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  1. My dad’s friend told us a little while ago.
  2. A friend of my dad’s is close friends with Coach Dye and he said that he had been placed on a feeding tube and a couple of days ago moved to ICU. We really need to pray for Coach Dye right now.
  3. Dang, he was one of the ones I’d have loved for us to pursue if we ever cut Flo loose. I guess we will just continue to settle for a spot with the bottom dwellers.
  4. This article is from almost a year ago, so I’m saying nothing will come of it.
  5. Exactly. They make a couple and think tonight’s the night they go off behind the arc, then spend the rest of the night throwing up trash.
  6. The way this team is playing, we may have two games left in the season.
  7. The refs are the least of our problems
  8. Most frustrating 24-5 team I’ve ever watched play.
  9. Playing well 1st half, hope we can come out on a run to start the second.
  10. I’ll have to look at the rest of the questions, but one of my most underutilized players of all time was Tristan Davis. Guy was fast as all get out and could return the ball like a beast, but carried the ball only a handful of times.
  11. I just read he’s going to be the special teams coordinator. He wants to be a head coach one day.
  12. So... could a 30 point loss at Texas A&M expedite the inevitable?