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  1. That's my man crush!! Little disappointed in whoever wrote that....only two bullet points, c'mon.
  2. What we've seen is a team that wins the 4th quarter on the road in the SEC. That's huge. We dominated both LSU and Arkansas in the 4th quarter. Speaks to the coaching staff, strength and conditioning staff, and the players effort and mental toughness. At the end of the 3rd quarter yesterday, we were outgained 425 to 282 (and only 57 rushing) yards and were behind 9 minutes of TOP. 4th quarter time to finish it off we had 145 yards (78 rushing) and only gave up 35 yards to them. 10 points scored to zero. Held the ball for just over 12 minutes in the quarter.
  3. My man COLBY came up huge yesterday including a key stop on 4th down. Finished with 4 total tackles but 2 TFLs and 2 sacks.
  4. Needed every bit of that performance out of Bo and our pass catchers with Arky selling out to stop the run. Good win and much needed momentum going into the bye week. War Eagle ladies and gentlemen!
  5. I swear these refs are giving us a yard less on all these rushes tho.
  6. One more score offense. Let's drive it down the field and seal it.
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