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  1. PigskinPat

    The future is bright!!

    “The future is bright”. When Gus said this the other day, my first thought was that I’ve heard him say this before. Turns out, he’s been saying it EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 2013. A guy on Reddit did a little homework on it: Then, of course, is this year’s version: “We’re having a tough year this year, but we have the opportunity to finish strong,” Malzahn said. “And I will say this: The future is very bright. I’m excited to be the coach here.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.al.com/auburnfootball/2018/11/gus-malzahn-responds-to-ad-allen-greenes-endorsement-the-future-is-very-bright.html%3foutputType=amp So basically, same song, different year. Does he just not remember that he’s been giving us this same line every year since he’s been here??
  2. PigskinPat

    Auburn’s offense hit a new low

    Could it be that he’s scrambling and throwing it away more than he did last year? I don’t have any statistics to back it up, just wondering if that might be the case?
  3. PigskinPat

    Petrino fired

    Fire up the jets!! 😂
  4. PigskinPat

    Another loss to a rival

    Play for Gus....where quarterback’s dreams come to die.
  5. PigskinPat

    Another loss to a rival

    Don’t sugarcoat it!
  6. PigskinPat

    Another loss to a rival

    Gustard strikes again. We are paying $50 million and an astronomical buyout to a 7-8 win coach.
  7. PigskinPat

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Don’t overthrow that and you get the call
  8. PigskinPat

    **Georgia Game thread***

    But that’s not on our quarterbacks. That’s on Gus for not properly evaluating and developing.
  9. PigskinPat

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Can you imagine having TWO quarterbacks capable and allowed to run the full offense??
  10. PigskinPat

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Dogs with 305 yards rushing. I miss those days we’d rack up 300+ yards rushing like it was nothing.
  11. PigskinPat

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Excellent point
  12. PigskinPat

    **Georgia Game thread***

    He was always Georgia’s whenever they came calling.
  13. PigskinPat

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Bulldogs with over 280 yards rushing
  14. PigskinPat

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Would a delay penalty really have backed us up that much?