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  1. You're right about the rotation. I'm just very interested to see how Cowart does inside, can Holland get better against the run, seeing the up & comers like Coe & A. Jackson.
  2. Eh, QB is the most important, but won't be the most interesting competition to watch. OL, DL, & Secondary in that order for me across the board as far as positions.
  3. Actually we open up the 2017 season on Sept. 2nd against Georgia Southern. I doubt the fall camp date is right either being this far away.
  4. DBs, DBs, DBs DL (never can have enuff), a stud QB, a stud RB, OTs, WRs
  5. Steele is already phasing to more 3-4 front. Parks would fit in nicely even with Bryant in the same class.
  6. Be a sweet addition, make it happen!
  7. Country Cat! WDE big guy
  8. Huntin, fishin, & lovin everyday... Come on down "Country Cat" Bryant!
  9. Cedric Chambers currently on the team as a walk on. Erique Florence was last on scholly. Most well known Valley Rams would be Terry Daniel and Gerald Williams.
  10. Work those intermediate zones...
  11. There it is
  12. Clempson needs to get the intermediate passing game going.
  13. About time for the Clemson offense to show up....
  14. So if you thought trying to score was petty, bush league, or whatever, what on God's green earth were you still doing watching the game? Clear you threw in the towel waaay before the 4th quarter, anyways.
  15. Sweet