  11. Can’t finish the run. Just have to keep grinding and going to the rim.
  12. This could be one of those games AU loses at the FT line.