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  1. Wish he'd go ahead and commit
  2. I like these type threads, brings back good memories. I gotta agree that Sanders is the answer. Everyone else talking about Daniels got me to thinking about some of the WR guys on that '97 team. Bailey and Goodson were the headliners, but my guy Hicks Poor was another one of those clutch players. I remember Hicks making a couple clutch catches in the final drive to beat LSU in Red Stick, a catch to make the winning FG in the Iron Bowl alil easier, and sneaking behind that UT defense in the SECCG. I remember you Hicks, my kinda guy!
  3. Well damnit all to hell. Carlee was my favorite player since her freshman year, love the way she plays and her emotion. Good luck to her.
  4. Martin to Zirzow, they can't even see the curve much less hit it. Jeez
  5. Stick ya foot out and shoot a few toes off...hello Auburn
  6. Just got in for the bottom of the 6th, 8 friggin strikeouts for the FSU pitcher, jeez.
  7. What a horrible way to lose that gem of a game.
  8. 3 more outs, c'mon Tigers.
  9. Awesome time for a pass ball.
  10. Awesome job by Jonah, let's go tigers!
  11. Nice, now let's beat up on their pen, plllease
  12. Really let Karp off the hook that inning....