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  1. And Stidham would have put up video game numbers in a couple of our games.
  2. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    I know, I was just piggybacking onto what you said to further accentuate how far apart we are from what Clemson’s got going.
  3. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    Yep, if I recall this was suppose to be the “no excuses” year.
  4. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    Of course, Dabo has lost only 10 games in six years and in the last two years played for a national championship and won a national championship, so they may extend a little grace towards him for this loss!
  5. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    Exactly. Some people try to knock on saban and say he’s not a great coach, he just out-talents everyone else. Even though it’s not true, I’d take a big cup of that right now.
  6. Aubie. Son of a gun jinxed us.
  7. Auburn's next Head Coach The more I read about Scott Frost, the more I like him. Nebraska will be looking for a new coach, too, though and if Mama calls, I'm afraid he'll answer.
  8. Embarrassed or Mad?

    Embarrassed, and that makes me mad.
  9. Coordinators Silence

    Wow, makes this whole thing even more maddening.
  10. Coordinators Silence

    Ready to walk as in ready to quit his job? This thing is even worse than I imagined.
  11. Time to boycott

    That sounds like Jimmy Rane kind of money
  12. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    He babbles on and on about not converting on third down. Does he not realize that the predictable and ineffective plays on 1st and 2nd down put us in 3rd and long situations and because of that it made the calls on 3rd down predictable as well and easier for LSU to defend?? It’s like he really doesn’t get it.
  13. Okay, some levity

    The playcalling after the 1st quarter is what lost us the game, plain and simple.
  14. I Love Auburn

    I don’t think meddling caused him to run 17 straight running plays on 1st down. This is all on Gus.