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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I know John and even though I never met Rod I always felt like I knew him, personally. I can't even watch the video, yet. This week, after it all sets in....
  2. Thoughts and prayers for the family. I never met Rod, but his mother was my high school principle at VHS. What a tragedy. I can't even imagine what those poor children are going through.
  3. Drive and kick, gotta weather the storm til we start hitting these 3s.
  4. This team has been AMAZING during this run.
  5. Yeah it was a foul, but way b4 the shot attempt.
  6. Such a huge shot from Harper and a huge breakdown on D.
  7. 14 to 9....hard to get rebounds when they're shooting 70 f'n percent. Jeez On D, losing guys moving away from the ball is pissing me off.
  8. Sigh, got waaaay too lazy on defense later in that half. Quit giving them easy points and we got this.
  9. Guess the refs heard Sonny yesterday.
  10. Let's keep running them. Tire them out.
  11. HUUUUGE win by the boys. Damn it feels good to get that Frank Martin/Silva monkey off our backs. What a game by Harper!!! He picked it up with Chuma, Mac, and Horace basically getting zero going all game.
  12. This is a huge commitment, this kid is just the type of mean, mauler we need up front. He looks athletic pulling and can play center.
  13. That's been my vibe from him as well, said so much in the Griffin thread. We should have went harder after Griffin. He'd be a great fit.