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  1. He's nine months old now - boy, how time flies... and Katie will be FOUR in March... dang.
  2. Living in Houston, I used to stick up for A&M people when T-sips would start their bashing. But geez-o-petes, these people are nuts. A&M got Franchione because bammer was going on probation and he jumped at the first decent offer that put him on the first flight out of Tuscaloser. Why would a highly successful coach like Tubby leave a clean, winning program to take on a mess at a second tier Big Mediocre school? Please... After all the stupid comments and taunting I have had this past few weeks from "Waggies" thinking they "got my coach", then I am starting to see what the T-sips
  3. I was just about to post the same thing - Pelini to Huskerland makes a bajillion times more sense than CWM to NEB or even CTT to Aggieland. That wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  4. And THAT is one of the main reasons why I am SO THANKFUL to be an AUBURN TIGER!!! What a man.
  5. Hmm, didn't hear that, but I guess we could have chanted, Kentucky, Kentucky. Some of their students are so stupid. My son gets so fed up with the drunk students while he is playing in the band. He said it is almost embarrassing. Not all are drunk, but the ones who are even make the LSU fans cringe. I heard both - once, in a parking lot, pre-game. The LSu guy yelled Bulldogs! and the Auburn guy yelled back "How bout them Wildcats!!" Everyone laughed and kept moving. I had NO bad experiences whatsoever.
  6. That's nice that they wrote that, but I doubt it works. The three students who can actually read probably weren't the ones cursing in the stadium.
  7. You'll have to excuse Galen - his doctor is trying a new combination of meds and it's made him pissy. I live in Houston,and can tell you that I personally prefer the Aggies I know over the snotty arrogant T-sips. They are just like bammers, only they vote liberal. You are right that there are quite a few similarities between Auburn and A&M, from the ag/vet/engineering colleges to the beautiful campuses. Sure, we are partial to Auburn - and I think that once you get here for grad school, you will understand why - it gets into your blood and stays there forever. But it's still good
  9. Thanks, Steve - you have restored some of my faith in the AU Nation. Thought I was the only one who felt like this.
  10. Being in Houston, and a two-SEC-team household, we could not LIVE without GamePlan. To us, it is more than worth the $100 or whatever - who wants to watch the regional Big XII crap they pass off as football in these parts... I'd rather watch Vandy and Ole Miss than Texas Tech or OSU or even the Moo Cows. So yes, it is worth it.
  11. For those of you who haven't figured out how to hit a link:
  12. What the hell kind of true Southerner calls it "O-possum"? I was in high school before I knew the "O" was technically supposed to be there... It's possum, boy!!!
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