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  1. Photo was before the length of tie was correctly adjusted. Kristi musta got ahold of him, lol.
  2. I'm late to the party, but a couple of thoughts: We're absolutely stacked at the Star position. Steele loves Tutt and his only hindrance is being a half step too slow. Pucket was hand picked for the position by Steele. Tenison is the truth and by all accounts has wowed in practices, will play as well. The RB depth chart writing had been on the wall. Worm has earned the starting nod. Dude was named a team captain for a reason. Very talented group. I'm excited to see Morris finally get dudes like Shivers going with outside zone and passes out of the backfield to the likes of MAR.
  3. THREE QUESTIONS WITH … LB K.J. BRITT Q: What does it mean to be able to go out and play this season? A: I'm anxious. Anxious to see the outcome, but I'm anxious just to see the foundation that we led and the process through March, through the quarantine, through July, through camp, through everything. I'm anxious to see all this pay off. Win or lose, we're going to fight our butt off. With everything we've been through, the adversity we've been through, I'm just anxious to put it all together – put it all together in the game we love, put it all together on the stage we want to b
  4. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers!
  5. First off let me say, that's some seriously scary shat ladies and gents, and it was only low Cat 2 or Cat 1 when it got to our area. We're safe and escaped with no damage to the house. I've got a large pine down in the yard and we'll probably be without power for who knows how long. There's a power line across the only road out of my neighborhood. We apparently lost a cell tower bc we have no cell reception from our carrier at the house. I'm only able to let my AUFam know bc of generator power at work and our internet and comms are still up. Our best friends here had major damages at
  6. Lmao, your experience isn't much different than most that came through Polk....there's a reason the Army considers it a hell hole.
  7. They're expecting her to strengthen rapidly to a Cat 3 before landfall late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning.
  8. So this gal Laura is headed my way. Wife and I are both essential workers so we can't simply evacuate. We're near Fort Polk and the latest update I got from the National Weather Service briefing for work was 75-110 mph winds and 10 inches of rain possible for our area. We've dealt with a few hurricanes skirting us with minor effects, but this will be the first major hurricane I've road out since Opal hit back home way back when. Got all my preparations ready, including the beer and liquor need be.
  9. PSA - There's several impact starters left that need that oh-so-special attention guys and gals....!
  10. First let me say, I love the enthusiasm! @3rdgeneration has already selected Gus, which she typically does b/c as she puts it "no one else will," lol. Y'all work it out fam.
  11. C'mon Tim! Name your crush and let it be known, no more dilly dallying, lol.
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, it has arrived!! It's been a long and unusual offseason for these Auburn Tigers and all of us fans, but nevertheless Auburn Football has returned to the practice fields in preparation for the 2019 season. It is once again time for some doting. Please read the rules, especially 4 and 5. These boys, all of ‘em, need our admiration. Buckle up boys and girls, it's going to be an interesting ride with an ALL-SEC schedule. Here's the gist, this thread is for you to select a football player/coach that you will follow throughout the season, and HOPEFULLY, post somethi
  13. Thanks Bird! The tradition will live on ladies and gents. In years past, I've always started the thread at the beginning of fall camp, which fingers crossed is right around the corner.
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