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  1. ^^This. Some of us are already bellyaching saying we’ve screwed this thing up and all we’ve really gotten are “sources are saying….”. Truth of the matter, not many really know what is really going on and how close we are to hiring a coach, whoever that coach may be.
  2. Gary lobbying for bama beating a 5-6 team with an interim coach at home should be considered for playoff selection. 😂
  3. Over 250 yards rushing. Penalties, the turnover, and the “turnover” have killed us.
  4. Bryce is back there eating sammiches waiting on his receivers to get open.
  5. Well…. it looks like we’ll get several chances at payback on their kicker. 😐
  6. I was watching that game at my dad’s! On the kickoff he literally just jumps Holmes and starts pummeling him. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! 😂
  7. If we don’t start putting some kind of pressure on him, he’ll pick us apart.
  8. We would have needed to play a near perfect game to have a chance and we are falling short of that.
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