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  1. When my snarky bama co-workers brought this to my attention I just told them it was Clemson fans who did the rolling. We just let them borrow our tree. The look on their faces was priceless.
  2. Had seats in the south end zone for the 1978 game at Auburn. I think Georgia was ranked in the top ten that year. Nothing unusual about the pregame activities. The team was on the field going through their warm ups in their navy blue home jerseys. They disappeared into the tunnel before the game like they always did before kickoff. About ten minutes later I heard one of the largest roars from a crowd I had ever heard at Jordan-Hare. The team was running onto the field wearing orange jerseys! What the heck? Complete surprise. Also one of the strangest games I had witnessed. So used to seeing us in blue and yet at times looked like it was Tennessee playing Georgia. Only they were wearing Auburn's helmets. Wound up running all over Georgia with Brooks, Cribbs, and Andrews all having great days but to no avail. Didn't lose though. "Auburn beats Georgia 22-22" was the headline in the paper the next day.
  3. He wants his contract to be set up just like Saban at Alabama, Complete control of the football program with no outside interference. That's one of the reasons Auburn didn't hire him.
  4. "What is the benefit accrues to America by trading with Cuba?" The resurrection of the Bacardi Bowl? "Bacardi Bowl was a college football game played seven times in Havana, Cuba at La Tropical stadium." January 1, 1937 Auburn 7 Villanova 7
  5. I believe this has been posted here before but this is my favorite version of the run back. It has fan reactions and the music is great. Seeing all those fans on the field after the game is amazing. Play it full screen. Football is Awesome.
  6. What do you call a basement full of alabama fans? A whine cellar. How do you get an alabama fan eyes to twinkle? You shine a flashlight in their ear. What's red and white, 100 yards long, and has twelve teeth? Front row at bryant-denny. What do you call an alabama fan at an institute of higher learning? A visitor.
  7. When is the last time you saw a 325 pound lineman block a punt?
  8. You mean there were framed autographed jerseys of Trent Richardson for sale at the mall? For only $650.00? Say it ain't so...
  9. I agree with Proud Tiger. Raymond is a good guy who does care about Auburn.
  10. weeder

    Tide Pride

    The houndstooth hat is a nice touch sure to bring a tear or two to the eyes of many of the bammers.* bamalady *WARNING...this link contains an adult oriented picture that some may find offensive.