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  1. That would obviously be the preference, but I think the statement was made with the fact that Harper is in the pros but Heron is still playing college ball and could still be on the team.
  2. Just saw where St. John’s played today. Mustapha had 18 points. We sure could have used him today.
  3. Next game, I would have Samir coming in off the bench. I don’t know what is going on with him, but he has been ineffective and a liability lately.
  4. A 19 point freaking loss followed up with a 22 point freaking loss
  5. I hate to break it to the announcers, but we aren’t even a top 20 team, much less a top 5 team.
  6. If this team had any pride they will come back after these two embarrassing losses with a vengeance.
  7. I don’t even think my old, out of shape rear end would play as bad as some of what I’m seeing.
  8. This looks worse than a bunch of guys getting together for a random pick up game.
  9. Ended the half just like we started it: sloppy
  10. Good grief, how many shots can we have go in and out??!!
  11. Exactly. They aren’t going to guard the perimeter until we become a threat on it.