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  1. Forgot to pick the bowl games. 1st year I've managed that so you won by default, buddy.
  2. Work those intermediate zones...
  3. There it is
  4. Clempson needs to get the intermediate passing game going.
  5. About time for the Clemson offense to show up....
  6. So if you thought trying to score was petty, bush league, or whatever, what on God's green earth were you still doing watching the game? Clear you threw in the towel waaay before the 4th quarter, anyways.
  7. Sweet
  8. No Rudy Ford tonight gonna hurt.
  9. Yup & throwing to the area vacated by the blitz
  10. Oh I agree, but we need to protect him on obvious passing downs, too.
  11. Let's go Tigers! Time to figure out how to protect Sean and get the passing game going to complement our rushing attack!
  12. @WarDamnEagleWDE AUsome sig.
  13. The NYT has maybe the best online coverage IMO and they jumped on the momentum shift waay early. Was really shocking bc they went from 80% plus for Clinton to 90% plus chance to win for Trump in basically 2.5 hours.
  14. I didn't watch any of that game, but I think he got hurt in the 1st half. They still gave up 300+ yards rushing to MSU. Fact is TAMU falls off at the end of every season. Committee head has also stated in the past that they would consider major injuries. I'll say it again, Barry Alvarez's voice is strong in that committee even though he has to recuse himself.
  15. Auburn remains #9 this week. Texas A&M remaining at #8 is ridiculous considering their loss AND T. Knight now out for the year. I'm still mad that Wisconsin is ahead of us, too.