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  1. 24 pts in the paint in a half against a Frank Martin team 😍
  2. Website is up and subs are beginning. NIL Auburn I'm here to tell you that this 100% played a part in retaining guys like Wooden, Hall, JSS, and Tank. Here's the list of Auburn athletes that are currently signed to the company: Allen Flanigan Anders Carlson Austin Troxell Ben Bosse Blake Burkhalter Blake Rambusch Brayton Brown Brody Moore Brooks Fuller Cam Hill Carson Skipper Carson Swiling Chris Moore Colby Wooden Cole Foster Dematrius Davis Derick Hall Derrian Gobourne Devan Cambridge Dylan Cardwell Garett Farquhar Hayden Mullins Jake Wyand Jaylin Williams John Samuel Shenker Joseph Gonzalez Josh Hall K.D. Johnson Kason Howell Keiondre Jones Landen King Luke Deal Mason Barnett Mason Land Mike Bello Morgan Leigh-Oldham Nate LaRue Owen Pappoe Ryan Dyal Shedrick Jackson Sonny DiChiara Tank Bigsby Tommy Sheehan Trace Bright Wendell Green, Jr. Zep Jasper
  3. This one stings me personally, being a local product and all.
  4. Best performing OLineman we had this yr.
  5. Great news. Even if Pappoe comes back, IMO it'd be wise to get 2 LBs in the portal. Just not encouraged by what I've seen out of the most of this year's backups.
  6. I heart KD but he cost Kessler the triple double fighting him for that 10th rebound. Awesome win. Suck a fat one Frank Williams Wade.
  7. Some of you aren't seeing the difference between these different NIL deals you're hearing about elsewhere and this one. I'm not here to argue. Just wanted to point out what has been in development to help AU.
  8. We're actually out front of other programs on this. Nothing says the larger commitments can't be funneled thru this company or otherwise.
  9. For those that haven't heard.... Rick has the website up already, but it's more of a place holder until the platform rolls out on January 1st.
  10. Best of luck to Bo. Hopefully this decision will lead to positive results for both Auburn and Bo going forward. Eyes toward to portal!
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