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  1. This is an incredible accomplishment in Auburn basketball. Now that we’ve proven it can be done, it won’t be the last time we’re ranked #1.
  2. Former 5 star QB recruit from Clemson Hunter Johnson has entered the portal. Does anyone have any info on this kid? https://247sports.com/Player/Hunter-Johnson-32003/
  3. I agree. And year in and year out there isn’t a lot of top level instate talent for Tenn to recruit from either.
  4. It won’t be the least division in a couple of years.
  5. Can’t we just go back to the default setting of blaming Gus for everything? I get confused sometimes on which coach to pin things on.
  6. Kind of like when my church gave me a medal for most humble. I wore it to church the next Sunday and they made me give it back.
  7. Life was definitely a lot simpler back then!
  8. But I just earning the “One Year In” badge….. Is this something new that’s being tweaked?
  9. Same here! I’m breathing in all the smoke people are putting out! 😂
  10. Man, I love me some Bruce Pearl! https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-rankings-auburn-vaults-to-no-2-in-top-25-and-1-as-tigers-extend-winning-streak/
  11. Exactly. Unless I missed it, Harsin hasn’t announced that he’s filled out his roster and Calzada is our starter. One of our biggest complaints in the past has been the lack of depth at the quarterback position and why does every other team seem to have it. Calzada is an SEC starter and we could do worse if he ends up being our starting quarterback and we could do a whole heck of a lot worse if he ends up being our backup.
  12. He looks like a zombie in this pic. Is that what they were going for?
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