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  1. I bet this makes the rest of the team feel all warm and fuzzy. Should be a great recruiting pitch, too! 😳
  2. So, once again the defense did their part and Gus’s area of “expertise” is what led to another frustrating loss.
  3. Okie just tied the game up. 😳
  4. 37. Thats how many points Ole Miss just scored on LSU with a freshman QB on offense. Beyond maddening.
  5. I’m afraid it will be awhile before we forget this....👀
  6. I refuse to step down off the ledge until he lets us know that the future is bright.
  7. Saw this a little while ago. Great to hear he should make a full recovery!
  8. Agree 100%. Matt Rhule has brought them out of the ashes and turned them into a solid football team. He may now be at the top of my replacement list.
  9. Are you sure about that? Their first 10 win season didn’t come until 2000 and they haven’t had a 10+ win season since 2014.
  10. So by that logic you’re saying you’d take Orgeron over Saban? Interesting take. Very interesting.
  11. I would not be disappointed if he was our future head coach. Did he express interest in the Auburn job in the past or am I imagining that?
  12. Says “we’ve got a bright future here”. Seems like I’ve heard Gus say that before maybe once or twice or 500 times..... ALWAYS post at least a portion of the article and never just a link
  13. Isn’t getting reckless with money right in our wheelhouse?
  14. And I don’t feel like we fault him because he cannot develop QBs and WRs. It’s what you alluded to at the end: it’s that he doesn’t realize/acknowledge his deficiencies, hire competent coaches to make up for those deficiencies, and then get out of their way and let them do their jobs.