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  1. Cross ya fingers for ya boy sticking around. He's being wooed back home.
  2. Glad for Pat to land such a good gig and so much closer to Auburn for the family. Sidenote - There had been a bunch of scuttlebutt that DuBose was going to end up at Lagrange. Lowndes is a better gig for him. Hope we don't lose traction at that school now.
  3. I understand. Word is the coaches have reached out tho so I thought it newsworthy.
  4. Clemson will win the natty in 2020. Book it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....
  5. All things considered, this is an excellent hire. "No micromanaging now Gus...."
  6. Yup, butthurt bc you went straight to the personal attacks, for what? Just sit down son. I'm trying to enjoy the Auburn basketball game.
  7. Naw, I'm not worked up over it, but your level of butthurt over my initial post is comical.
  8. Heh, that's a cute little reply.
  9. This, plus we don't want that family on The Plains....yuck. Let 'em have fun with Cornbread.
  10. I hear you, Gus is the main fault in our offensive stars. I've had my many complaints about Gustav as well, but we all know that cat will never change his stripes. Sure, WR coach can be the easiest gig ever, but one could also turn into a Dabo or PJ Fleck who consistently turn out NFL caliber WRs, even ones who were under the radar fliers.
  11. I mean not to dog on Kodi the player too bad bc I have respect for the way he handled his situation, but one thing that makes Garner and TWill (and prolly Caddy) plus coaches is that they were legit DUDES as players. All-SEC type talents that were coached by great coaches while players and they just have more experiences to draw from IMO.
  12. But it's also all Kodi knows as a former WR himself....
  13. Get the talent AND develop it. That'll change the book on Kodi. Yuck, we didn't HAVE to throw titles at an relatively new, unproven former letterman turned coach to improve his career path. That was Gus sweetening the pot for his yes man.
  14. Garner, check. TWill, check. Kodi, meh. He's just a different personality type, sometimes it jives with peeps and sometimes it doesn't. Some of the stuff he's pulled on the recruiting trail just makes you shake your head in disbelief. Co-OC and then Passing Game Coord? Yikes Caddy, still too early to tell. Definitely trending more towards the TWill end of the spectrum than the Kodi end. We gotta have a legit DUDE come in and fix our OL mess, no more pussyfooting around.
  15. Yup, I'll lay it out there..... The most "Malzahn" hire would be Ryan Pugh and the most "Morris" hire would be Dustin Fry. *that's not necessarily indicative of either coach's abilities but following the trends (eta - damn, I totally thought of that as soon as I heard the news, and see that BM has already posted the same thoughts on das Bunker,'s just so JABA)
  16. Ugh, don't dig in that open soon. I was calling for Luke soon after his dismissal at Ole Miss and just knew Kirby was going to snatch him up with the quickness.
  17. Hmm, true, true. He certainly has other options as well. I don't think he's a legit option at punter at the cfb level, more of a placekicker/kickoff guy.
  18. Maybe....or they make a move on the SMU punter in the portal and ask Evan to walk-on or greyshirt.
  19. Steele has his hands full with his own side of the ball right now....
  20. Defense has been getting their asses handed to them so far today.
  21. Every single offensive play call in this game so far is why people are so ef'n tired of Gus's offense.
  22. Offense cannot run the ball...
  23. No doubt it's one of the most demanding positions to play, but those physical traits you mentioned can be identified on tape or with drills. With the improvements at the HS coaching level and 7v7 now, these guys are getting more and more quality reps against quality competition. What you can't see on film or teach is the confidence and doggedness to handle that position.