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  1. ValleyTiger

    AUF Anglers

    Congrats to Auburn alum Jordan Lee for winning back-to-back Bassmaster Classics!!! That young man is a hammer! War Eagle Brother Matt finished 4th
  2. ValleyTiger

    AUF Anglers

    Both the Lee brothers making a move on the final day of the Classic, gonna be interesting!
  3. ValleyTiger

    Fortnite Battle Royale

    Anyone else playing on PS4?
  4. ValleyTiger

    AUF Anglers

    I'm aware, but it's nowhere near what it once was. The difference in water clarity over the years/decades there is night and day. With the water clarity like it is now, a good influx of grass would do wonders for that lake, but the Corps drawdowns would probably never allow it. Thinking about it, I need to do more fishing back home. Anyone frequent Eufaula or Wedowee?
  5. ValleyTiger

    AUF Anglers

    Didn't even know this thread existed until today. Been an avid fisherman since I could walk. I'm going to go back thru reading the entire thread later. Grew up fishing West Point (when it was still a good largemouth factory) and Harding mainly bc they were close. Now I'm in Louisiana and fish Toledo Bend. If anyone is close and wants to wet a line PM me.
  6. ValleyTiger

    2017 AU Football Man Crush

    Let's go Derrick! Put on in your home state today and Whip the Dawgs! War Eagle, Hey!
  7. ValleyTiger

    Gus, The Alpha

    BTW in his SECCG presser, Kirby just confirmed the exchange with Gus in the post game.
  8. ValleyTiger

    Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl?

    NOLA is a cheaper destination for the majority of Auburn fans, and hell, I live in Louisiana. BUT, I would take a matchup with Wisky in Pasadena and be happy.
  9. ValleyTiger

    Nick Saban quote

    I don't know, but it sure was funny to see Lane taking a shot on Twitter.
  10. ValleyTiger

    Gus, The Alpha

    Ok, who debunked it then? lol, don't underestimate the snarkiness of a guy like Kirby.
  11. ValleyTiger

    Breakout Players in 2017

  12. ValleyTiger

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    War Eagle fly down the field. Ever to conquer, never to yield. War Eagle, fearless and true. Fight on you Orange and Blue. BeatBama
  13. ValleyTiger

    Chris Davis, Jr. will be honorary mic man

    Yes, Auburn, Yes