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  1. Colt 45?
  2. My top two guesses are synchronized swimming with Bird or ridding the world of Pabst?
  3. What are you practicing?
  4. It's been almost a week and he still hasn't replaced his OC??!!! Are the bammer fans going nuts like some of ours did 6 days out into the search???
  5. Once again, the second half is our kryptonite.
  6. What's the old saying, my enemy's enemy is my friend?
  7. The difference is that Auburn is Craig's alma mater and is warmly remembered for his playing days here. I'm not saying that makes it right or wrong, but it's a completely different deal than Steele.
  8. Maybe they were throwing a hissy fit?
  9. I can't stand to listen to the guy talk. He just rambles off a bunch of cliches.
  10. Well crap! I thought we had a shot at Parks. Cannot comprehend why he not only would agree to greyshirt, but to do it at a school that just pulled the rug out from under you.
  11. I'm feeling good about Parks!!
  12. The one while a recruit in high school had some grade issues get "resolved"?
  13. Who farted?
  14. Let's take the lead here!
  15. We need to go on a run here!!