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  1. There is absolutely no excuse for this.
  2. You are correct unfortunately. I was at the game when he got his second injury in high school. I remember thinking then that I hoped he wasn’t one of those who would be plagued throughout his career with injuries. Sadly, it has been the case.
  3. In the USA Today Coaches poll. More bullcrap to throw onto the pile. Finished right behind Michigan State and Duke:
  4. I assume you mean besides us, since we actually beat them if one of the two refs make the double dribble call that’s right in front of them?
  5. It’s worse than that, there were TWO refs with bird’s eye views of the whole thing:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&
  6. Yep, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many incorrect calls in critical, outcome-deciding times in the game that benefitted one team like what we witnessed.
  7. Serious question, what exactly does that do for us?
  8. I hope TT stomps a mudhole in them.
  9. We got robbed. When Virginia was bringing it up he dribbled it off his foot, picked it up, and dribbled it again. Bullcrap.
  10. As soon as this ride is over, we need to do whatever it takes to lock him down.
  11. Crap, don’t know that we have 5 more minutes in us