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  1. This guy gets it! Someone send a airplane banner around Auburn. #HireMattLuke
  2. Hey, you stole my thunder. priority #1 needs to be getting Matt Luke to command our OL. If it takes the OC title to get him then so be it bc we all know that Gus is calling the shots. Go hire an up and coming QB coach, like Joe Craddock. The biggest void on our team and staff is at OL!
  3. Shoutout to my dude Britt for earning that All-SEC 1st team honor. 💪
  4. I told all the LSU fans for weeks that they'd finally beat Bama again. Been telling them for weeks that LSU is going to curb stomp Georgia. Collectively they were a very skeptical bunch until they managed to beat the turds, now the arrogance is growing. The playoffs will be very interesting for them bc their lack of depth on defense is going to bite them in the ass at some point, IMO. All these other teams they're about to run into can score in bunches as well.
  5. Great news, bc he was definitely getting some pressure.
  6. Sark is owning Steele. Sorry, not sorry.