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  1. Gus was simply trying to keep Waddle off the field, he wasn’t trying to bait them into 12 men, it just worked out that way since Waddle stayed out when the punt team came off for the regular defense. If uat were less panicked, they would have probably left a safety off the regular defense and left Waddle out there.
  2. @Momma Worm, whatever Worm and you decide to do, know that he has made a believer out of many of us and I’m looking forward to watching him the rest of his career. I just hope it’s in an Auburn uniform!
  3. CBB is going to be a thrill this year. There is no clear leader and the NCAA tournament is going to come down to matchups. I really hope AU gets a shot at UVA though. Bruce needs to schedule a home and home as soon as he can. It could be a really cool non-conference rivalry.
  4. All these SEC teams riding on the back of Bruce and using the "you get to experience playing in Auburn" line in recruiting. 😂 Seriously though, I would love for the SEC to become the new ACC. good basketball is just so fun to watch.
  5. Yes, I just don't think I ever noticed that subtle look right after he said it.
  6. So uncomfortable. That look around the room to see if his new catch phrase resonated and realization it did not was a Shivers-on-McKinney moment in that guy’s soul.
  7. I hate the University of Auburn. Clearly our biggest recruiting rival. They have GOT to be cheating.
  8. Then we don’t get to add to the stigma of uat kickers.
  9. jared52


    This game doesn’t deserve an MVP. This was a stellar game played by 2 good teams. Hats off to every player on the field tonight, they gave us a classic Iron Bowl.
  10. Yeah, imagine if AU had uat’s schedule.
  11. I know it’s been a difficult year for Worm based on Momma’s posts, so I am thrilled he has this moment that will live on in AU history.
  12. Gregg Williams has to be in the conversation as well, but obviously neither have the platform Bruce does. I’m glad to have (or have had in Marsh’s case) them all.
  13. College basketball is getting good in spite of the corruption. Going to be a wild year.
  14. So so happy with the way Danjel is playing this year.
  15. Wow Doughty. That’s nice. And the FT goes too.
  16. Harper would have fouled out every game with this new flop rule. It’s probably the #1 reason he went pro.