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  1. Malzhan Growth

    I guess people see things differently at times, but it seemed like to me many times we would find something that worked and then when we got in the red zone, we'd start substituting a ton and calling some crazy pass plays. Not every time, but it seemed like we often would stray from what brought us down the field.
  2. Great News - OT

    Awesome news!! And just in time for hopefully an awesome season! Glad to hear!!!!
  3. DaShawn Hand arrested for DUI

    I think saban should make him wear a practice jersey that says "DuhShawn" on the back of it.
  4. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    I'm confused, did the REC steal Freeze's phone and called the escort service?
  5. Holsey calls Secondary "best"

    I know you are, but what am I?!! Am I doing this right?
  6. Holsey calls Secondary "best"

    I've never been a fan of that kind of talk before a season starts.
  7. Softball vs. Oklahoma - game 2

    The girls don't seem to inspired today.
  8. Softball vs. Oklahoma - game 2

    Keep it going, Ladies!!!!
  9. Softball vs. Oklahoma - game 2

    Why do you pull up on that instead of trying to catch it??
  10. Softball vs. Oklahoma - game 2

    Well crap.
  11. Auburn vs. Alabama 1993

    I was in the student section, yelling like crazy. When Stan went down we all thought our chances of winning went down with him, but in came Nix and that perfect pass. Afterwards, we all went to Toomer's for some celebrating. I had grown up a bama fan, but I followed my best friend down to the Plain to go to school. Any bammer that might have still been in me was utterly and completely destroyed that day.
  12. Thanks for the Auburn Football Memories

    Very well said, Doc! Some of my fondest memories either involves my time on the Lovliest Village or watching an Auburn game with loved ones and friends. I hope we all can see many more A-Days for many more years to come and share those memories in the stadium and here on our board.
  13. WOW! AU Women make NCAA Tourney

    Tipoff about to get under way
  14. bama's Williams admits: multiple failed

    The non response from the state media doesn't surprise me in the least, but I would think that there are some media guys in other areas with a little bama fatigue that would exploit this.
  15. bama's Williams admits: multiple failed

    I agree completely, I was being 100% sarcastic. i am surprised, though, that this isn't getting more attention. Here is a player admitting to failing multiple drug tests for who knows what kinds of drugs, and little nick obviously didn't hold him to the university's failed drug test policy.