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  1. The City of Opportunity!
  2. You can add basketball to that argument too. It's now 22-7 Auburn!
  3. Correct, the band is roughly 380 members plus support staff takes it up to 400. But 500 seats for the band is small. They will be cramped. It takes more than a single seat for a tuba player and a drummer. The size of the instrument plays a big part in space. They would need 700 seats to be comfortable. I'm a former AUMB member, and we rarely have enough room on away trips.
  4. Coastal Carolina beat Jeff Lebo's East Carolina Saturday 59-58.
  6. The Ole Miss Band still plays "Dixie". It was the "From Dixie with Love" song that came under fire with the south will rise again chant. Starts at 8:10. They rearranged the song this year to take out the chant, but it's not near as good. Starts at 5:38. (The unofficial Colonel Reb makes an appearance at 1:25!)
  7. If there was justice in this world, this would happen. If someone wanted to go on an archeological hunt you could find my opinion on this from a few years back but I wholeheartedly disagree. Please keep in mind that maybe 50% of reserved seating actually goes to fraternities. If I remember correctly from back in 2004, there is also reserved seating for SGA, ROTC, and many other student organizations that are not greek. The fraternities and organizations put in a lot of work to earn those seats that normal students don't. They go to sporting events other than football, they show up to pep rally's and they participate in parade's etc... These are all things that independent students could do, but they rarely do. There will be a few independent students at pep rallys and other sporting events (usually baseball and basketball don't count, just on one or two specific nights) but the greeks far outnumber them. If there were no spirit points, there would be no homecoming parade, and no pep rallies but student tickets would be first come first serve. Secondly, there is nothing stopping other students from forming a group SOLELY for the purpose of getting reserved seating. If that many students are really that upset about this, surely they can go and earn spirit points themselves and force some of the smaller fraternities out. But they don't. They just sit at home and complain rather than taking an active role and participating. These people do not deserve reserved seating, I'm sorry. Just as background, I am completely biased, I was the person responsible for my fraternity first earning spirit points back in 2004. I was also in the marching band and didn't even sit in the seats that I led them to earning. It takes a lot of effort to get people out to some of these events in any significant numbers and we were up against organizations much larger than our own. And these same people that attend events just for spirit points leave at halftime. It's so embarrassing and tacky to see huge groups of frats leave basketball games, volleyball games, etc. at the half after their spirit points have been counted. They should be required to check in at the beginning and end of an event to receive the points. I was a member of the marching and pep bands for the last several years. This is my first year not in band. Oh, and it's been several years since there's been a parade on campus-- I want to say the 2005 Beat Bama Parade because I can't remember if there was a Burn the Bulldogs Parade in 2006 or not. There definitely hasn't been one since the 2007 season. This would be a great year to bring back the Burn the Bulldogs Parade! I'm not sure why the parades have disappeared the last several years. The 2005 Wreck Tech Parade was great!
  8. The stadium is the perfect size. No need for expansion. The Iron Bowl was the only sellout last season. The only games that sellout are big ones. Those two sections on either side of the east upper deck added before the 2004 season are rarely full. It would look foolish to expand to 100,000, then have half the games with 20,000 empty seats. The money would be better spent remodeling. Bricking around the iron facade on the outside of each endzone would look so much better. Cleaning up the outside concrete and expanding the concourses would be a nice addition too.
  9. There is no saving of seats in the student section. Period! I get to the line at least three hours before kickoff to get my preferred seat. If someone is trying to save seats, just set down, ignore them, and look straight ahead. Don't make a scene about it, or you'll cause a commotion. Example 1: Arkansas State. A girl was trying to save seats beside where I was sitting. She kept telling people she had friends coming. Well, 30 minutes before kickoff, still no friends! The section was already packed and people couldn't move in the aisles. Finally some guy tried to argue with her about them, made a big scene, and a deputy sheriff escorted him out of the stadium. He didn't do anything wrong and should have just set down. The friends never showed up either! Example 2: Clemson. I was near the front of the line and got into the stadium right after the gates opened. I get to my preferred seats, and a girl is trying to save the entire row. My two friends and I sit down anyway. She pouts and complains. We just look straight ahead and say very little. Few minutes later, she leaves! If you want to get a good seat, or any seat for that matter, get there early! I'm not going to save a seat for anyone, and I don't expect anyone to save one for me!