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  1. This is brilliant! It's a new day, fo sho.
  2. These refs, are they watching the same game??
  3. Under valued and here's why. He was playing in an offense that didn't fit him well in 2019. For the 2020 season, the coaches changed the system AND played a bunch of 5A and 6A schools AND improved his stats dramatically. QBs commit early and these coaches didn't dilly dally around for a 2022 QB they liked. It's a different day as far as QB evaluating and coaching now. ETA - all indications are we'll take 2 QBs in 2022 for depth. I'd love for it to be Bailey, but Bama was probably the leader before Sark left. Now?
  4. Seems to be a consensus that Bridges wasn't it. I just wonder if it's an out west guy. I've been waiting on one of those guys to "sneak" into this class.
  5. Agreed. Growing the brand is all about 👀
  6. That's an optimistic view point, but there's no doubt that while we're scrambling to fill out this class and continue to scour the transfer markets that our main competition is focused on 2022 and beyond. Again, that's not to say we can't pull in a good class, but we behind. Winning more hasn't helped AU maintain recruiting momentum in the past. It's more about relationships and Auburn selling Auburn until we change the game. What changes the game? Putting more and more kids in the draft. Compared to the draft classes of LSU, Georgia, and Bama it's sad. Just the reality of it.
  7. Want to be more competitive in recruiting? Put more kids in the draft. Whether that's by developing 3 stars or bringing in the blue chips. There's a few guys that have a sales pitch right now that beats us before the doors even crack open.
  8. AU twitter is on the struggle bus today. The communication circle has been broken. Poor guy must be working from home.
  9. Yup, it was never going to be quick and easy when you bring in an outsider. We needed the change, but the unfortunate truth is it's even already put us behind the curve on the 2022 cycle as well. That's not to say we can't sign a Top 10 class for 2022, but we're behind the competition already. Just the nature of the beast, especially with the early signing period nowadays.
  10. @ellitor SIAD but has the "flip" tweet been speculated on yet?
  11. AU tried to get this one on the sly without much attention. Other schools made late plays for Bridges, too, but we'll get the ink.
  12. Cool, cool. Any idea what the content schedule will look like? Same bat time and same bat channel ev'ry week type deal @RunInRed?
  13. Yeah man. Don't normally get to watch live, but I like their content and delivery.
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