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  1. Hah, man it'd be something if he could put up, what, 35 TDs or whatever it was that Hurts put up his freshman campaign.
  2. Yeah, first one to my knowledge, but I thought he handled the interview pretty dadgum well.
  3. Yeah, I removed Marcello from my twitter feed back when he started his beef with AUFamily.
  4. Hey, you need to make a motion to double the daily reaction limit at the next monthly mod meeting. 😁
  5. Seriously? You got a link to the award? I'd actually like to read the write up.
  6. Ooh, now you give the orders around here? Lmao, that's rich. Get back on your leash.
  7. Deceitful? I haven't misled anyone as far as you're concerned. Why are you so pretentious? Until the next time.... maybe your "i don't know you" shtick will be beneath you. Toodles!
  8. What AM i trying to do? I've never, once, seen you beneath firing up an argument with someone else for a difference of opinion before.