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  1. Some last minute planning of my son's birthday party means I'll be back in Alabama for this game and for sure partying during the first half. It's the only way I could assure my happiness on that day. I've attended every game in Baton Rouge since we moved to Louisiana, but after watching numerous football losses and the best Auburn basketball team ever lose in Red Stick I vowed not to return unless it was damn near a certain win. Gotta shake things up. #DoinMyPart
  2. Auburn Alabama Georgia Texas A&M LSU Florida Missouri Utah Clemson North Carolina State Wisconsin 58
  3. Couple of thoughts here... Trask impressed me. He is much better than I was giving him credit for last week. Auburn is going to need to disguise coverages better pre-snap and get Burrow on his ass to have a shot. He's on another level atm and those WRs are catching everything. The LSU defense has had their struggles but they are improving. They def got the dudes.
  4. It'd be more wise to spread out that LSU D on 4th down if UF is about to go for it.
  5. Bet they were just trying to draw them offsides...